We’re going to start with a story that might make you mad as groups of Thieves going into Colorado businesses and stealing everything they can now we have known this as a problem the most recent report from the national retail Federation shows Denver ranked in the top 10 cities Nationwide affected by organized retail crime so tonight we are.

Getting some shocking video look at this this is inside a family-owned business gam set match as thieves steal thousands of dollars of merchandise here in Colorado our senena spoke with the owner of the store to hear their story and to hear more about the impact on small businesses started stringing rets when I was 12 it’s a 35-year-old business that.

Runs in the blood been a family business watch my parents grow it since he was a child Ryan berbery has been a loyal employee for his father Adam at his business game set match we’ve never had an issue like this but the normally cheerful Ryan is frustrated we experienced almost 120 pickle ball paddles at this point plus some other.

Product taken after their tennis stores were robbed in broad daylight on camera unbelievable guys you can see the thefts made by two separate groups this man and woman and then another done by these three women who hid the products under their Shaws and dresses but part of it was they would not only be so Brazen they would go from one location mid.

Denver uh Denver area all the way up to Boulder do the same thing Adam has three stores in Colorado located in Denver Boulder and Centennial the thieves hit all three kind of eclipsing between 20 and $30,000 that we know of right now a major Financial loss for the small business since it could be difficult to replace the pickle ball paddles that.

Have a high price tag gearbox you got another 274 another 249 from cirk another cirk 249 around and another $230 paddles the arapo County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve assigned an investigator to the case but in the meantime Adam and Ryan are taking security into their own hands moved them to the other side of our.

Store moving the paddles closer to the counter where they can keep a watchful eye on the business they’ve grown and cherished for decades we we have some great customers awesome Community for Denver 7 and you don’t want to lose faith in that I’m s Pena that is crazy they have to do that
A family-owned Colorado business is suffering from a string of thefts. Game Set Match has three locations in Colorado in Denver, Centennial and Boulder, which were hit by two groups of thieves.