On your marks get set go negative five out right now ho ho ho happy holidays folks I am in a state called we have 45 inches of snow here and in today's video I am going to be challenging a very very good Alaskan runner at Alaskan event and that runner's name is Ali Ostrander AKA my.

Girlfriend of two years Ali and I got into an argument of who is more athletic I think it's me she thinks it's her what do you think you just said I think it's me I still think it's me I don't think I know okay but anyway guys let me get into the simple rules of the challenge for the day first challenge we are going to be doing is an all-out 50 meter.

Sprint in 40 inches of snow with no snowshoes on and then after that we're going to be doing the same exact thing 50 meters of Sprint but with Alaskan snowshoes on Ali might have the upper hand in that but I think I can win at least one of those things guys I lied we actually have three challenges our first challenge is fastest person to get.

Dressed in winter clothes all right for challenge number one we got a very important skill of putting snow gear on quickly on your marks get set go here they are they're going going for the snow pants yeah trying to get in yeah yeah you gotta have your coat zip you gotta have your hat on gotta have the.

Gloves on I think Spencer's at a disadvantage because pants Oh Ali's all the way to the scarf she's calm she's keeping her self calm and cool and collected it's like she's had a lifetime of putting on snow gear oh no wow wow look at how nice nice wow wow but he's doing a thorough job.

And just like that Spencer is ready as you see it is truly no exaggeration this is 45 inches of snow at least Catherine Spence is six five so headed to the start line I gotta right here get my coat on there they go so here we are way over there at the start line.

If you get spiked no whining on your marks get set and now a word from our sponsors ladies and gentlemen here is pickleball it's a good sport to play we plan our free time shout out to our sponsor today Ken VC AKA kenvic for sponsoring today's video but today instead of doing my double we are going to be playing some pickleball it's very.

Similar to tennis and ping pong all in one we've got two beautiful racket colors right here guys these rackets have a nice honeycomb design which makes it super super lightweight yeah oh we're filming a brand deal before for the pickleball company that we're sponsored by we're about to cop in the game though it has a wide body which gives it a nice.

Sweet spot which makes it more forgiving pickleball is a great sport for agility athleticism and overall Being Fit and just having fun with your friends out here oh yeah all right we're having fun you see this guys pickleball is really fun that's a point for me.

there's a 4.9 inch comfy grip that fits most players hands we also got two indoor and two outdoor balls and four paddles it also comes with wristbands to protect your wrists and absorb the sweat if you're in need of pickleball rackets click the link down below for 10 off your order.

go oh a new strategy oh yeah oh yeah Spencer is oh another strong crawling following closely I feel like it's it's anybody's.

Ready oh Ellie you're so nice oh look of Shame it's unfair disadvantaged I am over two in these challenges so Ali has technically won already we have one.

More challenge though and that is the same thing the race again but with snowshoes on so maybe I have a chance to win final challenge is a snowshoeing race same rules as before uh we both have one of each Snowshoe because we think that one of those pairs I think we think this pair is better.

So we want to even the odds out Ali wants to win clean meanwhile is Elvis on your marks get set go no contact no physical contact I don't want no stinking cheaters oh Ally Lobster.

Oh face plants oh go into the crawl uh-oh rubber lipid going on Spencer Ali's not giving up oh Spencer's getting Mighty close to the line Ally is eating his stuff foreign tell me an activity.

More Alaskan than Alaska snowshoeing and I just beat the Alaskan champion that's what I call post race sandbag folks hopefully you guys are all enjoying your holiday season I hope you enjoyed this video we will see you in the next one big one coming out Pacer versus Santa Claus.

Let's do it folks happy holidays I challenge my subscribers to race me in the fitnessgram Pacer test except I'm dressed as Santa Claus and since Jolly Old Saint Nick is feeling generous anyone can beat me they will win a 100 gift card but that's not gonna happen I will put every single one of you on the.

Naughty list because I'm a God I'm better than you in every way no one is beating Santa Claus and I mean nobody uh I I I'm not sure if the gift card works anymore
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00:00 – Flying to Alaska
00:27 – Explaining the challenges
01:18 – Challenge 1
02:54 – Pickleball with KENVC
04:33 – Challenge 2
05:56 – Challenge 3
07:17 – Teaser for Pacer test


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