Hey welcome back to pickleball Central and Davis pickleball we're glad to have you here we're super excited to be launching a brand new series a workout series specifically designed for pickleball so here we have Coach Dustin here he is a guru why don't you tell us a little about yourself Dustin yeah so I've been teaching Fitness from.

Corrective exercise to athletic performance for over a decade and so we've seen everything from how do we get the most out of our body how do we make it look good on the way because obviously that's the nice little bonus but what we're going to focus on here is how to perform better pickleball wise exercising is going to help improve and.

Escalate your game so let's get right into it in this video we're going to talk about we're going to talk about how to move better on the court specifically at the kitchen so a lot of times balls are low sometimes we feel a little bit slow to get there we're going to get you nice and fast nice and mobile your back's gonna feel better and you're.

Going to play better pickleball too let's get into it so the very first one is going to be that lateral lunge so what we're going to do is a lot of times in pickle obviously want to stay low so the lateral lunge we're trying to work these muscles here the quads and we're going.

To get some glutes too so we're going to work the butt a little bit as well but this is what's going to help us stay low comfortably if you play better pickleball from down here but a lot of times if our legs are tired we tend to stand up taller so we want to make it really really easy to stay down here so when you're down here.

Trying to fire these muscles here and then the glutes back here that's what's going to push through the ground as much as you can so it might have been a workout we've done before but when we take it out to the side really really squeeze through the ground I mean really intentionally we're doing this while we're squeezing and I'm trying to keep.

Them here for a little bit so this baby turns on so what we're going to do yep so what we're going to do is reset for the beginning we're going to do five seconds so we're gonna go we're gonna hold for five one two three four five and then we're gonna do five so one too good that whoa was because he's really squeezing I don't want you to.

Just count to five I want you to squeeze for five as much as you can so now hold her four one two three four yep he's trying to make this do as much as possible he's not trying to just complete the exercise now that you've done four hold for three and do three you have the opportunity in three seconds four seconds five seconds to.

Squeeze that as hard as you can don't just count squeeze it yeah and he did a really good job of really squeezing this while he did it because honestly if he did the exact same thing but you weren't intentional about squeezing this it actually wouldn't have been that hard yeah and that's how we kind of waste time when we work out so if we've ever.

Done workouts before where we say hey when I kind of did him but I didn't get the results I wanted we might not have pushed ourselves inside of the workout as much as we needed so let's go ahead and do the other side one side too so now you know the format five second hold so go down nice and low as low as you're comfortable so if we're not quite as.

Mobile and it doesn't feel very good for our back or our hip to be that low just go as low as you can before that pain period starts and by doing that we're going to help teach our body to be able to do that and then start to get through that pain that's how we increase our Mobility safely so now that you've done five do four so go back down hold for.

Four yep four seconds is your opportunity to squeeze and then up for four yep keep going when we do three rounds of that that is plenty when we work out we're actually the goal is not actually to annihilate we're looking to stimulate not annihilate and this is going to.

Stimulate blood to the area which is going to free up our hips so if we feel tight we sit on the couch we sit at work we sit in the car we sit a lot so by doing this we're going to really get a lot of nutrients to the area that's really going to help us yeah doing these motions I definitely feel it feels familiar like it feels like okay this is.

Kind of what I do when I go for like Cross Court dinking I definitely feel that like just engaging all of those muscles there yep and that's why it is actually nice to do with the pickleball paddle at the same time too because you can kind of remember why you're doing it and then if you have a paddle in your hand you're.

Going to know when you play you want to be able to keep your chest up so you're not going to do this exercise like one two three four because that wouldn't be good for pickleball but by going this way like you said it feels familiar now it feels strong so when you get pulled wide in the dink which happens to all of us you'll be able to do it with your.

Eyes behind the ball and then you can keep those compact Strokes that we've talked about before because your eyes are behind the ball because this isn't hard to do because you've practiced it thank you.

Pickleball Central and @Davis Pickleball teamed up to bring you a couple workout videos geared to helping your pickleball game! In episode one learn how to move better on the court and more specifically at the kitchen. Here are a couple exercises you should be focusing on. Pro Tip: Stay low!

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