If you've wondered whether you shouldadd spins to your pickleball game or have already made the decision to add them thenthis three-part video series is made for you. In this three-part series what I want to do is firstin this video, today I'm going to explain to you maybe look at spins a little bit, put them in context right to figure out does it make sense to add spins to your gamebecause it's not like spins are cost-free. There's a cost adding spins to your game. So, we'regoing to look at in this video is whether spins are that impactful to the shots that you shouldconsider adding to your game. The next video we're going to look at some things you may be doingwrong. If you're trying to spin the ball and then in the third video in the series, I will showyou some techniques to help you improve on the.

Spins that you're hitting. So, I have my bucket ofballs here and my trusty paddle what I'm gonna do is hit a couple of balls to show you the differenteffects of shots. So, top spin neutral or flat and underspin shots so you can see whether thethe difference in the shot is that significant is it that acute in pickleball is different than othersports in tennis for instance. We spin the ball when I played tennis for my 40 years playingtennis. We spin the ball the way the ball spins in tennis. The size of the core and the weight of theball things like that spinning a tennis ball makes perfect sense. Clearing the net allsorts of benefits to spinning the ball and tennis other sports for instance racketball. Racketball usually they hit the ball flat you know racquetball players hit it flat but in tennisspins makes sense in ping pong spin the ball.

Because of the rubber on the paddleor on the ping pong pedal helps you spin the ball. So, the question is are spins that valuablein pickleball relative to the other sports. So, a neutral ball and pickleball would be hitfairly flat what you'll see when I hit this ball is. It's still going to spin some for it not tospin you'd have to see all the holes in the ball that travels even if I toss it still spinssome the wind and just the motion of the arm will make the ball spin. Some one way or theother so if I hit the ball flat in this direction it'll still spin. So, I'm basically I'mhitting forward that ball is still spinning. Okay, but I'm not tryingto impart any additional spin to the ball if I was going to add extra spin to theball along the same shot I'd go like this.

That's a top spin shot right. So, you can seethe ball there spinning more than the original the shot that I hit the first ball that I hitbecause I imparted topspin into the ball as I hit it. Now this is what the underspin will looklike I do it on the backing because it's easier to do tops in on the forehand and underspin onthe backhand or slice. So those three shots I hit was pretty similar, you know similar length ofshots a similar trajectory where they were headed the first were flat or neutral. The second twowere topspin. The last ones were sliced what you probably noticed or hopefully noticed was therewasn't that much difference in those shots little bit of difference. Yes, huge difference Iwould suggest no they were pretty similar shots and what you have to think about when youstart considering adding spins into your game.

Are two things. One there's effort involvedunless you already know how to do it. You know I played tennis for 40 years so I came to this sportalready knowing having some concepts on how to hit spins. If you don't already know how to do it. Nowyou're going to be distracted from perhaps another area of the game that might give you more benefit,more results and working into or looking at doing some spins rather than focusing on the area ofthe game that is going to be a bigger impact into your how you play and your consistency outon the pickleball court and related to consistency is. The second part of it is adding spins toyour game more likely than not will increase the number of errors in your shots as we'regoing to talk about a little more in video 2 the more that I can simplify my strokes themore than I can move the paddle in.

The direction that I want the ball to go theless chance of making an error on that shot adding spins into your game and when I'm talkingabout spins, I'm talking about not the natural spin that comes from a natural shot from a normallike just pushing the ball in the direction. You want it to go kind of spin I'm talking aboutthe additional spins that you're trying to add to the ball which we're going to cover in moredetail in video 2. So, we would suggest to you is generally speaking, unless you'rejust enamored with spins and you just like spins they make you smile or unlessyou already know how to spin the ball proficiently. We would consider recommendingto you considering tabling spins take spins put them up on a shelf leave them there for now rightthey'll be there for you when you want them work.

On the consistency of your strokes work on your onrepetition on just getting the ball over and over and over again understanding the net, the courtdimensions and things like that placing your balls finding placement for your shots because you cando a lot of great work in pickleball with never adding an additional extra spin to your strokes. You'll also avoid the distraction of going down that rabbit hole of trying to add spins to your game instead of focusing on other parts of your game that'll help you improve more if you stillwant to know more about spins check out videos two and three in the series in the video, two we're goingto cover some common misconceptions about how to spin the ball that may be adding additional errorsinto your game and in video three we're going to show you some better techniques for how to spinthe ball. If that's what you want to do be well.

Adding extra spin to the pickleball is not right for every pickleball player. Even if it is, there is a cost to adding spins to your pickleball game: (1) there are likely other shots and strategies that will be more beneficial to your game and results that you will not be working on, and (2) your consistency will suffer (you will make more errors on the pickleball court).

Most pickleball players at some point want to add spins into their games. The belief is that adding spins is what is missing to help a player “break out.”

This belief is often misplaced and, in fact, adding spins often retards a player’s improvement. Or worse yet, results in deterioration of the player’s game.

In this pickleball video series, we look at spins. The very first topic (covered in Video 1) is to examine whether pickleball spins are really “all that.” What is the actual impact of spin on your pickleball shots? And does this impact merit the time and attention that spins will require to learn in addition to the increase in errors from the added variability of spins in your shots. Once you watch the video you will be better informed as to whether spins are worth adding to your pickleball game.

The second video covers some common mistakes in how spins are hit by pickleball players. In a nutshell, you cannot use the same techniques used to spin a tennis ball to spin a pickleball. A pickleball paddle is vastly different from a tennis racket, particularly the lack of any strings. And a pickleball is different than a tennis ball, importantly the lack of any felt. In this video, we demonstrate some of the common errors made by pickleball players trying to impart spin onto their shots.

The third video shows the proper technique for applying spin to a pickleball. Rather than brushing the ball tennis style, we show you a technique that respects the nature of a pickleball paddle as well as a pickleball. The technique also provides greater consistency by focusing on getting the ball where you want it to go (including over the net).

It is a fine thing to be able to spin the ball. It is important, however, to know the tradeoffs you are making whenever you try to impart extra spin onto the ball. Even the pros (who can spin the ball as well as anyone) know when to avoid adding spin to the ball – when to hit a more reliable shot: one without spin.

Become an informed pickleball player and you will be able to make better decisions about your pickleball game. We encourage you to watch this entire video to know how to spin the pickleball the right way to enrich your pickleball game strength. This pickleball training video also helps to increase your technique of pickleball spin serve, pickleball spin slow motion, and more. You can also utilize how to backspin, or slice, quite a bit. How to grip the pickleball paddles, pickleball spin return. If you’re a beginner pickleball game player then you should consider watching our more videos to know all about the pickleball games, how to play pickleball, and all the beginners to advance level pickleball techniques.

0:00 Introduction to Pickleball Spins Series
0:47 The Three Types of Pickleball Shots: Topspin, Neutral, Underspin
1:37 Demonstration of the three shots showing the pickleball spin of each
2:57 The costs of adding spins to your pickleball game
4:10 Our recommendation about adding spins to your game

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