Foreign pickleball podcast my name is Jordan Briones your host we have a lot to get to today so stay tuned uh here of course like always I have my amazing co-host Kaden nemoth Caden what's going on dude not much man it's a beautiful Monday night yeah and uh late it's late it's a little late I'm not.

Gonna lie it's a little past my bedtime but we're here and we live in the present and uh let's have some fun let's have some fun I like your shirt oh that I like I was gonna say I liked yours but uh nice yeah nice man I like got little Scottsdale oh of course Scorchers and you have a you.

Have a match or yeah you have a game tomorrow night I do yeah yeah yeah I uh I'm playing against Ryan treffry my boss so uh yeah it's gonna be beat up on the boss man that's right exactly I'm the boss I uh I considered like offering like my job like saying like oh if I beat you like.

Salary I take your gallery swamp yeah yeah I take your job or like I take your pay and then like if I lose like I'll work for free for the next month oh what did he say I didn't offer it yeah that would be a good one I would be right like I feel like that's fair yeah all right well today we have a good show for you.

Um if you didn't watch our last podcast it was about um delamination paddle controversies all that we talked to an expert in the space of Brett Warner so check that out if you haven't watched that that's pretty cool yeah learned a lot but today we are going to go over our strategy tips we're here for you and.

We have some good ones for you today and then we're gonna do a little recap Austin PPA um and we have a lot to get to we have a lot of good things and a new segment here we're gonna go over some pickleball stories uh some amazing pickleball stories now whether you you out there have a story um about pickleball just a positive.

Encouraging story or maybe a funny story a hilarious story anything that you'd like to share um check out the link below um you know in the links in the description or wherever you're listening to this um and fill out a little little story.

Form and uh yeah we'd love to share your story um in the in the next podcast if it's very if it's encouraging if it's just amazing if it's random if it's funny we're we're here for it we'd love to hear it um we're here for it so let's Jump Right In to strategy tips.

Um my weekly strategy tip Caden is uh is gonna be a simple short one but it applies for a lot of things okay um and um it really really you see that I think you see this a lot in high level play okay okay and lower level players should do it way more often okay you.

Ready I am when in doubt hit to the middle that's yeah that's solid feedback I mean honestly guys this is absolutely correct okay so this is absolutely correct I'm gonna break it down yeah um so when I say middle I mean.

Middle of the court and again we we talk a lot about strategy um dinking there's transition game there's serving returning but when it comes to not just and this is not just saying playing it safe but we're talking about high percentage pickleball so a lot of the the students and and clients that.

Obviously I coach is uh you know on the lower level side or intermediate level right right a lot of risks are taken at that level yeah but they don't have the you know they're still working on technique they're still working on footwork a lot of different things and that's what we'll help them with but in higher levels of course we are going.

For more angles we're going down the line at times we're taking um I wouldn't even say riskier shots but we're taking more we're taking shots that we've practiced over and over for sure um when you are going for a very very risky shots that are not within your skill set.

You're going to make a lot of errors so returns uh you can hit your returns a lot of them to the middle if you're missing wide hit those in the middle um thanks we talked about that in a previous episode if you don't know where to hit the ball there's space in the middle and we can talk more about that and even your drops.

Yep your drops you can if you don't know where to drop it you know they were talking about third shot drop here you can drop it to the middle and then lastly um attacks like if you're not sure I was gonna say your speed up yeah if you don't want to speed up to a person you can speed it up at least have them.

Fight for Apple yeah right well one thing that is uh a big Advantage is going in the middle causes confusion so when you see a ball go in the middle there is that little bit of oh whose ball is this is a small ball is my is this my partner's balls this their forehand is this my forehand well.

There's a lot that goes into that but there's so much that there could be a little hiccup that maybe your opponents don't see so the only thing I would not say to do is uh pop up middle don't pop up middle but anything offensive and on purpose middle is good there you go I I would probably say don't pop up anywhere but don't pop.

Up anywhere yeah but especially don't pop on the middle yeah yeah so yeah that's my strategy tip and again for for all those listening that's super simple when in doubt go middle okay you can you can like think about that and go out on the court oh this he's just saying this but seriously if you don't have a place to go in mind a lot like you deal with a.

Lot of players from 3-0 to 4 on Beyond yeah but a lot of them just they don't know where you know they just end up hitting the ball right if you at least if you don't know who you're going to if you don't maybe have a strategy at that point in time middle is a good option find out find out what happens find out what happens yeah all right sure that's.

My strategy tip Katie and I know it's super simple and sweet but take that with you if you're on the court you're playing a wreck game you're not sure um you know play some high percentage ball you know yeah what you got Katie mine is going to be even simpler you ready oh my gosh we're about we're going simple simple it's really simple today.

All right if you guys have a problem hitting drops or dinks or working in the transition okay all right there are two ways to fix that all right bend your knees to get lower and drop your paddlehead all right so what I'm talking about is I feel like a lot of people like to compensate and get.

Low with either their upper body kind of being like their back or their shoulders um but if you guys actually bend your knees and kind of think to yourself kind of more sinking your butt to the ground so you're lower to the ground and then dropping your paddlehead you don't actually have to do as much to get underneath that ball so you guys.

Will have the trajectory that you want to possibly lift up and hit a drop or hit a a drop in the transition or a dink but you shouldn't be overdoing anything with your upper body if anything you want your upper body to be as quiet as possible which means you drop that paddlehead you bend it and bend your knees and sink your butt a.

Little bit you guys will have a much easier time getting lower to the ball and and reaching those balls that are maybe at your shoelaces or at your shins or knees really good really good yep I mean um I see a lot of people just standing straight up yep obviously also along with that maybe a little bit wider stance that helps yeah have you ever.

Seen one of those like car dealership like air balloon thingies that just go yeah yeah that's kind of what I see every now and then when when someone doesn't know how to bend their knees they're just like bending well you know all over the place I thought you were gonna say something.

Else that's actually a really good so yeah keep that in mind those uh so they have like error air vents or whatever and they if you guys talking about yeah car dealerships or whatever but those sway guys going around but you know what when you first said that I was thinking something totally different I was thinking of that's usually what I.

See when people are getting attacked on oh yeah right for sure yeah so when you talk when you talk about quiet body and being still in stable and balance that's the opposite of what we want to do exactly don't want to panic exactly I told the student today literally today I said I said you know what happens when you freak out at the ball she was like.

Uh what I was like well the ball freaks out too oh that's true I like that the ball reacts to your body I like your body's moving actually I shouldn't even give this Dipper and I'll say this for the next week oh no but basically I like that yeah what I'm saying here is if your body is moving fast that ball is.

Going to move fast if you move your body slow the ball will be slower if you freak out and flip your beep you know what I'm gonna say the ball's gonna freak out and lose its so yeah stay calm it's good I like it stay cool stay collected all right the ball reacts to your body movement if your body's crazy the ball is gonna be crazy.

Bingo like it all right I gave two tips today man all right dang it hey two uh what is that one for two special yeah buy one get one free yeah two for one two for one that that's what it was called one for two all right all right Caden uh really good and on that yeah so you said oh about the paddlehead I just want to clarify that.

Um I you know what we okay from now on we gotta have a paddle right here on set facts okay and a ball maybe but paddle for sure okay again like if this was the paddle the paddle head is the tip of it um correct what you're talking what Kayden is talking about there if you drop that down we can easily get under so you know if I'm hitting a forehand we.

Wanna get under that ball so yep really really good stuff uh all right so I know uh last episode we talked we really went in depth on the paddle industry um and just just the controversies and and is happening um well you know we already talked a lot about that but just do want to mention obviously there's a lot of things.

Happening with paddle gate 2.0 um the elimination we already went over that so we're not gonna do that again but one thing I do want to mention though is um carbon man just under the lights again I don't really get it I don't either and again there's a lot.

Of paddle companies out there that are doing similar things and have similar results off their off the ball and off the paddle but I don't know why carbon gets isolated carbon constantly gets the Heat and it's like I seriously I don't it doesn't make any sense it doesn't make any sense to me now like I will say.

Even with even with um with with the original um what am I trying to say here the original paddle gate 1.0 yeah right you look at the Grid on those panels they're not even that crazy compared to what's out on the market these days so.

Now they're taking heat again for this delamination yeah that I'm sure they're not the only company that's doing it but yet they're the ones that are always taking the heat like honestly it's it sucks like I know Garrett Garrett says no a great dude shout out to crbn they're a.

Great company good guys so if you're supporting them I don't I don't get why they're taking this heat like I really don't like they are not the only ones yeah so again there's a lot of things happening PPA is working on it and I don't know if they're gonna find Solutions right away but we talked about in last episode but just want to bring.

That up it's just crazy it's unfortunate honestly that was just on my notes here yeah um and then again so now let's just you know let's get right into it we we're going right into PPA Austin and uh We're not gonna do a huge uh long uh recap here but we're just going to go.

Over some main things here um triple crowners are back Royal royalty is uh yeah it's it's funny we brought up here today I guess yeah we brought up the Triple Crown era yep it died for about a month and a half was it that long maybe a month one tournament dude was it really I don't know maybe no I.

Think it was two couple one maybe it was two maybe maybe it was one I don't know guys I don't have great memory okay I don't even know what I had for breakfast this morning but yes what I do know is that Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns are very much alive oh yeah nothing is wrong okay it's human to lose and yeah they just don't like.

Doing it so yeah yep so Ben and Anna Lee Triple Crown winners again um men's women's mixed and singles we're going to go over a couple of the results here uh starting with the gold metal uh winners in the men's doubles um Ben John's Colin Johns for gold if you haven't watched it Matt.

Wright Riley Newman silver Dylan Fraser and date njw for bronze so um a couple of things to note here I just want to say off the off the bat it was a close I mean I guess a couple games were close in the finals but let's just talk about Ben and Colin real quick um you know obviously we talked to them.

On you know about about them in a previous podcast but we talked about specific things that keeps them on the top right um and we talked about this on on the ride of what we're having lunch it's just a chemistry thing um just how they really really have figured out how to be the best team.

Together yeah um and then against Riley and Matt I mean they balled out but I just think that right now they have just figured them out um as a Johnson figure out Matt Riley they just know they just know where to pick their spots I don't know just any any feedback um or if you watched anything I mean.

That Ben and Colin have also been playing for what three years now together yeah right or almost three years so I would say not only do they have that connection as brothers but I mean they know each other inside and out as far as what are their biggest strengths you.

Know what what do I mean they can go home together and watch every single match that they've played against Matt and Riley yeah you know what I mean yeah and they can break every single point down and say okay when this went wrong this is what we were doing this is what happened right and so.

Having that luxury is actually kind of huge and I think it's one of the biggest reasons why every single tournament it's not that Matt and Riley are just getting blown out of the water no it's Ben and Colin realizing what works and what doesn't and they know exactly what they need to do in order to beat Matt and Riley yeah and and as boring as it may.

Look to the average viewer and uh you know us pickleball junkies are where you know we play the game we study the game you know going we you know we've been it's not a secret that going middle staying there is is safe than pulling it wide um at the right times is really good you know and then one of.

The things I was talking to you about Kaden is just they're they're countering yeah has gone better so the times that I've watched the matches all the way through the times that Matt and Riley has beat bettencolin they're very aggressive because they can't win it any other way right you're not going to win dinking so they're very aggressive and.

Matt in particulars is countering well and he's attacking just lights out right um so I don't know it's going to be a tough challenge uh for Matt Riley moving forward but um I do want to shout out Dylan Dylan Fraser and J dub they uh they took I don't know if you know this they took on Riley and Matt to uh to a.

Third game 11-9 so they had him yeah um I think those boys the youngsters are just gonna they're gonna get better they're better they're getting closer and closer by the day man another thing I want to note is a shout out to um Brendan long um I believe it's Brandon yeah yeah Brandon Brandon Long Johnson Cola.

Another coach out there with the YouTube channel John shout out to you I think you have good stuff uh they they made it to the semis yeah they had a great tournament I mean for for a 20 seed to come in and take down two of the top PPA teams I mean that's a it's a good look so a lot of good teams here.

Um too many to mention we're gonna move right on though two men's singles Pro and again we saw a stacked rude Ben John's final for gold and shout out to Christian I'll Sean for bronze so really good stuff here who Conor Garnett all right yeah Joseph coming out on top against Tyson.

This tournament yeah I will say I don't think Tyson's entirely healthy still so I don't think he's really worried about it but you know still a very good win by Gabe yeah and this was a big controversy here right that uh I don't know how to say his name but Martinez Vic that was the con big controversy on the the.

Lamination gate right there oh because he had yeah yeah he had like the um it was like a something 6.0 paddle that he had recently switched oh the uh yeah yeah Johnson yes yes yeah yeah yeah so really interesting again uh Federico uh let's see the game score oh eight eleven eight eleven two and second game wasn't good but you know what if someone could.

Be Ben John's right now it's going to be Federico oh for sure uh Federico's obese he's getting better and better and you know what's really interesting because I study I watch singles I play I coach singles but like there's a few times in there because they're both using yolas and they have similar attire oh true dude some of his movements now Federicos.

Yeah how he hits the ball it kind of looks it's looking more similar to Ben does that oh I bet are you are you like picking up on that I'm sure I'm sure everyone in this world has seen something that Ben does and has tried to copy it at least a little bit at least in a certain certain specific way yeah but you know what I mean yeah for like.

For instance the I notice it's obviously he's picked it up through through the time he's been getting better and better but the little roll back and roll the little Flex Direction at the non-voice online for sure he's doing that just like Ben so shout out to Ben Johns and Federico um and Christian now Sean so let's let's.

Go right into um mix doubles Pro and uh no surprise here wait wait wait go back up yeah we'll get back to this the return of Jillian Braverman she's back Jill yeah so the owner not to owner CEO or former CEO I can say of duper I don't think she's a CEO anymore.

She's moved on she is taking a break maybe a sabbatical no I think she's working for the usapa or something like that oh okay I think so anyways she came back so she uh yeah she didn't she's a former Bay Area folk yeah he used to play with her back in the day yep um so Anna Lee Waters Ben Johns for gold.

Um Anna bright and James ignata which the power couple for silver Georgia and J dub for bronze so um I think the big takeaway here is going to be Anna bright and James they are they're working together yeah and I'm telling you what they beat some teams around here they beat a Matt Wright and Lucy.

Um Riley and Lindsay played together again yeah oh and okay real quick on the Newman's shout out to Riley and Lindsay I don't know if you saw this but I was going to bring this up this was in my notes I mean Lindsay does not even play that much anymore they took the Johnsons 12 10 in the third yeah it was it was a close match I mean I mean it could have.

Honestly gone either way I mean I really could have watched a few points there and gosh Lindsay's defense they're just team defense yeah the Newman's and talk about chemistry the new example the new men's is great um example if you if you like just from the outside of watching right if you haven't watched Riley and Lindsay play.

Um mix doubles just Google it I mean or put it in YouTube watch a couple points Riley obviously takes so much of the court and Lindsay just plays that backup D and and you know she attacks when she needs to but chemistry it's about the chemistry oh for sure it's yeah brother sister Bond you know what I mean.

I mean they can be as honest as they want with each other so you know what's interesting tell me what you think about this because I've seen their game so many times that chemistry a little bit and the Newman's chemistry brother and sister Connor reminds me of the cohesiveness of.

Ben and Colin oh for sure slightly though for sure I know just like as Colin as there is the resetter yes has that you know what I mean even uh it's emotional body language possibly the eye roller and uh the one who uh sits there with a big old sigh and frustration in face.

Yeah and then um yeah and then shout out another one that I do want to shout out is um Leia Jansen Dylan Fraser they actually got fourth yeah they had a great tournament as well geez um there's obviously we know that mix mixed doubles is stack nowadays yeah yeah I mean uh every every every team top to bottom is is good yeah so it's.

Gonna you know what I mean it's gonna get harder and harder but yeah that is your mix doubles finalists there uh we're gonna go right into women's doubles bro um and we got Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright um and then we we've talked about I don't know what's going on with you know.

Anna Lee sometimes plays with Catherine and then sometimes sometimes plays with Anna I think she's kind of figuring out yeah um who she really wants to play with um which is why I think she's mixing it up so consistently I'll tell you what whoever is is partnering with Anna Lee wins yeah so I mean here's a question.

For you yeah do you think when Lee returns do you think she teams back up with with Lee okay with her mom that's a really good question I would say to be honest um I would say that for for annalize benefit I don't think she should why not.

Because and because Anna Brian Catherine I would pick them over her mom really I think I would I think I would now their team chemistry yeah yeah you're right so you're right about that but honest like like shout out to um Talia Waters but again she is doing.

Something incredible are you telling me I mean in her 40s true no I agree she's doing something incredible I just think it's gonna get harder I it's already harder yeah so if she plays with Annalee Anna Brian and Cat let's say Anna bright and Catherine Pronto team up yeah it's it's gonna be it's just gonna be tough do I think they can still pull off.

A win yes when Emily plays with Catherine who does Anna usually play with I know she's played with Paris a few she's played with I'm not sure she played with Vivian on one yeah oh I think that'd be she played with did she play with with Georgia on one yes yeah I think so but yeah it's going to be.

Interesting actually that's a really really good question I don't know I hope Lee's doing well in her recovery yeah but she's taking that role of the coach and yeah and but from the very beginning even when she first got injured my whole thing was like it's going to be interesting to to see what happens when she comes back because there is a point.

Where she's gonna have to pass the Baton at some point for sure I just don't know when that's going to be and we know that you know coming back from injury like that's really tough so yeah well and I mean even as her partner I mean Lee's always been kind of her coach for her yeah so I think she's just happy to be doing it and still you know part of the.

Game and helping her daughter out so I mean props to you Lee Waters you are my hero you are my I was gonna say savior but that's a little that's a reach that's a little odd so you're not I love you okay all right all right silver medal um Megan she she hand is on yeah um and.

Vivian David uh bronze Catherine and Georgia Johnson all right so obviously a big takeaway here uh Vivian David um and Megan is on I I honestly didn't know that they were playing together obviously I've seen Vivian do very very well this is I think this is the first time that Megan has meddled in a PPA if I if I'm right.

I I'm pretty sure it's the first time this year for sure okay I think it's the first time yeah I think you're absolutely right I think it's the first time ever we've seen uh Vivian on the metal stand and Vivian is just obviously a beast yeah um but no props to Megan man she she balled out this weekend yeah and uh you know she uh she proved the.

Haters wrong for sure I I absolutely love Megan she is so sweet and to see her in Championship Sunday this weekend was honestly it was a treat so go you Megan go you Vivian um way to pull out a silver medal let's see a gold next time but you know what really impressive stuff really really impressive and lastly we're just gonna.

Hop right into women's singles Pro no surprises here well at least for yeah no surprises here anna Waters we'll get to that Anna Lee Waters goal Catherine's paronto silver and Elise Jones coming in hot hold on we gotta we gotta look at this right here at least Jones for bronze how did that happen did she beat salom de Vijay there's Salome DaVita I.

Wonder if there is hold on hold on dropouts here oh oh actually you could be right about that I just Elise Jones let's go Elise if that doesn't prove to you guys that height does not matter well out you know not even I thought I was gonna say hard work man oh I know but in the school I mean that is.

That's awesome I gotta watch that match now because we are we we've been we have known that uh Salome is a top singles player but oh for sure wow I haven't seen Elise play where did where did Leia lose wow very very interesting oh oh yeah but I mean yep wait is this the losers.

Bracket yeah oh wait let's see lad Jansen where does she fall here um yeah did she not play maybe she didn't all right maybe later she did not play Shout out to Elise Jones that definitely is her first um a PPA PPA singles medal yeah for sure.

She's she's actually a pretty good singles player she's Scrappy yep haven't seen her play so that's really interesting we'll hop right in um but before that we're gonna jump in uh just to just a little just a little announcement um short.

Announcement here mineral announcement if you're looking for some training we are still booking our two-day intensives in Colorado Springs Colorado so if you're looking for a really good opportunity to train with me in person on the court you've seen a lot of our videos here and yeah I would love to work with you sign up for it come on.

Guys yeah um it's a four to one ratio very very small span of two days over 10 hours on the court wow um and we do strategy breakdowns um I do it slow-mo and I do technique breakdowns we have a lot of fun and it is uh you know we've done seven of them so far there's nothing else like it.

Folks and the feedback has really really been amazing and we're putting together those testimonials but you can you can just go on our website at brionist and also along with that I also want to um just remind people that Kaden is going to be you know he's he's ready he's.

Ready I mean he's born for this he is teaching all over um so you can also go to brionist for that he's going to be teaching some camps and Clinics all across the country so if you would if you would like Kaden nemoth um great instructor great person to be around very.

Knowledgeable about the game um you don't have to lie no I'm just kidding uh no Caden knows and uh no seriously though we have a form that you can fill out if you want them at your Club at your local courts again here's the thing when it comes to learning pickleball and and we talk.

About instructors all the time we talk about good information I mean there's a plethora now of information on YouTube on how to learn pickleball now when I when I first started uh teaching pickleball online there wasn't wasn't many to choose from now there's so much content out there it's hard to weed.

Or weave in between the weeds um and and find you know what's the quality good quality instruction and find an instructor that you that you can trust in and you know what they're talking about so yeah if you'd like to sign up for a two-day intensive in person with me.

Um or doing some in Colorado Springs and some here in Arizona but if you want someone to come out to you and you have a club or a local facility that has multiple players that would like to do some some clinics and camps get an email is your guy I'm your guy yeah I'm your guy.

Um one one thing just just one quick thing that they can expect okay just a little nothing like uh you know on the surface level let's let's give them something something fun something exciting okay um well I am a very personal coach so I typically like to have a lot of fun in.

My clinics I like to crack a lot of jokes um but never enough to the point where people don't know whether I'm serious or whether I'm just kidding so be prepared to have a lot of fun we're always going to share a lot of good laughs um there's a lot of laughs when Cadence.

Around yeah one thing that one thing I think the nice one of the nicest things that has ever been said to me was said by Laurie Johnson Craig's mom okay and she said every time I walk by your class I always hear your class laughing there you go that's a good one and for me I teach so many hours that I don't even recognize it but I am always having a.

Good time when I teach yeah awesome all right Caden so yeah if you like to sign up for the two-day intensives or for Cadence cancer clinics uh to come into a place near you just go to all right so now let's hop into our new segment here um we have a lot more to get to but we're gonna hop right in.

If you have an amazing pickleball story did we talk about this already in this podcast uh in the morning in the wow it's late here it's late here it's really late guys but and uh in the beginning of this podcast yes we did we talked about it okay all right so yeah um.

Yeah in the morning guys I'm On Top with you yeah as you can tell we're gonna uh we'll leave a link in the comment below but we're gonna actually read some of these Amazing Stories here um and again we're just getting these in and these are just sometimes they're Amazing Stories and sometimes they're just a.

Little a little thing that they're sharing um you know that's coming from somewhere somewhere around the world okay so this one says uh we're just gonna get right to this one uh this one says hello hope you're having a good day I'm 19 years old and my brother is 15. we are bro we are both fully committed and have.

Goals of playing pro pickleball someday that's awesome but we argue a lot about stacking and who should play on what side we both prefer the left side I play a lot better on the left and we win most of our games at a four or five level when we do stack with me on the left my younger brother still insists that I play on the right.

Side should I agree with him and play on the right well I focus on my game and more important things since it really does not matter at this level thanks a lot that's cool 19 year old kid said you sent you in this that's that's awesome yeah so there's a lot of different responses.

Here but I guess someone put a question but but you know no what do you think about that Kaden I personally think if you are a really good left side player it is acceptable to tell your partners that you are a better left side player but my thing honestly is if you are a great left side player it is now your job to.

Become a great right side player as well all right so let me tell you looking at this uh and then this is all comment yeah this is all we have right we haven't seen their game but what advice can you give them I would say if your brother is insisting on playing the left side let him do it.

Let him have a little trial at it and what you can do is now really work on your right side game to help him out and make his left side experience a lot better um you know and like I said this comment actually brings me back because when I was kind of 17 to 19 yeah and I was still kind of figuring out what I really.

Wanted to do with pickleball when I when I was playing I was always most comfortable on my left on the left side um and it wasn't until I realized that I was actually playing in a tournament with a left-handed player and when we weren't able to stack I just remember.

Feeling how uncomfortable I was on the right side like I almost felt like I almost felt like I didn't want the ball to be hit to me and I remember that feeling and I remember telling myself that I never wanted to feel that feeling again so I worked extra hard to become a right side player not just a.

Right side player but a player who can play both the left side and right side if if needed or if necessary yeah and so I would say now put me on the left side I feel great put me on the right side I feel great so if you are comfortable on one side don't get too comfortable because yeah you know if if I can have a player who.

Can play point guard all the way through small forward I'll take that guy over the guy who can only play point guard or only play shooting guard there you go so there you go you know what's really interesting um dude dude is this this can't be Chas and.

Jace right it's so funny dude if this is shout out to Chas and Jace isn't Chaz 18 dude okay is Jace 50 yeah it's okay anyways I don't know I don't know if it said but it could it might be someone local in Arizona we know but we don't know but uh just just really quickly.

Though wait it's kind of sounding yeah real real quickly though if just to answer this question um you know you're playing with even a partner it could be your brother or or a friend or whatever um if you guys are if you guys are winning and doing well yeah then that says something true now.

Very true now what you said though to switch it up and see what happens to see there's nothing wrong with that either I think you guys need to experiment and try both out try try playing straight up and see how that goes yeah um honestly it says oh yeah I would just.

Try it out try it out I mean if you try out a few games or tournaments with the other way and it's just not really gelling then then go back there's nothing wrong with experimenting the the biggest thing for me too is like if you're not playing with your brother you can't just expect everyone to let you play the left side you know what I.

Mean so you know whether you like the left side or don't you're gonna have to eventually play it same with the right side so get comfortable with both yeah get comfortable with both if you can play Both Sides you are at a huge advantage yep all right smokes that one's long.

That's a long one but uh you know what I'm just gonna we're gonna save that one for next time um this one I'm gonna just read last this last one here okay um by anonymous I was told by one of my orthopedic surgeons I was too young to have my knee replaced and I would only do it if I.

Promise not to go back to roller hockey softball baseball and snowboarding that's kind of messed up yeah yeah those probably his his loves of his life there but um at age 53 and 57 I had both knees replaced and was getting getting bigger and bigger not playing sports like I used to.

Okay I'm tired of staying home my friend threw me on the courts and said Play Chasing the ball was extremely painful at first but playing pickleball built up my muscles and gave me back my drive to compete again I Googled pickleball and found Jordan Brianna speakable learned a lot I play Monday through Friday 20 plus hours a week jeez.

And I'm playing in my second tournament this weekend there are a ton of people that need need Replacements and are encouraged me and encouraged by my play I'm so happy that I can prove to them there's more to life with knee Replacements shout out to this guy that's super awesome that is super cool um and you know there's so many stories.

Like this again if you have a if you have a really good encouraging story or something like this in the in the links or the the comment in the description below we'll leave a link where you can do that but that's just really cool there's really nothing like a feel-good pickleball story yeah man you know well there's not there's just pickleball is.

Just great and you have a good story with pickleball it's just I'm I'm pretty sure the the way most people have found pickleball has been pretty interesting so yeah yeah so share your stories everybody yeah share stories and about knee Replacements uh my dad actually had his both of his knees then really my dad had.

Both his hips done yeah and they and my dad is back playing um at at four five five oh senior level yeah so you know it could be done for those of you out there that are thinking about um I know a lot of you know like like this guy snowboarding yeah uh hockey a lot of things could wear but but you.

Know if you rehab it right and you have a good attitude a good mindset it could be done oh no question so really cool really cool story there um now we are going to Jump Right In to uh yeah you know what there's a few things.

That we did in um you didn't get to oh yeah um on the last PP Austin um and I just I just want to get some of your feedback here okay um a lot of the there was some there was a tweet that went out um I think it was from I think it was.

From Zane okay say in Naruto Okay and talked about the wind and and Ben John's I think either retweeted or he he said something to to kind of spark people's uh interests in this but the win was a big factor I guess in this last PPA Austin um yeah we talked about that on a on a previous episode about.

Um you know playing an event win versus playing against the wind things like that um so when you and and I've seen it and I've also been in it where it's very easy like you'll see a blowout like 11 to 11 3 11 1 and then and then it goes to the other side then you see the same outcome.

But flipped yep then it comes down to gain three and it'll be semi-type then I'll be close because you you flip you switch that yep after six oh for sure um they were saying so you know they basically brought up is there a way or they would like to see a way that instead of just flipping.

Um maybe per game every every six points or flipping basically sides more often like they do in tennis because for a win obviously if the win's not a factor it doesn't matter that much yeah but like so for example I don't know if you know tennis scoring but every odd game that you switch you switch sides yeah what.

Are your thoughts about that I actually think that's kind of cool I think honestly if it is windy like that I mean there are pros and cons to both playing into the wind and Against the Wind so yeah whether you prefer being in the wind or against it I mean if you're switching a little bit more frequently.

It could be pretty beneficial and pretty evenly matched yeah I think that would actually be really cool yeah I think I think that would be kind of a fun little trial yeah honestly just just to kind of see how it works out and you know how much better you know scores are and stuff like that but I mean.

As a player I think that would be pretty cool too because you really don't want to play a whole game on a side that you don't like you really don't it's really not fun you know so I mean you're you're absolutely right I've had matches where I mean I've had the good side and I've won yeah easily.

11-1 and I'm like What What In your experience Kate and what has been the good side for you is it again with the winner against usually I I like being into the wind um yeah yes like in like so you're hitting the ball and the wind's pushing back correct yeah yeah so why is that um it allows me to hit the ball a little.

Bit more and hit the ball a little bit more freely um while also feeling like I'm not gonna have too much consequence just because I know no matter how hard I hit that ball it's gonna blow kind of back in so I can I can give a little bit more to the ball and.

I don't want to see I don't want to say be not careful but but yeah you have to be less careful but you can kind of get out you can kind of go for it and say well if it really goes out then there's not that much wind but I'm pretty sure that this ball is going to drop pretty much and.

It's um it's definitely nice for passing shots too you can hit that ball a little bit higher that usually most people are going to look at and go that's way out and then it's going to kind of just drop in so so there's that right you can hit it higher and it kind of drops in but also like maybe your drops and stuff too.

Yeah like it just it's gonna dip it kind of just kicks yeah it like dips down and dies yeah yeah for sure yeah all right cool what do you think do you would you like you like playing it in the winter yeah yeah it's just for the same reasons yeah but I would say that your Dr the drops it's a little tough you can you're just gonna have to hit.

Them a little harder right but like obviously but but then that's why you'll see a lot of drives yeah right well actually when I when I play into the wind I actually use my signature shot that nobody ever knows of what is that it's called the trip along with the trip is that a drop Drive.

Yeah okay yeah the shot that a lot of people know I guess no no no only me all right I'll let you all right all right so um yeah so there's that playing against uh playing with the win obviously there's a lot of a lot of rules um that have been changed over the past.

You know x amount of years the game is so changing we went from from a regular Surf and the spin serve the spin serve with paddles spin serve with two hands hands dispenser with no hand with one hand yeah to back to regular serve bless you oh yeah thank you um.

I mean it's been a ride I mean I would say our rules I mean I'm sure there's a bunch of like little rules that change throughout the year every year but I mean there have been five or six rules that are pretty big like.

That they've changed over the what are the couple big ones that you could think of that you think that affected the game in the past five years I would say serve obviously is number one um they changed when they took back the spin serp I mean um well I would say big change because a spin the serve and then taking it out.

Yeah well I they didn't really add the serve it was just invented yeah right it was kind of like uh here's what you can and here's what you can do yeah right but I guess it was always kind of there but then it was in like full effect in like 2021 and 2022. I'll tell you what it's so crazy when we I think when we.

Look back and pickleball history like five ten years from now I think the spin server will it will just sound crazy oh yeah just because like having to explain that to people they're gonna be like what yeah people actually did that how do you even do that I mean just to be honest like looking at people changed their.

Bodies oh my God it was it looked kind of it looked it looked a little funny it did honestly as someone who didn't use the spin serve did you not did you not practice it much not really as soon as it as soon as they took it away from the paddle I stopped doing it yeah it was super easy with the paddle once I had to like start.

Flicking my hands and shenanigans like that I was like man I just hit a regular serve yeah but um honestly playing against it oh I I've played against some players that have a pretty nasty one Hayden Patrick Quinn used to have the filthiest they two-hand serve and like it wasn't filthy as in like it was hit hard but it.

Was kicking like three or four or five feet yeah you know and like as soon as like Ben and even Annalee got their hands on it especially Ben like Ben's sir they didn't have the best no no but yeah I mean he's already grazed Ben serve without the spin is already disgusting you know what I mean yes and now you add like maybe a little kick.

That goes to the left or to the right like you're dealing not only with a ton of pace that's flat and hard just coming right into your body but it's also now kicking a little bit to the left I mean shoot I think I played him one time where he had the spin serve and I think he broke my ankles probably like wait did you blame him singles yeah it.

Was like 20 21. where are people in Vegas yeah in Vegas it was one he was using the Splinter hell yeah man it was ridiculous oh my God that was that was like my final straw for the spin serve because I literally played against Hayden and banned that tournament and I was like oh dude I came back on this Spencer is the dumbest.

Yeah well I mean I know I've mentioned this before in a previous podcast but that was a tough time as a coach for me yeah like I was like you don't want to teach it well like everybody wants to learn I was I was on the I don't know what is the word precipice I was at the tip or I was at the line of I was kind of waiting what what the.

Rules are what they were gonna do was gonna do because yeah as a good coach um you learn and you adapt that's true if you have a coach out there and he says one thing and it never changes then I might reconsider yeah coach but for sure um so that was a tough time because I I didn't really I'd made some videos on it.

And stuff but like again if they were just gonna adopt and accept it then I would have to learn the thing right um which I I was experimenting a little bit um but I'm just I'm actually glad that they you know there were pickleball players who were actually teaching lessons on how to do the spin surf.

Currently yeah like when the Spencer was big like players were literally like just taking pickleball lessons to learn the certain wow that's part of it that's actually crazy because wow imagine paying for a lesson and it doesn't exist anymore.

I don't know that's the first thing that's why I didn't teach I was like dude if you're gonna If You're Gonna Learn if I want to teach you something let's work on your let's work on your Technique okay of your swing and then you can if you want to learn the flick then you go it's like burning but buying.

A brand new like gas car and then all gas vehicles and gas stations get banned and it's all electric cars now your gas car is done for hey that sounds like California I don't spend the money on a gas car and it's no longer uh being used anywhere that does sound like California yeah.

Yeah but um I don't know anything else kidding I know we went this is a short one today yeah a little shorter one shorter than usual but uh no I felt like we uh we kind of dug into what we needed to talk about and uh if you guys have any suggestions for us or uh want us to talk about anything that you guys feel is important uh definitely feel free to.

Comment uh we love when you guys compliment us so if you guys have something nice to say feel free if you guys don't have anything nice to say maybe don't say it unless it's constructive criticism yeah we'll take that but uh now we love you guys we appreciate everything you guys do for us and uh make sure to like subscribe and.

Like I said comment something maybe possibly nice yeah oh then real quick did we do we talk about your match tonight oh yeah where can they find it um what is it well if you guys are interested in watching any Arizona pickleball league matches you guys can find it online if you guys are here in Arizona you guys can come watch live we.

Play every Tuesday not uh specifically but the league will be going on every Tuesday um and then you know the website though if you guys are interested in watching it online I will be honest they don't stream it on YouTube but they do on patreon so if you guys are interested in watching it live and have a patreon.

Account um you guys can watch it on okay so it's a watch tnp tnp correct let's see if that is the right car right oh come on you know it is um you know it is come on all right there we go bang oh my gosh Tuesday night pickleball okay so this is really.

Cool we talked about in uh in a previous episode but we're gonna be rooting Kaden on he got drafted to a a pro local League here um and they are doing something I think it's the first first um first organization to do at jigsaw Health within a within an area here yeah.

Um obviously in Arizona we have a lot of good high high level players 5055 plus five five the pro and a lot of these players play on the pro tour yeah um so yeah so it's a league here and I see this branching out to again this is Arizona's pickleball league with some of the best players here but you know if other states pick up on this it's going.

To be really cool to see what happens between um States and maybe maybe um national championships well who knows I mean you might have the Arizona pickleball League hosted by jigsaw health and have the second season be the California pickleball League yeah.

And it's still here in Arizona but it's called the California pickleball league and then season three you have a merger kind of like Survivor you know what I mean oh yeah yeah you know brains versus bronze or whatnot but but yeah as you guys can see um it is ten dollars to subscribe to be a patron on patreon.

Um if you guys feel like that's a lot of money I hear you but that's also two cheeseburgers so well maybe well we'll be ruining Kaden on he's on the Scott sales quarters and again we're gonna be doing some breakdowns of his matches and things like that we are.

Going to do that so uh Kaden you gotta make sure you show up dude heck yeah we're gonna you know he's gonna be playing mix he's gonna be playing doubles and um yeah it's gonna be a good time if you guys are in Arizona you guys should definitely come out it's a it's a very very.

Good time all right thanks again just like Hayden said don't forget to like comment subscribe share this podcast with your friends um if you really like it and again thanks so much we'll see you in the next episode thank you.

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