What you're about to see has nothing to do with permits at home and probably hits home with you pickleball lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day oh that's going to be a civil issue that you can pick up with your lawyers later get off this court freedom get out of here.

the setting an ordinary day at a city park named rob's field wow it's empty they got empty lots empty you have to sign in and take a fee and it's for tennis only yeah we understand that we uh we met with the city they said no one has a permit to this place.

So we're glad to be here permits are not the issue everyone really knows that this is about people stealing other people's happiness pickleball's such a great release for me here are the tennis courts one two three four five six seven so move it here welcome to leave now or temporary permit you will be able to yes you will would.

You bring amphoras i i i'm not gonna tell you that just talk to the city you have one here just talk to the city okay if you'd like to bring one out we'd like to get headed okay well please throw it away you see that guy give me the finger yes i did actually two fingers right right both hands there's a double finger yeah.

He wouldn't identify himself though well he's right over there that's that guy in the blue right there playing greenish blue this next part is so hilarious so everyone's pretty upset right they're really angry they can't play pickleball.

Then they interview this guy he just loves life his attitude is so contagious i need him on the show right now what's the best part about pickleball i don't know you get to play often around here it's not raining yeah it doesn't rain what about a people friendly deal what are those people like.

Well i can name a few i don't like but most of them i do is one of them you guys could get two of them the police are taking care of it it'll be taken care of one minute yeah i've reserved this part of that movement get off this court afraid get out of here.

I don't play pickleball jacob they actually are watching you guys hi i'm stefan nice to meet you tyler hi hi mike nice to meet you hi stefan hi what was your first name nice to meet you what's going on uh we met with the city uh several times and director of parks and rec andy field.

Said no one has a permit for this place okay and because no one has a permit for this place it's first come first serve anyone could use it yeah we were told it's public land and nobody has a permit to uh we have the latest permit right here it does have a permit and we were told he doesn't find the.

Director okay the city told us this is the latest permit where is that and have a date on it yeah it does is that the one that's pending no they tell us this is the current or the expired latest permit oh wow a lot of cameras okay.

Share videos you got to give it to this police officer she does this all the time right she's so calm she's laid back like if people watch me all the time they would think i'm a nut they've got some kind of permit this is the most recent one that's the most recent one and we have that verified by.

Director of talks we're going to get an essay where technically yes you guys do operate and take care of this area um but because that government isn't in physical form out of the state attorney's office yes we can't really do anything about them being here however even though they walked on the.

Courts to pay right so that's going to be a civil issue that you can pick up with your lawyers later um for right now if you guys operate and you guys own any of this stuff that they're using.

Like if you own any of the stuff they're using and you paid for it and or your league or whatever paid for it then that's yeah we have the courts surfaced yeah well that's again nitpicking okay if you can't physically pick it up then you know we can't pick up the courts the funniest thing to me about all this is.

That there are still three empty tennis courts after we vacated pickleball lovers what would you do in this scenario please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget here at the pickleball pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do i know it's tough to believe but it's true if i say that really slow it's gonna take.

Forever hey mom yeah the segment went really good yeah i just got my shirts from the pickleball pirate shop yeah it's just like super cool hat and a real nice shirt and it really fits like my chest is like you know goes out but it fits my chest so good yeah just go down to the store right there order you'll get it then you support me and.

Can tennis and pickleball share public courts? Find out with coach Joe Gmuer. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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