Point-by-point players analysis and summarizedat the end of the video here we go first point Colin and Cali a little secretlooking right at his brother there side out see good coverage right there onthat ATP calling there he's ready for it easily covered that shot zero one one second serve nicely done from Colin secondserve here one too oh Colin played that well that shot was that a half scorpion there isthere a one so far impressed second sir well left by Ben on that side out.

Excellent shot there by coop ER second serve zero one two nice shot by Callie Smith oh we heard and even in that interview aftertheir last match can leave that shot open so both of these opponents Smith and of coursehis brother know that that shot's open so two zero one they'll go there both have theability to get it right in the spot I also had some success right up the middle.

Put her down the boulevards there all right side out the crowd lovesthe effort on both sides closer look at Colin and Cali see how Cali sort of Shadows him there shouldthat Pickleball get by point just Grace is Colin that time in caseyou're wondering Ben John's 24 years old Colin John's 29 years old so a five-year age differencebetween the brothers Smith and John's really gelling right nowyeah they certainly are you see if there's going to be any little part of the Court openthey're gonna use it nice tactics.

Ernie there Ollie Smith all over that two one one second serve two one two side out seven total Johnson siblings thatis one athletic and talented family a little body English almost brought thatball over tied up do you like the strategy so far from Colinand Cali I do I do like the strategy we've seen Colin sort of befuddled Ben a few timeshe's gone right at him a couple of times.

Side out there's that new microphonethat we have down there two two one grab some of the crowd and player chatter good effort from Colin to just see how fastthose hands of Ben are under duress able to come up with something special those drive volleys just keeping it deep inthe court and Cali unable to do anything with that depth oh yes boy just awesome absolutely incredible Courtcoverage off the overhead there almost off the court they found a way going up on topof that Exchange.

Great recovery by Cali Colin on top of it oh he read the first shotI didn't see that one right up the middle all the angles we often see right up the middlecan be such an important part second sir Collins finally gets one back onlittle brother four two two -point game point it's interesting you see the differencebetween Cali Smith and Andrea Coop and these exchanges is Cali looking here for the Ernieshe's quick to get over there on that side of the Court be offensive I see Coop movingback that's a little bit of a difference betweenthese two teams is Ben is trying to dominate.

On the court Colin working with his partnera little bit more that's of course the style that he's usedto playing with his brother so it's it does make this matchup quite interesting strategywise two by two second surf here from Cali Smith and then just missed that one a little miscommunicationthere with Andrea coop makes it a 5-3 game three by two side out five three one.

Point yep doesn't see as many of the pickleballs comingher way but boy has she been impressive when they do six three one point a little bit of luck in favor that'sthe trick you don't want to second guess yourself because then the first strategy is the onethat you should use seven three game one and an ATP again executed from Ben if you'rewatching how Colin's playing he knows what's coming on the other side it's just a mattercan you stop it thank you.

Finally found that opening that's the onethat Ben says he'll leave open she's looking to move to his right dictate over there I tried to let that go but it was hits withso much speed couldn't get the paddle out of the way 932 oh okay well Charlie Smith had enough of that rallyhuge pace one second sir 392 side out at just hit wide from Colin Johns.

Nine three one dead chance looks so relaxedhere thus far yeah that's a trick you go up against a guylike this and you you might know a strategy that could work a little bit you you try toohard to make that strategy work so you get out out of your own Rhythm a little bit I'mstarting to see that right here with Colin making some errors Ben Johns and Andrea Coophad more winners and half the number of Errors than Colin Johns and Cali Smith and this wasthe determining factor for the first game if this video is helpful to you a subscribewould mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audience by creatinghelpful content really took control of that first game Ben Johns found a way around Colinwho was very attacking early.

Been willing to get all the way over thereright in front of coop had the look zero zero one best shot of the match from Cali thus far I feel like Cali's played pretty well if anything Colin's gonna have to justbe a little bit more exacting on his deliveries second sir is there anything Cali and Colin can do thatmaybe they haven't tried so far I think if anything Collins you'd have to be a littlebit more aggressive Cali's been plenty aggressive you hover overthere left side of the Court Carl's used to playing obviously on the rightside with his brother he was maintained that.

For the most part they switched it up there second sir to returnzero one two second serve here from Ben that's it Cali Smith Cali's able to step it up ever so slightlyColin makes a few less errors we've been a lot of those four stairs Betsy played awfullywell here we go second third is justRelentless when he gains control he doesn't let his opponents out of it another point for Kali and Callan now twonothing lead here good start you do see those exchanges where does backup ever so slightlyin some of them.

Not just too good in the drop shot whateverimpressive control and I feel like when that happens with Coop if you can getthe ball at her feet a little bit there's some opportunities for Calvin Colin to sort of take one control Andrea Coop holding it down Colin Jones Relentlessthough what an awesome exchange and that's the exchange I was actually talking aboutwhen you see Coop just pull back a little bit she has to because Ben's looking to comeover there oh wow so Colin and Cali starting to get thebetter of some of these exchanges they're having to work for it but willingto do so.

Two zero one and there's Kelly Smith oh she likes thatErnie excellent intuition on it Paul got what it deserved there wow second server this crowd is being entertainedright now handling those huge overheads but Ben sayingI can do it on the backhand side just as well so Coop and Ben John still tryingto get on the board here and game number two Furious rallies here over the last few minutesAndrew and coop so just take a moment zero three one take a deep breath overall Jan Mike he's played some of the besttennis players in the world you've played.

Pickleball as well as a just a different energyyou're exerting throughout the course of the match very different of course and doubleseven more different but it's a lot of hard work and Coop mentioned in her post-match interviewwith with Hannah Johns that it's hot out there we've shown you that it's pretty hot justabout 80 degrees getting up there Cooper Johns didn't have much time after theirlast one right back on the court that's tricky three two couple points back here and nowthey trailed by just one Callie Smith has been going to that Ernietime and again it's paying off for and this.

Time on the other side of the Court usingher backhand to get a little extra on this you just put it into a difficult space forBen to cover second serve snuck inside that back line byBand little flick Colin John's second serve on the way quarterfinals here mixed doubles that's a nice little play beenable unable to get enough points on that backhand volley side out just wide chance University of Maryland Andrea coopwent to school at UCLA here coming back home.

To her alma mater second serve two four two side out a little bit more aggressive a little bitmore on point in this second session Colin tries to add to the lead Point more impressive hands there able toget a hold of that exchange Colin second serve I feel like in the second gameas well as Cali has stepped up her offense we've seen quite a few good earnings.

Make a difference in these rallies side out and Jones comes back side out comein the way of Ben Johnson Andrea coop Victoria Silver Lang and Newman in their last matchnow trying to cement a birth in the semifinals second sir we'll go take that when you canget it he doesn't make that error very often two by two volley like that Kelly Smith teeing off hear that good communication between Colinand Cali out there a little earlier in the exchange he made sort of an error and shemade up for it a good coverage for Smith that's unbelievable.

That is a brilliant reflex volley five twotwo oh point so once again Colin and Cali ableto score a 6-2 lead the longer they play with the lead and just kind of feel that confidencegrowing inside out two six one point a little bit too much on that one fromColin creative with the lob there Cali Smith right now is playing outstandingpickleball she really is this absolutely turned it up in game two.

I think that that's raising the level of Collinsfrom Colin as well two brothers in the middle of a firefighthere in Newport Beach well I think that's right there is his ability to take that heatcoming his way as something that is one of Colin's greatest asset because of course when he's playing with hisbrother in men's doubles they're going to take a lot of the balls his way if they canget used to that fire coming his way uh Colin wants that one back side out Coop and Ben Johnson now three pointsdown three six one second serve.

Another smart Exchange three six two side out six three one see here they can build thelead a little bit six three two there you see again Coop withthe Fantastic defense that she's displayed Cali Smith Goes to the well again and there'sstill plenty of water there yeah seven three two ATP and there.

Point just wide that time and how about thisgame Cali Smith Colin Jones right now on a roll points boy they're doing a good job of making Benwork so hard he's having to cover that backhand side of the Court there in these exchangesand this exchange was top level ever so important side out there for Johnsand Cooper all right right play didn't quiteexecute 491 second serve serve here incredibly importantsequence here for Cali and Colin you know.

You're going to get a run from Ben and Andreacoop that was a nice stop on that last one Point given so far Cali Smith again big shot after big shot duringthis game you just felt like Cali held that to the lastsecond before delivering it right up the middle that was time for one very much a veteranplay with tactics it's for Ben Jones that time CaliSmith has had some epic battles on this court women's partner Lucy kovalova before thatCaptain parento tough break that time for Cali side out onceagain so Callie and Colin unable to score there you see how willing bent Johns is intogetting into those dink exchanges just keeping.

It low biting time forced an error there fromCali and finally to put away so many folks across the country across theworld Jen Mike taking up this great game of pickleball for those that are starting toplay trying it out I want to get your thoughts on what maybe they should know getting intoit see this trying the most fun thing about pickleballis these communities that have sort of crept up and they're very welcoming that's the mostimportant thing to know is it's it's a fun sport too pick up and to be decent at it isrelatively easy to be at this level it's going to take a lot of work second sir if that'syour goals and aspirations but to be able.

To be competitive and find a good match relativelyeasy you just got to get in there and and try it out and I will say that's not the casefor most sports it's difficult you have to play that sport for a long time most peoplepick up a paddle start to learn the nuances of the game start to learn some strategiesget some fundamentals down you can go out and just have fun with it Cali again trying the Ernie or maybe jumpedit just a little there and it's a point for Andrea and Ben she's sticking to that offensive mentalityand I think that that's important that she.

Does oh point so here comes that run we were expecting well we're seeing a little bit of a differenttactic now from from Ben he's he's gone away from some of the offense we've seen of courseanything that's floating he's still gonna hammer keeping the ball low he's going gettinginto the dink exchanges a little bit more often sir so because of that we've seen a few errorsfrom John's sort of forcing the issue.

It's getting close now where does the pressurelie is on Cali and column to try to put it away she is so fun to watch has it rolling with her women's partner Lucykovaleva it is something different task at hand here in front of herright now she is living up to it oh little help that time from the tape KellySmith serving that's long so Cali the stats were close onthis game Colin Johns and Callie Smith had almost doubled the number of winners and justa little more errors than Ben Johns and Andrea.

Coop and this was the determining factor forthe second game it's on CBS Sports Network Drew felios with Jan Michael Campbell andJohnson are phenomenal crew let's go to game three well whatever player you're a fan of there'slots to be a fan of with these four on the court he's getting your money's worth todaythis has been a fantastic couple of games to start off this match who's gonna Step Up point oh not by much but it did Miss they do have the ability to challenge the score will be zero zero two andteam of Smith and John's will remain there.

Will retain their timeout time in zero zero two okay so a call overturnedand now Ben Johnson serve oh Cali whips on one laughs let's get another look at this little justmisjudgment she has to make sure she doesn't step on the line there side out like the way that replay sequencewent though quick efficient lead official Mark Thomas doing the honors Larry Harvardwith him Moore and sometime Moy on video replay see you later on that one all the hard work to finally get the put awayCoop a little more offensive there that's.

One thing that can be changed she could holdher ground maybe a little bit more although it's difficult than coming over that way oh side out just long just enoughon that last ball to rush him to do the amazing reflexes of Colin 101 scorpion didn't quitework out a long way to go for Colin so the hustle ofCali Smith really made that play work out both ladies in the court really stepping upthere Coop with an amazing reflex Cali showing off that athletic ability right now they are matching them shot forshot Jim I well I think the crowd said it.

Just as well as we could wow that's just zeroone one an amazing reflex volley zero one two thank you side out yeah you knew that ball probablywasn't coming back had plenty of time to select his Target therapent 101 second serve this job by Cali they're justpushing Coop back a little bit didn't go for too much tough little pickup one zero two point.

Now two nothing or Ben Johnson Andrew Coop game three sideout side out we'll come back to Cali and Colin here another outstanding match here in mixed doublesforeign I think altogether some of the best pickleballwe've seen Cali Smith play this year I think the way she has kind of just taken commandthat's been really a sight to see in this match oh just a little too much on that one andI think that it's a good point Drew I think that Cali had to step up in this encounterthat's the big question mark is could she.

Step up and be offensive enough is Colin'snot quite as offensive a player as Ben who likes to dominate the court does so when theyplay together you've seen so much great offense from CaliSmith and offense offensive intent even some of the earnings where she's not even gettinga hold of them sort of showing that could go a long way is it enough to take down the best in thegame with one of the most Dependable on Andrea Cruz one that's the question right now second serve three one two.

Point Ben Johns is just ready for anythingending tried to get that right into that left shoulder area it's tough difficult to fendthat off but he found a way to get the paddle there was plenty of pace you didn't have todo much with it another Point scored there I think these guysand ladies do so well is that shot coming forward that they managed to get into thekitchen that you can do nothing with offensively and then be there close to the net Colin stays with it and I think for thosepickleball fans and people that are looking to maybe pick up a paddle and try to sportout if they're looking for lessons that's one of the things that you want to work onthe most is that transition shot coming forward.

Ability to get in those dink exchanges got to look for a little higher Target overthe net so that ball comes down into the kitchen area not too high because then you allow theopponent to reach for it and as we've got one eye on this match anothereye on the bracket our next match Elise Jones and Riley Newman taking on Leia Jansen andTravis Rhett Meyer be a lot of fireworks there Cali wants more nice job from Cali found thatpart of the line that Ben Johns is willing to give the opponent three by two.

Sign up swatted away Ben Johnson a third game and doubles is likeTiger Woods on a Sunday one at Augusta just so tough to break knows what he has to do great defense by Colin foreign with Andrea Coop by his side herewe go second serve well that is something we havenot seen very much of an error from coop.

S just barely missed timed that one oh one of the rare misfires in this matchfrom Cali Smith so Kelly just reach for that ever so slightlylost control thank you Inside Out you figure on a bar likethat it's sort of the right intent she wants to be offensive it was an opportunity it wasit was good height on it through that dry fall they need to do something here get afew points on the board attacks that kitchen not gonna let that happenI feel like one of the points he made Drew in the second game was the fact that Caliwere able to be ahead for most of it and that made a little bit of a difference.

Point this third game so far Ben's been ableto play a little bit more carefree and that is not a good thing for his opponents he'splaying like that no one beats him one point back but not two they halt the runright there side out back to coopa Johns so now Ben will serve seven four one it's like we get so hung up talking aboutthe brothers Ben and Colin playing against each other but tell you what Andrea and Calihave just been outstanding 74-2 Inside Out Cali last couple of points particularlyin this third game doing some good work getting that ball at the feet at least four sevenone quite low on coop oh the huge forehand drive.

Great tennis background from college CaliSmith coming into play they're within two sir left it up Ben took care of it oh that shot there it was the right intentfrom Cali but maybe Colin should have taken that one oh another gem from the former Utah star thatis such fantastic Court intuition there from Smith she saw Ben looking to go right he'slooking to take that ball away if it does float found that little spot in the courtthat Bell Ben is willing to give up six seven two beautiful shot sporting that Utah Utered here this afternoon one point game now side out that was huge oh well this differentscore line make a difference drew it getting.

Interesting out here seven six one second sir this little section of this gamehas been all Cali Smith literally taking control of so many of these exchanges amazing cottery the Ernie fake worked out a littlebit of eye candy there maybe threw her off second sir could this be the onethat ties it it's been a long uphill battle in this thirdgame for Cali Smith and Colin Johnson little breather a little Strat let's see how theywork it out um side out Jen Mike they're so close I think Ben hadthat covered.

But you see what the Strat was let's try toutilize that little space that he doesn't cover at least push him over in that directiona few times point consider that almost a freebie there didn'thave to work too hard for that point this match has been an absolute battle 8-6now game three seconds just out Cali was able to get thatbig ponytail out of the way just in time exactly oh it almost whipped around and found theball a few words behind the electrum for ColinJohns still very much in this.

They're very much in it foreign should be it ain't over until Hannah Johnssteps foot on the court for the post-match interview has been such a great match 72. oh absolutely and you're a coop to serve herewe go second serve smart placement on that finalshot that overhead there saw Ben moving to the left he was going to cover any kind ofangle oh boy.

So they add to their lead 9-7 now it's justtwo points away nine seven two this is where Ben Johns is at his very best point that was some nice pressure she wasable to put on the opponents in that last one little sleuth work to find the ball and there it is Ben Jones Ben Johns and AndreaCoop had more winners and fewer errors than Colin Johns and Cali Smith and this was thedetermining factor for the third game if this video is helpful to you a subscribe wouldmean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audience by creating helpfulcontent.

Pickleball Mixed Doubles Highlights with Ben Johns / Andrea Koop (Seattle Pioneers) VS Collin Johns / Callie Smith at OGIO Newport Doubles Shootout at The Tennis and Pickleball Club at Newport Beach

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