foreign what's up everyone it is the most celebrated podcast the most exciting league and the fastest growing sport in the country hello we are inside Major League pickleball joined by my co-host former pro and Olympic volleyball are future Pro pickleballer he is Casey.

Patterson and of course a man with a face for TV and he says a voice for radio not me pickleball fashionista obviously Tyson Apostle silent T don't get that confused we'll say it every time just to remind you I'm Michelle McMahon former D1 volleyball or current sports broadcaster and perhaps pickleball's feistiest Ginger I don't.

Know we'll have to check in with our guests because his wife is also a fellow Ginger uh and very very special guest today one of our top Pros in the world in the sport of pickleball pushing boundaries as we know on the court most likely off the court as well he also helped team blqk to the inaugural MLP Victory back in 2021 and they kicked off.

The year when in Austin in 2022 he's our hero and our friend Zane navratil joining us today to spice things up on the Pod before we dive in a quick shout out to our sponsors Franklin the official ball of Major League pickleball the Franklin x40 delivers the best in game flight out of any ball on the market or organic official nutrition.

Partner of MLP transform your health with plant-based nutrition from Aura knock around official sunglasses of MLP the quality Shades that won't break the bank we love that and Pro XR the official paddle of MLP the only paddle custom fit for your grip whoa that was Pro Michelle wow thanks huge thanks guys yeah.

We're done yeah thanks for coming Zayn thanks for coming we just peeked so uh thank you so much Michelle intros were amazing and uh I think spot on and uh we have a lot of exciting news to cover this episode like incredible news uh for those who don't know which is probably most of the pickleball World Major League pickleball sent out a.

Player letter to all of its players outlining 2023 and it is bigger better more more more and everything best for the players I as a former professional cyclist read through this letter and I was like professional pickleball is now legitimized this is they have brought it.

To the level of professionalism that professional sport is expected to be Zayn what do you think you read through this you got this letter right yeah I mean I was just hoping that there were going to be some rules that I could exploit but unfortunately it was just good to stop as it relates to getting.

Paid and being professional and whatnot so I mean like the first thing that really stuck out to me are that we're going to be reducing the amount of of time on court which I know a lot of us players have been have been you know worried about like this shouldn't theoretically be an endurance sport like your custom too.

Tyson like yeah but it but it is the way that it currently is a lot most of the time if you're getting the finals you're playing from 6 30 a.m from your at the beginning of your warm-up until 6 30 p.m on an easy day right and so that's not something that's sustainable it's something that MLP took into account with some some some player feedback and.

I think it's going to help with some longevity of players and I mean there's a whole bunch of other great stuff in there um yeah which I'm sure we'll get into but that's the that's the first thing that that uh that's sticking out to me yeah I mean when you go through it.

You're seeing that there's more money a few more events so there's twice as many events for next year over twice as much money which means that this year the highest paying pickleball events in the world next year they're out doing themselves.

Even more and they are protecting their players and like you said minimizing the court time maximizing the dollar means for you you have more rest and where are the pickleball players that are not in the MLP going to go what are how jealous is Tyson McGuffin right now we saw his comments.

About missing out on Major League pickleball now Major League pickleball is bigger and better and more professional than ever and is only going to grow as we see people like LeBron James come into the sport and that's just the beginning there's going to be more teams as well which means more owners which I.

Have to assume more big big big players in the market coming in they're not naming LeBron James and then coming in with a bunch of like and now our second owner for next year Casey Patterson that's not happening yeah it's not happening yes every athlete gets free yeah gets free drinks and shoelaces you're welcome.

So uh Zayn what did you see Tyson mcguffin's comments last week about bummed out that he couldn't participate in Major League pickleball because of the contracts and that's something major league pickleball addressed in their letter to the players here was we are not prohibiting players from playing other events.

We're essentially incentivizing them to play Major League pickleball because it is going to be the best they're going to be taking care of the most there's the most pay and it's going to be the most exciting and probably the most televised with all the connections coming in to Major League pickleball I have to assume.

We're going to see it all over next year yeah I mean like look if I was on the outside looking in at these events I would be pretty upset as well and you know there's ways to I think there's a way to incentivize players to play your tour which MLP is is doing by increasing prize money making things better experience more publicity and.

Then there's ways to coerce players into playing your tour which I think is contracts that have exclusivity at the end of the day like players are going to want to be in the place that treats them the best initially when the the PPA came out with contracts it's like wow we can get paid 3 000 bucks just to show up and that was sort of the the top of the line.

But you know now when there's other other Alternatives that don't require you to to only play their events it makes things a lot tougher and pickleball is is growing so quickly basically when these contracts came out at the beginning of of the year my whole thought process was pickleball has exploded from nothing.

Professionally to something professionally over just a couple of years why would I you know why would I make myself tie myself exclusively to one tour when I have no idea what next year the year to after is going to look like it seems a little seemed a little short-sighted to me at.

The time and and now I'm I'm sitting pretty because I feel like I'm able to play whatever I want and whenever I want and that's definitely going to be an MLP for me so let's touch on that a little bit because you and I had a conversation with Thomas from the dink about that specifically kind of when those contracts came out and you were like I'm.

Not signing I don't think I should sign I'm gonna stay open I'm going to keep my options open was there a moment where you were second guessing yourself at that time because it was like uh we had Rob nunnery on as well and he was like I have to sign because I have to get paid to do this and they're offering me an opportunity to do this and then you kind.

Of were the opposite and I think you did have that foresight and even looking back and saying okay three years like some of those contracts are three years long with the PPA the Sports changing so rapidly are those contracted players even going to be the top of the sport in two years like that is like that's it's a huge.

Gamble everywhere but what were what were your feelings was there ever a moment where you were like uh maybe I should sign maybe I shouldn't I don't know what's best for me right now or were you definitely uh certain and feeling good about not signing and keeping your options open I mean it's always a little bit scary.

Because it felt like if I don't sign I'm I'm sort of shut out right but at the end of the day the nice part for me is I don't have to rely on on prize money and whatnot to to fund myself which I really enjoy teaching and I have a business outside of the playing element of things so I know that if I never make another dime playing pickleball I can still have.

A nice life and not have to go back to being an auditor so it takes a little bit of the the pressure off to make that decision I don't to look to be the cash flow positive at these at these tournaments um now I certainly am which is which is fortunate but you know at the time there's an opportunity cost and and you.

Know signing means that I could get two thousand dollars to show up to an event at a certain point that was like damn I'm missing out a little bit but at no point was I ever comfortable limiting myself to to make that uh to generate that income so let me touch on that too because that was another thing in my thought process.

And Major League pickleball in their letter also touched on it and said that they are committed to building the players Brands together with their partners and definitely if you have someone like garyvee behind you if you have Drew Brees behind you if you're associated with LeBron James your brand is going to.

Grow that's a certainty and if your brand is growing you're able then to not have to teach as much not just because you're making more money playing pickleball but because now you can charge a premium to teach players because you're a higher profile is that something that you also now are currently looking at are you like oh I.

Can step away from teaching a little bit make it more exclusive make it more premium or are you going to continue with business as usual on that same on that front because I know from my perspective as an Entertainer in the entertainment industry for the last decade that's sort of how it has gone as my.

Brand has grown I've just become more and more of a premium yeah what are you the uh you're the number one pickleball influencer or what was the oh I'm glad you said his name I'm a lot of things Zayn uh you can't box me in yeah.

You can't box man everybody's Brand's gonna grow from this right 100 yeah I mean like look I I feel like I'm in an investment period right now where pickleball is growing so quickly I just want to set myself up for you know being able to Pivot to whatever it is the.

You know most lucrative uh thing might be which is also something that you love well yes absolutely I love I love playing but like I want to set up myself for again not having to go back to a to a desk job so I'm trying to build a business and building a business includes building a building a brand for sure which is why I I try to post very.

Regularly on on social media I've filmed a lot of content which I don't make money from but it certainly adds to building the building the brand and and you know with the with the turnover and pickleball and it being an emerging sport players aren't going to have you know your 20-year careers like they might in MLB or NBA and that's rare of.

Course but when you're done as a player what are you then right so I'm very I'm conscious of that and and you know while I want to play for as long as I can and I love love playing I I just want to be able to to be involved in pickleball in one way or another and I think that growing the brand at this point is the best thing.

That you can you can do so so yeah having having owners garyvee Drew Brees LeBron that should hopefully help and more there's more to come we have been teased for more I have no clue where it's going but I mean MLP is smart they named LeBron James first I have to assume there's other players on that caliber getting.

Into the market and I'm excited to see who it is I know we have more teams coming up next year which means there has to be more owners uh reading through that letter and you stating a little bit about your future did you immediately think of ways to leverage that Newfound uh brand growth or ideas or are you still just like.

I need to be relevant outside of the sport in 10 years when that comes or 15 years or 20 years and I just need to start building towards that now who knows what it is yeah I don't know exactly know what it's going to be I'm just you know I'm trying to grow and like I said be able to to Pivot to whatever opportunities uh are.

Presented but you know very fortunately I I feel like I've made good allies in this Sport and I actually sit on the board of directors with major league pickleball lots and lots of as you mentioned lots of very smart people on that board and uh makes me feel uh makes me feel dumb but that's okay that's good um yeah.

So let me walk you through the season next year a little bit hypothetically 2023 you win the first MLP event how many other events are you going to between that one and the second one you have won the prize big prize are you now at that point mostly focused on MLP and everything else is just maintenance.

Between those events or are you still going out and playing a full schedule um I'm definitely going to do you know look MLP it's it'd be I'd be curious to know what it would be like if there were if there was a longer even longer season than six events and it takes time to to ramp up to that but you know I enjoy.

Playing and I don't think I'd be happy if I only played six events per per year maybe six events are my my main focus you know just like right now there are different tiers of of events so I'm definitely gonna play outside of MLP but maybe I'll Focus my training around peaking towards MLP as well as some of the other bigger events like the New.

York City open or US Open Nationals that type of stuff but it's nice to have six which you know are going to be enormous events to to focus on and schedule around and whatnot um your cycling background like obviously there were some some events that were more important than others that you try to to Peak for and then.

There are some events that you do try to sort of play through your training um yeah and I think that's going to be true of of next year as well I don't think there are going to be any players that are only playing the six MLP events right yeah the uh cycling you'd usually try to be in Peak Physical Fitness for two probably two cycles in the year and.

That Peak Fitness could last a couple weeks so you'd try to choose like a block of a few races in that couple of weeks to really like make sure you're at your pro exact proper weight you're at Peak Fitness you've tapered into the events with pickleball I think you can be at your Peak more often because it's a different sport it's not six hours a.

Day of racing it's you know and so uh but I think yeah then that's what I kind of was was wondering is that like MLP is going to be your focus because there's the most money to be made the awareness is at the highest so your brand will be built the most based on great results there uh but like going to apps or ppas or even smaller events to stay fit and.

Practice and and keep up is probably the way that a lot of these players are gonna go yeah I mean yeah like you said it's nice to be able to do whatever we want outside of MLP I'll be there those six weekends and then I get to schedule whatever it is whatever else I want to do if I want to just hang out in Austin.

Sure if I want to go play football sure I mean that's assuming you get drafted assuming I get drafted Casey is making a push that's true that's true I'm actually trying to peek at four times throughout the year instead of Zayn's two so I'll probably be a little bit more valuable yeah.

Uh is it so LeBron you heard it here first from Casey's Patterson's mouth he's uh he's declared himself eligible thank you I'm glad super high enough though yeah it's got I've got to get over what do I have to get over like a 5.8 or something to even be considered a six or something like that what's the cutoff.

Uh I don't know off the top of my head but yeah there is a a duper cut off to keep people alive is there a wingspan is there a wingspan element that kind of elevates my dupe with like a 7-1 wingspan does that give me like a 0.5 more or something like that you know what I mean like it gets me a little bit closer it should I think.

It should or if you Dent balls you know if you when you hit overheads and they compress they don't break they just Dent because you hit it so hard maybe that's something that I was there Casey did that so I agree with these with these owners coming in Zane is the feeling of the players like I know that I know that the.

First like really like popular one that was going to add value to people's Brands was garyvee was there people was there like a hope for players to be specifically on the fives because of garyvee and with LeBron coming in as they're going to be like are the players like fingers crossed they get this owner.

Or that owner for whatever specific reasons or does that not matter so much yeah no I mean like there's definitely people that you know LeBron is going to be a celebrity to any of any of us right like I mean they're assuming a celebrity uh I mean just so it'd just be cool right it'd be you could almost geek out as a fan of of.

LeBron or Draymond Green or Kevin Love or whoever um yeah you want to get to know those those guys a little bit for sure um yeah when I heard that garyvee was was an owner I was like yeah that'd be great I would love to be on Gary's Gary's team um I ended up with with Richie and and.

Justin and I had unbelievable amount of fun and we're there the whole crew is going to be back together in Columbus in a couple of weeks and so no regrets that I wasn't done on garyvee's team because I made great relationships with these owners and even at some of the current existing owners aren't the same sort of high.

Profile people that you might see but also that might mean they're a little bit more willing to have conversations and and work with you and and help like I mean some of the people sitting on the board with are are geniuses in their own way some you could you could say that just like you could say this is whatever you.

Said at the intro the number one the most celebrated podcast celebrated you're welcome it it worked and that's actually true thanks let's go to the team blqk Zane you win in Austin you don't win in Newport the team has remained the.

Same what are you changing up what's the team changing of what is your preparation like there's so many questions I have for you uh what are you guys going to do different in Columbus to ensure Victory here and will you win Yes actually uh it's interesting that you said that because we are the only.

Team the only of the the 12 teams that didn't make a transaction throughout the entire season so we're the only original team that still exists and we are we're going to keep it that way I mean look I don't think you can change something when you've won once and finished runner-up a second time we were right there and Paris unfortunately had hurt.

Herself during the second day or maybe the first night of MLP over in Newport we were able to claw our way all the way to the finals with Lacey schneeman and Rachel Recker filling in for Paris and we were right there Paris played the last match not a hundred percent but she gave it 100 and you know I think if Paris is 100 healthy which she's been.

Back to playing she's playing great I think that we can be right there again so will we win 100 let's just tune in until next next to next year Columbus is a done deal that's a full call out already you're calling it out it's a guarantee give him his money now that's what you're saying yes Steve signed me the check come on.

Just kidding no no that is the cool part you you could be complete and total favorite which I'm not saying that we are in this but anything happens in these MLP matches just with the scoring the format everything like you could be a total favorite and not win this this tournament which which I feel like changes the whole goes back to the very.

Beginning of the whole discussion here is that having an exclusive contract with a specific Pro Tour and then another Pro Tour that has a whole different Universe of elements is somewhat ridiculous in my mind because we have to say we have the same thing in our on our Pro Tour it'd be like we had to sign a three-year.

Exclusive deal and we were trapped in and if we wanted to play anything else they gave us the old oh yeah well if you ask permission and it doesn't conflict with something you know you can go play but they never let anyone play and if they did go play they got banned for life type of thing and so it's like this is this is a completely different format.

A whole different infrastructure it's not even the same thing in a sense for me with like the whole team aspect the ownership the way that the whole thing's played it's it's like for me it's like playing six-man volleyball compared to two it's totally different and they're completely different worlds so I think that like McGuffin being upset about it.

And having that video I I would feel the same way as he does so be like dude you gotta let me in if I'm only doing pickleball and that's all I do you gotta let me play everything possible because I gotta make a living you can't limitly and lock me in and good for him for uh for for speaking his uh yeah right that's not an easy.

Thing to do especially if he is I'm assuming locked into a contract like that's not gonna be a that's he's not gonna win any friends over there at the at the PPA well maybe he's now in violation of his contract and they let him out of it but I mean it was an honest answer and.

It was like a a question that a lot of people are asking uh like these PPA Pros that are locked in and we're not seeing them at the MLP and this is the reason like uh yeah have you talked to anybody over at the PPA or anybody Zayn like just from a player's perspective on what some of the conversations have been like behind the.

Scenes of like man I should have done what you're doing or what what have your interactions been like if any well I mean I think ideally players would have it both ways where they get paid to show up to PPA and then they can also go do Major League pickable I think the real I think the real issue is the exclusivity they want to be able to go.

Play MLP if it's not on a PPA weekend which to me from the outside looking in you know that that looks that seems like a reasonable enough request especially as you mentioned Casey that the formats are a little bit are certainly quite different um so yeah I mean I think there is a lot of.

Uh but here's the conflict now for sure here's the conflict now though Zayn is if they're contracted to play the all the PPA events there's some PPA events that are on the same weekends as MLP so now A Team let's say that there is no contracts at PPA what's the team going to do like blqk is going to take for the.

Sake of just continuing with the same conversation they're going to take Tyson McGuffin for a weekend and then replace him then uh in two months when there's a conflict of schedule like that's going to be tricky for the those MLP teams to even even if those contracted players could play on weekends that there wasn't PPA there's.

Still going to be some conflict there right I think the the GMS of these teams would have to do some due diligence that's for sure and you know who who knows what if uh what if they think that they can come to all six MLPs and then PPA changes the schedule then what right so it definitely is It's Tricky it's very very tricky and there's no no good.

Answers because they are locked in right the players are locked in and the PPA holds the uh holds the power there um getting back to the Columbus prep and stuff what are you guys doing so you've kept the team you're the only team in MLP this season that has remained the same the same foursome Paris was injured.

In Newport would you have won had Paris been healthy in Newport that's a hard that's a hard guarantee um no I mean the ranchers the ranchers be honest with us very well I already gave you a cocky a-hole answer earlier that's like two immediate Clips we can use later on I love it exactly feeding us click bait yeah LeBron's Instagram.

Yeah LeBron saying guarantees a win okay we're gonna I'll give you I'll give you the worst answer and the one that you don't want to hear whatsoever uh we're gonna we're gonna give it our all you take it one point at a time yeah we're giving you a better cliche than that.

Okay we'll try out what are you doing leave it all out on the court the whole team effort you know everybody's important we all play a part and take away time and space yeah just kidding it's a hockey one yeah what are you Zane what what are you guys doing to prepare are you doing something differently to prepare are you preparing.

More as a team these events are becoming more and more important and I think with this letter coming out it's definitely more of a priority now to be successful in these MLP events just to set yourself up for next season what uh are you doing anything different to prepare than you would do outside of you know your normal season and your.

Normal routine is the team as a whole together doing something different are you all on a text chain texting back and forth are you guys meeting up and practicing what does all of that look like yeah so if I could go back to the beginning of the year knowing that I'd be on a team.

With Rafa Paris Irina um I think we all probably would have been more likely to schedule regular tournaments with one another you know like go and play an app together go and play uh uh PPA together so however the the way that we most of us run our schedules are you know I'm currently making my schedule for for.

2023 and planning these things out pretty far in advance so it didn't work out that we were able to do that really all we're going to do is continue going about our our training I trust my teammates that they're doing their their stuff on their own Rafa's over in Alabama I think Paris is in Florida and irina's in California I'm here in Texas.

So it's pretty uh we all have stuff going on it's pretty tough to get the team together um but you know as the sport continues to evolve like it is and like what MLP has has published you know it's going to be more and more um enticing to sort of get the whole.

Team in one spot a couple times a month or or play some of these tournaments together because yeah there's no other there's no other prize money payout like it right I ran the numbers today and I think if you were to win out everything the way that I understood it is you could make about 200.

30 000 bucks just from MLP over six weekends right yeah then that's that's winning everything so I mean that's uh that's a guarantee my job that's insane full-time pickleball you don't have to worry about anything else that's all you would do yeah that's the dream that's the dream 100.

So that's that's very very cool to see because I've been around pickleball since before there was prize money and did you have this vision for pickleball did you know that it was an exciting enough sport that it was going to grow to this no I had no idea and I wasn't even focused on it I was just focused on.

Enjoying my my local play beating up on Harvey Weil and Al at the Cesar Chavez Center and Racine making sure that those 70 year olds didn't beat me again Harvey right you told me that Harvey Lyle and Al first humbled you 10 years ago in our last conversations they did they did and I started beating them and I need to.

Make sure that Harvey Weil and Al don't make a comeback in their late 70s on me senior only time was the was the OG yep the earliest route the pickleball that's wild I mean what's your perspective on yeah I know what's your perspective on um just I know you've talked about just how the sport has grown but being so.

Integrated with major league pickleball how has this league in particular taken the sport to another level in your mind yeah well the cool part is I think pickleball is in a spot that most people have heard of it most people probably don't understand what it is they say pickleball or is that the you know it's it's akin to you know spike ball or bags.

Cornhole the game that people sort of play in their in their backyard but now when you hear about Major League pickleball and turning it into a an actual a team sport I think it Blends far more legitimacy to it having LeBron as a as a team owner people are are no longer thinking like oh that's the thing that you screw around with in your.

Backyard with your with your dad mom and grandparents they're they're like oh it's a legit thing with trades drops ads you know everything and having a having a full season long format I think will help people you know align with certain teams that they like better have a sense of urgency where.

Right now the tournament scene is quite atomistic where every tournament does its own thing and there's no like if I do badly next last week who cares there's another tournament next week but now in MLP if I have a slow start to the season we're not going to make the sixth event I'm not going to be in the chase to win the the overall player best.

Singles or best doubles um you know uh award so everything counts and it builds up like every other sport that has a has a playoff so I think you know making MLP more than just one-off events is something that will continue to add more legitimacy to it and help people understand that it's.

It's a real serious intense Sport with real money is uh is there you you touched on it a little bit uh that you know because there's now a season long kind of story arc for these players and the fans it's going to be more like you know you're going to.

You're going to have your favorites you're going to have the villains you're going to have the heroes you're going to have The Underdogs you're going to have all of this which also creates a lot of excitement for the viewers what were you will your role be will you be a villain can you be a.

Villain for us is that something absolutely I was actually just about I was saying pickleball needs a good a good villain um yeah I'm gonna start you'll see me in 2023 uh cussing out referees okay yeah that'll be that'll be the brand for sure.

Legitimately like pickleball needs somebody to hate every every other sport has the bad guys right the point yeah be like you'll be like instead of Spider-Man like your original kind of you know uh superhero form you'll just be like Venom just terrible just thrashing and throwing and destroying everything there we go who's the front.

Runner in the uh pickleball's greatest villain right now ooh pickleball's greatest villain um let's see well Tyson's got kind of the bad boy Vibe going he's not a villain he's too he's like The Punisher he's like the bad boy that everybody likes right yeah yeah yeah.

He's the villain he's so bad we love him yeah I don't know who's in who's because there's like the is is Matt Wright known for trash talking isn't there people that like under their breath kind of trash talk like the old Michael Jordan trick or they like himself smile and Whisper at.

You is there someone like that yeah Matt's uh Matt's a lot less discreet he will let you know there's Jeff Warnick but uh Jeff doesn't Jeff doesn't play as much anymore yeah we don't see him as much yeah I'd say Jeff might have been like kind of the OG bad boy of pickleball Joker yelling he's just loud he's very.

Very loud sounds like positions open exactly Casey Casey yes I'll come in and I'll push refs I'll just step on balls I'll throw paddles as far as I can and have you know every paddle I have he'll have a GPS chip and so we'll be able to measure how far I can throw it after every match I lose the distance award.

Yes it's like those baseball home run things where like if it hits something you have to have like you need to be able to know okay the estimated flight distance of this was 437 feet that'd be great now these things I have to tell you I do really really enjoy throwing paddles you haven't seen me you haven't seen me do it at a at a at a.

Tournament but they frisbee they go forever and we play when I was back in Wisconsin we would play at this park that was surrounded on four sides by grass and so you have a bad point you better bring six paddles because that thing's gone like gone and it was it was very fun it was great you can just launch a paddle with no with no.

Um remorse at this place that we play at so the angriest moment you've ever had in pickleball like what what has pushed you over the edge were you like lost I'm glad you asked um so one time I lost to a group that I started with and I shouldn't have because I'd been training way more and I actually threw my paddle down as hard as I could it bounced on.

The court flipped and landed in the chain link fence with the handle in the fence and just stayed there and I left it there no way thank you that's awesome you're welcome now Zayn's that's a great story that is a good story that's incredible do you have video that's the one time I didn't film I'm so mad of course Casey do you know if it's.

Still there like so I go and play there all the time and it's not there anymore someone took it I hate to see it I know I was like oh I wanted to just stay there forever like a Lord of the Rings like King on the side of the river and it's just old and chiseled it's been amazing that would have been pretty great.

Um I don't know that's tough to think of off of the top of my on the top the top of my head because you've had so many angry moments oh for sure no I really look most embarrassing that's always fun most embarrassing okay well we'll do both but first I hate losing to my dad and my dad and I train.

Together a lot and I often times like Nerf myself where I'll have to play half of the court of the full court versus him on the half I hate losing to him so I get pissed if I lose to lose to my dad most embarrassing was definitely um I was playing a final a singles final and a PPA at the beginning of last year against Ben and it was like one week.

After the PPA said that you can't spin the ball off the paddle I'm like all right what am I gonna do and so I started splitting it off of my hands and I'm playing this final I've I'm pretty bad at spinning it off my hands at this point and there's a lot of people watching the stands are pretty full over in Arizona.

And I serve it I'm like this and I shank my toss and it goes up and smashes me in the face and the ball like rolls the ball rolls like 10 feet away from me like my nose hurts and I'm like looking around and nobody's laughing or anything I think they all like felt bad for me and uh it would have been better if they just like straight up laughed at me but.

No it was a silence which was a loser yeah but is that the point nobody knew what I was even doing nobody knew why I was doing that and so I throw the ball up into my own face and they just think I'm some sort of which I am like it's part of the routine it's embarrassing pre-serve routine I like it was that live on YouTube.

Somewhere that I can grab and then post for myself for entertainment it probably was yeah it probably is February of last year uh okay I'll find out although it might have been one of those that was published like ESPN or something I don't I don't know um it might have been on ESPN or something I don't know yeah.

It's probably some other ones but uh I don't know if I get a kick out of it when I when I embarrass myself I I think I'm pretty good at laughing at myself um of my time making fun of them so then when something happens to me it's like all right she's on the other foot I can only laugh I guess that's awesome.

What's uh what's next for you in in your talk you're talking about your spin surf here and how it slowly been minimized I guess in a sense by the uh administrating bodies of pickleball are you working on something specific now as far as uh you know a loophole in the rules or something like that or uh have you uh you know decided that you're.

Good enough and don't need any more advantages loophole makes it sound bad Tyson no that's smart it sounds smart ah thank you this is why you're the villain um not I mean I'll I'll take a look at the at the rules again but nothing uh nothing comes to mind just keep getting.

Better at uh playing pick ball that's all I can try and do and that and that and hitting people with the ball So eventually pickleball is going to be to the point where I think NBA sized players are going to dominate this sport because the reach that you have I can I'm pretty fast like I can move my.

Feet quickly but anybody can move their arm faster than I can move my feet and so the ability to reach is going to be really really important than the sport so when the sport gets to the point and you know when MLP continues to grow and the money keeps getting better and better more athletes come into the game and and develop things the only.

Advantage that a small person has over a large person is the ability to get out of the way of the ball and their backs don't hurt as much I suppose I guess but it yeah I think I think I think the small guys are just going to start absolutely rifling the ball at the big guys just.

Trying to hit them so yeah that's next watch out for sure I mean it happens to me already quite a bit I think I bought it back Tyson like what six times when we played yeah probably did I get you at all no I'm not down by his crotch though so it's even holds it super low.

Nobody nobody plays the ball to me so I just stand there and then unawares I even see the ball bounce too high on the other side and I'm just like that's too high here it comes yeah that's my one chance to play again to do better oh boy.

With Tyson actually Tyson and I did uh we filmed some stuff around the time of that tournament last year yeah you stayed at my house I did I did yeah I stayed at my house my guest room we had to maybe Tyson taught you the ball trip to the face that's where you learned it yes there we go he's like this will really screw up.

Your opponent if you just kicked yourself in the face it's all about distraction yeah yeah no I do I'm still so proud about those first two points Zane Zane and I played real singles I did the perfect Drive drop twice in a row for the first two points yeah he really did he I could see on Zayn's face.

Like what is happening right now and then he scored 22 points on me consecutive to win out that game and then ice me on the second game that's when you just say I win by two it doesn't matter I really tried to leave after the first point but I didn't get my steps in yet so I had to keep going.

That's what happened to me I played Ryan Sherry I lost 11 1 11 0 11 0. like I didn't even it was like I don't know if you're gonna be eligible for this draft bro well that was singles dude it was singles it wasn't a triple pickle so that's good yeah yeah thank you very much yeah right yeah triple pickle is uh grounds for leaving.

The sport completely I have to retire immediately yeah yeah uh Zayn you moved to Austin you and your girlfriend Jen right fiancee oh dude with all this MLP money coming in too and you're gonna have to buy her like a upgrade 60 000 ring jewelry rings exactly um she's got a ring already but.

We made an agreement that before the first MLP of this year the one that was in Austin um if we won the 25 000 that our dog Murray gets to get this little Lululemon backpack which I thought was ridiculous like why does our dog need a tiny little Lululemon backpack and Jenny's like so he can put.

His ball in there so he can carry around his own ball how cute that's no not gonna happen he's like fine but if you win MLP we have to get Murray his Lulu backpack so Murray is now that's that's where we spent the 25 000 essentially um it was like it was like 40 but it felt.

Like 25. okay cool uh what deal do you have with her for this uh for this third event um we don't have one yet and hopefully we don't end up with one so I'll reach out to Jen on on Instagram and let her know to come up with something for us yeah how do you like Austin are you loving it.

Or is this the move and uh what was the purpose was it to get out of the Wisconsin weather to be closer to Dreamland all of the above yeah no we're we're really enjoying it Jenny Jenny loves her job she's working at the corporate headquarters of Kendra Scott and we we made the move because we did.

Want to get out of Wisconsin um and there's a ton of very very good pickleball players here to to train with and so all this is my full-time job I want to be able to to train as much as I can and and as efficiently as I can and Austin is just a cool place to be uh in hindsight maybe not moving July 1st that probably.

Wouldn't have been the move oh my gosh but it's finally getting nice outside at the beginning of October now so um yeah it was like 105 every day for the first six weeks we were here and it didn't rain once and there were regrets but now it's great there were regrets yeah um anything else before we shut this.

Thing down I want to have I want to say something yes paddle throwing contest we have to do content here who can throw their paddle the farthest we get three classes each uh it I mean let's not lead tape your paddle like four times over secretly and then tape it so you can throw it farther no they have to be.

Weighted the same yeah it has to be just like no yeah just we'll bring the food scale stock battles but you are you use a gearbox model don't you it's kind of like a it's a rocket ship oh it's like successful right yeah that's the cheat code that's a cheat code I need to give something uh a little bit thinner there should be.

Specifically designed paddles that are for tossing only that are pretty cheap so you just keep it on the side there yeah after like you do something that you're so mad at yourself for you have a smashing or a tossing everyone in the crowd knows it's coming they see it oh here it goes yeah.

You talk about getting Vegas involved and getting betting going yeah that could be a great over under kids and kayaks on the outside in the water just like rowing to the paddle as it's floating before it sinks like the baseballs and I was uh when I was racing mountain bikes as a junior they had an.

Extracurricular event that was a bike toss and you'd take a they just had an old beat up bicycle there and they ran a contest outside of the event and I think that you could definitely add a paddle toss event as well uh where you just have a paddle sponsor that sponsors the paddle toss they have a stack of 30.

Paddles there and each player gets to toss it out into the field like the javelin where there's like yardage markers and uh then you have a guy out on the field that runs out and puts a pin where the paddle hits the ground first yeah let me let me get a patent on it first so that uh I can license it to you.

Uh Zayn always a pleasure uh I'm sure I'll see you in Arizona at some point here soon and uh I want to thank uh Casey and Michelle as well for being here and making this thing run and very very exciting stuff in MLP and a guaranteed way a guaranteed win and I'm telling you this is just the beginning of MLP it's.

Going to keep growing keep exploding and it is in my opinion I think probably the opinion of most it has risen to the top of the pickleball organizations and with this letter to the players has become very very professional in an all-round good thing for the players I don't think there's any hesitancy from anybody in being a part of Major League.

Pickleball everyone's keeping their fingers crossed they can be there and be part of the ride so big thanks thanks everyone for listening we will talk to you next week see ya later foreign
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