Foreign dance judge and talk show host carianne Inaba will be on The Tamarind Hall Show later today they're going to talk about actress Selma Blair's departure from Dancing With the Stars after recent health concerns that an nmri showed she just could not continue.

And so she's got this condition and it makes her very hard it's hard to walk she walks out on stage with a cane and then she danced and there she danced and then she would Express and you could see how good it felt and then right after There Was You Could See pain coming back Selma was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018 dropped out of the.

Competition after guidance from her doctors Inaba shares her thoughts that's coming up this afternoon starting at 1pm on khnl it is official there is a new day and time for the new season of Magnum PI of course they've been filming here on Oahu the new NBC series will premiere on Sunday February 19th at 9 00 PM NBC television picked it up after CBS.

Canceled the Friday night show last spring the last season finale ended with Magnum and the Higgins kissing each other all the stars are back and they've been filming once again here on the island of Oahu again it now airs on Sunday nights on khnl pickleball is picking up steam CBS announces eight celeb teams competing in.

Pickled Hawaii's Daniel Day Kim and Louis Guzman are Partners their team is Daniel Day Louise and they'll be playing to benefit the non-profit comic relief U.S it airs November 17th on kgmb television speaking of Daniel Day Kim he was spotted walking the red carpet on Sunday night at Ward Theaters greeting the cast of The Wind and The Reckoning.

Starring of course Jason Scott Lee and Lindsay anuhea Watson Daniels former co-star on Lost Henry Ian Cusick and kahio Pereira good news the movie is getting extended showtimes at Consolidated Ward Theater only that's the only theater you can see it from now until Thursday November 17th Grammy award-winning reggae group soja is.

Returning to Hawaii in February last time the group was here was in 2019 in front of a capacity crowd at Aloha Stadium that's where they will start February 11 2023 Aloha Stadium they'll also February 3rd on Kauai February 4th on in Kona February 10th at the Mac lots of music to open for them with different groups on different Islands tickets go.

On sale this Saturday starting at 9 A.M at Kimmy a minor is bringing the Christmas spirit to the all the islands this morning she's announcing her first ever Christmas in Hawaii kimie minor and Friends tour starts November 23rd featuring Paula funga hassans the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra and more.

She'll perform in Kona Hilo Maui Kauai on Oahu I'll post all the details coming up on my Facebook page Billy V Sunrise she's also streaming her Christmas in Hawaii EP starting Friday Steve over to you very cool all right thanks Bill
A new season of “Magnum P.I.” gets a new day and time on NBC. Daniel Dae Kim also competes at pickleball in a new CBS show.

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