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foreign foreign thank you.

I'm almost 9 20. he's updating swords before sugar Americana windmill good morning sorry it's all a little hectic here at the start of a day but we have just started our first game it's between.

Louis laville and Catherine sorry guy laviel and Catherine Binks I hadn't even looked at who was on court actually I just looked at the names um against uh Charlotte Lowe and it says uh Anthony mcelvin but he had to pull out so it's actually Toby Borden b-a-w-d-e-n.

And we are at one zero one and that looked like it was long so two zero one and Charlotte serving to Katie that was a good use of a lob by Toby sadly Charlotte couldn't get the ball over the net but it resulted in so Toby served and that went into the next we've got a.

Side out and it's zero two one and Katie starts serving for 13. oh unfortunate into the net there by Guy in fact there are three levels playing today guy with Katie and Louis with his mother Carolyn no doubt we'll see them on the court later wow that was a bit of.

A buddy aim there wasn't it Charlotte did well to get her paddle so the ball didn't impact her and a guy um really put him before force of his power into those shots so two two two this is the first game of the morning so.

They're all warming up really um Toby is filling in for Anthony mcelvin so Charlotte and Toby have never played together before and uh I believe this is the first time that guy and Katie are playing together as well.

So we'll see who gets the most chemistry as a partnership 222 now 322 side out two three one catered serve they're getting a little bit um uh confused with their stacking nice shot from Toby.

There wasn't a lot of power on it but it was placement so two three two guy definitely dominating the space there um and I wonder if uh Katie and he worked out tactics beforehand but that worked efficiently for them so three three two.

Four three two five three two and got a side out so three five one Charlotte to serve three five two four five two well that's another effective lob from Toby some good defense happening oh that was tippage there from Charlotte there was.

Some good defense happening um by Katie and uh guy there who are being pinned back so we've now got five four one located serve 542 Katie really does wind her serve up you know with a her shoulder that was a quick side out we're now four five one.

Oh and now five five one oh what a shot Toby that went right behind guy caught him out and Charlotte and Toby are first to change ends at six five one.

Nice little dribble over the net there so six five two oh that's a bit of an overhead from Toby and a quick side out now so uh five six one and uh guy will be serving 562. now Toby's a paddle player so those are big smashes of bread and butter for him I believe oh my.

Oh great hustling guys oh wow that was a mighty fine point well done to both teams uh but um Toby and Charlotte got the side out so it's now six five one that was a great point and it's not even ten past nine in the morning I've not had my first cup of coffee yet either.

And as I say that the lovely Louise Stevens comes forward with a cup of coffee it's very grateful so seven five one seven five two oh nice guy this is turning into a really great match lots of hustling going along by everyone.

We're going outside out now so it's five seven one very close guy inserting himself um depends on which uh school of thought you have uh six seven one um some people believe that the guy should keep to their side or two-thirds of the court and let the lady take care of the rest.

Um but you know guys are more experienced player than Katie um and as long as he gets them over the net it's okay if he inserts himself he didn't in that instance so 761 I play um often with my husband and we stack and uh he takes two-thirds of the court.

And I'm quite happy with that I then know what I need to do and he rarely steps over that uh other third but occasionally he doesn't I'm okay as long as he gets the point and kills it and you know part of the reason why he does it is that um people tend to Target the women in mixed doubles and he has to insert.

Himself others he wouldn't hit the ball oh that must be frustrating for Katie so we've got a match point now 10 6 1. and within our second opportunity with them serving so Toby serving ten six two oh no I think they're on the wrong oh either that or we're on the wrong score and it's a side out so they were on the wrong side just let.

Them know that so that they don't keep the mistake going they because the score is 10-6 so 610 Casey just served that and let's go into the next so this is the last chance for guy uh to try and um get their team caught up 76 and two.

Oh good defense oh that was really great defense from Charlotte a really good run from um guy but sadly he couldn't quite pick that ball up enough over the net so another match point and they got it so well done to Toby and Charlotte and there was a lovely passing shot uh behind a guy then and he he clapped that he saw that was a really.

Good shot but one entertaining match for the first match of the day bodes well for today thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign so I'm joined in the commentary Box by Freddie Powell.

Freddie won um gold yesterday with pep Giuliano in the men's doubles he won um gold in the singles as well no why'd you get in singles then um I got silver I got silver I got silver I lost it lost to Louis in the final that's right.

That's right that's right I knew I'd put a medal around your neck thank you I just couldn't remember what color so Gold Silver and didn't you get um it's got third in the MLP and the MLP yeah yeah team team scan yeah scantastic yeah yeah did you enjoy that yes oh the the MLP was honestly probably one of the.

Highlights of the weekend for me um the team event was was great it was it was really close every game went uh was only won by a couple of points yeah exactly it was exactly it was really fantastic great well this next um get a match that we've got it's another level this time yeah it should be this time it's Louis with his mother.

Carolyn and they're facing off uh Sam bassford and Jessica Danga um so the first match I have to say Freddie we just had was Guy uh with Katie and Charlotte with um Toby and it was a thriller so we'll see if this match can um match up to it so it looks like Carolyn's going to be.

Starting zero zero two oh she's tried to she's tried to hit Sam on the first serve I like that I like that technique and just Jessica to actually call her Jess so Sam's backhand flight yesterday was outstanding outstanding and when they.

Played in the semi-final I think the semi-final against uh Darren and James is probably one of the best matches it was amazing wasn't it it really was now we saw a guy in the first game inserting himself um in front of his partner and I think that uh Louis is going to do the same here I think you could you could.

Definitely say that yeah oh I couldn't see that was in the I think he has to have a little replay here oh that was it oh I think it was in oh but it was cooled out and we won't interfere we won't expect because we don't actually have a great View so it's meant to be the best beer in the.

House but um all right okay sorry so zero one two oh there it is yeah which interestingly he will not be allowed to do next year no he won't one one two mere mortals like the rest of this yeah that's what that's what he's going to try and do yeah.

Do you want to now um actually Louie's got a lot of serves in his Armory so I don't think that's really going to hurt him to be honest yeah the Lobster in particular was particularly a problem with me well that actually that's that was a game changer and your your final actually wasn't it because you were dominating and then he.

Pulled out the lobster yeah and it neutralized you a bit didn't it yeah yeah yeah because it made me have to hit a really slow returns I didn't generate any Pace off the return right and then he could do what he wanted right right it was a really interesting use of strategy oh he's gonna need he's gonna need to make those but Louis Today Louis.

Is going to need to be pretty much perfect he is because um otherwise too many unforcerers he's never gonna be able to win it right so yep it's good so two two or two nice defense from Carolyn there yeah.

Yeah that was nice from Sam though yeah he just steps in and stays calm on that one he did Sam's always calm oh he is yeah three two two yeah yeah it needs to be a bit more fired up sometimes oh he just tipped that again though I think I think that ball.

From Jessie's got to go Cross Court there to carry yeah yeah so two three one yep that's nice Sam's not happy with that one well because I don't think Sam will do the same and so he's thinking okay what do I do right so three three one oh and that was gorgeous put away from.

From Louis that's uh that's what we call Textbook textbook pickleball doubles there the short drop Louis coming in and taking the pop up there yeah nicely done and Matt will give Carolyn a bit of confidence as well I think so four three one she does need to start making her serves though yeah Miss three yeah.

Before she was there right there five three two um I think Carolyn suffers with her nerves when she's playing on this Championship court because I saw her do it once in Italy and um it was when she was being filmed that.

It was a problem when she wasn't being filmed it was fine so yeah also there is a there is a certain pressure that comes to play Louis of course yeah I think she's Brave to do this myself yeah I don't know one um what the history was but we're always meant to be playing this together or did Louis lose his partner no no I think I.

Think they were always going to right um nice oh that was gorgeous that was nice nice very nice yeah you see wrong footed sound there yeah he did very very nasty dog so seven three two oh now that would have been a gorgeous put away by something we've gone over the net right if I if I had a pound for.

Every time I'd have said that would have been amazing it's gonna be very nice it's gonna be interesting to see how far Louis and Carolyn get today I agree because they are a bit of a Dark Horse team I mean yeah they know each other and Carolyn knows what her role is is to give Louis space and just to make sure.

That she returns anything but he can't get to really right yeah so oh oh well done Carolyn that was beautiful see that's her job Carolyn coming to The Forum yeah excellent Match Point already yeah oh nice Jessica oh there's a bit of so.

They saved that match point um and we now have three ten one again though this is where it's quite tough in the round robin when it's first to 11 win by one but you don't have a timeout and yeah like for instance they could have really done with the time out there to stop them on that right momentum yeah I agree I agree the only reason why we.

Don't have that is that we have got such a lot of players and you know only 22 courts there's not time oh quick side out there yeah and another Match Point again I see that Carolyn's playing with a zebra paddle as well who sponsor Louis and that was it there we go the match.

Over well well done to Carolyn and uh to Louis it's impressed impressive performance there because Sam and Jesse uh are a good team they are they are I'd say they're one of the one obviously one of the better teams to say in the draw yeah it's um that's a good win for them very good and convincing yeah so well done to them.


Thank you foreign foreign foreign.

foreign okay so we're just about to have our third match of the day and it's only half past nine so it's.

Quite impressive um we have got uh Dimitri lovechenko and Natalia novakova um playing against Andy portlock and um Hannah Stockton I knew it began with this uh so what can I tell you about these players Natalia and Dimitri um play near Nottingham.

Lovely couple Natalia doesn't stop smiling Dimitri's more dower but a lovely man in fact Andy portlock also hails from around Nottingham so I wonder if they practice together actually I don't know for a fact but they are definitely located nearby Hannah is in Yorkshire.

And she was a medalist at the Nationals last year in a couple of events all these round robin uh matches are one game to 11 win by one um and uh that that is really because we you know have so many players and so little uh number of Courts.

Um and uh you know we have to just to get people through I'm a natural product you know in quite a number of uh matches later on they are to 15 uh you know in The Knockout stages and um they are best of three for the finals thank you laughs.

Right it looks like we're just about to start and Dimitri's got the ball so um I presume that they must have um either won or lost the toss and it's for them to serve oh he's put the ball in his pocket he did that on full camera foreign.

so Natalia and um Dimitri start zero zero two it's a lovely deep return from Hannah we're into a dinking battle straight away how fantastic well nice controlled dinks that one was more of a body shot um and Hannah struggled with it so.

Um first point to Natalia and Dimitri one zero two oh and they are targeting Hannah she's really well under Fire um the last one got her though so two zero two and I think actually that you know that last Point demonstrates why some of the.

Guys really do insert themselves in the process because they won't get a shot otherwise that was a gorgeous retrieval from Dimitri and sadly um Andy's first touch of the ball went into the net three zero two.

And that went out so Natalia and Dimitri off to a roaring start here four zero two oh that was a lovely shot from Dimitri down the middle five zero two oh beautiful from Natalia and a quick change of ends and um Hannah and Andy haven't even had a serve yet.

Now if they never get a serve and Natalia and Dimitri win that would be a golden pickle and that would not be a nice way to start the day for Hannah and Andy anyway six zero one so six zero two beautiful Andy although I'm not sure if he stepped on that kitchen but uh I can't interfere even if he did.

So we have a side out and it's zero six one oh that was a lovely ground stroke from um Hannah but I think that was slightly out at the other end oh very close though okay zero six two oh.

And another quick side out so Natalia um to serve six zero one as you can see Andy can pack the punch and uh he just did two punches in a row there so six zero two lob serve oh and it was a lovely put away by um Andy so actually um Natalia and uh Dimitri did not get a.

Point with that service and we have a change of n a change of service Hannah to serve zero six one they need to get some points on the board now oh that was a Oh that was a nice pickup from Hannah from behind uh but sadly it went out so zero six two and Dimitri put that into the net so.

They're now on the board one six two seven one one I managed to spill copy of myself just a moment ago that's why I was momentarily distracted oh that was a bit of a wild tippage from Andy but I understand why he did it.

Eight one one they're so far down he needs to do something right so oh that was long so eight one two oh I'm okay I think that Andy might have put some Hannah off a little bit because he was going for it originally 912.

And that was a great put away by Andy so we do have a side out again and uh this team have an another chance to get some points on the board and we are at uh 191. some nice dinking between the ladies 192. oh that's a shame side out 9-1-1.

I think that's called the Emergency Services isn't it 912 oh 10-1-2 and we have quickly got a match point and that one went into the net so we have got another side out and Andy and Hannah have got another chance to get.

Some points one nine sorry one ten one oh one time two foreign Dimitri and we have a side out another match point situation for Natalia serving they both went for that same point I still came back out again.

Oh oh tippage and that game is over I will say that I don't think that score line really reflected how well um Hannah uh played uh Andy was frozen out a lot but when he did get to um hit some shots he did some great ones but that was a fine win for Natalia and for Dimitri foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Next match on this Championship court is another round robin in the 4.5 19 plus on the near side at the moment um getting warmed up is Bay plumber and Peter Hitchman they won the silver yesterday with her partner Jang Evans in the ladies doubles and Peter narrowly he played the semi-final that.

Was so amazing between um James and Darren against Peter and Sam and then they narrowly lost the bronze playoff as well so they didn't meddle yesterday but they they did participate in the most entertaining match of the day I think actually or at least one of them and then um they're going to be facing off to uh.

Rob Williams and Julia Stevens Juvia's in the red and Rob's in the black and uh we're just doing a few practice serves and then they'll get underway Bay plays at London pickleball Peter plays at um rugby with Sam and the rest of the bassfords Julia I'm not sure if Julia's got a club right now because.

Um she was playing at Anglesey and then thinks she was at Cumbria but I'm not really sure where she's playing now and Rob Rob runs a club um with Andre Strachan um on the Surrey Hampshire border.

So I think we're just about to start and it looks like uh that Julia and Rob are starting with the serve at this end so zero zero two some nice dinking there oh and uh with a bit of tippage I think Rob managed to get that ball over and in the.

Boundary so they're off to a start one zero two and it looks like Robin Julia are stacking so that Julia will always be on the right and Rob on the left side out so zero one one lovely deep return from Rob uh it was good defense but that was out.

So we have now one one all the ones unusual from Peter Arrow there on one two oh that was beautiful two one two three one two Peter's playing with a blue Franklin paddle.

Which he bought while he was out playing in a tournament in the US and is now a brand ambassador for Franklin he loves the paddle so much four zero four one two brother or an error from Julia there five one two and Julia's beating herself up she needs to get out of that so Peter's serving to Rob buy one two.

And that went out unfortunately they're both making quite a number of Errors so change of ends and a comfortable lead for Faye and Peter who have played many times together they meddled in Spain together recently at the Spanish open um in fact I think but they may have got.

Gold there apologies for if I get that wrong actually no it was in the Spanish open that Faye played with Sam not Peter it was at the English open that they played with Peter she alternates between the cousins so six one two unlucky junior seven one two.

Some days there are days when it just doesn't go right that was a lovely shot well done Julia I'm glad you got that and we've got a side out so it's now one seven one and a chance for Rob and Julia to get some more points 172 and again you know Julia's being.

Targeted so that's hard I'm 17. that was a good shot from Rob had lots of pace on it and uh Peter couldn't get that back so two seven two and again Rob's got to all slightly wide Rob has got to insert himself in the process.

Um if they're going to get some more points so side out seven two one 722 I see that Faye is sporting her Bam Bam hairstyle today oh just wide nice try though Peter side out two seven one but the lead they had he could afford to try that and if he'd.

Been successful it would have been amazing right so Julia's gonna serve two seven one good switch there between Robin Julia oh what a shot that was lovely so 272 oh I think that Rob must have put Julia off there because she thought he was getting.

It and then the ball came her side beside her and she didn't even attempt to get it so I think she must have lost sight of the ball that was a quick side out where I was 7-2 I'm lucky Junior eight two oh.

Just Dance 822 oh that first one was good defense Julia that second one wasn't quite hit in the right spot so 92 oh lovely shot looked like you were flying there Faye and we quickly have match points not not quite on that attempt so side.

Out 210 another opportunity to get a few more points and actually in the standings every Point counts so you know it's important for Julia and Rob to get as many as they can oh that was a beautiful shot from from Faye um.

Which was got back but then the winning shot came from Peter so two ten two oh looked like they were both going for that I need to iron out that communication problem there I think and another match point for Faye and Peter ten two one and uh I didn't execute at that time so.

Let's try again ten two two oh and they did that that was a gorgeous shot from uh Peter Well Done to Faye and Peter and uh commiserations to Julia and Rob they need to iron out some communication challenges in time for their next match thank you foreign.

thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

we're back we are back we've got a big game here Jang and Jamie against Katie and guy what we could say is the match made in heaven the match made in heaven some would say the uh the most talented laville sibling in what aspect.

S I guess we'll find out interesting start there from Jamie yeah the aggressive line yeah although what do you think of Katie serves a little windmill start look at that it's a full wind up yeah to not generate a lot of power but opinions on the on the Franklin paddle.

Looked beautiful does um that was it was very athletic looking yeah you know yeah so we're at zero zero two right now oh it's got it he's made it fantastic I think I think it clipped Jang on the way through yep yeah good good aggressive play from guy there yeah I.

Gave that ball a little bit of a spanking he's gonna he's gonna really have to take dominance of the Court he's used to being dominant in that position he is yes new balls please already you'd have thought that someone would.

Have come up with a better way to make these boards so that we don't keep losing the balls or in between them well I've got someone to my right who might be able to help with that we could any word Karen no okay they've been reused from the English open so they actually have oh I think you just missed.

It oh oh any missed by like a good foot but like it was always fading away Jamie looks like he was never even concerned I'm still waking up I think unless we got going on or um so the score is it's one zero two right now that was a missile zero one.

Two sorry zero one two yep Miss sir from Jang there Oh Katie with the one-hander good dink um firm firm the grip on that one yeah used to just hold it a bit too tight a little bit Yeah throttling it slightly went too hard and faster that way yeah.

He did there are many things we could say about that just wasn't just wasn't good oh I went for the head shot he's quite good at that shot as well he is you've had personal experience with the uh with the Jamie bassford head tag that's one two one though isn't it yeah.

She winds up the windmill for the third shot drop she does quite controversial that is a fantastic shot from guy there fantastic shot get some uh get some pump someone's getting pumped elsewhere in the in the stadium we'd love to see that oh I like that oh I mean guy is just taking charge of this match right now.

I mean interesting interesting technique on his forearm doesn't get much Top Spin just pure red just just giving it a good little slap oh just giving it a good little little slap down the line there he's really finding it yeah it is yeah so 42 good run here oh there it is.

High wide and handsome I wouldn't call that Hanson unfortunately maybe not so Freddie how are you feeling this morning obviously you're out celebrating your your national champ Victory last night a few beverages consumed however feeling particularly particularly good this.

Morning it's good to hear it is what we'd like to hear got my coffee yeah watching some watching some world-class pickleball rumor has it you were sat on a throne at some point last night as well I I just did what the people wanted anyway moving on that was a terrible drive from.

Jamie that was yeah you can see that he knows it the disgust on his own face it's got higher standards for himself 41. get a little run here I'll tell you what I know let's see what happens it's a great good Hustle drop shot come in I mean oh it's too aggressive.

Again Jamie Jamie's not looking best pleased with himself there foreign she can win that battle against Zhang on the Dinks that's gonna be huge 52 big point it's gonna get to the turn first.

It's like the seventh game in tennis most important game it is the most important first you're in the driver's seat I mean that that's not how you describe it at all but it was a good leading it was a nice try yeah four three big game whatever yeah that's a lovely thankful guy that was a.

Lovely He adjusted very well there because he got himself in a bit of a little bit of a tangle oh it's too low unforced error there yeah still though three five two yeah I can't be doing that he knows it a bit of a lack of concentration there.

From team level Binks that Spicer I'm really coming to effect at this point shot though nice and deep five four one big point now come on can they get to this turn foreign it's the it's the power kind of cut.

Slice forehand from Guy where he kind of comes up underneath it yeah he has to catch it absolutely flush he does it's going to the back wall it is um but there we go six four two and a bit of a surprise there I'd say from the Underdog team so a little little halfway house analysis Louie.

Yeah what would you say Jamie and Zhang need to do a little bit more up here I think they need to put a bit more on Katie intensive aggressiveness they're just sort of patting the ball to her right now there's not a lot of onus on the court right now they're sort of just sort of being playing quite passively whereas guys and he's making a.

Bit more of a risk he's making a few errors but out of those six points four of them are probably because he's gone for something and it's come off nicely yeah let's uh I know it doesn't it's not jang's game to necessarily play aggressively but Jamie should maybe start coming over a bit more and being a bit more aggressive I don't think they.

Should start really putting it on Katie shock result on the other court amazing institutions and the beating Sam basket and Justin younger that is that is a big win for them foreign maybe it is who knows we're also uh that's a big game now because I think I'm playing against we've also got uh England pickleball.

England volunteer of the Year Louise yeah any any words Louise any words of wisdom for our listeners uh there is no wisdom no however I would like to say a big thank you to everybody at pickleball England for all the hard work they do and all the players there's been some incredible play um and it's just so impressive you know.

English pickleball is going to be seen up with the Americans soon so it's done to you guys too so well done thank you very much I'm very very kind words there from Louise a woman of few words in her own words debatable very debatable very debatable but as she says they've England pickleball is going to get up with the us we've had some fun.

English player come in from the states and um we challenged him well we I think yeah I think we can probably say that don't we really I don't know top eight top eight Reserve Reserve yeah Reserve moving on back to the uh back to the.

Game right we're we're at eight five right eight five one who's currently the king of this court I mean hey guys I can get this done here I mean that is a fantastic shot this is a really big spring a pretty big opposite here I'd say yeah it's actually a shame for Katie and guy that they were leading up in their first match and they.

Ended up so yeah not getting it done yeah but I think get this one then they're right there they do all right there's a chance in the group they're great in the middle dink oh God oh the LOB yeah the Jamie vest forehanding good.

Strategies from Gates trying to jump out the way of the ball there what do you think of that uh I think probably something you should have done maybe a couple days ago good analysis oh there we go lovely Inside Out smash there there we go at five nine now I think this game opens up a little bit.

I still feel like Jamie has a few more gears to go through here like on that one there you just see the ball sat up for Jamie there and he just he just kind of pushed it past him guy really stepped up the intensity it's got a smirk on his face though maybe he's quite relaxed five nine five.

Nine two to return hmm I was you know what I was just about to say fair play to Katie today I think she's played very well in this game and then just does that and then she does that yeah no she's Fair later she's stepping up actually yeah I think so I like to see that in players when they.

Test themselves at the highest level rather than just entering a bracket that they just oh I I agree that was nice to see you stepping up from 4-0 level in the last couple of days thank you mate yeah really appreciate it smash oh they're in this point here now at 961.

Tell you what very solid oh Lefty oh no one didn't know we knew what was going on there no not even not even Katie at that point all right 962. here comes the windmill I do love the one a big fan of the one e that's a nice job that's a lovely third could you try something can they try to.

Force an error oh that would have been those ones are really hard in mixed numbers because like Katie there's gone for the counter off the hit kind of not hit it very well Jang and Jamie leave it thinking it's gonna go miles out and then there's the ones and you look a bit of a full a bit of a.

Tool don't you really oh look at that that was Sam oh that was set up for guys snatched it yeah I know you know shadowing it afterwards this is getting a bit tight The Comeback is are definitely on not a good thing curries were had last night there you are no oh and here we see when things get down to.

The crunch time we see a little bit of lack of experience at this level there maybe from Katie just got to keep our nerve here just keep the ball in court Force an error she doesn't want to be in that Cross Court battle with Jamie tonight oh oh good get the guy.

Foreign make sure this third shot goes over the net that's what you need to do in your case your guy here make and play foreign but maybe not to Jamie's forehand on top of the net and the smash yeah I mean there are harder shots yes yes there are oh the lob gate oh it's a great return I.

Was worried someone's gonna pull that ball out for a second there same for it oh guy oh good defense I do like that that play though from guy though it's the way it will might come through at some point yeah yeah right so here we go then eight nine one Louise is currently standing in the way we can't see anything.

That's okay luckily she's not very tall see they're trying to trying to hit it to Katie maybe was just better just getting that ball in play another good return there this game is getting super tight now tell you what nice big time it's a guy there he kind of needs to dig that one back yeah try.

And ask Jamie rather than trying to our hands if Jamie was right-handed it might be in the play but yeah oh what a lob oh no it's wide 1092. and just like that we're at ten nine I actually need to start getting just loosen up the next song guy and Katie struggling to find the Finish yeah and there it is set up great there.

It is that's game set and match I mean it was a great match competitive we saw it was lost in a while we saw something like that it was very very very true extremely true um but and we saw some swings as well swings of momentum well I'm gonna have to love you and leave you because I'm on court now fantastic me I will see you in.

A bit oh very happily critique you foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign bronze medalist Ed Harris from Men's doubles yesterday how are you doing I took a pretty heartbreaking loss in the.

70s yesterday to this man to my left but I got over it last night a couple of beers and we all got over it we're feeling fantastic today oh yeah you managed to get over your win let's think of you no I managed to get over my my lost on on Friday it's okay anyway looking forward to this match at hand oh this is this is an exciting.

Prospect it is we've got the mother and son combination Louie and Carolyn laville against team debatable outfit oh very good outfits very strong Stuart's oh well coming from you yesterday with your Flamingo attire game respects game I mean we know that you weren't the fan of that we know that.

That was that was all Lewis that was level driven but look at him today wearing plain old white I know sounds like he's at wimby anyway Stuart Simpson and Maisie wise straight amazing very good pairing both play very unorthodox are hard to read for both very effective at it Maisie Maisie with a solid badminton background as you can.

See he was strength up very good at the net puts the ball away very aggressively she does here we go then Stu has ridiculous wrist action he spends I think it's a power trainer I don't know one of those little balls you spin it runs about 20 minutes a day doing that just so we can rip his wish wrists around he was freakishly.

Strong wow and grip strength so it's quite interesting going with all these grip dynamos I've never seen anyone produce the likes of uh well there you are folks you want to uh you want to rip balls like Stuart Simpson Simpson get yourself a uh whatever it's called.

Anyway good shot there from Louis takes a little one zero up oh he's gonna need to be making those today yeah it's gonna be a long day if he puts that a minute every time anyway one zero two Carolyn standing off the court big aggressive serve as expected which as we mentioned earlier he will.

Not be able to do next year no but the aggressive service very key for him today it is sets him up so that he can't get um his mum isolated gonna be seeing a lot more uh a lot more aggressive play I think from from Louis today here we go then zero two one good return.

Yep yep it's gonna be tough because I wouldn't say that Maisie and Stuart are the most accurate with their shots they more rely on overpowering the opposition which today in this one might not be might not be the way forward.

Going back behind Louis that's a smart move because he's always looking to pressure cross he is she's just gotta just gotta keep it down a bit more because no matter how trash is backhanders he still can hit the high balls it's back it's pretty bad he does not have a Freddie power.

Backhand oh but then I've never met someone with a Freddie Bell back again so Ed you can come and commentate with me whenever you want here we go then 301 I'm pretty uh pretty smooth sailing so far oh yeah they're looking control oh.

That's a good lob that's good oh another good oh great shot from Karen I love that that's out that is fantastic there from Karen solid as a rock oh that lob's going in as well looking at that slow-mo oh that ball sails along from Stuart unfortunately we have lost Ed has.

He has got to go and play no worries that's a it's an important point there for for Mason Stewart just to stop the stop the bleeding there four zero two yeah great return let's get it off the Baseline not much that anyone could do there here we go then zero four one see if uh.

See if I can get on the scoreboard here yep oh I'll tell you what though okay that was a fantastic get from Carolyn in the corner but it's probably the way that we're going to see amazing Stewart Winston points here.

Oh he had it and the ball has nearly come into the commentary box which is here opportunity there for Stuart had the had the ball he wanted on top of the net going to need to be putting those away here we go 142. oh again there's a couple of unforceros.

There from Stuart he's gonna be gonna be kicking himself after that see if Carolyn can get herself going she was struggling a little bit earlier there we go and again three in a row five one yep yep too good there from Louie.

Six one and then at the turn no one no one seems to have figured out figured out team Lavelle yet and struggling to keep the ball away from Louis which is really what it's going to come down to but um amazing Stewart definitely have the power they just need to find a.

Little bit more accuracy especially in doubles accuracy is is key uh here you go see the serve I missed that one missed that one a few times so far today still in a strong position though six one two yeah do good there for Maisie good good poach there from Stuart as.

Well on the first ball didn't let Maisie get caught out by on the on the stack and she had to run across to to cover the to the cover the angle um if he's gonna drive it I wouldn't suggest driving it Louis anyway 162. oh arguably Louis playing that point by.

Himself there with Carolyn running off the court but good scrambling gets them back in the point and that's the that's the beauty of making your opponent play one extra ball yep that is that's too good that is too good you can see there.

Follow up the big one controlled control power down the middle seven one one now yep it's a bit long good serving here from Carolyn 811 yep good hands there for amazing Stewart get another Miss return I think that could be maybe three three or four now.

This game it's always the cheapest point you can give away um see how much it means Louis even then 9-1 up annoyed with himself there that he missed that see if they can get something going here one nine one.

No no the Miss serve just so far in this game a few too many unforced errors from from Simpson and wise maybe trying to do a little bit too much and there you go you see two Miss serves really cardinal sin in pickleball cheapest of all cheap side outs here we go then.

9-1-1 yeah it's a nice return nine one two oh not the not the highest standard of serving the last few points has to be said one out of four hopefully they can start putting some things are back in court.

There we go yeah it's a good too good and that's the difference between hitting a third shot that is good but not perfect to get it all the way down to his feet and stop in volleying it it needs to be absolutely perfect yep against a tough shot that close to.

The net try and hit it that hard they've been online for a little bit now see if they can see if they can put it away here yep good serve there a lot of lot of spin on that ball 10-1 match point yeah too heavy there.

Another very solid performance there from Louis and uh Carolyn eleven one and uh I think that makes them three from three now I think it makes them three from three so uh looking good in their group but um yeah foreign foreign.

foreign foreign thank you thank you foreign.

thank you foreign now The Boys Are Back in Town they are Louis fresh off the court from from the wind there yeah it was good I played.

Quite solid in that one a few hours but I did yeah I know um my legs are starting to feel it already I'll tell you what here you are then looking forward to this one should be all right I think uh fair to say the hot favorites of the of the tournament.

Yeah chowdry tell you what not just on Center Court though just puts one two and three there's three good matches going ahead right now I know no thank you Karen no we're okay tournament direct is very kindly off to buy some coffee but um I've had enough caffeine as it is.

This morning yeah may go terribly somewhere else in my body if I have another one I love the strategy of mixed doubles obviously thadia and James are the strongest but if you look around a lot of the game is the guy just trying to rip it at the female it's kind of yeah because.

On the whole the blokes are pretty solid and the girls are too but they're not used to that power at them yeah like there's very few that's probably I probably say there's two females on the tournament who are used to the footballing rips of them that would only be fadier and Julie maybe Auntie but yeah the rest aren't used to that kind.

Of pace okay put a rally going on here oh great shot fantastic shot there from uh lovechenko novakova what's the name if James gave it the old appreciation he did and the failure as well might not be doing that later on in the piece no here we go then zero one one there it is the James childhood shop.

Right oh it was a great third shot drop there a bit of a swing in the miss I like it though it's totally surprised I know that everyone um James are likely to walk this map but I'm surprised they don't stack I know if Hadley's got a nice backhand but her forehand cross-court drop is arguably her best.

Shot and then arguably James's Inside Out forehanding is his best shot so you'd have thought that'd be on that side that is I feel like it could be exploitable later on if that's a stronger team you know playing against him yeah we'll have to see what happens later on in the draw yeah maybe maybe I'll come out of.

Retirement I said stronger team in the draw oh did you yeah not bad it's only one zero though yeah a bit tight early on a bit tense nice shots come on oh no wrong shot wrong shot Choice went for the head shot I'd admire it of.

Course you do if you can't beat them take them out if you're not maybe not the motto I don't think we um I mean we'll have to consult with Karen but probably not good hands click.

Oh fantastic Point great hands there I think Auntie's just have a bit of a mishap on the court too but uh anyway good little match we got going here yes um yeah that's the one that thadia steps into so well on the back end I mean this is definitely a mixed doubles though like.

The scores two zero two but I haven't seen really anything that's showing me that they're going to win many points on served no like it's all very good while stopping them getting points fast on their own serve yeah you need to start score on your own otherwise that pressure builds and then you start porting things before you start getting.

Tight and that's when the errors start coming in clearly someone's thought about that before yeah many times yep yeah when James is coming in and hitting one-handed backhands that things are going well.

It's gonna be feeling good though I think fair to say James is also battling a bit of an ankle problem at the moment maybe you can see his movement it's not quite what it is usually it's definitely definitely a little bit Ginger yeah um but still four zero one.

That is that is impressed with that yeah but unfortunately yeah yeah well done James unfortunately it was a forehand backhand uh would be better sorry that might cut out for a second oh they've already changed at six it's also saying they've had a few side outs not scored now it's already almost done 601 yeah.

Now what's that changing let's have a look what's going on the other court these games have been going on a while now Peter and Faye Against Pepin anti is uh yeah yeah oh because Auntie and Pepper have already lost national champs are already lost yeah um and actually on the other court as.

Well Jesse and if Sam if Sam can compose himself I think they could get a few wins that's out all right time to focus back on the match in hand here yeah sorry back they're already won another one they're seven zero oh really oh yeah and then it's half been hit there because that's that's what some of the.

Top players in the world do they half pop it up knowing you're going to try it and just sit waiting for it yeah it's a good night oh not the best overhead we've seen all day no I do appreciate the effort though you know yeah from a fellow back nine zero one that's a lovely drop yeah it's a lovely drop.

Oh snatchy but you can afford to do that when you're nine you can you can Louise watching with Keen interest as the rest of his group plays out over there yeah so it's tense right now Splash and again I think we can see here because James isn't uh 100 maybe we're seeing a little bit more aggression from.

Him on the third trying to keep points a bit shorter for sure would you say I would say that yeah all right he wants to be getting too much lateral movement thinking battles let's see if we can get on the board here one good point oh that's a good shot from James yeah very good drop good hands.

Oh nine two nice and cool let's get down that thread now they're in this weather is oh I mean that's just you get no that's too good that is too good yeah James with the dirty job volley oh just yeah it was just filth wasn't it um and then holding the squat.

That I just wave into the crowd there always a crowd pleaser is that here I could use the necklace in those in there body shot yeah yeah it's good I'm gonna we're at Max point I mean you know things are going right when you get netcode yeah exactly anyways game 11-0 it was um.

Foreign oh my gosh there's some absolute scenes going on court too underscore three to be honest as well these games have been going a while and they started before this warmed up and they're still going now any word on the schedule Karen moving on um what have we got next up we've got.

Pepperoni court and Juliet well they're going to be a while because they're still going to be a while should we just stay in commentator uh Ed and Judy have just won okay yeah it must have been a tight Affair but it's a good win for them though good win for them yeah I'm up up against them next you've given some confidence going into that big.

Match oh that's a lovely show oh I tell you what there are some absolutely world-classical games going on court too so just a quick thing on the old Nets responsible Frank the pickleball lovely Nets temporary very so there's no wire across the top meaning anything that touches that white thing again is gonna.

Dribble over oh it's going so far oh we're getting a quick look here of the draw says Fabio uh James they're gonna be four out of four right now again right running away with it I think it's fair to say I mean I you had them as bookies favorites uh and I think really looking at the it's pretty some of the uh matches have.

Gone before it's pretty open for second place in that group would you say very open very open and then looking at this one obviously I'd say even though I'm two out of two I haven't played Ed or Pat or Faye yet so there are some good teams in in that group and I think um I think really this group is going to be decided Ed and Julie are three out of.

Three now yeah having having beaten a couple of good teams in pepperoni and uh but um this match currently going on right now with Peter and Faye Against pepinanti is uh it's quite a big one yeah let's see what the score is over here I know you can't watch it unfortunately but we'll give you some.

Commentary maybe next year foreign them foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign with I believe the two champions from men's and women's.

Doubles Antonella and pep Giuliano against Rob and I'm not sure what his partner's name is we're currently getting the uh Rob and Julia so Rob Williams and Julia Stevens Rob based down in Bristol.

Avid pickleball player loves the loves the diadem gear but um should be uh should be a good match there should be a lot of pickleball I would say in this game a lot a lot of the times in Center Court last couple of days we've been seeing kind of tennis heavy or badminton heavy this is going to be more of a more of a.

Pickable pickleball game less less other sporting backgrounds here so kind of sorting out who's going to serve d all right then so pep and Auntie are going to be on the near side Rob and Julia can be on the far side.

Here we go zero zero two it's a bit wide there from Rob I think haven't quite got the video review system going yeah I think that's only for the later rounds so it's one zero two and the chocolate net there foreign.

Low over the net but pet was pet was ready for it we can see the stack here from auntie and pep trying to get Pep's forehand in the middle great spin serve there from Rob clearly been working on that where you flick the ball and toss it up one one.

Nice drop yep yep even though that was a good drop there still allowed pep time to set up beforehand one one oh off the Net post there you can see the ball really jumped up not much the rock could do about that as.

You can see having a bit of a laugh about it all these matches played in very good spirits one of the great things about pickleball that is fantastic from Pep there absolutely fantastic sharp hands at the start slowed it down patient and then took his chance here.

Down the middle see a big gap down the middle there 3-1-1 yep nice there from Rob pep nearly got it through the middle again but not quite as much Pace on it that time so Rob was able to to come across and cut it off.

Three one two see if Robert Julian get side out here yeah a little bit too much movement there Julia needs to need to keep our weight balanced when getting those drives back yeah that was in The Sweet Spot was never coming back so there's a side out.

141 now see if they can get a see if they can get a run going here they can see Rob good put away there right down to the feet of Auntie and spin serve again yep and he's not pleased with that one these things happen a bit of a gift there.

Maybe let them get back into it here too far oh just long unfortunately again Pep's been done a really good job of picking the right ball to speed up on so far in this game oh fantastic shot from Julia absolutely brilliant see how she's got some topspin on that.

Forehand there when it got over the net it just dipped made it very difficult for Pep to get it back yeah great from Pep there I like that though from Rob trying to trying to get back in and cover it off but um side out auntie and pep still uh still still in.

The lead here only by one now four three one no got a bit over excited there did Rob maybe trying to hit a bit too hard it doesn't need to be a clean winner the odds of anti getting that back was pretty low he was in I missed server therefore mentee anyway.

Five three two can't be missing those so change events here six three we saw a we saw a fast start from Heaven anti but um Robin Julie came back came back well into it they just need to try and keep those unforced errors at a minimum especially when they're returning the serves.

Can afford to be a bit more aggressive when you're serving obviously because you don't technically lose a point if you lose the point if you know what I mean definitely there's enough here though for them to be able to come back and um and put some pressure on them.

So yep pep serving here 632 here we go oh oh brilliant there from Pep Julia played about as good of a point as she could have done there but the reactions impact with that lob and it.

Was a good get from Rob but um yeah too good from Pep 732 foreign Ty so eight three two here pretty comfortable I would say oh look at that I don't know if she meant it.

But we're gonna act like she did I mean that is about as perfect as you could hit a drop volley great reactions fantastic volley there from auntie kept the weight forward very well there was a good drive from Rob but she pinged that volley back onto the Baseline made it very difficult for Julia.

Three or two oh good good drop again we just see pep nice and solid on the dinks and then able to speed it up on the right one and get the easy put away well never seen anti-dry that serve and I don't think we'll ever be seeing a try it again because that was not a good.

Effort oh brilliant from Auntie brilliant from anti good handsome Julia as well there caught Rob out a bit on his heels nine three one two two yeah just out ten three two match point oh it was there.

It was right there couldn't quite put it away 310. all right interesting point there we saw we saw some really good drops there from Julia however they were hesitant in coming to the net they were able to hit that drop and then.

Both run to the net they wouldn't have had to keep doing it and got themselves right up to the net Unfortunately they were just kept standing back and that's always going to put you a disadvantage so again Match Point here ten three one yep there it is again that was really.

The story of the match there pep asserted himself really well on the court good decision making bit of a bit of a slow start in the group from pepinanti they had a they had a tough match uh first up against Julie Julie Mack and Ed has but since then they've recovered really well and pulled out some big wins.

Against uh Peter and Faye and now a convincing win against Rob and Julia and that'll do it so coming up next Lauren Prince and Wesley Jackson against Jamie and Zhang we will see you then foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you.

thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign oh sorry about that sorry about that I didn't realize that the game was had just started so um Lauren had just served at one zero two and we've got a side out Jang.

Evans and Jamie bassford are playing um Wesley and Wesley Jackson and Lauren Prince and uh it's a zero one two it's a nice little drop by Lauren which Jamie was a little slow getting to um and so when he did get it long could then put the ball away.

So side out one zero one I think that was out so two zero one oh that was a lovely shot from Lauren three zero one Lauren is new to pickleball but playing very very well I was enjoying her ladies doubles games yesterday 's uh oh I was just about to say where's he's a consistent player and then he.

Just hit that one out so um Wesley could be quite athletic and balletic in his play as well you can see him jumping for things um he puts a lot of effort into his game he loves competing he's played at 10 foreign pickleball tournaments this year already.

Or maybe it's 10 total including English Nationals and opens they've got off to a early lead here four zero two a nice deep return from Zhang oh now Jamie and Jang need to figure out how to insert Jaime into the process 502.

They may have to stack because Jamie is Left-Handed and at this moment in time with Jang being on the right it's not helping them zero five one and they're off one five one so I'm a bit surprised that they are stacking but they're stacking to keep Jamie on the left hand side.

Maybe they've had a game earlier and they figured that this works better for them nice shot from Lauren oh Jane couldn't quite get to that so 252 Jamie to serve oh I think that was a success note I.

Thought that was successful around the post but nope okay oh no it was out I can see that in the replay so we're gonna slide out again and uh we're now five two two oh that was a nice little drop there Jamie oh lovely and we've got a side out and uh Jang will serve two five one.

Foreign So Jamie just served 252. it's awesome nice thinking with all players involved good defense from Zhang there oh lovely shot Jamie oh that dribble did not go down the right side for Jang so we've got another side out and we're.

At five two one and Lauren that was beautiful 61 on a side change now Wesley and Lauren haven't played together before and neither have Jang and um Jamie um but so far it's looking like it's working well for Lauren and Wesley.

Six that was a nice retrieval from Jamie and they won that point so 622 and we have a side out 261 so Jang uh won um silver in the ladies doubles yesterday and Jamie uh did the winning ball for the MLP English.

Style event so that team Franklin uh won and you can see that Jamie's playing with a Franklin paddle really lovely player 17 years old and they've got another point so three six two oh lift that ball down she was just indicating she knew what she had to do side out six three one.

Six three two oh that tripled over oh but not a second one for Jamie seven three two and we have a side out so three seven one Jamie to serve four seven one maybe Lauren's not liking this end quite so much there is a bit more distraction.

With people behind and the window behind 472 oh that was a lovely shot lovely angle on that Lauren so we have a side out Wesley serving seven four one Emma Robbins doing the scoring this morning thank you it's our maiden voyage and she's doing all right at the moment.

742 eight four two oh good retrieval Wesley but that was a great put away Jamie so we have a side out four seven one or right at jang's feet 472. oh.

Pat Jamie's paddle was quite close but didn't quite connect with that Got Away by Wesley so we have a side out again and it's 841 Lauren serving and that was out eight four two and another quick side out four eight one tang and Jamie have got.

Another chance to to get a lot of points on the board let's hope just to make it a more exciting game that's that's what I mean and they get one five eight one I see that Chang is wearing the t-shirt from um MLP on Thursday she was playing for the UK pickleball.

Shop team so we're now six eight one two rather nice diagonal thinking between Chang and Lauren I'm going to decide out eight six one but there's only two points difference now so if Jamie and Jan can hold Wesley and um Lauren then um.

They have a chance to even things are nice deep return from Jamie and that was out from Lawrence so we did have a rapid side out and we're at six eight one oh I don't think Jamie's being feeling very.

Comfortable on that side of the Court myself is making some uncharacteristic errors and we've got another side out without any points so eight six one that was a lovely return from Jay oh that hurts nine six one dribbled over oh but um Wesley was.

Calling the previous ball out ten six one game point and that's it so eleven six to uh Wesley and to Lauren and uh that was a round robin match thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

to another group match in the mixed doubles 4.5 19 plus had some had some interesting results on the last few courts the groups have started to take shape a little bit big win for uh for Louis and Carolyn over Ed and Julie.

In in this group hopefully Ed and Judy can can bounce back a little bit here against against amazing Stewart I'm here with uh here with Karen Mitchell morning Freddie how do you see this one going Karen well I predict that.

Um Julie and Ed should win this um just because Julie is so seasoned and she's really good at targeting and Ed will take no prisoners and I predict that probably stew is such a nice guy that he might not poach as much as perhaps Edward.

I I agree with that uh yep I agree with that I think that's not to say but not a strong team because you know Stu is a strong player yep um he's 49 years old actually so next year he's looking forward to playing 50 plus but he holds his own at 19 plus he'll be a he'll be a force force at 50. he will be he really will be.

Um and maisie's game is improving every time she plays at a tournament so um so if it does continue to play the partner with Maisie he'll have to play 19 plus obviously but he is eligible next year for 50 plus I think also a quite important factor is how how much Ed can can impose himself on the.

On the match as a whole especially at the Nets yeah I would I would say he's I would say he's got the best Hands by by quite a way on the court I think it's fair to say absolutely I agree with that and his game has really rapidly improved this last 12 months I remember watching him play think he was partnered with peps at the.

Dutch open and they played Louis and James I think it was around Robin and I want to say they won but I'm pretty certain they won it was the most amazing game but they didn't win the group so um Louis and James went on to win the.

Tournament I believe here we go then got uh amazing Stewart on their side and Juliet you're not going to miss them in those t-shirts actually no no they even got the names on the back of them yeah very impressive did our job for us tactics.

Here we go then zero zero two straight away we see there are very very high level point of the dinking of the net there Julian amazes to each other across Court Missy coming out on top there in fact Julian Maisie played each other ladies doubles at the Peterborough.

Tournament and I remember Julie coming off court and said I love playing with Maisie she's so um positive upbeat unteachable she listens you know so and that's Julie's trademark shot there yeah here we go see yeah on that one there you see the difference between.

Just hitting it and placing placing it exactly and hit that right at the feet of Stuart yeah didn't hit it massively hard no but if you're hitting the right place exactly I still believe it was zero zero two here nice from Stuart very very nice lovely thinking very nice thing set up by the great third shot.

Absolutely first point on the ball then one zero two I think that might have gone out anyway but Maisie Monica hadn't have been played so fun fact about Ed's game he ever gets a forehand from the back of the Court he will go down the line every single time oh really he's never deviated from that not really.

Not really it's his favorite shot falling down the line right yep on a bit of a run here three zero two great serve yep big forehand from Ed if Maisie happened to stop that do you think that might have gone now because I'm such force behind it yeah quite possibly and.

That's the one thing I always wonder if you let some balls go how many of them would go out you know well and they didn't let that one go and it was in funny you should say that Karen because that one was I mean that one was always going in that was perfect yeah now you know with the paddles getting more and more you know.

Technology on these paddles coming up and just getting better you see more and more topspin being able to be generated on the ball yeah and therefore some of the shots that really look like they're going out just nice dive yeah I agree and come in yeah I still think some will go out oh.

Absolutely that was a lovely deep return from Stu yeah there we go oh look at that put away his hands yeah this has been a great run here from these two because it was quite cagey at the start but they've just been on a run I think it's I think they've had seven in a row.

It's right there so we've got a side out and Maisie and Stuart do have another chance to get on the board yep oh that was out just wide see that pressure trying to keep it away from Ed there forcing her to go closer to the line than she would do normally.

Very deep return there from Julie foreign afterwards yeah she's she's up for it yeah on the board then 170. can't hit it there to Julie Stu is telling me before this game that they've won one lost two so.

I mean I think it was in yeah it was it was between the two lies oh she pulled it out wow that is a uh that's what we like to call a bit of a stinker yeah I think it's fair to say um video review system is not you know it's not in use and.

Um I'm sure it wasn't done deliberately it was difficult it was bouncing on our feet but it was most definitely it yeah it was I don't think it's really going to change the outcome of this game though yeah I agree anyway got a side out yeah.

So I don't have you noticed there they hit a good third shot and Judy popped it up Stuart could have poached on that should have done yeah it's obviously you know easy sat here but that's when you're trying to look to dominate the court that's right just like that except that one was maybe fully executed maybe yeah but we were.

Saying like at the very beginning is still too nice to really yeah yeah yeah I understand oh nice shot amazing and again but then we see maisie's strengths as playing badminton up top being able to really give it a good whack yeah oh yeah that's that's.

So good yep such a good angle yep you can see there Match Point yeah there it is down the line oh nice oh they saved that what match point so another one yeah can they hold off to get another serve oh nice ding oh.

They've got another chance to serve well done guys how to save a match point getting the ATP back for a winner not too shabby oh now we see there that Stuart came and poached that one perfectly set up for Maisie just got a little bit overexcited came underneath the ball.

Sent it sent it into the stands however looking at the looking at the setup at the point it was great play from from Stuart amazing I'd like them to get a few more points because every Point counts in the round robin yep again if you're gonna hit it Julie.

Just not to her that is that is really not the place to go no match point oh yeah great defense let's see if there'll be edit be wanting to finish this yeah she's not intimidated by them though you know Maisie.

And that was out they've saved another man slightly too much there yeah nice solid play for amazing they've uh they've grown into this match the thing they've struggled to do is just win points on them exactly the most difficult thing which is why rally scoring is so exciting right.

Because it does make the closer games oh unlucky amazing that is a great pickable point though um amazing Julie showing great patience they were they were the only thing is that Maisie was giving it more to Julie's forehand rather than backhand Judy does have a weakness she does have a weaker backhand yep there we go.

Yeah so we're back to another match point again Julian Ed just showing how solid they are at the net when it comes to defending third short drops this time lucky baby down the line and it gets to that time we're counting the number of um missed opportunities.

Finishing off that last Point can be so exciting they're missing the six now so they've saved it's the third rotation they've saved they just need to get a point I know now he's doing it they're doing it on her back or they were just a minute oh yeah that was gonna go that's always gonna.

Be a winner they're they're getting into the point yeah on their serve they are they're just losing the battle of the dinks they are even though Julie is oh you know so do we clear up the pyramid the problem with just hitting it's Julie.

Every time is that Ed gets happy just standing in the middle yeah you need to keep him honest sometimes you do yes and mix it up and spread them out wide because then you open up the middle yeah if he does leave one of his yeah or yeah oh that was a chance it's another one so this is the eighth match point oh.

That was going out that was it that would have been if she left it nice amazing they've saved again this is phenomenal she's gone back got lunch and he's still playing so let's see if I can get a point on their serve oh I think that was a lot actually so.

They've got one so we're now at 2 10 thank you 210. you should get a round of applause for that really it should it worked hard for that point they have they've saved so many match points as well oh unlucky amazing still got another serve 210 too now we did say that Judy's got a weaker.

Backhand but she did a fantastic job there she did of the back end flip she did really really good all right so another this is the ninth match point I don't know anymore it is it is encounters I missed it he said he likes it however he might not like it so much.

After this match access rate has not been fantastic so for the 10th match point get in yep chop there yeah they got it on the 10th match point they did it well done a little bit inevitable but fantastic grip shown by Me by amazing yeah and you can see there.

Obviously played in very good spirits as always yeah their shirts didn't distract them enough though unfortunately not all right well for those of you who are listening while we're waiting for the next game I had Frank um draw some stats from uh the system he'll be drawing some more later but we've had 430 competitors for this weekend.

233 of those are men and 197 women so you know fairly even split but that's the reason why we've got a Men Without Partners event today because sadly there weren't enough women for the number of men that entered the um mixed doubles to give you an idea of the spread of Ages we've got 10 sorry 12 that are.

Under 19. 82 in the 19 to 39 bracket 37 in the 40 to 49 bracket 50 to 59 bracket we've got 124 players the biggest group is in the 60 to 69 bracket isn't that fantastic and that is 139 players and then we've got 36 over 70 players with 79 being the oldest player here this weekend so Bravo to everyone um you know for competing this weekend.

Thank you for coming foreign thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign truly delighted blessed words can't describe how I'm feeling sat next to this man.

Peter Hitchman how are we doing it's just a pleasure to be back in the booth ladies and gentlemen really pleased to be here um fresh off the court fresh off a massive win against Louisville um he had a partner but it was a relevant really tallerville um and.

Um now we have a brilliant match on Center Court Freddie take it away with who we've got playing well we have again arguably the hot favorites of the whole draw uh thadia lock and James choudhary facing off against a bit of a bit of a dark horse horse team I think it's fair.

To say in um in Charlotte Lowe and Toby from drop shot but it's kind of uh Charlotte is obviously strong tennis background uh very strong singles player and uh Toby has shown I think in his doubles play yesterday that he's improved a lot.

I would say and got some nice touches so it could be could be a good one yeah well this is uh the actual this is probably the sixth or seventh time um Toby's ever actually played um pickleball even though um you know you wouldn't be able to tell from the way that you plays in The.

Strokes Etc he is um a paddle player um that's the majority of what drop does um and um you know it's brilliant to see him um over here on our side of the court so no it should be really really good um what you should expect obviously from the chowdry lock partnership is again big drives big Power.

Um and then hopefully some def touches from the other side but it should be a very very good game Louie's giving Peter the eyes do you have absolutely great Karen unless you've played no no we've had a shocker.

We might have had some uh conflicting voices coming through there okay we're about to get started here and Freddie I'm gonna push you once again for a prediction I want to score you want to score I would I'd really love to be able to tell you that this is going to be an 11 10 trailer however.

I can only see it going one way I'm gonna go I'm gonna go eleven two chowdry and lock I think that is yeah okay I'm gonna go for 11 four yep I mean I'm gonna try and back the boy Toby yeah but it is good oh good hands.

Yeah in those battles James is 90 of the time coming out on top yeah so the thing with um with boredom you know Toby was saying yesterday is that as it literally is like the seventh or eighth time he's ever played yeah um and all the the touch and and I guess the skill you see is from paddle yeah um as you can see the sort of Strokes that.

He makes so so unforced errors do creep in ah beautiful Drop volley there but yeah showing a bit of a court awareness there fadier a bit on her heels failing to get there great drop there from Toby oh team doesn't need to be that good this is.

What we can't do we can't lose points unforced errors yeah um of the killer yep nice oh I'd love to be able to tell you that that was the post shot selection but any one-handed backhand rip is most definitely the correct the.

Correct shot Choice respect okay number one zero two beautiful beautiful put away there and that's the thing when you play someone who's got as good hands as Charlotte does you can't get away with popping up see James can get away with that against most people but she's sharp enough to be.

Able to put it past him one zero two yep a little bit lazy there from James a little bit lazy zero one one hmm yep yep he's giving it the full Chop on that return a huge amount of spinach trying to get.

Them with never mind I didn't get back over we'll drive hmm a hat oh The Crowd Goes Wild as you can hear these tennis oh it was he had it there he had it there good play from thaddy I Love It.

Funny with a very serious look on her face she's a competitor she is clearly taking this match very seriously the opponents are not to be here again bang it oh yeah I mean he's got them just running around like headless chickens headless chickens is lost.

I bet that ankle feels great right about now he's on the way to court 13 on the other side testing it out okay been sent to the shops one zero two but they're still winning bye oh Bank you know patience from Thalia yeah that was a great drop there great job there.

The aggressive dink yep good patient's been shown here by patio so far I mean yeah too good there for James I think we found we found Charlotte's favorite favorite shot a little drop volleyball it's lovely it is it's also illegal against 50 plus because I get told a lot.

Of the time yeah same find out quite quite a lot on my shelves really good actually yeah to play against the horrible okay three zero two nice oh that's the known look oh I see that is just a little bit of an experience there I agree from Toby this.

Is not one pull over net you're not gonna get away with that no there are a bit of a run here need a side out four zero two hmm oh good solid dinking there Peter has just absolutely violated me.

I've been real he's violated me and my physical stature oh oh thalia's got a little bit too excited on that smash that he looks a bit I just you know what I mean she looks a bit of a Peggy I think I think that's the word James better watch out wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.

Lovely return yeah lovely return when it's got that much spin on it you see the majority of third shots ending up in the net people decelerate they do the shot oh I can't be doing that I shot the Freddie and I both love we do um backhand slides turn and the biggest.

People make is they decelerate through the ball um the wall will slow down drastically as it bounces too good too good good and that is 6-0 at the change of ends it'd be tough with the two at the moment I would say I'm feeling confident about my prediction.

I feel like I feel like there is potential for a bit of a lack of concentration maybe towards the end for sure I'm I'm maybe like to see is them stack so although we are talking about some I think quite both inexperienced good football players and you know good point.

Good point yep yep way to stand the point there where to stand the point Toby's chuffed yes okay six zero two let's get in oh she loves that shot huh that is blobs go quite flat yeah like the absolute um he's got a lot of topspin on them as well yeah it's weird but they're very effective.

Yeah big grunt there net cord tell you what James and Thalia love a net chord they hit the ball very low over the net when they're driving it always has the chance to flick the top of the net that's out yeah that is just long well left some would say well very well left yep.

I mean someone says she left it I'm feeling I'm feeling a point here feeling a point oh look at that lovely job get in that's just not the place to hit it though and you just need it if you watch this I drop moved yeah straight to James's forehand just straight in the middle yeah you've got to attack that.

Ball yeah and Spoon onto it come on then zero eight oh there it is the mark Toby looks absolutely chuffed with that forehand I don't blame him I'd be chuff with that forehand one eight two that is that lack of concentration that.

Was loose that was that I was talking about earlier oh yeah two eight two eight I'm not gonna say it get default we're gonna say it I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna say it Pete's feeling very good right about now okay okay again it's lovely backhand there from Toby momentum finding a bit of form.

Here three eight two like that again oh hands hands oh oh the the crowd would have gone oh it would have gone wild that was so it could have been Contender for shot.

The tournament that was so good again zash is a little bit of an experience maybe played it more he would have waited for that to go wider maybe push it around the post um you know a short fragile I both love on Center Court you can watch it on the on the YouTube.

Prince of pickleball sorry king of the king hashtag Reserve that course oh is that it I believe that is it clinical performance and uh honors even on the predictions yep eleven Two Eleven four eleven three uh to Chowdhury um and a lot of the clear favorites in our eyes here.

Um convincing and a good win it was a good win never saw a team let's open Charlotte and I think that has definitely put funnier and James top of the group um cannot see them really going anywhere else to be honest however really and truthfully it is all up for.

Grabs for the second spot in this group Charlotte and Toby definitely get in there with a shout Wesley and Lauren also on two wins uh and then Dimitri and Natalia on three could be coming down to the last few games of that group that was very close we will see and then.

This group is all over the shop it really is it really is Peter and Faye really put the put the cat amongst the pigeons as we like to say bye absolutely just decimate decimating yes however we've lost to danger and basford um lost Juliano and Giuliano.

Um so it's a bit all over the place and Ed and Julie also lost to the levels so of that group could be interesting stay tuned foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign if you like your pickleball is in love you know like there's little bits of like bananas what's up hello again we have quite a big match actually in the context of the group we have pep and auntie who I believe.

Have only lost one match so far to Ed and Julie still got to play uh still got to play Louis and Carolyn as well and Jesse and Sam who have had a pretty solid run of it so far and um yeah I start there from from auntie.

One zero two a little bit too eager on that one there so far today we've seen pep really take advantage of anything left High see if he keeps on doing that here yep yep good there from Pep now we see the hands of Sam Basswood very very good.

However as as we know there is sometimes the chance of a bit of a interesting shot selection I think we can say beautiful roll there 20 that's clearly going to be the game plan trying to keep most of the balls on uh on antique get some get some weaker balls back one one.

It's tough there pep doesn't miss too many of those unfortunately he does use the uh more kind of tennis technique of of coming under the ball rather than brushing up the ball with more topspin which is a bit more consistent again good hands there from Sam it's been a good start here from uh from Sam and Jesse three one two.

Been left left solo on this one by my co-commentators like co-commentators have left me yeah no commitment anyway again brilliant further from Jesse good reset oh not great concentration there from.

Auntie she's normally quite happy on that cross-cut forehand ink 4-1 good run here again another missed return five one building a lead slower serve there we go much better from Auntie.

There positive play stepping into the ball as we can see on the first one there getting that step in and then controlling the point got the side out one five pep serving I'm gonna do a and do a redo there not sure why.

It's not going to be happy with that you can see frustration there for the team Giuliano really good there from Sam really really good taking charge of the point there standing in the middle taking that first ball and then finishing off nicely with.

The smash angle beautifully done five on one nice but nice nice play from Jessie there come flying in to back up Sam been a very strong start here 6-1 played some excellent pickleball haven't seen too many of those loose shots we were talking about earlier.

Sam's been playing very very good pickleball Pepin anti having a bit of a discussion here as to as to how they're gonna get back into this match here we go then six one one firmly control oh what it gets oh just a bit too good.

There again brilliant from Sam one way than the other not much that they could do about that seven one one oh oh I mean that is watching it from here that shot looks obviously it looks good.

But that is one of the most difficult shots here in pickleball to get the lob to come down that quickly into the court and it just skipped off the court we'll gloss over that one deserves it after that LOB 812. hmm come on Pat.

This could be the end of the tournament here for Giuliano's if they don't get get something going here you want to oh a bit of a loose third for that from Jesse it's not beyond the Realms of possibility that they can they can get it back here.

They're capable of playing some very high level mixed doubles however missing serves and missing returns is not going to help their cause and they've done a little bit too much of that so far one nine sorry 192. yep just too good solid anti-court in no man's land there in.

Between the Baseline and the net Sam trying to close it out here a couple of points yep again just too good 10-1 here we go match point great serve go for the rip I wanted it wanted the.

What did the Highlight finish who doesn't I definitely do 10 one two return uh well we talked about the Highlight finish and there it was I'd say one of the performances of the day there from Sam and Jesse to beat Pepin and t11.

Absolutely excellent look at that lob just Out Of Reach dipping down into the court quite brilliant there again brilliant performance puts him in contention in the group so yeah thank you very much.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

all right foreign foreign.

foreign foreign thank you.

thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign we've seen all four couples um sorry all four players on this court this morning before we've got Wesley Jackson and Lauren Prince starting to serve against Andy portlock and Hannah Stockton and that was a lovely shot at um.

Lauren's beat so side out and zero zero one well that was a nice response to Wesley's return of lob by Andy and they're on the board one zero one an early need for Andy and Hannah and I've noticed that they've.

Switched who starts serving and that looks like it's been a very effective good switch so now we're on two zero two Wesley made an error there so 302 that ball went wide and we've got a side out zero three one Lauren to serve.

Well Lauren's um uh shot over the net was gorgeous low over the net beautiful but um Wesley hit that shot out zero three two and I got a side out and Hannah's gonna serve three zero one three zero two well that was a quick side out and uh.

Lauren and Wesley have got another chance to get on the board zero three one nice deep serve lovely third shot drop from Lauren and sadly Hannah's shot well into the net so now it's one three one and I have to say I've been very impressed with Lauren's game this weekend.

Commentators curse sorry about that Lauren one three two and that was a very emphatic put away by Wesley so we're now on two three two that was a lovely put away down the middle by Hannah and we've got another side out so three.

Two one 41. foreign just a few unforced errors on the near side team from the nearside team oh 42. that was a lovely defensive shot from.

Wesley but Andy got it on the next shots so five two two and Andy and Tanner are the first to change ends six two D two 62. oh I don't know I was gonna go over hmm.

So side out two six one that was a lovely shot from Hannah 262. beautiful shot Lauren 360. that was a lovely flick from Andy landing at Lauren's feet I've got a side out and it's six three one.

Oh dribble over there the net 632 that goes wide 732 371 471 Wesley and Lauren mounting a comeback now four seven one oh an overhip from Wesley but I love the.

Way that um Lauren transitioned she stayed kept herself firm until it was right to come forward and then as soon as she could she would so 472 nice put away from Andy side out 741 oh what a lovely low over the net shot from Hannah and Andy's shot was punished by Wesley.

742 nice work by Andy and Hannah 842 942. so Wesley and Laura need to figure out how to neutralize these two because I've got 942 on the board nice pickup from Hannah oh lovely shot from Andy and we have now got match points.

Number one and they've done it eleven four to Andy and Hannah well done commiserations to Wesley and Lauren I don't think that either of them played badly um Wesley probably over hit a few shots a little bit more control maybe.

Um a little bit more Direction but uh honestly they've got the makings of a great team there hopefully it won't be many more minutes before we have another match here foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign so here we are quick look up nope it's gone ah there we go again.

So this is the this is the really tasty group that we've got we've got right now um as you can see it is all to play for two teams sat on um four wins out of five and then two other teams sat on three wins all three of the teams out in three wins.

However coming down to the last group of matches we have one of those teams that's only lost one Julian Ed playing Faye and Peter who are also in with a shout of qualifying so this is really Winner Takes all um I think it's fair to say because I think that at the moment I would say Louis and Carolyn uh are.

Playing pep and anti or just about to start and if Louis and Carolyn win that they are definitely through so this match here would really be for that other spot so just sorting out who's serving here should be a good match both teams have been playing some very good stuff.

Recently especially Peter and Faye the last few matches taking out Louis and Carolyn 11-1 in as Peter would say decimation so we'll see if they can keep it rolling here it's blowing me some kisses gotta love him getting a nice close-up look of Ed here.

Fine figure of a man okay I think we're about ready to get started here so again big match big match probably looking at uh Ed and Julie probably to get quite pumped during this match they've been.

Pretty intense all day really what a medal so and that's uh also just through a bit of context on court 2 James and Thalia have now topped the group with all wins but um here we go zero zero two wow wow as I said looking for uh Ed and Julie to.

Get pumped early on and there we have it a pretty good drive from Faye but Ed was right there brilliant shot yes giving it back there we go getting some pump here on court one we love it zero on one great point there um good.

Needs to be making those but um here we go zero one two that's gonna be the weak point that is gonna be the weak point drive it harder Julie get it into her body don't give her a chance to free her arms with that forehand.

So one one and two interesting uh Ed hit the ball into the wire there but um that should be should be their point so brilliant get there from Faye very well done it's a two one two yeah two one two oh fantastic point there would have.

Liked to have seen the kitchen light on Julie's first shot there she seemed to maybe get very close to that line but um brilliant play from all four players there Ed and Julie coming out on top so uh one two and a one and that's that for that point Peter likes it up there.

It's got quick hands good speed do you want to good serve there from Julie oh that is just filth as Peter described earlier that shot is illegal against 50 plus but um no prisoners today.

Two one and one foreign great dinking from from Julie maybe not a chance for an ATP there for Faye but uh yeah good put away from Ed very solid oh as we thought quite a close tight exchanges here oh.

I think needs to be making those knees to be making those two two bit of a gift there lovely return yup good for Mad there really really good asserting himself in the point fantastic hitting those big four hands three two one.

Oh that was incredible from Faye absolutely incredible she hit one shot there that must have skimmed the tape it was so low over the net catching Ed a little bit on his heels down the line great return from Peter great return we said earlier chopping that return lots of spin on it difficult to get it.

Up and over the net so two three one nice oh brilliant absolutely brilliant from Peter and Faye there there was a brilliant reset from Peter halfway through that point when Julie had the ball up top but he went back and managed.

To get it back in the kitchen get back up there all four nice solid reset and they won the point from it brilliant 3-3 oh one for Sarah from Julie there I'm forstera usually very good off that forehand so for three and one I believe yep it's good patience from Julie there.

It's good patience it's tough you can see that uh Ed and Julia trying to get all the way from Peter been playing very very well this weekend great shot yeah yeah really really nice Judy setting up.

The point giving her the chance to see how she dipped it at Peter's feet and then Ed comes across takes the middle got the ball back three four across there oh not sure if that was there to go.

Around she seemed to be quite wide um didn't quite get it round the post good play from Julie Mack there though solid thinking four four nice step in from Peter oh Julie was staying with him really well there.

Actually one of the more easy shots she had there she just unfortunately caught the top of the net again very tight here 4-4-1 and again yep it's Julie Mac's favorite shot is that inside out forehand ink very very good she protects her backhand so much it's what they want to avoid that.

Exchange one of Peter wants to try and get involved as much as he can there you see it yeah really nice there Ed trying to force the issue a bit probably should have gone back to further but um good from Pete bye four another two yeah good from Judy very good in the.

Wheelhouse I do like that though Pete trying to assert himself in the point trying to uh come across and take that return just needs to get a bit more dip on it here we go doesn't miss too many returns Pete but uh quite an important one there.

Next point we uh we get we're going to change sides and there it is great for him from Ed down the line six five quite a big quite a big point that momentum going into the change events really I feel like at the moment uh looking at this match the battle is really between Faye and.

Julie um and then obviously it's the if the guys can get involved as much as they can very closely fought though so six five six five one yeah brilliant brilliant from say there getting out of that exchange with Julie spinning up to Ed and Peter putting it.

Away very nice just going over the net there nice oh what a shot that was a shot that was now as we said I've said many times during this match we see this shot here from Julie is her favorite but the phase they're waiting for it and I.

Mean that's too good just changing the angle of her paddle at the last minute send it past Ed really nice really nice service called out I believe can't quite see whether whether it was but um that so.

Oh that's a cheap side out there very cheap I do believe it's still 65 yep six five one not the right ball there from Pizza fantastic play from Julie though there obviously normally her backhand is her weakness however she managed to come up with two very good drops there.

Played very well 751 two-point Advantage for the first time in a while three points now Ed getting involved very good building out a bit of a lead here is Julian Ed oh he loves that backhand return good speed up for Med.

Yeah brilliant from Faye really nice showing how good the change up can be to the other person even though she's hitting most of the balls to Julie you see how Ed was a bit surprised there great shot see if I can get a side out oh yeah you can see she's not happy it's a big point.

Four point Advantage now for Ed and Julie oh again that's a shot he's gonna want back um nine five down got to be doing better there so now match point after five all.

And that's wide bit of a lackluster finish that game from Peter and Faye but um Julian Ed held their composure very well at the end there when it was getting tight and that should see them through to The Knockout stages unfortunate there for Peter and Faye played some very good pickleball today.

Not sure it's going to be enough to see them through but um but yeah great nonetheless thank you very much foreign foreign.

foreign what's up foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign.

probably good whenever you guys are thank you okay foreign sir sorry for the lack of commentary so far ladies and gentlemen um looks like there might be a little.

Bit of a dispute here actually but anyway on the far side we've got Darren stanbor and Lisa Evans and on the near side we've got um Emily jelly and uh Tom Morrison Tom was operating the video review system on MLP and singles day and a little bit of yesterday but today he's playing and he just uh.

Hit that out so Emily is now going to be serving four four two oh that was just a little bit too tight to the corner for Lisa to reach so five four two Emily's serving and that was a good call on Emily's side.

Because the ball went white out so six four two and there's a change of end you can see that Lisa is wearing her Spanish open t-shirt she was playing there in September and she was playing in the ladies doubles with they plumber I believe and I think they may have got gold in their event um.

And I'm just trying to remember who she plays doubles with mixed doubles because she knows she did very well in that well she was playing with guy laville that was it they played really well together and there were the um bronze playoff um was a fantastic match and I think they did in fact get bronze.

Or was it a semi-final and they got silver pains are getting old I can't remember anything so five six two oh and that went out so we've got another side out six five one.

Into the net six five two and that was a quick site um side out so that uh Dylan will bring our CNN five six one Dylan was thrilled when he's on this court because he said his family can watch this so hello Dylan's family Dylan and uh Lisa both play at London pickleball that's how they know each.

Other but Lisa's just started a new club at Canterbury the Canterbury area pickleball cap doing really well there and we wish her great success building the club in that part of Canterbury so that was another fast side out without any points and we're on 651 with Tom serving.

Oh that was a lovely ball from Lisa and Dylan was then able to put it away 652. that's a nice put away Lisa so another fast side out and one five six one I think this is showing that these two teams are very evenly matched we saw Emily play with her mother cat yesterday.

On this Championship Court oh that was lovely Dylan so we've now all tied up at six foreign oh wow retrieved Emily oh what a point what a point um something's not quite right though because if we're on one oh all that dribbled over.

Maybe it came over at seven okay so eight six two oh Tom that was a lovely shot he checked his feet himself looked like it was okay and we've got a side out six eight one oh yes.

And I think that was out but that was good calling from Dylan seven eight one a lovely control from Emily oh and that was a little bit high from Tom so it popped it up and Dylan was able to put that away so seven eight two foreign.

she was there 971 or a couple of mistakes there from this team on the far side is giving a match point opportunity to Lisa and Dylan ten seven one first match point oh and they did it on the first match point now.

Um Emily and Tom were the first to six so you know you might have thought they had it because they switched you know with first there but they didn't they they gave that away and maybe it was the change of ends that made a difference for uh Lisa and Dylan but anyway well played everyone thank you.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

thank you foreign foreign thank you.

So apologies for no one being here at the start of uh this match I was held away on a couple of disputes so we have got James Salter and Razzle as I know her Ross Winkle um oh and oh that's on the far side on the near side we've got Lauren and oh.

Suddenly forgotten his his name um oh it's her that's that's why I'm getting it wrong Lauren and Jeanette bondale mother and son sorry I was thinking Lauren was a anyway it doesn't matter what I was thinking oh Karen this is awful right so James and uh Razzle are from Norfolk.

And Lauren and um Jeanette are from farnborough I believe I think they play at David Lloyd farnborough oh wow James does know how to really whack a ball so.

We are three one two and we've got a side out so one three one oh Jeanette missing that uh overhead or put it into the net two three two it's outside two three one oh now Lauren ducked there thinking it.

Might go out but actually it was way in so we're at three three one nice work four three one now James uh was in the MLP event uh on um Thursday he was playing for team zebra he was a substitute for Auntie mckelvin the captain who um got a knee injury just a couple of.

Days before the event but James did come uh I think it was second overall in England selection process the first weekend so he deserved to be a MLP Saturday zebra um uh did not place but I think he had a lot of fun at that event so we're at five three two.

Oh six three two and we're going to change ends and I believe that James got a bronze in the 4.5 19 plus singles and based on that result um and his selection committee results I think that he'll have to play 4.5 in other events going forward as well.

So we're at 632 oh that was a beautiful shot from um James who I noticed is playing with a Franklin signature paddle frankly obviously one of our main sponsors here this weekend sponsoring the ball and it was so nice to have Jared Franklin and Aaron Stahl over for.

The MLP team event they were so thrilled with their teams win as you can imagine so we've got a side out and Lauren and Jeanette get a chance to pick up some more points three seven one oh lovely Jeanette oh she was there she just couldn't quite get it over so now Lauren to serve Lauren's a.

Wonderful player 372. he's only young I don't know exactly how young he is but he's a beautiful player look at that side by side footwork as well always on his toes not sure what happened there 472 oh.

I've got a side out seven four one that was out 742 that was a nice switch by James and Russell 842 Razzle always wears the loveliest of skirts nine four two.

Oh well defended Razzle yes and again oh and then James wasn't there oh well played Razzle I've got a side out hmm oh that lope was out 492. oh look at that backhand of James's wow that was a lovely point and a side.

Out 941 this is a 4.0 19 plus uh round robin game by the way Group B 941 41 oh that was a lovely backhand for the game well played to James and to Razzle hard luck to Lauren and uh Jeanette his.

Mum they look great in their orange together thank you thank you foreign now thank you foreign.

Foreign okay so our next game on the championship chord is a 50 plus and 60 plus we had to combine uh the events there were only three entries for the 60 plus uh 4.0 plus event and in red we have Bernie and Marcia orderbert they've been on this court before in the men's doubles and the ladies doubles.

Um Bernie is from Canada but has been residing in uh the UK for many years with his wife Marty who is British they met when they were playing college tennis in Texas I lived there for many years um and then the family relocated back to the UK I want to say 18 years ago but it may have been eight years ago I'm.

Terrible with numbers anyway so that's Bernie and Marcia big tennis background oh that was a tweenie there from Bernie like some trick shots um and then on the far on the right hand side in um blue we've got Amanda smart and Nick Pomeroy who are from Norfolk and uh.

They both won uh medals this weekend I think Nick won a singles medal and Amanda won a ladies doubles yesterday I seem to remember awarding the medals um so this is a round robin game Group B uh and it's because our 4.5 19 plus have finished their group stages and we're waiting for the semi-finals next we are also going to have today on this core a.

Junior game so 12 to 16 year olds and also a wheelchair uh match there's a wheelchair round robin going on right now on court six which is attracting a lot of people watching it and there's a junior event going on on court 21 but we're making sure that we stream one game from each of those uh events so that'll be on this.

Court a little later on today we're really glad to see that we've got entries for both of these events and hope that these events will grow bigger as the years go on and as pickleball grows through the Grassroots.

So they just finished their warm up and then we'll get started so it looks like um Nick is starting out oh no that was a sudden switch that Amanda is going to start serving for the game on the right hand side and Marcy is on the right hand side so zero zero two and that was a bit of an overhit by.

Marcia so um one zero two good start for Amanda and Mick oh lovely third shot from Amanda but then she overheads it so we've got a side out and uh Marcia start off the order bear campaign zero one one.

Nice work Amanda zero one two and the order bits are off one one two oh cyan no two one two Amanda laughing two one two.

Let me missed that so I've got a side out one two one now I didn't hear Bernie say mine or switch or anything like that and I think that will get the order Birds into trouble if they don't communicate better oh Marcia tipped that.

So we're now two two nice deep return and uh Bernie got Amanda there the pickleball tattoo so the ball goes back out oh it must have been too yeah I think it's going over so we're at two two one.

Two two that was a good get on Marcia's side and Bernie was ready for that ball if it came over so three two two oh that's a bit of a mishit by Amanda she's not happy with herself 422 only thing is I thought that Marcia started serving and then Bernie was.

Serving I think the wrong person's serving but it's not for me to get involved the other team haven't questioned it I could be wrong wow and that was in and the Autobots are the first to turn with six two two we've got a lovely photo this weekend of.

Uh Bernie and Marcia walking together with their bags on their back with their holding hands it's a gorgeous gorgeous photo I think I might have to frame it for them six two one two rather 62. oh unlucky Amanda 722 now Amanda and Nick started very.

Strongly but they haven't got any points since then so they need to get this one to get the side out with this that was a nice shot Bernie 822 I see Pam and David stotton watching in the sidelines watching their fellow actually I just said that I was there.

Were Norfolk players didn't I but I think actually they're Cambridge uh way uh Hertfordshire um because I know they play with um Pam and David so but we've got a side out oh and that was out now Marcia was off the court at uh one stage but Nick and Amanda weren't able.

To exploit that so we're on second server 282. that was a nice shot Bernie down the line and at side out and that you know I wouldn't be surprised if that might have been the last side out for Amanda and Nick you know I think that.

Bernie and Marcia might bring this home now loopy serve oh and look at that from Bernie we're now nine two one ten two one Marcia does a really nice drop serve and she does that drop serve up because her regular serve which she just.

Did actually um sometimes I was in oh they did it I was out rather so eleven two two uh Marcia and Bernie yeah um Marcia's regular sir can have have a tendency to be illegal in her wrist um her her paddle is above her wrist and.

She doesn't connect with it around her navel so I encouraged her to do the drop serve and she's got a lovely drop serve um which she used to great effect in that game except for that last point so anyway hard luck to Nick and to Amanda well done to Bernie and Marcia I'm sure they probably have won their group and we'll see who's coming up next.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign foreign this being Daniel and myself playing because Daniel's original partner Claire Roscoe had to pull out because of injury there wasn't a um a player to replace uh her so.

Um I said to him if all else fails I will play with you then sadly Wendy's partner uh or I think that actually what's James and Razzle were telling uh Daniel is that they got the point so it's actually 1-0 to one another one zero one that was a nice put away by Daniel.

Two zero one um yeah so Wendy's partner Neil um Hopkins sadly was pulled out because of injury he injured his ankle yesterday so I was able to put Daniel and Wendy together which saved me from having to play and now that I realize they were playing on the championship Court I'm even more glad that I'm not playing.

Oh James's backhand failed him there okay three zero two nice long serve oh Wendy it went into the so we've got a side out now and it's zero three one and it looks like James is starting on the right hand side so zero three one lovely deep return from Danielle.

But a beautiful put away from the left-hander that is James Salter so one three one serving to Wendy oh look into the mat Razzle to serve one three two oh Razzle Razzle Dazzle.

232 Razzle has the loveliest skirts what a nice shot from Wendy oh then when she wanted to do the soft touch it defeated her but you know what she and Daniel are laughing so that is good news they're having a good time together and that's what it's all about folks don't take it.

All too seriously three three two and uh that one went into the next we've got a side out and it's three three one I see that Daniel's all coordinated with his um zebra t-shirt and paddle that's a nice shot Danielle four three one he looks like he's having a great time.

Out there four three one oh and they served that out four three two nice arcs on those Dinks oh that one went a little bit long from Wendy and we've got a side out so it's three four one and that was out so three four two.

Oh well done Wendy on the defense oh oh Natalia was showing me all this the scrapes he's got from uh Friday and uh Saturday night and so now I see how he gets them well hustled well hustled oh Wendy you needed a cover for Daniel oh dear she I think Wendy thought he'd.

Get back but he's not superhuman right so five four two James serving oh that was a little bit of a short serve and Daniel couldn't get there in time so six four two and we change ends talking about right six four two and we've got a side out.

So when did you serve four six one Wendy plays at Runnymede Royals uh in Surrey Daniel plays oh John I think he's in Suffolk oh a little bits um every eager there I think um and we got a second server oh it's a shame it's.

Quite close all right four six two not get any luck so side out six four one um Razzle plays in Norwich as does James Salter foreign to Daniel oh a little bit over hit.

Four one need to settle down a little bit eight four one oh that if I had gone in that would have been beautiful but it was just slightly wide oh hard luck Daniel that that actually was a nice looking shot right nine four one.

I need to do something here to stop these guys oh and that was out that's not gonna do it ten four one and we're on Match Point and that one went out so there you go James and Razzle uh win what should I say James and Razzle Dazzle uh when that uh game but it looks like you know Daniel and Wendy enjoyed the.

Game there's lots of smiles all around and uh you know that's what it's all about folks enjoying yourselves ah now yesterday all day okay so um I've never felt like this every time I.

Have to go all day tomorrow unfortunately I can't control my anger which is good foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you hello everybody.

Spinner it's been a little bit when it went and had a nice little Subway little date it's very good actually what did the trick do you want to know that Insight everyone what you had for your Subway I had herbs and cheese obviously cheese and toasted yeah chicken and bacon cucumber tomato yeah.

Lettuce it was a pretty packed sandwich wasn't it Chipotle mayo so I had a cheer and cheese but I had a double toaster which I thought was quite controversial but he lives in Wimbledon right so yeah no comment all right so just before.

Um we start going to this match ahead I just want to let you know that I popped a caffeine tablet Pro pus glucose tablet had a full Lucas Aid and now I'm starting to wake up a little bit because after that round robin I was pretty goosed I mean you did hit 95 of the shots of every match.

Yeah but mum's playing awesome so we're in the 70s and we've got a chance you do you have a chance however this is the uh this is the heavyweight matchup of the of the bracket I would say if Ed can find the ball yeah big heavyweight semi-final there's James Javier against Ed and Julie obviously James Stadium our favorite.

Part I would say her favorites Ed's already told me he's going to try and incite Carnage on the court I'm gonna love to see that me too everyone here out for the Ed hairs fist pump whenever they win the point because I guarantee you it will come out yeah and I think I think their strategy will be because Ed likes sticking to a good.

Strategy he'll be ripping at fadier what a surprise like rip it fadia um it's to be honest if you try and play proper pickleball against them they will be too good they've got quick hands they've got good dink they don't make a lot of errors um so I mean the only way you're going.

To beat them is playing something that doesn't help their game like and that is probably the only weakness that's kind of obvious obvious backing off when people wind up at her for various reasons you can get it to the like I think I think you're responsible for quite a few of those reasons I am indeed I think I think if.

If you drive at her and it's in Iraq fine it's where it's directly at that part of the body just like that in the world James James perfectly demonstrating how the other team can win great from James the analysis is also so everyone this is a game for 15 now not 11 win by two and I do believe we had the video oh no we.

Don't it's all packed up packed up last night packed up last night no video review system so we're relying on on a sportsmanship which uh this court should be I mean you haven't been here for the past few uh Ed Julie matches Julie has been making some fruity calls on that Baseline she did say she was off to Specsavers tomorrow.

So we might have to might have to watch out for that we all know that Julie is a very good natured human being and obviously another intentional however she might maybe colorblind between the white and red lines definitely I mean could be happening.

No it's just you know when you're in the moment maybe you blink just the ball lands you think you see something that's not yeah it's one of those things yeah it's rare people will intentionally call it out if it's in yeah so you do get it in certain Nations around Europe but what are they doing um yeah I'm not sure to be honest what.

Is this it's like a warm-up strategy though I'm not sure it is passing the lob yeah lob gate tell you what it might be it might be a strategy it worked to men's singles hashtag lob game we're going to use that every time yeah anyway moving on yeah moving on swiftly so I think they're ready to go I'm ready.

To go yeah me too so quick reminder 15. change ends at eight yep win by two and uh yeah I think I think we're ready to get going here paddles are being tamped just so everyone knows quickly um give it a second uh Freddie and I are about to post a be real so ready.

In the commentary box all smiles so we're in the commentary box yeah great great picture when I say we're in the commentary box we're sat behind the table behind the court behind the screen behind the screen put with some headphones on oh yeah right here we go I think Karen.

Karen's turned up for the big match I said you've turned up for the big match come to watch yeah 100 I think this whole game revolves in the first four or five points I think all right um oh yeah oh well um interesting very interesting tactic.

Now we know what they were doing in the warm-up look at James James is like what is going on that is having a that is discussion she is completely Bamboozled by that I think we all are to be honest yeah well we'll see if that uh bears fruit later on nice from James.

Yeah that was half there that was half there Judy's gonna need to be Rock Soli