Really gonna go out here coming at each other here watch this serve from Watson here we go son you're sir nice shot all right five seven one all.

On Watson's sturdy shoulders the crowd is rooting for them the only question though not so fast there's a flag on the play here what happened okay I want to point out my friends that is the second outfit for Emma Watson tonight.

Six one two two line call him out a chance to regroup possibly four or five points in a row we're gonna need every single one of you to be on our side okay.

Okay that is Goodwill ambassadorship in action pretty impressive note for Emma and Sugar Ray I really want to see what her third outfit could be my money's on jumpsuit Staying Alive Emma staring them down she is locked in oh all right Bill carry of Emma Watson.

She gave everything she had today put on a heck of a show she joins me in the pergola
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