The first thing I see here is you sit really heavily on your backhand you’re just ready to hit a backhand which work to a certain level we do hit about two-thirds of our shots with our backhand sides because we protect our body with our back end but once you get up and level a little bit first thing that I do when I step onto the court.

With somebody is I take a look at where they’re ready position if they’re ready like this where am I not hitting it I’m not hitting I’m not hitting the backhand side at all right my target all day is over on that forehand side one drill that I do sometimes to help kind of like over correct this get the feel for something different I say let’s volley.

Except we’re gonna get this opposite Edge pointed towards each other so after every time you hit try and point this towards me that’s not how I’m actually holding my ready position this is just a tool to get a feel and kind of break that old habit foreign