Hey everybody this is brandon with pickleball effect today we're taking a look at the brand new electrum pro 2. so this is electrum's third paddle that they've made and it's an iteration of their original electrum pro so there's a lot of similarities between this and the original but there are some differences so i'll point those out one difference.

Is the handle length so the original had a five inch handle length well this one has a five and a quarter inch so it's a little longer which is going to give you a little extra power and a little extra spin then they increase the length of the paddle so the original is 15 and a half inches long this one is 16 inches long.

So it's not quite an elongated paddle but it is longer than the original i would classify this as a classic shaped paddle some of the same things as the original is the face they're still using that raw carbon fiber that they're known for like there's plenty of spin and then it has the same thin core so this thing is 11 millimeters thick which is.

Definitely on the thinner side this is going to give you more power but sometimes can come with the sacrifice of some touch some forgiveness and maybe even some some stability so those are some things we'll be paying attention to during the play test and then another thing i want to call out is is the handle here so when i was pulled this.

Out of the box i noticed this line here at the top of the grip so this is the same thing i saw on yola paddles yola has this technology they call carbon forged handles and when i looked online i didn't see any marketing or anything on electrum's website that talked about you know some similar technology as yolo's carbon forge handle but sure.

Enough when i took off the grip i had what looks exactly like what yola is using with their carbon forge handles which i'm a huge fan of so what this is is a handle that's attached to the paddle right here at the throat so normally a polymer core will extend all the way through the handle but it seems that they cut that off right here and.

Then attach this carbon forged handle to it so this does a couple of things for you one it increases the flex of the paddle at the throat which is going to give you a little bit more power it also gives electrum the ability to control the shape of the handle so when i play other super thin core paddles like this tip the grip is usually really really.

Small and that's not the case here the grip feels very comfortable and then they're sticking with this black leather grip uh it's ribbed i'm not a huge fan of it but that is what it is so this is the electrum pro 2. let's go put it on the court and see how it plays after drilling and playing over 50 games.

In the course of two weeks with this paddle here's my review of its performance so not surprisingly this paddle falls into the power category and was one of the juicier power paddles i've played i was pretty impressed i think this will be one of the category leaders for power paddles it wasn't perfect but i have a lot of good things.

To say about it let's talk about attacking with the paddle first it has high power and spin ratings which open up more options when generating offense it feels like all the energy you put into your shot gets transferred to the ball of course things like drives counters and speed ups all benefited from this.

But there were other areas i noticed that it was helpful too i could execute offensive drops better that were flattered had more topspin i could put more pressure on the other team when they were at the baseline or in the transition zone my form rarely broke because i was trying to add more power and my backhand volleys naturally had.

More speed without trying to overcreate speaking specifically to the spin i recently reviewed electrum's model e and thought i was getting more spin with the pro 2 compared to it which was surprising considering the thick core of the model e the paddle positively influenced my offensive ability in a variety of ways.

Which was really nice since i'm not a big power player and needs some help from my paddle to get the speed i need to win points the paddle is weighted towards the head which made it feel a little heavier than its average 8.1 ounce weight however because the paddle is so thin at 11 millimeters it felt easy to maneuver.

Compared to similarly weighted paddles though i wouldn't consider a fast paddle let's talk about the soft game now so with the cord being so thin and the ball coming off hot you gotta think that the soft game is going to be trickier with it but i was pleasantly surprised the paddle in this area the paddle has a crisp sort of hollow feel to it that i.

Was really into everyone i shared the paddle with all commented that they liked how it felt as well it didn't have that dense firm feeling that i'm accustomed to with thinner core paddles it didn't take me long to start hitting good drops and dinks now i do think that i can adjust to pretty much any paddle when it comes to dinking but that isn't.

Always the case with drops from the baseline and transition zone the one area that didn't come quickly was the resets from the kitchen when i needed to take a lot of pace off the ball however i put some time into drilling that shot with the paddle and i got pretty good with that after a while the paddle plays predictably off the face and it has that.

Pleasant feel both of which contributed to the paddle being more controllable for a power paddle i wouldn't say that the paddle will enhance your soft game but it is controllable of course i wasn't perfect with it and could control the pace of play better with the control focus paddle but i was pleasantly surprised and happy with how it.

Performed with the soft game the paddle has a medium sized sweet spot which is pretty good considering it's an 11 millimeter core i remember when selkirk dropped their 12 millimeter core last year and they had a tighter sweet spot compared to the pro 2. if you're an intermediate to advanced level player then the size of the sweet.

Spot won't bother you but if you fall into the 3-5 or less skill level then the size of the sweet spot will have more negative effects on your game additionally i noticed some vibration with shots near the edge of the paddle i added some lead tape to the bottom two corners and that helped reduce the vibration but it was still there a.

Little so i didn't like that here's my recommendation i think this will be a power paddle category leader but i don't think it is right for everyone it has the tools to put a lot of pressure on your opponents with its extra power and spin and it is controllable because of its nice feel and predictable play however it won't improve your soft game.

And the medium-sized sweet spot is not player friendly for beginner level players if you're an intermediate or advanced level player that wants a juicier power paddle then i would take a close look at this one if you are a lower intermediate to beginner level player then i think there are more player friendly power paddles out there.

Like the yola cfs 14 for example that may fit you better so there you go that's everything i have for you thanks for watching and i hope it helps
Electrum has been teasing us for months before the release of their anticipated Pro 2 paddle. It’s finally here and it didn’t disappoint. We think this will be one of the more popular power paddles though it isn’t perfect for everyone. Check out our review to see if it’s the right paddle for you.

Read our full review here, https://pickleballeffect.com/equipment-reviews/electrum-pro-2-paddle-review/

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