thank you thank you thank you.

we're digging around with Eddie and Webbie thinking around with Eddie and Webby tonight oh yeah oh yeah we are back and I am not alone look who's here everybody oh my gosh it's me I'm Eddie who are you what's.

Your name I'm Webby not Eddie let's touch the tips here we go wow this is sneaking around with Eddie and Webby finally I know it's been dinking around with Webby for the last what four three three or four episodes I don't even know how many something like that and for anybody that tuned into the previous episode and.

Wasn't aware no Eddie was not actually with me I was just did some creative editing and uh I thought it was obvious but I feel like some people might have actually thought you were actually with me and that I kicked you off the show like within the first few minutes if uh if you're one of those people you're a big stupid dummy head just.

Kidding uh keep tuning in uh Webby it's been how long has it been since we've done this live together months it's been months oh man it's been far far too long I can't even remember the last time we did a live episode uh it's weird it's weird to be live once again it was very weird to do episodes without you and now that I've done a few it's weird to be.

Live again it's just awkward yeah it might be a little rusty tonight but that's okay um there really hasn't been much going on in the pickleball world in the last few months though right nothing has been so slow in the pickleball world it's been boring kind of.

Great stuff that we want to be able to talk about tonight because that was sarcasm folks there has been so much craziness going on in the pickleball World we're going to talk about that tonight um I have a pretty big announcement something that I'm very proud of that uh has to do with pickleball that I'm.

Excited to share with all y'all tonight as well but maybe before we get into any of that uh I'm a little thirsty are you are you thirsty even though it's already there yes Catherine oh really um even though it's not Thursday I'm still thirsty get it that my grandpa used to tell me that joke but it was way.

Fun yeah yeah but are you thirsty but for real I I am very thirsty and I actually just so happened to have a beer right next to me do you mind if I show it off and pour it I do mind actually you should not do it okay fine fine I'll just be uh real thirsty and I've parched the entire episode uh no I.

Would really love to know what you're planning on drinking this evening well it's uh getting cold here in Michigan so to me that is Porter season so today I'm going to drink one that I thoroughly enjoy a lot and that is from Founders Brewing which is a Michigan company and this is Founders Porter and for the first time in a long time.

I'm gonna pour it live because when I was by myself I didn't feel like taking the time to pour it because I thought it would be weird and awkward but now that you're here and if I pour this all over my computer you can take over but yeah this is gonna be a very tasty hey what about you well it's uh it's definitely Porter.

Weather up in Michigan not Porter weather down here in Florida in fact I've been waiting for the temperatures to cool down but even today I got up to 85 degrees so we're close we're really close to some really nice days in the mid 70s which I'm very excited about uh but I am going to be drinking the New Belgium Voodoo Ranger experimental IPA I.

Don't know much about this but I will tell you that I have liked every single thing I've ever drank from New Belgium especially their Voodoo Ranger series they're all very hop forward they are delicious and I'm excited to uh to definitely enjoy this one this evening Webbie have you had this one before I have actually three episodes ago I.

Tried it for the first time ever and I thoroughly enjoyed it I thought it was really good it surprised me at how good it was just because I when I see the word experimental I think like oh they're gonna try something like really weird and crazy that they probably will never even make again it was probably just an experimental thing just like the.

Name says but no I thought it was delicious I would absolutely drink that again and I plan on buying some more very soon well that's good can you please share with the group how you're doing your ventriloquist act right now though where you're not moving your head or your mouth while talking to us yeah this is what happens when you go live.

After the first time in time uh you get technical issues but you'll still be able to hear me while I fix my stupid camera that keeps freezing stupid camera don't blame it on vmix silinko if you're out there it's not this isn't a vmix issue this is a Webby in his camera issue so zip it um well I'm gonna try this beer the.

Voodoo Ranger experimental IPA real quick while Webby fixes his camera hmm little foamy at the top but that's okay um but it's absolutely delicious very hot forward but the one thing I like about the voodoo Ranger series of ipas is that they actually have a good.

Multi backbone to them so a lot of times with an IPA drinks like hop tea basically which just means it's like hot water but not the voodoo Ranger series this one is nice I wonder what the experimental part is maybe we'll find out from Joanna with the New Belgium next time I see her but I do want to give a quick shout out to New Belgium uh.

We are big fans of them they are sponsoring a lot of things in pickleball and we are grateful for that and guys I just want to tell you if there's a company out there sponsoring pickleball they're they're doing it because they love the sport most likely uh probably not for the most lucrative financially investment Savvy perspective because.

Pickleball is just not exactly there yet so if you do see brands that are out there that are sponsoring pickleball definitely go check them out New Belgium is one of them they make incredible beer Webbie and I both highly recommend it and we love to support brands that support pickleball right Webby absolutely totally agree but cheers my.

Friend it's been far too long since we were together so it's nice to be able to do this again Cheers Cheers hmm so I want to I want to start off by talking with you about uh your most recent tournament that you played in oh God do we have to well I mean I think I think it's important too I'm sure you.

Guys know that I've always kind of felt like playing uh pickleball indoors on a gym Court surface is a completely different sport but in a lot of areas of the country especially those in the north where you can't play Outdoors year round sometimes that's all you're stuck with and it sounds like.

Webby that was your situation a few weeks ago do you want to talk about it yeah I mean I'll talk about it briefly I I talked about it in depth in the previous episode I'm sure I'm sure you listened to that one but uh whoops but uh but just to recap yeah like I I apologized for calling People pickleball.

Snobs that didn't want to play indoors because I now fully uh understand why people don't like playing indoors on a gym Court surface and the tournament that I played in a couple weeks ago was on a gym floor surface I did absolutely horrible and I can't I probably can't blame it all on the gym floor surfaces probably maybe I had a little bit to do.

With me losing all my games but uh but seriously it was such a weird experience after getting used to playing outdoors in on even indoors on dedicated pickleball surfaces the the ball just it bounces so different like it there were three times that me like just I whiffed the ball but even my partner on that first game whiffed a couple times.

Because when the ball hit it didn't bounce up as high as they're used to when you're playing Outdoors it like almost like skipped and just barely bounced so we would go to hit the ball and we would just totally whiff and it was super embarrassing super frustrating um and yeah it's just a totally different experience like I said before.

Like I'll gladly play on a gym floor surface for rec play and for fun but when it comes to competitive playing I definitely will think twice about doing it even though I just signed up for another tournament in February that's going to be a magic kind of gym floor surface but a much a much nicer one a much nicer one though the next.

Tournament I'm doing is going to be in uh at the Detroit Pistons training facility and they have a very nice gym Court surface is that the same tournament you played last year with Tom Miller it is yep last year I did 4.5 didn't do so well we did get one Victory though so that's cool my first ever 4.5 tournament.

I did get one Victory um but this time I will be doing 4.0 I feel like that's more realistic and more more where I belong yeah I mean it definitely seems like you know you you wanna you wanna challenge yourself but put yourself in the bracket that you know um you have similar level of play with.

So I totally yeah 100 get that um got a couple comments coming in on YouTube here that I want to shout out oh nice my friends over at the uh at the pickleball channel so good to see you together Rusty it's good to be back together and uh we appreciate your uh your shout outs so we talked a little bit about me I.

Think that uh the last few episodes has been way way too much talking about just myself Eddie where the heck have you been lately all right let's just cut right to it so um I don't even know where to begin but it all started years ago no I'm just kidding uh basically I have made a career change recently and.

I'm super excited about it uh it's been going on for a few months now but I haven't really made my public announcement with it uh but just to give a little background before I announce what I did so Webbie and I we've we previously worked for the same company um I started at the company back in 2003 before I even finished college and uh.

And so I'd been there for a very long time Webby I know you've been there for a considerable considerable amount of time as well and so if I was going to make a career change obviously you guys know like that's not something I would take lightly I mean right Webby like you can't just leave something for that long.

Without putting some very serious thought into you know what you want to do and and making sure that it's it's the right thing for you right yeah for sure absolutely um but I've been wanting to get into the pickleball world for a very long time and kind of make that my career and things just happen to work out with this.

Company um a little background before I announce who they were Webbie and I have been friends with the owners for probably what three years now has it been actually I think it was yeah right around three years ago yeah yeah which is pretty crazy um we had them both on our podcast.

Before just over two years ago I actually worked with them at PPA Masters in Las Vegas where we actually live streamed the uh the tournament uh got a chance to get to know all of them and that event two years ago is it kind of in in my mind where I felt like God if I was gonna make a career change I would love to work with these people and I'm.

Just going to cut to the chase you see them everywhere they sponsor the top Pros in the game we have an amazing event called Tuesday night pickleball their slogan is it's fun to feel good that's right I am now a full-time employee with Jigsaw health oh yeah yeah and I couldn't be happier I'm so happy I made the change uh.

They're just an incredible company it's part of the reason why I haven't live stream in a while simply because they're on Arizona time and I'm on Eastern time so is Webby so for the first few months I really wanted to make sure that uh that I was kind of working their hours which you know me I like to go to bed early so it's like not much time at.

Night webby's busy in the morning so it's one of the reasons but hopefully now that we have a rhythm down we can get into doing this more often but um anyway Webbie have you have you been watching the Tuesday night pickleball events I have they've been very cool and I I'm.

Very proud of you for uh being able to take that leap and get involved in the pickleball World more I know jigsaw is a great company like you said we have gotten along with Patrick and Ashley for years now uh super fun people seems like a super fun company so that's awesome I think it's a match made in heaven I agree I'm a big corporate culture guy.

Right and to me it's the uh I don't even know what the right phrase I want to be able to say here is but I I think I think I want to I always like lining myself with companies that it's so much more less about what they do and who they are and they have such a great corporate culture yes jigsaw Health we sell supplements but we're more of a.

Company that focuses on doing things that are fun and entertaining especially in the pickleball world uh and that's why it's one of the many reasons why I'm so happy I made that move over to them um and it does look like we actually have a couple more comments here on YouTube that I think we should show here's one from Bad pickleball it says.

Woot DJ pickle congrats Eddie thank you so much uh yes DJ pickle is awesome I love him running around in that jumpsuit always fun to to see him out there um we got Sean p77 saying congrats thank you Sean P and uh yeah speaking of DJ pickle uh that's Patrick from jigsaw uh he he is DJ pickle for.

Hopefully that wasn't supposed to be a surprise or anything I don't know if that was like a like a mysterious character that's Patrick started to break the news to you Eddie but yeah DJ pickle is Patrick Sullivan of Jigsaw Health but um but years ago he was a very supportive of us and he would play uh pickleball Anthem if he would.

Play Pickleball for life during intermission or during timeouts at pickleball events and that was very cool to see like that the funny thing is there was I wasn't even tuned into the live stream at the time and I was getting messages like hey pickleball Anthem was just playing during the tournament that's so cool and so I tuned.

In and like I rewounded a little bit and people were like dancing and singing to it and stuff like that like that was such a cool moment because up to that point like I didn't even know if anybody had even heard these songs before and then here we have DJ pickle playing it during these big tournaments I mean that was so so cool.

Yeah it's awesome such a fun group to work with uh being there for Tuesday night pickleball is unlike any pickleball experience I've ever been to uh usually when you go to these big events they're multiple hours and hours and hours of pickleball right well with Tuesday night pickleball if you are on site it's an experience you get food you.

Get drinks and people aren't afraid to put back a couple and have a good time there's music going they have these two giant subwoofers and when the bass kicks in the whole place is rumbling it's an energy unlike anything I've ever felt before at an experience and I love that the pros are playing into it so I'm sure you've seen Webby we announced them they.

Come running out there's cold Sparks going behind them they're they're thinking of clever things to do when they're being announced um we had Daniel de la Rosa there who is the top racquetball player and he came out with the racquetball racket in his hand and looked at it and threw it to the side and and somebody tossed him his.

Pickleball paddle right so the the pros are getting are getting into this and although it's an exhibition match there's some decent money on the line and they're taking it seriously but not not in a in a toxic way I'm sure you guys have seen uh and some of these tournaments where things are getting a little toxic out there but Tuesday night.

Pickleball we don't see that everybody's having fun uh you know you have we had the Newman's out there last time which is going to air on January 3rd and they were talking trash to each other they were on the it's just yeah it was just such a good time yeah and even from the very first episode of Tuesday night pickleball that.

I watched like it just immediately it was something different about it it was unique it's just in your face entertaining super fun different and I mean I'm not gonna lie the the pro tours and stuff they're there's fatigue going on viewer fatigue that's just too much of the same players playing against each other and this is.

Something different it's different matchups uh in between there's fun commercials and the crowd is getting crazy and wild and I like that there's like a full packed house there like that makes such a huge difference when you have a good crowd in attendance and just everything about it the whole production you can just tell a lot of heart and.

Thought goes into it and it's just way more fun to watch than a lot of what's going on in Pro pickleball these days well thank you uh I I agree with you I do think that things are getting a little saturated a little stale so if we can switch it up and do something a little different and you guys are enjoying it then.

We'll keep on doing it uh and another thing too that I want to bring up uh so Webbie and I have been using jigsaw products for almost going on three years now long before we even became you know good friends with them or before I took the job with them um like Webby what what are some of the things that jigsaw pickleball or jigsaw.

Health provides that you enjoy uh so I legit drink the pickleball cocktail pretty much every morning even if I'm not playing pickleball that day uh and when I play I always take at least two pre-mixed uh I mix one of the packets of the the fruit punch electrolyte Supreme mixed with in the just a bottle of water I always take two.

Bottles of water with the electrolyte Supreme mixed in it and I absolutely feel like it works for me because I I had issues we talked about on the show in the past but I had severe dehydration issues when I first started playing pickleball and I used to just drink nothing but regular water and I realized that like that because of how much I.

Sweat you know I sweat like a sieve it's just it's disgusting how much I sweat so uh I quickly learned that just water alone is not enough so I looked started looking into electrolyte drinks and stuff like that and theirs to me was like the the best tasting especially since it was sugar-free um and what I like is they use like the.

Good sugar-free uh ingredients because I know there's some out there like the the artificial sweeteners aren't so good for you and I like that what they use is actually good for you so it's good stuff I like it yeah I use both pickleball cocktail and electrolyte Supreme in addition to that mag soothe take it at night you're gonna.

Feel good cramp free uh speaking from experience uh one night I was suffering from cramps I put back a packet of uh Meg soothe and I felt fantastic so their products work I definitely want to check it out and if you want to help out Webbie and I you can always go to jigsaw Health you can use coupon code PB for Life 10 which stands for pickleball for.

Life obviously PB for Life 10. yeah look at that huh get you 10 off your order uh and that helps jigsaw Health uh it also helps uh Webby and I to keep these live streams going and all the other fun stuff we're doing so go check it out coupon code PB for Life 10 and I promise you.

That's the last sales pitch of the episode right commercial over no it's not a commercial this is legit it's not the heart yeah but uh did you notice anybody watching on YouTube I don't know if you noticed on my shirt where the pickleball is it looked like I had a big giant hole going right through my stomach.

Yeah so you got a new setup in your basement there man I like it I do I got the green screen set up so I can have whatever I want in the background or no it's not a green screen I'm just I have a nice this nice brick wall with the Eddie and Webby championship belt behind me because I am the current Eddie versus Webby champion.

Thank you very much handles back there for like 14 months right pretty much yeah it was uh I think last September or October or something like that yeah that's how long I've held it yep well no that's not how long you've held it that's how long it's been since you've put it up on the line there.

Bro what because you know but our our next match is you and I singles and you got to wear jean shorts so I still say we both have the word jean shorts they like no like what's the deal no yeah I still don't know why you have to give me a disadvantage like you've won way more times than I have I've.

Never given you a disadvantage everything like we've always you agreed to it you can't go back on it you still Gotta Wear the shorts you're gonna look good don't worry everything's gonna be fine I'm not sure I ever totally agreed to it I'd like to see the footage footage we have a video of you agreeing to it.

Pretty sure I said as long as you wear the shorts too I will nope never happened but uh hopefully we can get a chance to do that I don't know when we're gonna see each other again maybe over the summer who knows but we will put it back on the line huh yeah maybe I'll come to Arizona when.

You're there uh in the winter or something like get away from the cold get into the nice Arizona heat there is a White Castle right by the right by the orchard oh it's I'm for sure going now yeah actually seeing you was okay seeing you was made at like a uh maybe I'll come but now that I know there's a White.

Castle I'm definitely coming all right all right here we go I'm willing to change the odds or the stakes for the next Eddie versus Webby match okay you can either wear the tight jean shorts or you gotta pound like eight sliders within 90 minutes of our match starting oh man if you barf you lose like you're out.

Like you gotta you gotta keep it down what do you what do you think I mean like I said before I'll wear the jean shorts if you wear the jean shorts too I think we gotta be it's got to be even playing field here would you even feel good about beating somebody wearing tight jean shorts yeah I'd feel fine yeah oh man because.

Then you get to challenge me with something after once I take the belt back so it's it's a two-way thing I think it's just gonna be more fun like this yeah but I I think it's best if like we both do the things like I think we should do one where we take a couple shots beforehand but like both of us.

Take shots like I'm not gonna make you just take shots and I'll be completely sober well whatever I'm just ready to see you in those jean shorts what do you guys think chime in like what is it do you think it's shouldn't we both do the same stipulation or is it fair for one of us.

To have a disadvantage just because we are the current reigning champion and which one would be more fun to watch you guys let us know in the comments below right or if you have a different idea of what you think we should do in the next match let us know that's right uh lots of updates in the pickleball.

World that I I want to jump into here uh Webbie DDC Lee Waters announcement I did that's very very sad to hear so for those of you guys that don't know uh at Nationals on mix doubles day Lee was playing with Tyson they actually were on the court just next to the court that I was live streaming on uh lee Waters I I haven't seen.

Uh any video cut like Clips or anything like that of where the injury took place but I can tell you we heard the the screams and the cries after she got injured uh and it was it was tough to watch man I mean Lee is a tough tough woman very tough and for her to go down like that and to uh be in that much pain to where you know she was in a.

Wheelchair the rest of the weekend you know that that was no joke of an injury yeah I actually saw it because I was watching the live stream um there were three live streams going but and I saw a post on Facebook saying like prayers going out to Lee Waters look like she legit got hurt so I switched over to the live stream where.

Her and Tyson were playing and then I was able to find where it happened and man like it just made me feel so bad because you could tell she uh she just moved wrong fell to the ground she was screaming crying I just man my I just I can relate because I have had a knee injury as you know I totally tore my ACL in the past and that's that's the injury.

ACL oh that's not important we're talking about Lee here so it's a very stupid story but um yeah just okay fine I'll just tell everybody since they're probably wondering oh man I was going down the stairs at my house.

Or no actually I was in this big fight there was this gang of people outside and I was I got into this big fight and I was karate kicking everybody and uh no so I was going down the stairs in my basement and you know how sometimes when you are in a rush or like you're like you grab the handles and you kind of like.

Skip a few stairs because you just want to like get down the stairs faster do you know what I'm talking about have you ever done that mainly when you're a kid probably I love to skip around it's my favorite thing to do so I was going down the stairs fast put my hands on the rails did the thing where I kind of like pole vaulted past.

The last few steps and I just landed very stupidly I heard a crack well actually it was a pop I heard a popping sound and I fell to the ground and I was like oh my God I think I just broke my leg but I didn't feel any pain at all was the weird thing so like I just I heard a noise I knew something wrong happened because I.

Landed weird so I went to get up felt fine and then I went to take a step and then my right leg just buckled and I fell to the ground and come to find out I totally snapped my ACL just the way that I landed the ACL just snapped and I I've heard a loud popping sound like I can just distinctly remember that sound and man that sucked sucked big time and.

Turns out that's the same type of injury that Lee Waters has she totally tore her ACL she has to have surgery in a couple weeks and she said she's gonna miss the entire 2023 professional season she'll mainly be at the sidelines giving Anna Lee Waters some coaching and maybe some other people some coaching services but oh man such a bummer I as everybody.

Knows as you know for sure like I've been a huge team Waters fan ever since they first came onto the scene um they've been one of my favorite teams of all just because I love the mother-daughter Dynamic I love the fact that Anna Lee Waters is so young and just uh got youth involved like she was a good like great inspiration getting.

Youth involved still is speaking of Italy Waters she just made the Forbes 30 under 30 list I saw like that's incredible man yeah but uh yeah just such heartbreaking news I feel horrible for Lee but hopefully she'll be able to make a nice speedy recovery because as far as I go like my my knee that I tore the ACL on that's.

That needs in better shape than my other knee now so well I'm sure she'll have a good recovery I knew you weren't playing pickleball when you when you tore it but let's say you were how long realistically do you think you would have been out for from playing recreationally oh man I feel like.

It probably would be a good 8 to 12 months if as far as how it went for me um but didn't you have complications with like an infection or something afterwards I I did yeah I did have complications so after the first so I had to have two surgeries after the first one it just it never felt right like I just.

Anytime I sat for long periods of time when I would stand up it just shooting pain would go through my knee and then after I took a few steps then it would finally go away and I was like oh it's probably just something I have to live with well after months of that one day my knee just swelled up like crazy I couldn't bend it I couldn't straighten.

It and it was warm to the touch so I went to the doctor's office and they ended up having to rush me into emergency surgery because I had such a bad infection in my knee that I had to have another surgery after that second surgery though I felt much better like almost immediately after that surgery it was like I felt totally normal it was.

Relief that I hadn't felt at all after the first surgery so it's just one of those things you just got to listen to your body and make sure like if you feel something that's not right the fact that I had serious like shooting pain every time I stood up after sitting for long periods of time I probably should have asked my doctors about that I just.

Figured that was something that I'd have to live with the rest of my life because surgery I had yes really Catherine um but uh yeah it sucked uh but I feel like if you don't have complications like I had probably maybe seven or eight months you could be totally normal I'm thinking okay well.

I'm sure recreationally but to be a pro to play at the pro yeah like right to play at the pro level yeah it I could see it being a year yeah that's tough man I feel for I feel for Lee I mean we we all knew at some point um Anna Lee was you know she was gonna she was gonna partner up with.

Another female partner um not not because Lee Waters isn't an incredible player just because you know I don't know how to say this delicately G she's on the older side for women playing in the Pro bracket right I mean her and Simone I don't really know of many others that are in their 40s that.

Are they're still playing at that that top top level so we kind of knew that uh that Annie was going to move on uh do you do you think that uh this pushed it up by six months a year two years like what like when do you think that that would have happened naturally without this injury oh man that's a tough one because I I.

Could see Lee going strong definitely next year maybe even 2024 but I feel like probably by 2024 or 2025 I feel like Annalee might be looking for a different partner just to just to keep at the top and I'm sure Lee would have recognized that maybe she was possibly holding Annalee back and.

I'm sure she wouldn't want to see that happening so I could see I could see maybe next year they would have played together the whole year 2024 I feel like maybe discussions would start happening maybe even a new partnership would start forming but by 2025 I feel like Annalee probably would be playing with somebody different yeah and again this isn't.

We're both fans of Lee and Annalee big time oh yeah huge fans this is not a dig at either one of them by any means uh it's just you know the reality of the situation I mean Webbie you and I feel it we're in our early 40s and I know when I'm out there like playing with Tanner Wallace right like the kids got energy on energy and I I.

Can't hang out with that anymore so oh yeah it is what it is um yeah what do you what do you think about Annalee and Catherine as a partnership and we're not going to get into the Catherine part like that that ship has sailed everybody and their mother have shared their opinion like exactly we're.

Not even gonna talk about it tonight but yeah even on the previous episode pickleball McNasty and I we dabbled in it just a little bit but I didn't want to talk about it too much but yeah I'm totally totally done with that whole topic um but as far as Annalee and Catherine playing together I mean they just proved.

They just won nationals together uh an amazing comeback Victory after being down the first two games and then winning three straight games uh as far as I know that was that was their first time ever playing together wasn't it or I mean maybe they practice together but uh I don't remember ever seeing them play together no I've never seen them.

Play together definitely not in a tournament uh their Styles worked very well together I always wondered if if Annalee was going to find a different partner who she would play well with right because she's in a she's a very aggressive player especially in women's doubles she is looking to speed up and attack balls that four years ago nobody.

Would have even considered attacking and that you know she and that's her style and it works so is she better on the left side in in women's doubles is she better on the right side I don't know did it would it have been better to have her partner with maybe a more defensive right side player and let her be on the left to.

Dominate I all I know is that her and Catherine worked and going back and looking at it uh I I can't I can't tell what what the secret sauce was for them but it worked yeah and I I think they could absolutely be a very dominant team I mean considering the fact that they played together without even getting a chance.

To really practice together like maybe they had a day uh I don't know I think or was it was it literally the day before the tournament that they got paired up together or I can't remember if it was two days one day it was the day before women's doubles so it wasn't the day that they won Gold it was the day that they played the bracket up to.

The gold medal match it was the day before is when they decided to be together so man that's super super impressive for a brand new team to be able to win gold at the the grandest stage of the Year Nationals I mean man yeah that's impressive I I mean I'm excited to see what they can do I think it's going to be another good.

Partnership speaking of new Partnerships uh Irena tarashenko at a right what that was incredible did you get a chance to watch them play at all I did not get a chance to see much of them but I heard great things yeah uh that was that was really impressive to.

Watch them play together you know at a right she's fairly new to the scene I knew she I believe she became a a PPA contracted player within the last few months uh and then her and Irina at the most recent PPA event going all the way to the gold medal match uh Unfortunately they came short you know Andrea Coop uh was on fire at that at.

That tournament taking home two gold medals but I really I would love to see that partnership happen more Irina is obviously one of the most seasoned players in pickleball on the female side uh she's been at the top of the game forever she's a very tough opponent what she can do to shape the ball and her.

Strategy is is you know it's incredible so maybe her and Etta Wright playing together more might be a key to some you know to some victories in the future what do you think yeah I mean based on what I heard I it sounds like they were a great team so yeah I say keep with it see how you do I.

Would love to see it that's for sure and then Andrea Coop I mean as we all know she was just recovering from being sick when she went to the PPA ticket showcase and her and AJ Kohler got gold and her and oh my God who's she playing with I can't even um uh when her when she when they won.

Women's um why am I spacing right now and who who she was playing with yeah you're not gonna help me are you yeah I'm trying to fix my camera again oh what that Webby fix your damn camera anyway uh oh it was uh with uh with Vivian.

Right Vivian David and they looked incredible so hats off to Andrea Coop man she uh you know there there's a lot of uh there's a lot of feeling out there that you know the the PPA Pros are so much more dominant over the non-ppa pros and there's some truth to that right I mean.

There there's a reason that the PPA has captured the top talent but I don't know about you Webby but I enjoy it when you have somebody who's not with the PPA who comes into a PPA event kind of shake thing shakes things up a little bit what do you think oh absolutely I think the the PPA tournaments are way more entertaining.

When app people come in uh it's just man like we've said before like it just when it's just the same small Core group of pro players it gets kind of dull I mean we see the same matchups you see the same teams in the gold medal finals and it's it's great pickleball top-notch pickleball but when it's the same teams over and over and in a lot of cases the.

Same results gets kind of boring not gonna lie so when the app people come in and shake things up way more entertaining way more entertaining in my opinion yeah that was really that was pretty cool to see uh yeah I mean there's still what two more.

Tournaments for the PPA this year two more for app and then there's kind of a slight lull until January and then things pick we're right back up again man I feel like I feel like there's no there's no break in pickleball it's just it's now 24 7 365 when all these events are going on and it's it's pretty crazy wait what are.

Your what are your thoughts on that do you do you think we would benefit from having a pickleball season I mean what other sport is just on all year round without like an actual season to it right so I love pickleball I love watching Pro pickleball but I hate the fact that it goes all year long.

Without much of a break at all I think there absolutely needs to be a Break um it just it like we said many times before it's it's saturated there's too many events and there does need to be a Down Season like there's there needs to be downtime um and then now 2023 like I don't know I don't know how it's going to go in 2023.

With the whole MLP PPA matchup that's going on the uh their Union um and then we got app in addition to that I don't know how things are going to look for them with how things are going with PPA and MLP because this year it was mostly MLP and app that were like joining forces and then it's gonna be totally it's going to be flip-flopped.

In uh in 2023 it's going to be PPA and MLP and I talked about this a couple episodes ago I'm kind of worried about MLP a little bit just because like we all loved how MLP was but they'd only had a few events throughout the year it was super entertaining and now it's going to be the format's totally going to be changed and stuff so I just I hope.

They do it the chain I hope the change that happens is good and entertaining still and that we don't start getting burned out on MLP because I don't know it's just uh too much of a good thing makes it not so good so we'll see how it goes yeah so the whole vibe MLP merger thing was just I think it threw everybody for.

A loop right I mean we all know yeah well we can I don't know for sure but we have all speculated on what happened just over a year ago when Tom Dundon and Steve Kuhn met Tom Dunn and obviously the new owner of the PPA as well as uh and pickleball Central uh and then Steve owner of Dreamland and MLP where.

They sat down oh and duper by the way sorry Steve with duper uh where they sat down and talked that it didn't sound like the conversation went really well and then you kind of saw and felt a divide between the PPA and MLP to the point to where none of the PPA exclusive contracted players were able to play in the 2022 season which I think there are.

Pros and cons to right but I I don't know about you Webby but I think if we're going to have a major league pickleball it needs to be all of the top Pros so when you take away all the PPA Pros in 2022 you lose the top talent that's out there don't get me wrong I loved MLP I thought it was an incredible season and you know even if they would.

Have stuck with that same format I still would have tuned in and I thought it would have you know it would have been very fun to watch but now that they're merged it seems like there's going to be opportunities to have the top talent aligned with the top.

Talent across the board in pickleball which I'm excited to hear about and going on to that so Webby I know that within the past week actually I think it's within the last few days uh there's been an announcement that in order to be eligible to play for MLP you need to be either a PPA MLP silver tour card holder or a PPA.

MLP Gold Tour card holder are you familiar with this at all I saw a little bit about it and I read up on it a bit but I still don't know totally how it all works have you are you familiar enough with it to be able to describe how it's going to work I am yeah and and this isn't really uh an opinion piece I just want to share facts.

I really don't know that I have an opinion yet I think it's still too soon to to see but I just want to be able to present the facts to you guys here and I'm going to throw an image up on the screen here and uh while I'm doing that Webby maybe you can uh fix your camera again um so anyway uh.

Here here's what's going down and in order to be eligible to be able to play MLP in the 2023 season you need to be either a PPA MLP silver tour card holder or a PPA MLP Gold Tour card holder right and this is coming straight from the uh no man's land pickleball website so I don't know where they got it from but this is coming straight from there.

And if you look here uh if if you want to be a silver tour card holder then you're gonna play all six of the MLP events in 2023 then you need to play at least five minimum of five PPA events and you get what they're calling a hundred percent of the prize money no appearance fees.

Uh a marketing package you don't get some of the PPA benefits package like Medical Rental Car stuff like that but you get a lot of the a lot of the great stuff but you don't have tour exclusivity which means if you still want to play PPP you still want to play other tours you have the ability to however.

Now there's been this Gold Tour card which I mean it's it's crazy what this offers you you still have to play all six to MLP events however you have to play 20 PPA events uh four majors included in there and you get double.

The MLP prize money and PPA prize money plus all the other benefits and you also have tour exclusivity so you're not going to be eligible to play uh any or many non-ppa events and to what I understand you need to be one of these two in order to be able to play.

MLP in 2023 so Webby what are your thoughts on that well I apologize to the people tuning in on YouTube because my camera keeps freezing and it is frozen once again but I think you can still hear me right so oh man.

That's a tough one because the the pp the the gold card incentives are pretty good sounding I mean the fact that you could get twice as much money potentially um and you get to play all the MLP events uh basically basically what I hear when I.

Read that is that like app is kind of screwed when it comes to if a lot of people choose the Gold Tour card uh I just think Man app is screwed over if that if that's what most of the people opt to do um but my question is like are people going to opt for that or are they going to opt for the silver tour card so they.

Can still do the app events um because it does sound like there's still going to be a lot of prize money to potentially win through app so man that's a tough one what do you choose if you're like not one of the top players what do you what do you do yeah I mean I think it really comes down to that being able to look honestly at.

Your skill level your performance and look back at it and say all right if I'm gonna play MLP and I'm eligible for 100 of the prize money with the silver tour card um which is a good payout even without the two times payout it's still very good in you know when it comes to pickleball uh if if you feel like you.

Know you're gonna do well there however you don't necessarily think that you're going to be meddling very much at the PPA events where you can continue to go and and play apps or non-ppas does that make sense for you uh there's a lot of people that are going to be in that boat but then there's a lot of people who maybe didn't.

Like the idea of an exclusive contract so that's why they haven't signed with the PPA yet but are in the top 15 20 people where now this changes things a little bit right now if it's truly a business decision it changes things because now you have to think about it from well I get double the MLP money.

I get double the PPA money and I you know I'm I'm probably gonna meddle quite a bit in the PPA I don't know it seems like it changes things yeah and uh from uh I don't know if this is accurate but I could have swore I read something that said you have to be invited to be.

Even eligible for the Gold Tour is that have you heard that I have not just anybody I think I read something I might have been in the on the dink newsletter uh or somewhere on social media but it was somewhere I read something about how to be eligible for the Gold Tour card you actually have to be invited so it's not even open to.

Anybody who wants it yeah and I mean I could see that right I mean look we're gonna have what 24 teams in MLP which means it's going to be 96 players right they're not going to have 96 Gold Card PPA MLP players it's just not gonna happen right I I get that uh yep so yeah I man I don't know this is going to be very very interesting it.

Seems like things are changing quite a bit uh but I am grateful that there is a little bit more transparency out there right now about what the future of pickleball is going to look like so yeah is it a little scary sometimes are we kind of you know uh maybe thinking that this is getting lit out of hand I don't know me personally I do but at the same.

Point it is nice to see good journalism good reporting and good transparency from these companies about what exactly is going to be the future of pickleball yeah and we've always been very vocal from the beginning there's always been stuff that we loved and supported about.

PPA uh things about app that we've loved um but it does I do think it hurts the sport to have this Division and have have it to where not all of the best players are united for all these tournaments because when it's just a smaller chunk of the pro pickleball world it just makes things not as enjoyable.

When you're trying to show off this growing and emerging sport it's not good for it when not all of the absolute best people are in the same place at the same time competing in the tournaments so man I don't know we'll see how 2023 goes but I just hope that uh hope it's not for the worst and I hope it makes things better but uh yeah we'll see I don't.

Know get your popcorn it's gonna be yeah entertaining that is for sure uh what what are your thoughts on a lot of these celebrities making their way into the pickleball world I like it I like that from the very beginning like I feel like the keeping up with Kardashians was one of the first mainstream shows that really featured.

Pickleball and we talked about that I feel like years ago but tons of people on social media and on the pickleball Forum hated the fact that the Kardashians were involved they were saying that oh stuff like that hurts the sport and like oh this is the end of pickleball the Kardashians are playing but I totally disagree with that type of.

Feeling I think the the more celebrities that get involved in pickleball the better because that's going to make it even more popular it's going to cause more courts to pop up more pickleball programs more funding for pickleball everywhere and uh because I know I hear a lot of complaints from people like oh our courts are too busy as it is I don't.

Want more people to be playing pickleball and I I can't stand that mentality I absolutely hate it and I feel like people that say that you're the reason why pickleball didn't grow sooner and it pisses me off I I totally agree with you man uh like what if if you don't want the sport to grow.

But you want it to stay the same like all right fine go go have your own little Community go do your thing but what what value is is it providing do you not see the benefit in us getting more growth yes your courts might temporarily be packed but if there's such a demand for it that means that there's going to be other public courts.

That are going to be created as well as private organizations who are going to come in and be able to give you facilities that you want to be able to play on when I first moved into the community that I actually just moved out of a last month nobody was playing pickleball and we would go to the courts and we didn't.

Even know how to keep score we were just idiots out there right now a couple weeks ago there were almost 30 people on a Saturday morning on Four Courts there we had never seen numbers like that ever and you know we lived in that Community for seven years never saw anything like that so I think it's a combination of people started to see better players up.

There in addition to the sport is becoming more popular and I think celebrities are a good way to get into that um whether or not you uh you think you know I don't know I mean Webbie and I you and I have talked about this like I don't understand the fascination with.

Celebrities it's not something that I really give a crap about but a lot of people love it and so if you see celebrities playing even if their place sucks who cares like just be grateful that the word is getting out there and stop being the get off my lawn guy on your pickleball courts yeah and speaking of celebrities and.

Playing pickleball did you watch any of that pickled special that was on CBS I know that got very mixed reviews and reactions I haven't watched it yet uh I I want to download it and then watch it on my next flight because I'm interested in in what happened there but based on what I saw on the social medias uh the level of play was.

Not the greatest is that an accurate portrayal that is accurate but that was mainly like the first couple matches it got better as it went along and I talked about with this with pickleball McNasty a bit too but Emma Watson she she blew me away she surprised me you could tell she really enjoyed playing she played.

Very well uh Will Ferrell played very well I it seemed like he was kind of holding back a little bit because at first his team was dominating because he was he's a very tall guy and he could get to the ball a lot and then his team took a pretty commanding lead so it looked like at one point he kind of dialed it back and was just trying to be.

More of a funny guy on the court rather than playing good and stuff like that but I uh I enjoyed it I thought it was great I I didn't go into it expecting very high level play I mean I I don't know why people thought that this was going to be super high level pickleball um it was way better than when uh Michael Phelps played Larry Fitzgerald.

Do you remember that like Michael Phelps you could tell you could tell it was his first time ever touching a pickleball paddle he had absolutely horrible hand-eye coordination and that was that was way worse than what happened on any of the matches and pickled and I feel like um and we talked about this last on the.

Last episode a little bit too like it would definitely be better if every celebrity that you have on the next show if they do another one was at least familiar with pickleball and had decent skill like don't have people where it's their first time ever playing which that was the case on the Pickled special but luckily they edited it in a way to where.

Like they didn't show a whole lot of the people that were bad players so they they edited the matches to be like very short and stuff so like they would show the first couple rallies then they would cut to like a funny skit and then cut to the last couple rallies of the match and stuff like that so I thought they did a very good job putting the thing together.

And they made it fun uh there was good comedy mixed in with it and stuff like that and the whole thing it was a fundraising event the whole thing was to raise money for comic relief which they help provide uh I think they their main objective is to help homelessness and stuff like that and provide money and stuff like that so the whole thing it.

Was for a good cause it was a fun special I think it achieved its purpose I thought it was great but man the pickleball Community bashed it because of how bad some of the players were and that I didn't like to see and it made me feel bad because I thought it was a really good special for what it was and I do.

Think if they do it again they are going to focus more on celebrities that like know how to play more competitively and stuff like that so I think it's going to get better as it goes if they make it a more recurring thing but man it just bummed me out so bad to see how much the pickleball Community bashed this thing why do you think why do you think that.

Is like what what is it at the core of people because it's it's not just specific to pickleball right but that's the world that you and I are in and that's the exposure we have to social media on Facebook and Instagram what what is the fascination with people trolling or feeling like their opinion is so important that they have to share.

It with the world they're just like literally not literally figuratively on every everything that's happening out there like what that's not you and I I mean sometimes you control a little bit but that's definitely not me like where does that come from what what is that I I just.

Don't get it I don't get it man because I feel like anytime I troll I'm usually trolling people that troll I'm like a troll Hunter is what I call myself sometimes but I I've cut way back on that I stopped doing that but when I was was a little newer to social media and I saw people trolling then I would just kind.

Of attack those people but I don't get it man it's just no matter what you put out there people are gonna bash it and it's just it's the whole keyboard Warrior thing because I'm not gonna say who but somebody fairly well known in the pickleball World he's kind of known for being a troll on social media and we had a guest on our show who this person.

Trolled and so I was like Hey we're gonna have this person on our podcast would you wanna like show up and like talk to him and like express your concerns or something like that or and then he was like no I don't want to do that and I was like well I'm gonna I wanted to show the post that you made on social media just to have him.

Talk about it and he was like no no please don't I don't I don't want to get involved in this like don't uh don't put my name out there and I'm like wait a second so you you'd like openly bash this person on social media but now you don't want us to bring it up during our show and have this person that you were bashing discuss it like you saw you only.

Wanted this out there hoping that they never saw it you just wanted to bash them and stuff like that like and I feel like that's how the mentality is for a lot of these people they just put it out there they're trying to look cool but if ever given the chance to actually confront the person they're bashing they hide and don't want anything to do with.

It yeah I mean it's it's it's real we see it happen all the time I I've also seen a lot of uh what I like to call White nighting recently where there's people that are coming to the defense of someone else but doing it in a way of kind of demeaning to them of like they.

Can't pick their own fights or they're not you know they're not gonna uh stand up for themselves so I have to come in and do it and and look at me I'm the Savior I'm the moral authority of pickleball and uh what what is that all about I don't understand that either like I'm it's honestly the greatest social experiment ever just observing.

These forums and the responses that people get I mean what are your thoughts on White nighting have you heard that term before I never have no I I'm not familiar with that but I I know what exactly what you're talking about though but yeah I just I don't get it man like I just I am blown away at what people say and put.

Out there especially with their names Associated to it on social media it just I don't know man I do not get it I can't even begin to comprehend what goes through people's heads when they do that well if you guys have an opinion please throw it down in the comments below and if you're one of those people own it tell us why why you think it's.

Important that you get your opinion out there or why you think that if somebody asks a rules question and you see 30 responses of the exact same thing that you need to be the 31st that's the other part that I don't understand what is that about I hate it I can't stand it interesting oh man sometimes I just hate social.

Media it just really pisses me off sometimes well I don't know if you guys notice but we are not live on Facebook anymore and there's a couple of reasons number one because I just I absolutely hate Facebook I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago if it wasn't for pickleball and and the fact that everybody in pickleball is on it but.

Secondly they are constantly changing how you stream to Facebook without any warning we're done it's it's such a pain in the butt it's not worth it we get a lot more viewers and a lot more interaction on Facebook but at this point I don't care I'd rather us be able to come out and do a live stream and have a good time on YouTube a platform.

That we know that we like and we trust rather than Facebook so just to give you guys a little bit of insight into why we are not on Facebook right now not that we're boycotting just that we don't really want to deal with it right yeah we'll still use Facebook we'll still post things on there uh we'll still share the links to our videos and stuff.

On there but as far as going live it is an absolute nightmare to work with so we just decided we're going to stick with YouTube it's in it it's much better everything Live on YouTube is way way better than Facebook so it just if any of you tune into things that are live on both Facebook and YouTube you should always opt for YouTube the quality is.

Way better you can rewind you can watch in slow motion while the stuff is live uh it's just so so much better so just do yourself a favor if you like live content and it's on YouTube go to YouTube don't do Facebook anymore no more Facebook no more Facebook get rid of it #no more Facebook through your phones.

Down down the drain wait no that doesn't that doesn't make any sense so stop but make sure you follow us on Facebook you can follow us on Facebook and interact on Facebook just don't use Facebook for live stuff Webbie what in the world is going on with your damn camera I don't know man I'm hoping to get it.

Figured out for the next episode it's just I guess I'm so Rusty at doing live stuff that even my computers are full of cobwebs so the my live stream computers they just aren't cooperating the computers ain't Computing um well might be a good time to wrap it up anyway are there any other topics you.

Wanted to be able to talk about tonight no I think we I mean there definitely were a lot more things going on in the pickleball world but I think now is a good time to stop we can save those for next time but due to the due to how fast things are changing in the pickleball world I'm sure that I'm sure that'll be old news within a couple days and there.

Will be a whole new slew of things to talk about and some new pickleball controversies that is absolutely right um I just want to remind you guys that we hope to get these going uh the dinking around episodes in the near future uh if there's any content you want us to be able to cover any topics.

He wants to talk about any guests that you think are are good to be able to have on let us know you can always throw comments down below you can shoot an email over to info Eddie and with your ideas or maybe you have something cool that you want to talk about let us know and we are happy to consider bringing you on to be able to.

Talk about this great sport of pickleball that we all love and maybe drink a beer with you you don't have to we've had plenty of guests that have chosen not to uh and that's totally fine as well uh hopefully we'll get to do this again here in the next few weeks maybe what do you think maybe before the end of the.

Year who knows yeah yeah for sure absolutely it's definitely way more fun doing this live with you um but if uh let us know like did you guys like when I did the episodes by myself because that um either Eddie by himself or Me by myself that'll make it to where we can do episodes more frequently since it's.

Hard for our schedules to Jive did you hate it was it just lacking too much without both of us together let us know that too because maybe I'll never do it again but you never know I just want to know what you guys think I it's awful no I definitely prefer this this is way better this is way way better I would much rather do this every single time.

Um but sometimes there's just times where I want to talk about some some of the stuff going on in pickleball or share some good news and if it just so happens I have to do it while going solo then so be it that's right and on that note um Eddie.

And until next time this is Webby not Eddie signing off see ya foreign
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