Subs it seems hitting them up.

Afternoon foreign natural let's see if we go live here we are sit.

Come here no it's too long baby oh we are live we are live and blurry um unless it's coming in live Main Court Charleston South Carolina look at this Tuesday night beautiful.

Anderson scarf on the drop Olivia McMillan come and make her home in Charleston Craig Dow Luke cussmider old school just a short Anderson get out of the house it's been uh babysitting his new daughter for a little while baby Olivia.

Um heads up foreign short return and the the go-to left-hand Ernie Olivia McMillan she's gonna use that quite a bit.

Let's get a little mix up here we got Scarpa McMillan customized and DOW just getting some reps in this will go out live tomorrow night you guys can watch the whole thing there'll be a few reps here got David Parker in waiting follow me.

You guys are hitting hard a little backside windshield wiper Anderson blogger oh let's go let's go Loki wow not bad holy that was phenomenal forward.

All right we got the worst internet in the world out here by the airport nothing I can do this is going to be good though that's the taste of uh some of the points you're gonna see out here we are back live Charleston South Carolina we got practice score here we got some pros we got the worst.

Connection it's blurry uh foreign foreign right yeah turn it off thank you.

Thank you oh my God foreign welcome to San Andreas I'm CJ from Grove Street landed the heinous gangbangers in cold heat and Los Santos neighbors get no sleep even with anybody competing even police oh deep in the green rag.

With gold feet last but the flag on strap that's so G stay in shape hit the gym lift the race cause super cut a big and buff nice and straight you got stats respect weapon skill stamina muscle fat and sex appeal you get clothes from being goals and prolapse Suburban zip victim and V6 watch your back when in rival Hooters they'll test just to guess.

If your survives ducking shells jump out bus and gun until they tuck to the tail it seem like I'm on Impossible missions Pulaski harass me cop cars been on I ass the last past week cause the Dre is for the gangsters oh boy hands is the language for the bang that's hard boy and it's dangerous homeboy get your.

Brains blue for how you do your bangers homeboy he knocked me to stomp them out in the block shake before the cops come listen for sovereign
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