once again welcome to this week’s totalpickle ball Vlog my name is Mark and today we’ve got a few more paddles to talk about oneincredible bundle two new updates to yanx and then a brand new Evolution of paddle fromhead as well let’s start things off with the paddle bundle this is the Dude Perfect bundleuh beginning with the paddles you know a lot of people that are just getting into this sportare wondering you know what kind of a paddle do I want to get what’s optimal in terms ofvalue versus performance I got to say these trick shot paddles are some of the better tobegin with a lot of people that I see at the courts that are new timers really have a surfaceto their paddle that is very slick that does not hold the ball in place it just swivels andslides all over the place I think getting.

A fair amount of grit on the paddle just makesuh pickle ball easier and a heck of a lot more fun these paddles are packed with grit it is acomposite surface so along with that Precision that you’re getting off the grit you’ve gota 13 mm core that definitely lets the power shine through um you’ve got a weight range ofthese paddles for the trick shots of about 7.7 to 8.1 ounces so you got a little bit moremaneuverability based weight as well as well as mass-based power uh this is utilizing a morecompact like a 15.5 in overall paddle length and the handle length is just under five so it is avery maneuverable uh paddle from any part of the coure keeps you feeling very connected to yourshots being that the sweet spot so proximal to your hand and along with the two paddles comesthree ball balls these are hybrid pickle balls.

I would say they work sufficiently on bothindoor and outdoor I would say it’s a little bit better ball to play on a gritty hardcourtsurface and you’ve got to have a good sling bag to Transit everything safely and comfortably tothe courts cell Kirk for that includes a sling bag this easily carries everything includingsome other accessories in a zippered pocket all in all just an incredible value I think thisruns somewhere around $90 great performance the paddles everything about it it’s going to get youstarted and going with room for skill Improvement in the great sport of pickle ball next up we canlook at the uh evolution of yanx this one here is kind of utilizing a 16.4 in overall length Ithink it’s 7.4 across the span from 3 to 9 and then we’re working with a 5-in handle lengthhere so it is giving you extended reach there.

May be a little bit of a cramp feeling if you’reused to playing with two hands off the backhand side or the forehand side for that matter butoverall these are just very easy easy to play with obedient durable paddles the surface is Iwould say not the most spin friendly I’ve ever played with but I would say it is pretty darn spinfriendly yanx refers to the surface as HT graphite mixed with glass fiber and a micr particle coatingso again very easy to play with uh these paddles as mentioned are very durable and this one hasa curve tip um which kind of expands The Sweet Spot out towards the tip a little bit and nextup we have our vcore plus this one again we’ve got even more of a racket design a rounded uhhead shape but it’s utilizing the same overall 5-in handle length versus 16.4 overall and 7.4across the span from 3 to 9 this one probably.

Is a little more slippery and aerodynamic throughthe air posting up at about 8 ounces I would say this one is ripe uh for aftermarket modificationwith weight as is the ezone plus just kind of middle of the road in terms of everything just ameat and potatoes paddle for me from any part of the court whether you’re uh playing singlesor doubles these are just fantastic paddles and last but definitely not least radical nightfrom head this is definitely an improvement and evolution from the grits and the original rawthe raw ex has been one of my favorite paddles to date to play with and I would say power-wisethis one is kind of situating or Bridges the gap between the two I would say the radical gritsare very poppy very spin friendly and the raws are kind of a little more muted and dampenedthis uh paddle right here the radical Knight.

Seems to be somewhere in between the two it’s notchanging the shape for this one it’s utilizing the EXs 16.5 versus 7.5 there is a slight taper orflare outwards that keeps The Sweet Spot pretty broad out towards the tip and we’re working with a5.5 in handle length which affords plenty of room to control points in the action using either oneor two hands on the paddle um I really love this paddle for a variety of reasons spin friendlyis an understatement it is now t700 raw carbon fiber mixed with their spin on technology soit is raw carbon fiber with a coating on top of it we’re going to have to see how long thisuh paddle lasts but overall this is just an incredible thermoform paddle very dampened and Iwould say kind of middle of the road in terms of power and for today that’s all we have for youif you’d like to learn anything more about these.

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