hey everyone welcome and thanks for checking out the video today i'm going to give you a little sneak peek on what a pro pickleball drill session looks like so let's get right into it first thing we do nothing too special.

I'm sure you've done this uh right before you play but it's just some straight ahead dinking main thing is we're just trying to get some rhythm get some good touches in and start to feel the ball for the day we'll do that for just a couple minutes and then we'll move it to uh cross court and keep doing the same thing cross.

Court main thing when you're going cross court is try not to get stuck out on the outside corner and just go corner to corner to corner back and forth make sure you're using the middle coming back to the middle after each shot and try to replicate the movements that you would actually use.

In gameplay so about a minute or two of that and then we're going to switch and go the other direction cross court so a little tip while you're doing this it's really tempting when you're warming up or practicing to want to hit your favorite shot but a good suggestion would be to try to.

Play your least comfortable shots and get more reps on those you can save your favorite shot for the game but when we're practicing let's hit more of those ones that we're not so comfortable with and next we get to my favorite part some hand speed volleys if you haven't seen my video on this i.

Highly suggest you watch that i've got some great tips on how to get better at this if you have seen it you'll notice that i'm practicing some of those specific things that we talked about in that video but we'll usually do this for about i don't know maybe 10 minutes or so.

And then a lot of times this is the one drill that i'll come back to multiple times in a drill session i spoke in my other video about how important i feel this drill is and that is why it's probably the only drill i'll do multiple different times in a single drill session.

So now that we've got all those kitchen shots warmed up next thing we do is go into some point-based stuff this first one i just called dink and play it's pretty simple both players are going to start at the kitchen line the first game we usually play straight.

Ahead right in front of each other and you're playing in the half court so it starts with a couple neutral dinks just to kind of get a feel for the point and then it becomes live after that so either player can speed up and you play out the point to try to win it at this point.

we usually play these games first to 11 and then when we're done straight ahead then we'll switch to the cross court just like we did in our dink warm-up another rule that i like to do when i play this game is making a penalty for missing a dink in.

The net and the way we do that is having a point subtracted from your score if you make an unforced error dink into the net i really like doing this because it forces you to really stay focused for the whole entire game there's been times when we've been.

Playing this game and i've been up 10-3 or maybe down 4-9 or something and a couple dink misses in the net and all of a sudden it could be tied seven seven or eight all so you really have to stay locked in all.

The way until that last point one other thing you might notice when we're doing this in the cross court is sometimes we're hitting into the box right in front of us so this is what we like to call a reset dink and we allow this shot.

If we're pulled wide rather than having to take the ball back cross court we're allowed to reset the ball one time right in front of us in the box then it has to go back cross court again after that uh next up we have a drill that i call roll and reset.

So this one we move away from the gameplay and back into just reps and touches this is a cooperative drill with one person at the kitchen line and the other person in what we call the transition area so here you can see rachel is trying to be super aggressive she's trying to roll.

Everything hit everything with heavy topspin basically simulating a fourth shot in a game and i am hanging out in that transition area trying to reset and defend everything that she hits at me after that we flipped the rolls.

So now rachel is back doing the resetting and playing defense and i'm up at the kitchen line trying to roll volley trying to find my most aggressive shot and attack her feet so after that we go back to another game base drill this time it's a little different because this is a side out scoring game.

So in this one only one person can score while the other person is trying to side out you'll notice that in all of these points one person is starting back at the baseline while the other player is starting up at the kitchen line the player at the baseline is going to start the point off with the drop feed.

Drive the player at the kitchen line has to try to neutralize that drive volley it back and then it's a live ball after that so our baseline player is trying to transition in and play out the point in that half court.

So if you win the point at the baseline then you get one for your score and if you win the point while you're at the net then you get to go back and start as the baseline player so the last drill you're going to see us do here is skinny singles.

So this is kind of putting everything together that we've worked on in this drill session we've done lots of different shots from different parts of the court and now in skinny singles we add the serve and return and we play out basically full points.

But just within the half court in this version you can see we're switching sides so the way we do this is basically where you serve from corresponds to your score so if you have zero you're going to be.

Serving from the right side if you have one you'll be serving from the left side throughout this drill you'll be playing some points cross court some point straight ahead some points forehand to forehand some points backhand of backhand so the idea is you get a little bit of variety.

Playing in all directions this whole drill session took us about two hours in total and the reason i like this format is because we got a good combination of some gameplay some point play so there's some competitiveness in there but also we did some drills that are just.

Rep-based getting lots of touches on the ball so a little bit of blend of everything i appreciate you checking out the video today please like and subscribe to the channel and i'd love to see a comment below with some of your favorite drills see you next time.

In this video, I’m going to take you through an entire drill session of two professional pickleball players to explain the drills we use to improve our game, and why each is so useful.

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