What's up guys Jason and Jared with the kitchen here for another lunch game today we are playing the one and only Drew Brees that guy apparently he's a really good pickleball player and uh we have our work cut out for us him and Matt manasse I'm the norm I'm used to you know being one of the better athletes out there but not today.

Um I'm I'm ready for this guy I hope he's got some broad shoulders here to carry this team awesome wow foreign we find ourselves down 2-1 which can be demoralizing you feel like these are games we should have won but my guy here.

Like man I have a tiger for about five straight points after after Jared pissed him off where you at Matt oh I don't think I hit I don't think I hit the ball and we won five points in a row fun to be honest game four five was high level of games it was fun yeah
Drew Brees steps into The Kitchen! But does the Super Bowl winning quarterback have game? 👀

@The Kitchen – A Pickleball Community VS Drew Brees 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Watch the highlights to find out & click the link in our profile for the full Lunch Game!

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