Crazy types of spin on it close up there in the kitchen area and those dink rallies yeah come on it's a little bit higher above the net he's going to take big cuts at it very offensive type of player sign up thank you.

Put away I'm serving your white shirt blue hat and uh if you want to tell me what you have in your home state it's got to make you want to get out there and beat him again in this sport how dare he be out there well he's playing with the Washington Native at least get out there and play a little.

Pickleball I know you play I mean you had a court in the backyard Phoenix Arizona he went to Seattle University in a game once yeah that's incredible great athlete he's showing his skills out here again you see when he hits The Strokes a little.

Bit I feel like I'm sorry Ben John's forehand makes a different sound yeah it's a lot of pace coming off five five two four seven five hyperbole that is High Praise certainly foreign.

six one it's a nice combination really between Colin serving here ten six two foreign don't make any assumptions about how this is going to turn out but uh Newman and Wright have beaten them three times.

This year with the distance for me it's kind of it for me in that five Setter five games I should say long match they played I feel like he'll have to again today foreign.

How about those hands from Ben Johns to commemorate that name I love it Panda strikes again called looking for the Ernie there come on that's just too good foreign TP from Newman and they get the point.

Feeling those hands pointing at his head he's thinking trying something different tagged him that's uh fair play our favorite thing to do is tag our friends matter if you would win the point no only thing that wasn't allowed was head hunting no okay the John's brothers are amen seven three one.

There's an Ernie it's nice to give you different kinds of spin this is it designed to just innately put some extra little bit of spin on it hey one personally for me the big thing is it takes a lot of communication Court's not that big for four people out here.

In test yeah either for that matter not really no we we have we get along very well so yeah but I mean you've still siblings there's I get along with my sister really well but we still argue once in a while in tennis uh it's not completely fair to put us on the same team as far as our neighborhood battles went there was a.

Lot of those you know what we're trying to do to be a tennis player but then we play hours and hours of pickleball almost daily and look no one isn't but um you'll get sweating if you play the sport absolutely a little sweat it's a lot of.

Fun it takes quick but it's very difficult sport to master that's so well said foreign pickleball is impinging on their world I I'm not sure it has to be an either or situation in fact it doesn't yeah I don't think it.

Does either I really don't the only thing that uh I will understand from tennis players is saying some other courts are are going missing and turning into pickleball courts they can see people being a little bit irritated about that however give it a try is what I say play some pickleball play balls I've grown up playing both I love them.

Both so I think I think in the end there'll be plenty of pickleball courts that will pop up and both sports are growing fantastically that's a good thing for us you know how some Rafa fan wait for at least in my mindset but uh it's okay to pick favorites yeah another nice play but be honest you're.

Supposed to sweep back it up and clean it up okay what kind of dog was shermy it was a springer spaniel good dog foreign but the other guy's got the better of it poach from Newman but it doesn't.

Got it right oh he was ready for that one again got the racket on it paddle on it Brothers seem to be first to do that on almost every occasion crash tonight after that Miss.

Ed still have to go back and do your original childhood chores that is 100 true I'm calling and you foreign was ready for the quick one coming Champions interview after the.

Women's doubles final attempted Ernie from Newman and they get all crossed up foreign foreign still leaning forward got two hands on the paddle I really do.

Think it actually helps him in those situations in the volleys good stability 11 all 11 11. not a win by two yeah eleven eleven one oh right up the middle on the board foreign.

Here's Matt what a lob and what again 12 11 1. some excellent shots really closer to his body they had.

11 12 2. 2 all that rolls along the top of the neck it's for the Johns Brothers to close it out score on those screen is wrong it's 13 12. little dink misses one on each side.

Second serve still a match point oh good forehand finally Channel team pleased to be bring any of this pickleball coverage from DC zero two oh excellent yeah what he can get.

I think absolutely it limits his reach but he made these exchanges right right there at the kitchen it's actually helpful put a lot of angle a lot of spin on it 'd be a tough one to teach I think.

So I know and a brother I apparently when you get a pickleball family you want to have enough siblings so you have people to play with you yeah that makes sense seven of them now foreign.

Ernie from college it worked right I mean that's another beautiful part of these racket Sports the ball doesn't know I know a guy who grew up playing at this very facility Francis tiafo his forehand is not.

Exactly out of the tennis textbook but that's now right yeah I'll say foreign thank you John's siblings wow reached way over the net uh kill that.

Thank you four four two yeah that's just like tennis that yeah almost made that foreign five seven one foreign foreign.

a few points pickleball out here too get their team through he's played solid over the course of the three games we've seen so far it's been Newman has really turned it on another one did that once it was a lot of fun I think you did it as a tennis.

Player though I did I do as a defense player One turns left beforehand yeah extended a couple times now yes coordinated one not right serving done left it a little too high he there from uh Ben Johns.

foreign one should Point second serve and the hometown
This is from the Full Match Game Highlights with Ben Johns / Collin Johns VS Riley Newman / Matt Wright – Mens Pickleball Doubles Finals n2grate DC Open Tournament – Held in College Park, MD at the JTCC – Junior Tennis Champions Center – Gold Medal Match

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