What's going on guys pickleball mcnasty here with the kitchen's morning minute i hear so many times for my students i left to dink sitting too high or my opponent did the person's right in front of me and i feel like i'm at their mercy today we're going to teach you what to do to combat that feeling watch what's up next all right there are.

Two instincts when that ball is left up high one is to crowd and really get on top the other is to retreat if we crowd okay they can pick a target and we're a sitting duck but we don't need to fully retreat we can step back in here right give us ourselves a little more time but the weight is on the front foot so that way.

I'm ready to defend a hardball coming at me like so or if if now i need to also be ready to move right because the ding could be coming either way so now i'm also ready to move but this way i'm ready for anything that's coming and.

I'm not at the mercy of my opponent
DON’T BE A SITTING DUCK! In today’s Morning Minute, Pickleball McNasty demonstrates how to give yourself more time when you or your partner leaves a ball high. 🦆
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