Okay game here for 3540. um this is a game where um it's very situational coach Jim here is going to be acting as a teacher I'm going to be acting as a student as a student I'm going to be halfway in and this half court Zone okay I have to hit one block that neutralizes or one block that gets down in the kitchen once.

I do I can get up get established play the point out I get a point for neutralizing or I get a point for getting established by hitting a block in the kitchen after we play the point out I could get another Point by winning the point essentially I can win two points within one.

Okay game to seven play it out have some fun here we go zeros live that ad get that out of here okay so put put the pressure on if I'm watching to see how pretty my my block is sorry that's cheap sorry sorry sorry.

Sorry here we go oh all right I only like it for two I'm only good for two he says two pumps that he's done uh the old the old two pump King live ah to go Jim.

It's a good buddy uh two one oh okay here we go uh three one oh no get up in that too good buddy too good too good here you go three two four two neutralize and oh five.

Six so missed the first one score is now 7-3 play it again or sorry six to three foreign yeah I should have came in the first one okay uh your point you're pointing your point six four okay sorry Jim okay let's do let's do a couple more.

Here we'll go we'll go game to 11 here you can play game to seven game to eleven live oh that's good point moving those things around here we go yeah nice gym nice nice yeah uh we got nine five okay it's got to be in the kitchen now.

I'm gonna go oh yeah oh yeah bad idea to go there bad idea nine six oh God what was that nine seven here we go go ahead nine seven baby nice job nine eight nine eight here we go.

Oh yeah nine nine like it I like it hey gotta yeah it's good point you know let's be nice over there ten nine ten nine baby
The block volley is one of the most important shots in pickleball. Improving your block volley will help you improve all other aspects of your pickleball game and give you the opportunity to win more pickleball matches. In this pickleball lesson video from pickleball pro Tyson McGuffin, you will learn all of the best pickleball drills, pickleball strategies, and pickleball tips from the best pickleball players in the world. Pickeball coaching and pickleball lessons are the best way that you can improve and become a better overall pickleball player

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