Let's say we let's say we finish that game okay then we're gonna change roles obviously he would attack I would counter block okay so uh the second variation is going to be I'm gonna attack you're gonna uh counter punch okay same thing four balls uh ready here zero zero one two three.

Four and we're live oh nice okay I think everybody's different here if you're more comfortable taking a step back and punching or blocking with a step back great I think everybody's gonna have different core position from the the counter-attacking standpoint so think about what makes sense for you yeah it depends on the technique I think.

People that are more inclined to really uh have a strong punch backhand volley are often better off right on that kitchen line if your counter punch has a little bit more swing to it nothing wrong with being slightly further back to give yourself a little bit more time ready here uh zero zero or zero one uh zero one zero one one zero zero one yeah.

Two three four yeah nice I like it okay uh one one two three four uh wide it wasn't my mind where are we at uh two one I think two one one.

Two yes that does count yes that does count two two ready here one two three four just bad it wasn't my much I like it no uh we got four three four three yeah four three one.

Two three four okay four or four one more here we go one two three four oh God I barely got on top of it very.

Nice I like it
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