So I saw this article posted on NY Magazine's website titled pickleball looks really dumb on TV ignoring the obvious clickbait title of the article let's go through and see if the author has any valid points the essential question the author wants to answer is whether pickleball will translate to television the author goes on to state.

That the answer is absolutely not why it's simple pickleball looks really dumb on television for undeniable proof of this fact you only need to watch a minute or two of a high level match here's one I plucked pretty much at random and goes on to share the singles match between Ben Johns and JW Johnson at the most recent U.S open the author's.

First criticism talks about the game looking too casual the court not being big enough to fully display the player's athleticism hence it looks more like a watered-down version of tennis claiming it's too slow to be very Dynamic then comparing it to bowling and curling from a spectator's perspective because the viewers of these three Sports can.

Imagine themselves playing at a high level now there are some things I agree with and some things I disagree with the first part is comical they happen to pick the two most casual players in the sport to watch Ben Johns and JW Johnson who both have extremely similar styles of play they both play with an extremely calm demeanor both look to get up to the.

Kitchen to try and play the cat and mouse game which might look casual to the average viewer but it's very tactical and personally I find it entertaining it's like watching a chess match between these two I also refuse to believe they watch more than a couple minutes from this match considering there are a ton of rallies that showcase.

Their athleticism the author also compares the sports physicality to curling or bowling which is flat out ridiculous I'd love for this author to try just one singles match and still Proclaim it's in the same physicality tier as curling or bowling he also picked a singles match which is the least entertaining event according to.

Viewers on average getting about half the viewership as doubles this partly has to do with singles day normally being on a Thursday but most fans of pickleball would agree they'd much prefer to watch doubles and this is evident through viewership numbers and then the second criticism the author makes is about the audio which he finds.

The popping sound incredibly irritating it emulates goofiness hence not being a serious competition then goes on to note that pickleball has rattled tennis loyalists all across the country himself being one of them the cold Tennis Channel did a piece on this which they discovered that pickleball has much higher decibel rates than tennis and can.

Even be illegal in certain ordinances under some circumstances this is definitely a valid criticism to non-pickball players but to anyone who plays the sport I've never heard of anyone complaining about its annoyance of the sound and now it all makes complete sense the obvious hostile tone of the article the criticism of the.

Sport being unathletic and complaints of the noise of the ball all complaints that every tennis fan who despises pickleball clings to ignoring the obvious hatred this author has for pickleball it's still a great question that not many people seem to be asking we've heard that there were over 36 million pickleball players last year and.

Right now the PPE average is about 50 to 70 000 viewers per stream that's a conversion rate of 0.1 percent does this mean that there's a bunch of untapped potential or is this sport primarily a sport in which people participate but don't end up watching the professionals pickleball is still in its infancy and the professional scene is just starting.

To heat up a lot of capital has bet on the idea that pickleball will become a big spectator sport there are some different aspects to this question one being for someone who has never played or watched pickleball what would they think if they were scrolling through channels and stumbled upon the sport would it Captivate their attention I.

Don't have any data or anecdotal evidence but if I had to guess it would not if you have never played pickleball before and don't know the strategies or the rules then I could see how this would look like a watered-down version of tennis for someone to fully enjoy all pickleball has to offer I think one might have to have a decent.

Understanding of the strategy involved by playing the sport and understanding how difficult some of these shots are could random Spectators appreciate the high level strategy of long kitchen dink rallies probably not they would probably be more entertained at the firefights at the kitchen and for the firefights the women's doubles tend to last the longest.

Hence why a lot of people say that's their favorite event the New York Times also wrote an article about detailing whether Pro pickleball is viewable from a spectator's perspective they asked an economics professor from Smith college who also served as a consultant for different sports leagues pickleball might have trouble attracting viewership.

Because it lacks showcasing the physical prowess of the athletes like other sports he also states that the smaller Court sides makes it harder for viewers to follow a player's tactics or anticipate the build up now to rebuttal these two comments it's pretty easy considering golf is the seventh most watched sport in America this is a sport.

Which non-golfers portrayed as extremely boring to spectate athleticism isn't a big factor in golf I'm not saying it's not a factor at all but when you have a guy like John Daly who smokes cigarettes while playing and plays hung over often is still a competitive at the highest level it's difficult to say athleticism plays a significant factor finesse.

Strategy and the mental Factor are much more significant athleticism is a factor but isn't why why people watch I remember as a kid being bored to tears when my dad would watch the majors on TV if you don't play it you're certainly not going to understand the drama or appreciate the intricacies after years of playing golf now I think it's one of.

The most entertaining Sports to watch high definition has made a huge difference actually being able to see slope and undulations the production value has gone up tremendously the super slow-mo the whole flyovers the ball flight tracking as a golfer you're trying to pick up Clues on how to evolve watching on TV looking for golfers whose.

Swings you want to emulate and trying to understand the mechanics is just intriguing you know the yardages that you hit your clubs so you were amazed when those guys are hitting seven irons from 200 yards you know how impossible it is to hit a low fade so you Marvel at how one of those guys hits a shot out of trouble the same goes for pickleball the.

Casual non-pickleball player won't understand the difficulties of shots when watching but to someone that has played pickleball is enjoyable in part due to understanding the level of nuance involved in certain shots it's the perfect combination of athleticism finesse and strategic thinking I think just like in golf you need to have at.

Least played competitively to somewhat enjoy actually watching the author of this article goes on to talk about all the different Pro tours and leagues being too segmented for viewers this is a legitimate criticism as new viewers try to get into following professional pickleball but to counter this we've already seen some consolidation with MLP.

And PPA essentially partnering together the best players except for Paris Todd are all now basically playing on the PPA tour and a part of Major League pickleball this was bound to happen at some point and these two entities can definitely coexist with how different the formatting is American football used to have two leagues then they ended up.

Merging so did basketball and so did baseball eventually every Pro Sports League consolidates into one and I don't see why pickleball would be any different from a Fan's point of view it was kind of interesting in a way having the fragmentation with PPA players and app players because you could speculate on who would win these matchups if these.

Players from different Pro tours ever played each other but now we don't have to speculate and get to see who really is the best will pickleball ever be a staple on cable TV I don't know I don't think it has to for it to be successful yeah it's probably the most viable method in terms of maximizing the financial side of the business right now.

But with how streaming has evolved it might be a better long-term alternative to stick to streaming considering less and less people are paying for cable then again if cornhole and bowling get airtime on ESPN it might not be that difficult to enter this Market professional pickable has a ton of room for growth if you go to any random.

Pickleball court I guarantee you only a handful of people will be able to name some of the top Pros on the tour and even if they do it will most likely be just a few name value on the pro scene is not there yet only a few household names thus far like Ben John's Anna Lee Waters and Tyson McGuffin if pickleball is able to build up the brands of.

Players creating rivalries drama and showcasing compelling personalities it has a great chance to succeed pickleball will have to break some barriers in order to find long-term success on the professional side but with how many people regularly play Pickleball and how fast it's growing it seems like there's plenty of opportunity there's also so.

Much on top potential for this sport to grow outside of the United States it barely has an international presence but there are certain pockets of the world slowly adopting the game if pickleball can go International then professional pickleball would be in a really great position to succeed so that's going to wrap up this video If you enjoyed this.

Type of video please leave a like And subscribe down below let me know in the comment section below whether you want more videos similar to this style also let me know your thoughts on professional pickleball and whether you think it's here to stay or just stay fad as many have predicted as always thanks for watching.

I rebuttal a few articles claiming Professional Pickleball is boring to watch on TV. Professional Pickleball has been getting a lot of traction in mainstream culture but is it here to stay?

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