Oh looking for more power on your tuner back and impeccable here's three top tips that you've got to try that'll make your swing a little bit better the first thing is it make sure your non-dominant hand mic is my left hand does a few goes without the ball and actually you know like turns them on the paddle it's going.

To work when you're using a dominant hand to your left hand for my case driving through the ball to get more drive again it's going to be really effective because I'm going to Now work on developing my left hand's dominance during the swing do one more yeah left hand ah through learning reapply your your second hand and work again same.

Thing like nice good dry that second hand then your left hand is dominating the swing being a lot more power one more and through second key thing that's really important is contact position in front of you measure your contact out in front if your context behind you you lose the extension through the wall so you can make it in front.

And through what's next attention through the line of contact very very important third thing key thing is you sit here get the swing nice and compacted back swing