Hey I'm Carlos Rodriguez the pickleball preacher I'm going to talk to you about the spin shot pickleball machine before I talk to you about the spin shot I want to talk about ball machines the first question is why get a ball machine I can give you the reason why I got one.

I'm currently ranked number 17 in the world in men's professional singles on the senior tour and I really want to break into the top 10. but I recognize that there's some deficiencies in my game that I need to work on see we have a tendency to work on the things that we do well but to really improve you've got to isolate out the.

Deficiencies in your game and you need to work on them again and again and again and so a ball machine gives you that opportunity to get multiple repetitions working on weaknesses in your game and thus improving the way that you play so that's the reason why I think it's wise to get a pickleball machine now the.

Question we need to ask though is which pickleball machine and I think that's where the spin shot differentiates itself from other machines see other machines are ball machines in the sense of you set up where you want the ball to go and how you want it to leave the machine and it will do that again and again and again.

Just one style of shot the spin shot actually has 12 different patterns or sequences of six balls a piece that are pre-loaded into the machine that cover all aspects of the game but those are completely customizable I can customize those or I can create my own drill sequences of six balls so I can create a sequence where I.

Have the spin shot a fire off the first ball being a deep Top Spin backhand and then I can have it hit a a low slice forehand and then I can have it deliver a dink on the forehand side and then a volley to the center and then a dink on the backhand side and finishing it up with an overhead I can control where the ball is put and how the ball is.

Delivered to me and so I think of the spin shot not as a ball machine but rather as a training partner so let's go to the ball machine and let's take a look at it it's features and functionality so you can understand how it operates all right the first thing I want to talk about is the build quality.

Some of these ball machines that I've seen they seem frankly a little bit flimsy they're made out of plastic but the first thing you'll notice about the spin shot is it's solid it's industrial it's it's made out of metal you can tell the quality of something by looking at the seams and how it's manufactured and it's very clear that.

This machine is durable which is important because at least if you're like me you're you're taking the machine you're putting it in your car you're taking it out of your car you want to make sure that this thing is going to last now this is the control panel where you have 12 of the drills and you can push.

Them and start them of course we're going to talk about doing it through the app but the cool thing about this machine not only are the drills customizable but the machine itself is customizable see spinshot is a software company and so as they continue to make improvements to the machine.

I can download them and through the Wi-Fi connection download these updates to the machine so for an example a customer went to them and said hey I your your dink isn't exactly right you need to tweak it a little bit so the dink is more like this so they experimented they sent out a software update I went ahead and punched it in.

And lo and behold new features and functionality indeed very soon people are going to be able to upload their drills to the app and you're going to be able to download other people's drills and make them your own and so you've got a product that's constantly evolving it's it's not static it's Dynamic and I think that's very exciting.

All right the way you control and customize this machine is through of the app you download the app on the App Store so I'm opening up the spin shot app and as you can see here are the 12 customizable drills that are available to you let's take a look at one of the drills I've already customized them to.

What I need here's drill number two and this is called return and approach and hit two volleys notice there's six balls in this drill and each ball I can control I can control its horizontal position left to right I can even choose random so I don't know where the ball is going to go I can choose how hard the ball is hit.

Speed I can choose how much spin a lot of spin or it's under spin slice I can choose how high the ball is going to go over the net or how low and then the feed time how fast each ball comes after uh after the last ball and so in the sequence I'm going to hit a backhand return a forehand volley and then a.

Middle volley and then I'm going to hit a forehand return a backhand volley and a middle volley let's see how it goes thank you foreign.

foreign so as you can tell I'm a fan of the spinshot pickleball machine so if you're interested in taking your game to the next level I recommend you take a look.

At this machine I've actually put a customized Link at the bottom of this video and if you go through that link and take a look at the machine and buy one you automatically get a free cover which is a fifty dollar value and it's really nice to keep Dust Away from the machine in the future I'm going to be shooting more training videos and.

Showing more things about the spinshot machine as I probe the depths of its dark magic so until then this is Carlos Rodriguez the pickleball preacher foreign
I look at why one should purchase a pickleball machine and do a full review of the Spinshot Machine.
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