All right so there’s a lot of talk about third ball drop what do we do with the third ball all that good stuff but a lot of times what I’m seeing especially in beginner games is missed fourth balls off the bounce we talked about a couple weeks ago rolling the ball and taking that fourth ball out of the air but what about when your opponent hits a great.

Third ball drop it actually drops what do we do with that ball let’s talk about that next all right so we’re going to start out with that very first tip which is realizing Court positioning of my opponents okay so Lauren is my first opponent she’s going to be hitting the drop okay and she’s going to be further.

Back cuz we’ve assumed I’ve hit a good return I’m move up to the kitchen line her partner is going to be in that transition zone okay now when I’m observing this situation we’re talking about a ball that’s dropping and actually hitting the ground not a ball that I’m taking out of the air so what that means is they’re going to they’re.

Realizing they’ve hit a good shot their feet position are not going to be there by the time I’m hitting the ball over back to them right the partner is going to the banner is going to realize when Lauren hits that drop is they’re going to move forward and they’re going to be at that kitchen line okay now Lauren when she hits her drop she’s either.

Going to be fast enough to get to the kitchen line or most likely when I’m hitting the ball is going to be at her feet in the transition zone so I’m not aiming my ball to be hitting their feet where they’re at I’m aiming my ball to be where their feet will be right so the best or my highest chance of making sure that I’m getting it to someone’s feet is.

Probably the person that is hitting the ball from further back so I’m not going to try to hit to this person I’m going to try to hit to that person but I have to be careful because that Banner might cross over and poach so I want to keep that ball a little bit low so this is what we’re looking like so I’m going to try to hit to that transition zone so.

It’s dropping at her feet by the time she’s coming in in okay now I’m going to air a little bit on the high side because I don’t we see a lot of mistakes with people hitting in the net so I’m trying to keep it somewhat low but not risking putting it in that net okay so I’m here and then I’m trying to get it over in that transition zone on her side.

Versus this side because that might be attackable for the banner so that’s that first tip notice where your the court positioning is of your opponents and then play to that side that’s further back all right before we get into hitting the ball actually we want to make sure we’re covering tip number two which is your stance if we’re coming in.

I’ve hit the return Lauren is hitting the drop if I come in with a high stance and then she hits it I’m a lot further from the ball right down low if I’m not getting myself down there then I’m not being able to see the high of the net I’m not able to H seeing the ball clearly as much and my pal is maybe not out as front so we want to make sure.

That we want to get a good low stance wide bending the knees and my pals out in front so that I’m able to hit an effective Ive fourth ball off of that drop to make sure that I’m getting it clean every single time all right tip number three has to do with the paddle angle okay now with the priority being keeping the ball in play a lot of times.

We want to make sure that pal face is kind of straight up and down initially but if if we get the the the partner of Lauren see how that kind of ball floats up if the partner of Lauren starts poaching across smashing us getting getting these shot in that’s killing our ability to win the point then we got to start keeping that ball a little bit.

Lower but air on the high side initially see what they got and then as we move through the game we can start to close that pal phase to make sure the ball stays lower because the ball is rising up to us from the kitchen once it bounces so typically we if it’s coming up we need to make sure that Palace is closed to keep it low right if the pal.

Face is straight up and down or open and it’s coming up it’s just going to be popping up at that same angle that it’s coming in at okay so we want to make sure that my pal face is somewhat closed as I come through and see that ball stays really low over the net so I want to make sure that that again the pal face is closed and as I come through it.

It stays nice and low especially when the ball’s rising up to me all right before we continue on to tip four we want to make sure you smash that like button and she says subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of our next videos all right so this tip number four is one of the big ones that I see mistakes begin a lot.

Of beginners make and that’s moving the pal too quickly through the ball we’re trying to kill that fourth ball that’s bouncing and we’re just way too close to the net so we either kill it and one more here we go we either kill it and it goes into the net like so okay okay and we’re just we’re hitting it too hard swinging too much or we get it over the.

Net okay and then we hit too hard and that’s popping up way too big our opponents can come in and smack it cuz it’s just too high so when we’re hitting a fourth ball off the bounce of a drop we want to First make sure that we keep a very short swing to it okay so our Pal’s out in front and it’s almost like dinking the ball however the pace of the.

Ball from a drop is a lot faster than a dink so you’re not going to treat it as much you’re not going to give it as much power as you would a dink because a dink is moving really slowly this drop is moving a lot faster so there’s more energy on the ball so we need to make sure that I’m moving even slower through the ball than a dink so what it looks.

Like keep that pal out in front I’m going to catch as early as I can oh that was too good of a drop from Lauren sneaky on the net okay I’m going to be very short see how short I was with that very soft when I get it in try to get to the transition zone like we talked about before and keeping it low but it’s a very out in front short nudge to make.

Sure that I get it in that transition zone if I’m trying to get a little bit deeper I want to give a little bit more juice so if Lauren stays back one more time she’s doing a great job with a leaner in her arms and I’m going to get a little bit deeper by pushing the ball a little bit more but I always make sure that Ball’s out in front my face is a.

Little bit closed and moving through with just my arm pressuring that ball give it a little 1-in punch almost but I’m not taking any kind of swing to the motion that’s where it’s going to create in consistencies Mish hits and even popups all right so now let’s talk about tip number five which is the exception to tip number four now this exception is.

When they hit a drop but the drop bounces above that level of the net and we can take a little bit bigger swing now if you expose a bigger swing you can hit it harder obviously cuz the ball’s boun by that but what I like to do is keep the same keep it look like I’m hitting soft to keep it short and then acceler at through so what that looks.

Like is the ball bounces real high and then I’m keeping it short and then I smack it down and through accelerating big time but I don’t give away if I if I hit a big go a big swing and then swing through it’s obvious that I’m going to be hitting hard so I want to make sure that I’m kind of still looking like I’m going to hit it soft and then accelerate.

Through and keep my compact swing going so one more time and then I’m keeping my contact swing going and then I’m working through that ball still trying to get it to their feet that one was a little bit High we try to go one more time great drop from luren and then I come down and get it to their feet as I come through the ball now we want to make sure though.

That we’re making a right decision on what’s high enough okay so you got to be looking at the level of the net as in comparison to your weight so if it’s right around here this isn’t necessarily enough to attack it’s right around that tape okay you want it a little bit above that okay so that you’re not risking hitting that net tape cuz me and my my.

Partner in the best position here we don’t want to give up this position a silly mistake is putting in the net is really terrible we want to make sure that we’re not making a mistake until they get to that kitchen line and they’re even with us and we’re risking something that’s important further on in the point we’re to make sure that we’re.

S keeping that ball in play as the priority and then we risk as the point goes longer and longer all so Alina is in training with her 3x carbon which is her favorite paddle favorite tasting paddle as well so she’s been training with it a lot so you got to make sure you pick up the same.

Paddle yeah okay so we’re going to continue our train we’re going to get back to it
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