follow me because it's a little tricky hand up Karate Chop fingers down curl them in extend them out fingertips to the base of your hand curl your hand to your elbow and then just make as big as deliberate circles as you can then when you're open open up your hand as.

Much as you can now curl it and repeat so this is going to be working all the tendons and the ligaments in the back of our hand and because it's an active stretch meaning you're not using say your other hand to stretch it we're very used to this one this is a passive strip so your muscles aren't actually having to do the.

Movement and when you're out here playing pickleball the muscles in the back of your hand and your forearm are going to have to work in concert together to get all of these done and we do a lot of weird wrist movements in pickable so make sure that we do this before we play again there's absolutely no cost there's no excuse not to do it.

It will really really help you and if it feeling better is not good enough I bet it helps you play better right away too because you'll be more solid