All right we are back with another episode and on this episode we have Anna bright real quick I want to know because I feel like this came up just very random so he James texted me and was like can Anna be on the podcast basically and I was like you know I was like no wait I'm just kidding we're like yeah no.

That's fine that's great but what made you want to come on the podcast because I assumed you hadn't seen anything before whenever that day was like two days ago no I had seen a couple of your guys's podcast I'm a bit of a nerd and my dad really is a nerd and my dad found some way to uh search for YouTube for all videos in which you're mentioned so.

We watched clips of your podcast which ones did we mention you and I don't even know that uh something where I was funny at MLP thing yeah something related to Christian I want to know how he how this tool works I don't know I don't know I'm gonna have to talk to your dad that's really cool you might not find any mentions of yourself though oh oh oh.

Holy cow the beginning of the podcast that I'm roasted oh my goodness all right I like it I like it okay well for those of you who don't know it's probably very few of you if you listen to a pickleball podcast but Anna bright came out of the scene probably what six ish months ago now late February.

Yeah okay yeah so six ish months and like you kind of took the whole thing by storm like your first tournament everyone kind of went nuts obviously since then you've been playing really well it's not that you went nuts it's the way you went nuts you were screaming so loud and you know I have to I had to turn down the volume on my laptop when I.

Was watching some of your Clips who is this oh my goodness yeah so you you do tend to get pretty amped and hyped on the court have you always been like that yeah I've always been like that on on my college tennis team I was the designated hype chick okay um so yeah I've always brought the hype um especially I don't know I think.

Pickleball is really really intense more so than tennis even in a lot of Senses so it's just so intimate you know yeah that's the kitchen line you have these hands exchanges like so many points in tennis are just a a random mistake yeah and then well when we were talking to James we are also just saying in tennis like if you were gonna banter or.

Something they're so far away you yelled they might not even hear you and then you say the second time and it's not funny anymore right exactly you're so close you're like there's no way you didn't hear what I just said yeah you want to tell them to shut up because they're so close right like oh my gosh some were you similar in junior tennis.

Or was it not until college that you got pretty amped I was I don't I would always get amped for sure but college tennis is like another level and then I think pickleball is again uh another level sure sure well tell us about just kind of your pickleball origin story I actually don't know if I've heard that I listened to a couple clips that you were.

In but just kind of tell us how you got into pickleball obviously you were playing high level tennis it was D1 right yes yeah so how did you transition into pickleball and did you the first time you saw me like this is stupid like every tennis player um so I was first introduced to pickleball maybe in like 2016 2015 I.

Didn't play but uh we had two tennis courts in my community and they converted one of them to four pickleball courts and I was we were not pleased about it me and my family and they were just they were just vacant this is like 2015 2016. um and so they went back to attendance Court in just a couple months but that was my first oh really.

Curve yeah did they convert it to like an actual pickleball court or just add the lines uh no they converted a tennis court to either two or three fully permanent pickleball courts and they were vacant and a few months later they made it back into a tennis court like permanent that's crazy I've actually never even I mean that was obviously a.

While ago but that's crazy I can't even imagine that now yeah like permanent permanent pickleball Nets everything and then they made it into a tennis court again so that was ahead of its time but that was the first time I heard of the sport and I did not have a positive impression um I remember one time two people came.

Out to play and I was like yeah that's so dumb um why would anyone do that that's really um so that was my first introduction and then I I graduated college finished up playing tennis and uh so this was like uh 2021 September of 2021 I guess and a.

Park by my house had converted uh some ports into pickleball courts and my parents would go play sometimes and there was like open play like Tuesday and Thursday nights people would go and so I went with them once and uh I I mean it was fun you know I liked playing with my family but when I got more serious as uh one guy at the park was like yo.

You're really good like you should go play in this charity tournament uh that's like 45 minutes away and you were like of course I'm good pickleballs the easiest thing ever I wasn't like I'm good I'm just like you just suck no not actually yeah no yeah you were you didn't know why it was kind of funny.

Though like this guy was so nice but he was just you know like trying so hard you know and I was just like dang no but uh but then I went to that Park and I tried it out and that that place had like really good players a lot of four hours four fives that was my first time playing with people at my level and that's when I was hooked I ended up.

Playing the tournament um what did you play in in the tournament what division so it's funny my I just got matched up with a partner I just texted the director and uh so it's a complete blind date I've never played okay well tournament it's just a charity thing like really small yeah we were gonna play 4-0 and then after the.

First day of us playing together he was like you're really good like we play four five it's a Cuban not not very good English and I was like okay and then we ended up also deciding to play in the open and in the open we lost to like George Johnson and Gabe tardio um in the finals uh it was like group play like no problem play and then you.

Advanced out so we just didn't advance that we also played like Brandon hubschman uh so there's a lot of good players in our area yeah and I just remember thinking George and Gabe were like another level entirely um was that the first time you were impressed with pickleball players oh no I was impressed like whenever I would go.

To that Park of course because everyone was like I wasn't people were better than me uh for sure um but it's kind of funny like right off the bat I'm probably like almost a four or five yeah it was my first time playing I would be shocked if you were not at least four or five like just you know starting off yeah and then just.

Within like two three weeks yeah you're just like you go way up yeah not every ball is getting ripped yeah so uh really quick and then uh we we actually got second in the four five and yeah like like went maybe three and three in the 5-0 group play something like that okay not bad were they open I.

Guess yeah so after college tennis was it just like I'm kind of like done I was gonna do this in college and now maybe I'll play for fun but I'm not gonna do any more with it or was there ever any thought you were gonna do more with tennis after college no there was no thought uh I I could have actually taken the fifth year due to uh covet.

Like I could have played one more year of college tennis and my coach is actually like really really wanted me to because I was uh I played I played all over the lineup uh during my time in college but the last the last like a year I was playing at five six but I just didn't lose sure I was 20 and three um oh wow I was just.

Really dang crushing people yeah I just like you're doing a pickleball now I just I just didn't lose um so I was really really about just with my game style like just kind of a grinder someone who didn't really miss um they really wanted me to stay but I was just ready to be done I I describe it as like uh.

You're getting ready to turn like the the last page in a chapter of a book I'm not like looking forward to it you're not dreading it but it's just time and you know it's time I see I see yeah that makes sense does how much of like the training got old in tennis like by the time you finish was it just like some people a lot of people have I think.

James might have even said this just like burnt out by the end it was like I just don't care anymore like this is just hard work I think I'm unique in that I never liked practicing I never loved tennis like a lot of people loved it I think but my dad played in college and it just started me their photos and I was like.

Two of me across the net and uh like him just tossing balls may have got serious at six so it's just something I've done my whole life I see um but I would always hope that it would rain I'd hope for anything uh to get out of practice but I just happened to be I was really good and I loved competing and I was a really good competitor loved winning yep.

Um so I mean I liked it but uh uh probably the most burnout time in my life when I was like 13 14. um but I had a good time playing college tennis but I practiced like a lot by my standards was it more singles or doubles uh it's both it was both yeah I was a did you try one oh I prefer doubles I was always a better doubles player than.

Singles player which translates better to pickleball obviously but um which is why you came on the scene hot you know just a record people left and right I actually can't remember the very first tournament did you start out better in singles or doubles or did you win both I actually won both but I think I'm a relatively like better doubles player.

Than singles player oh which is uh not not the norm perhaps for tennis players normally it's the other way yeah so it's pretty interesting you said that uh you didn't like tennis I guess growing up about like a job per se but you kind of just stuck with it or played it just because you were good or because you were a competitor it looks like you're a.

Very competitive person yeah I I just I don't know I don't know that I want to say I didn't like it but it wasn't really like a choice it's just something I did just kind of part of my identity I guess um so so yeah it's just something I did a lot of I I liked winning a lot yeah I.

Was always always Everyone likes learning definitely I always really had the disposition for tennis it's kind of like boxing I think it's a similar mindset it's just you another person you're all alone no coaching so I'm hearing that for tennis I remember I went back and listened to another podcast clip you were on and.

This was back in March I think and you were asked about like are you still working like you're doing pickleball full time like what's the deal and at the time you said I don't really ever want pickleball to be my full-time thing like I don't want to get burnt out on it but I assume at this point pickleball is full time now so did you change your.

Mind or are you still doing regular work no I'm I'm all in on the pickleball so I was working as a project manager at a small fintech company then I kind of had that big breakout tournament um and I was gonna go part-time with them but then Jill braver minute duper like found me on LinkedIn like my background she reached out to me uh.

Recruited me over so then I worked for duper for a few months uh and then I I kind of made the decision I stopped working for duper like after MLP the second MLP oh at Newport yeah that was like my last week uh with duper um so that wasn't that wasn't that long ago no only like six or seven weeks ago how was it.

Working over at duper it was great I really really liked it but just uh what the company needed and what I could give at that point were really different with how sure talented I am at pickleball and how young I am I just kind of decided like I have to really pursue it and they totally you don't get that many chances.

Yeah right just totally got it Joe was like you know if I was like your age with your talent I'd do the same thing wait how old are you right now I'm 22. oh okay 22. so what what kind of changed and I mean obviously you start you came out and said and started doing really well I'm sure that was a big influence but in that interview you seemed fairly.

Adamant like yeah no we don't want to do that something flipped I think that I started you know I I don't know which interview you're referring to but that was just Scott oh and that was just like a week after uh Punta Gorda or something like it was right after and I think that sense of traveled so much played so much so many tournaments and still really.

Enjoying it really loving it and I was also feeling like I was not training enough to maximize how good I could be I see I was like I have to if I want to actually be good at this I have to spend more time yeah you do not mind the training in pickleball um I like it it's fun yeah okay so what are you working on I guess right now I.

Mean you just started um I know going full force in pickleball and I mean obviously you're competing with the best of the best right now but are there polls in your game right now and and basically what I'm asking is if I want to beat you when we play what do I need to do I don't think there are like obvious holes in my game I don't.

Really think people at the top like generally have holes there's just some things you don't have like right now I'm trying to work on getting really good at lobbing I was really really talented uh at lobbing and Tennis like one of the best probably in college tennis you were a lobster it was it was really good like uh if anybody knows like in girls.

Twelves there's like four supernationals a year they're basically like with the grand slams of junior tennis like in America and I won and I was just Moon balling everyone you know like that's probably perfect in junior tennis up until a point yeah it works really well and I was really good at it um.

So do you think do you think the lob is going to become I mean I feel like in the last few months we've seen it become a lot more common you see a lot more Pros using it like Calen Doss and Matt Wright was using it quite a bit recently the lab has always been like a maybe this is more at the amateur level but it's always been such a.

Controversial thing do you feel like in the next two years you're gonna see it used way more it just seems so good for getting someone off the kitchen line and kind of resetting the point they have to work back in yeah I um I don't know I think in next it's a.

Really good tool for women to just reset a point and just to do something because next is really tough for me to figure it out like the balance between just making dinks and just grinding dinks and then actually being aggressive something I have to figure out so I feel like uh like Simone lobs a lot and I hate it so I might learn how to do it myself.

Um in women's you know I just I don't really know women's is such a rip Fest it's not like the dink rallies are that long anyway so is there time to like work in the disguise of a loft because someone sees your lobbying like you're in a real bad spot so I don't really know I think it'll be interesting but I see it.

In mixed like because right now Simone does it a lot at least Jones does it a lot but other women aren't really doing it that much but then you see Senior Pros like they lob incessantly yeah all the time Savages all the time you know and wait did you see the was there a rule proposal of doing away with the law no it was.

There is a rule proposal for 2023 to ban all third shot lobs like if you hit a third time lob you lose the point and I was like there's no way to enforce that you drive a ball at me and I pop it up or something I don't know like you can't afford how what determines a lob if you're short right if you're like will like it doesn't take much money.

I got hops don't you be trying to lob me but there is a lot I want you to love me so every time with puzzles um but so you're talking about mixed we actually talked to James about this and I want to get your take on this what do you think the current state of how mixed is played how do you feel about it like you know the guy typically takes a lot.

Of Court like from your perspective do you like that do you not like that um I don't think it's a matter of liking it or not I just think I think that's how uh the best mixed is played um and you're on the whole yeah and you're you're not I guess against it or anything right now obviously because you're obviously a very capable player.

But we just us mere mortals at the lower levels or people who are just you know on Facebook social media or whatever they're just complaining they see these mixed Clips well especially when the guy is like taking it much and then they lose the point they're always like oh the guy didn't do that that would have been fine.

Right exactly but I feel like as we talk to more people especially at the higher level like yeah this is just what you do like this is what you have to do yeah I think it's just what you it's just kind of how mix has to be played I do think maybe some men take a little too much Court like who um.

I think decal sometimes has taken a lot of court and it's like crazy so I don't I don't really know that I've seen anyone take more than decal and but when I hate playing against Deco I've actually never beaten him uh when he's playing well it just feels like there's literally nothing you can do it just feels like right you can't get them all.

Away from it yeah but uh every match I've played him I feel like he's had patches of not playing well and then it's like he's managing to touch like 80 of the balls so it's it's not that bad a situation but he always gets hot so deco's a really great player but I feel like I don't think anyone takes more.

Than him and I feel like sometimes it maybe causes problems or it's just too much he just gets himself too out of position but I don't think I do a good job of exploiting that uh whereas I think better next players like than me right now or probably a little better a little better with that yeah um so the current state.

Of how it's played you're like this is fine wouldn't really change anything no I mean if I go against a man in hands like unless I start way ahead I'm gonna lose it's just a fact you know I don't think the the reaction time is that much faster like it is faster but it's largely just the power I think and the.

Fact that they hit the balls like way farther out in front than women do they just take away a lot of time whereas we're taking we're hitting more like swing volleys so that's like another quarter of a second that the ball's traveling both to us and back before it reaches like where they make contact out in front yep um so it's just it's just.

Different uh and so I yeah yeah no it's interesting to hear I just you always see I mean I don't know if you see but I see all the time just people debating incessantly on like you know let them play Like This Woman's probably better than the guy and I think there are a lot of cases where that is but the way I've.

Always viewed it is if all of these teams do it like all these women aren't just going oh man I just wish my guy partner would just stop doing this like it's obviously premeditated this is like the plan you have and if you didn't enjoy it you wouldn't play with these people so to me it just seems like I don't know it makes.

Sense yeah I think the let them play argument is a little tired because the highlights we see are are the crazy points when the balls are high like overheads are getting slammed and and the man is going to be the one mostly doing that but I women touch more balls than mixed right for sure grinding dinks cross-corps we actually touch more balls.

Yeah but it's just the the Highlight points are the ones where you know the men look like studs like they're hitting overheads they're they're doing stuff but we do like most of the work right you know dinking setting up the partner like making like crazy resets like so um yeah because they're going after you we play plenty I get more sore a lot of.

Times after like a good mix match than a good women's match it's like my right butt cheek is just like dying grinding they're just grinding the same shot like one of it that's always a missing element of it when you're watching just to highlight it's so easy to not see how the rest of the match played out and if you watch a lot of.

Mixed actually there's a great example I don't know if you've ever seen this clip it was last year Riley Newman and Nationals I was like Lindsay and Jesse they hit something like 80 Cross Court dinks back and forth and Riley literally just gets on his knees and just like no way yeah he does yeah he's just like messing around and it's really funny to.

Watch I was kind of surprised that Jesse or whoever didn't just speed it up down the line um but so I feel like you do just if you actually watch mix there is a ton of just that cross court dinking it's right they hit a lot of balls yeah yeah so do you like mix like which one do you prefer of the the three like the singles.

And then and then mix and how I guess how different are the three games from each other do you have to adapt more or play a different style more or less for for each of them uh definitely everyone's very different women's is definitely uh my favorite love women's doubles um really fun it just kind of comes down to hand speed and your power.

You know it's not like the quality of dinks really matter too much I don't really think well the the firefights seem to last a lot longer in women's and they seem to start faster as well yeah totally totally well I I S I feel that's because I don't know I feel when I watch uh women's doubles they stand a little bit further from the kitchen light and.

You are swing like doing swing volleys like back to back to back and everybody has a swing volley I feel like a two-handed swing volley I don't see that many one-handed I don't know Blicks or or what else is that is that the case is that what you see yeah I think it's just a an issue not an issue but uh it's just.

A limitation of strength sure you know whereas men are really strong like at their body with one hand flicking with one hand you know countering with one just don't really have that gotcha and is that why you guys step a little bit further from the kitchen light just so you have a little bit more time to react because it.

I don't know when I see the firefights from the women it just looks like it looks like a boxing match you guys are just throwing Haymakers but for the men I just feel like it's it's a little flicks like it did it in a few blocks but the women I'm just like oh my gosh they're gonna hit each other I feel like you're gonna like smack Like Jesse or.

Sometimes when you're swinging and I'd be like oh my gosh I'd be scared yeah yeah it's just for more time more time to clock the shot and take the big back swing so you don't feel that that's a detriment because I mean I hear it too some people will say oh why are they so far away from the kitchen line they should just stand closer and hug the.

Kitchen line some people say like oh the woman they're they're doing it wrong and I'm like there's no way they're doing it wrong they're at this level and they're on the stream and you're at home yeah I kind of think that's the case I think it's just uh it's just the technique yeah and um maybe maybe that'll change and maybe you will have.

Women who can stand on the line and punch well with one hand um does anybody do that well now or actually which which are women or I guess which players do you fear the most on the tour oh uh Annalee 100 yeah she's definitely I kind of think Anna Lee and the women's game is kind of on her own tier I mean that's what it feels like.

For singles right now too I mean Paris and her haven't played a bunch obviously that one time Paris won but do feel that way too for singles are only doubles um more so for doubles okay honestly she's definitely smacked me in in singles but I think you know Anna Lee is really good at Singles Paris is really good.

Um I think you could kind of probably put them in the same tier and then you have like what's the name Leia Jansen she's improved a lot uh we haven't seen it too much uh but since they're you know the long PPA offseason I think Leia has gotten a lot better I know she's been working really hard and she was actually she had she played Annalee.

Pretty close in the finals of Cincinnati lost in three but they were three tight games and she was actually up big in one of them um the Leia and like Catherine probably myself Salome DaVita who I think can play in that top tier when she's playing well.

Um you know some others I'm forgetting yeah for sure but I think I don't think it's as big a separation but in women's I definitely think Anna Lee's in a tear of her own and I don't think anyone is really right after her why do you feel like she's in a tear everyone like what is it that makes her so much better than.

Everyone else um I think her she just she whacked the ball she got a lot of power um a lot of she her movement is unbelievable her ability to hit when she's off balance right is really good and just uh her hand speed is is is good.

I don't know that her hand speed I think is that much better than everyone else's I think she's really she just hits really hard because winning a firefight is a combination of your power in your hand speed and I also think she's played so long she's really good at anticipating like where the next ball is coming so she's really ready for it I.

Think so too I think she knows those patterns and she instinctively goes there actually when I watch a lot of pro players I actually watch analy the most just because like okay we're around the same height and I'm like I need to see I need to take from her like mechanics right and then she has the two-handed backhand I'm like okay what is she doing.

Because you know she's good enough to beat you know some of the guys out there right and yeah just the way that she moves sometimes I'm like there's no way she's getting this and then not only does she get to a ball she executes like an amazing shot after she gets to it and I don't know how she does it either yeah yeah so I definitely think uh annalize.

In a kind of in a tear of her own then I think after that I think there's like between seven to ten of us who are all pretty close and I think it's kind of like a toss-up for who is there anybody that is like coming up right now that you've seen or that you know that maybe we haven't seen yet.

Um that you think will be really good or somebody to watch out for um there's a lot of people who I think could could get really really good and could kind of break into that into next tier um Lacey schneeman has tons of power so much power but uh uh.

She she can be really off as well like her margins are really small and she's really like wristy and sloppy yeah she hits it solo over the net I remember uh at MLP when she came in on the dream breaker when heiress uh I guess kind of injured herself and uh me and the other guys that were stating it were like who is this or first of all I was like how.

Do you spell her name how many e's are in there and then yeah we're like there's uh there's no way why do they pick uh little like schneeman and then she's just ripping just the evolves like crazy yeah she's jacked so she I think if she got more consistent but I also think her technique is a little funky like it's.

Hard to be really consistent when you're that sloppy but there's a reason most of us aren't that sloppy but she's she's someone who's really interesting and really aggressive really fast uh and then at a right is like really good getting a lot better um it'll be it'll be interesting she's got probably one of the best like.

One-handed flicks I think in the in the game in the women's game you know I was a fan of her when I saw her at uh MLP I guess at Newport yeah and speaking of MLP so you know well actually real quick before we get too far because I have one other thing I wanted to ask about it was somewhat related to mix but so I feel like in women's you don't see as often.

With the the left side player is as aggressive in men's like in men's you'll even see the guys you know take a decent amount of court maybe not quite as much in mix but I feel like in women's people tend to mostly play their side what is their like what's the thought behind that or why do you think that is oh we're just not as mobile oh I'm sure I.

Also think the men's game is a lot more strategic like you have kind of a more generally right side like setup player yeah and then the the person left is like finishing with their forehand creating more yeah I don't that's always going to be the blueprint because you have guys like Matt Wright and Dylan Fraser who are also create creating like.

Tons of offense on the right yeah and I I think they're like the best right side guys in the game they're not like dedicated right so I just know like they still play the left a lot um so I think that may be the way that the game goes but in women's it's like you don't really have like generally like a setup player on the right it's.

Like everybody's got tons of power everybody's looking to attack and finish I just think it's a it's it's partially just like an issue of not an issue but a limitation of Mobility we can't cover as much Court also men have this are so strong they have ability to um when they're pulled if they're standing in the middle of the.

Court and they're pulled wide to their back end they can still really control that ball with one hand you don't really see women hitting balls with control that are like behind their back because you'll see Ben Jones will even attack sometimes oh yeah position his little backhand scoop thing yeah I think it's just it's just a limitation of strength.

And Mobility I see yeah that makes sense I just it was always it always seems so balanced I was like I don't know if that's a a thing so then when people are stacking what typically ends up in the women's when they're stacking if it's you know more even people are typically it's not so much like this person needs to set up what do you think makes people.

Stack in men's it just seems like yeah you're the way better left side player like your forehand's huge just take everything um I think it's it's comfort you know which kind of dank people prefer I definitely like hitting I feel like I have a little more few more weapons on the left with my backhand over there uh.

My role is good give some people a lot of trouble um so when Jesse and I are playing together I'm generally on the left but it just depends like if my role isn't bothering people you know Jesse will go on the left because she has you know a nice slice and the ability to reach in and kind of poke.

Some balls really well so I think it just depends sometimes you want to be in front of a particular person for whatever reason sure um sure so yeah I don't know you know then you have I I would say Vivian David is the only top woman who is like purely oh like one side player like she she just plays the right and.

She's like a reset machine yes she's a recent machine but she's also she's she's wicked fast she's got amazing backhand um and she's a sweetheart yeah um so Viv is like the only person who it's like Israel she is a right side player and that's it I think everybody else is generally like really solid on both sides maybe some people have a few.

More weapons on one sure um but generally I think everybody else is is comfortable on both in the women's game cool nice all right go ahead and do your MLP oh yes I you know I want to know I guess going into the next MLP event in Columbus Ohio how do you feel about that I mean obviously you're the reigning Champs and I don't know it always seems.

Like you're really fired up at at MLP like more so than I've seen you at the other tournaments or regular tournaments at Appa yeah definitely MLP encourages rowdiness for sure and you're one of the rowdiest people out there yeah I think the first MLP I think probably only altoff was getting louder than me our team did get 11th place but I was.

Still going crazy uh the first the first go-round it was so fun um I'm super super stoked it doesn't really feel like it's actually happening in two weeks though yeah it doesn't feel like that um but we're really excited I think that our group the groups were just released.

I think our group is really tough that's like us the Mad drops chimeras uh the chimeras the bus and the bus and both the bus and the madrops made some pretty big changes and the Camaros got Gabe tardio so I think we're kind of in the death group um it'll be tough you know I I think we are the favorite probably you know we.

Just won we have the same team we have a good team but it's not like it's like it's not like the Ranchers have like a 60 chance of winning like in the field is 40. yeah not by any means that's I'd give us maybe like 20 to 30. probably a higher percentage than the rest of the teams uh but but I think it'll be really competitive I.

Think people are always really hungry to take down the defending champs and uh it'll be tough to advance out of that group who do you think is the team you're most worried about um probably the mat drops okay okay yeah because they have AJ and Julian now I think they're gonna struggle in women's.

Like Lee and Mary are great players but they just don't really complement each other I think you know I could be totally wrong but just my two cents uh but Mary and Lee are both really good mixed players and on paper AJ and Julian are the best men's team unless for whatever reason they just don't Vibe and they don't mesh but on paper that's the.

Best men's team both like really great uh mixed players who love good like women in mix too so I think that's gonna be the uh a team that's going to be really really interesting and that nobody nobody wants to play um so I think them the bus also you know now they have Lauren stratman and.

Susanna Barr so two top women so kind of similar to Jackie and I um and then Wes and Eric are really solid so so not that's gonna be okay Q oh I I'm still really good much uh not as much of an unknown sure there I guess I kind of know what to expect yeah.

We've played them before you know you've seen everybody can go and watch what they've done whereas these two teams are really new yeah I'd say so yeah do you think so MLP is super early stages right now but let's just say it continues and we're doing MLP five years from now fairly similar format do you think eventually teams will have to stick.

Together longer and live in closer proximity to actually train together or do you think it's kind of always going to be this thing where it's like I don't know people get traded and then you know we may be trained a little bit together but we mostly see each other at MLP or something I think there may be more continuity uh.

In the future I know next year MLP is going from three to six events uh they probably want to keep expanding that doing like seasons and so maybe I think the Florida smash uh the team with JW and Travis and Lee originally I think their goal was to keep to have players in Florida because they had a Maggie romenzi and they they uh they traded her.

For Michelle Esquivel who's also from Florida you know they ended up uh you know trading Lee but I think that might have been their goal a little bit was to have all the players see oh a little strategy yeah because they're called the Florida Smash and you know that was interesting yeah how That Shook out so I think maybe that's what they were.

Thinking just my my speculation um and I know that team has trained together because the three of them are all pretty close and then JW's two hour drive away right feels like it would just make the most sense like consistently training with similar people even if that's your goal I think in pickleball right now for the.

Regular tours I will be curious to see over the years if people don't just start kind of landing on slightly longer term Partners right now it seems very tournament to tournament like who's available for this one that I want to go to or whatever and you know you have a couple people Ben Colin Riley Matt like teams are pretty solid they don't move.

Around much but a lot of them seem to just switch around I feel like I don't know three years from now I just can't imagine doing it that way all the time yeah um I don't know I think one comment on the the teams I think in order for teams to be more geographically based uh just.

Think about right now we have there's a lot of good pickleball pros and like my area of Southeast Florida you've got the Naples Fort Myers area St Petersburg kind of on the west coast but Austin Texas and where else is there like a really big Hub of good players yeah um so I think MLP would kind of have to become like the dominant.

In order for that to really happen is that what you want um I I guess that would be really fun I think it would be cool yeah it's my favorite okay um if pickleball became more like team based I don't want it to lose the individual aspect but uh the team stuff is really.

Really fun um and then regarding Partnerships uh I think there's definitely you know big advantage to just playing with one partner it seems like on the PPA that's more of the model people have one partner for the whole calendar year um but right now for me I just don't.

Feel like I'm at a point where I want to just have one partner I only want to play with like a few people next year not not quite as all over the place but yeah I just feel like I'm improving so much and I don't want to feel like stagnant sure just playing with one person yeah because I think I'm improving a bunching.

Your partner kind of stagnates a little bit or or just I just think for me it's like fun to play with different people I also think you know this year Lucy and Cali kind of started the year as the dominant team on the PPA side and now I kind of feel like it's still a great team like not a team I want to play but I feel like they've.

Been doing worse in the last few months and I just kind of think they've been figured out I see to an extent yeah you know and so there's that risk when you're just playing with one person and that's it because like what can you really do right you know so I think that's another reason I like the idea of still mixing up Partners a fair.

Amounts like such a gamble no it's like oh maybe on paper this this person might seem like it would be better right and then I feel like you get it and it's like oh just did not go that well I feel like there's definitely an adjustment period when you switch to a partner and if you haven't practiced or played a lot together so you can go to a tournament.

Like your first one or even second third and a long-term partnership this year somebody this is the counter to what I was saying but I feel like Tyson and Jay I haven't kept up with all their results but it seems like they've always been just outside the podium or maybe like bronze like I don't think I don't think.

Jay and Tyson have won anything together this year have they uh no no they got a silver in Cincinnati but Riley and Matt Riley was not that tournament so they weren't playing together oh I see well and I suppose it is hard when you have Riley map Ben Johns at the top or Ben and Khan at the top but it just so I feel like sometimes you get a.

Partnership work I I don't know how they feel maybe they think it's awesome and you know the other teams are just super good but I've kind of felt watching that one that that one hasn't been working that well yeah and then you also had you know Catherine and Jesse were playing the year together and that one kind of they went their separate ways uh which I.

Was definitely you know major beneficiary of that split but then uh you know dropping someone for a whole year it doesn't it's not really like a great look and you know yeah Jay and Tyson are sticking it out what do you mean drop snake probably is that what happened were they supposed to be partnering for.

A whole year or something oh okay I see I see yeah and and now obviously they're not you know Catherine's playing with Leia yeah and Jesse I have like a lot of tournaments I have a lot of Turners with Jesse um not everything because I'm not signed I'm not playing every PPA but a lot of tournaments with her so I got kind of Lucky in that whole situation uh.

So I just think it's a it's a risk to commit to someone for a whole year and sometimes it really pans out and it's worth it you know you're playing with someone that you're winning with for the whole year but you know maybe just something happens of course you're just not getting along or yeah yeah that I think that is where it would become.

Really tough is I don't know mid-year you have some blow up or just chemistry is not there and now you're kind of stuck yeah yeah you're gonna play bad for the rest of the year now Andrea Coop actually was texting me and she was like I do want to play a few tournaments next year she's like I don't wanna I don't like the one partner for a year thing.

Like she said um that feels like a marriage and I already have one of those and I thought I thought that was a good way to to look at things a little bit that is kind of funny yeah I like that I enjoy that so you right now you're not signed with the PBA you play app obviously you play MLP and you say MLP is your favorite so I mean are they.

Courting you right now to try and sign you or are you looking to be signed by them um I I wouldn't say I'm looking for it per se but yeah um my agent is talking to them a lot to the PPA right now um and yeah we'll just kind of see how things go you know being able to play.

MLP is really important to me but what what are the pros and cons in your mind but between the two if there's if you can share pros and cons yeah so I really really like the uh the people on the app side like it just feels really friendly the the vibe is really good like in the Pro Tint everybody hangs out we're all friends.

We're like kind of trash talking um so it's a lot of fun I have a lot more friends there whereas the the PPA like it just feels a little more like hostile sure it does um but but the ppa's tournaments are are more fun you know they're they're more Grand you got Chris cars and like just blasting music you know James said the same thing yeah.

Another shout out for Chris yeah Chris Carson's yeah really fun dude um so it's really fun to play on Center Court there it just feels really professional so yeah yeah they do a really good job with that and I think they um they treat their signed Pros really well not necessarily people who are unsigned.

Um and they're they're doing a really good job lately of getting things on TV like you know getting things on Tennis Channel I know they have an event later in the year on ABC and I think they were on either CBS or NBC earlier in the year so they're really good at that and I feel like they're pretty agile you know.

I don't really support this but it's like MLP has an event and they just create an event it should be the same weekend like like just a month or two months notice and they just they just fully create something and get all their Pros to sign up yeah and uh that's pretty impressive that level of kind of agility in that sense.

But um but you don't agree with it do you like it when they do that when the PPA like sets him an event on the same weekend as like the the MLP I think it's kind of petty yeah yeah so uh I don't really like it per se but you know it's it's what they're gonna do right it's it's a business so it's fine yeah everything if like let's just say we'll.

Take money out of the equation because I feel like for a lot of people that is like the big differentiator and I understand if you can't answer this question but if you took money out of the equation which one would you rather play on um poof.

That's tough I would lean app but the uh the media coverage on the PPA is like a big deal so yes you care about that like a lot yeah you know why do you care about I guess history coverage just for um branding uh deals you know matters I see definitely What What In terms of that is it just because it's on things.

Like Tennis Channel or whatever do you think like highlights and kind of recapping things has done better hmm not that per se I think just getting on TV you know like sure I want also the pp has a bit more of a sense of Prestige to it at least now because I have you know so many of the best.

Players signed like when Jesse and I won Cincinnati I got so many Instagram followers from that and just so uh I think there were like 5 000 people just on the live stream and then it's also on TV yeah um well now that you're on this pod you're gonna get so many more Instagram followers.

That's really really true but uh I I enjoy app tournaments more uh just I enjoy them I really like Ken Herman the people behind it and I know that they are gonna be kind of upping uh their game next year regarding media and they're staying really competitive like the app just created the stipends this year to compete whatever this happens.

Um if you're top 10 uh based on your you know combination of Your World pickleball rankings like if you're first through third you get like twenty five hundred dollars for showing up and then like just showing up yeah just playing a parent's fee yeah and then four to seven it's like 1500 which is the range I've fallen right now.

And then eight to ten is like one thousand wow um which is really good and I you know they're they're talking about increasing that pretty substantially next year uh and also I know which only goes to 10 to the top ten yeah it only goes to the top ten right now but they I I've heard they're gonna maybe go deeper next year.

Okay okay so we'll see um so they're they're staying really competitive money-wise and that's basically to get people to not sign and to and to kind of reward Pros yeah um but yeah so they're doing a good job of competing and I know they're talking to uh other working on media deals too so I think it's just so nice for the players.

So I think it's some of these contracts like signing a three-year contract pickleball could be so different three years from now like in a year maybe one of the tours doesn't exist like maybe MLP is not like I don't know the landscape could be so different and with how aggressive MLP has gotten with the prize money and like I feel like the.

Events you know just seem like they keep getting better and better I feel like if I'm a PPA signed player I'm like I'm kind of mad I can't play MLP yeah and I think we I think Tyson like posted some video of him talking about this just like the other day like some clip on Instagram and you know next year MLP is expanding further I think we were.

Told the prize money is going to be over 2 million across across the year across the six events and so like and it's just so fun like well it was fun it would suck not to play not to even have the option to play right well I think if you can be fluid like if you play a lot of app you know.

If you're like you or James or whoever like if you want to go play a PPA you can go play a PPA yeah exactly you can win like you I don't know you I feel like you get the best of all maybe not the best of all worlds obviously there are Perks to Being assigned player but I feel like being fluid almost matters more if you're just a good player like.

You just have options yeah it totally totally totally especially with the APV stipends like we're still getting you know plenty of money just to go play an app it's not like you're not getting an appearance fee yeah ever so yeah yeah the fluidity is super important because right now I really like being able to play whatever I want you know go.

Play ppas with Jesse when I want to yep um you know I'm going to Vegas in a couple weeks but I still have MLP and my schedule still have you know a couple big tier one apps well so please don't sign with PBA because I would hate to miss seeing you on the app and MLP like actually you at MLP was uh the best I remember starting it and the one part I.

Think the clip that your dad decided he found it was the story I had when it was on the finals and you hit this ball and it was clearly out I mean it was kind of close but it was clearly out and you were like yeah and everybody else in the crowd was just silent and they just turned around and you're like I tried I mean the reason I sold it so.

Hard is because their body language like when the ball traveled past them is like they thought they had lost the point yeah but then it clearly bounds like six inches out but their initial body language was that like shoot like she got us and then I was like all right I'm gonna send it here do you think that happens at all where the other team like.

Let's say it's a really close ball where you know you could kind of flop either way on it do you think the body language or tone of the other person like if they get amped does that peer pressure you into not calling that out do you think uh everybody is doing that I think you're missing out if you're not doing that like screaming uh that's a little.

Play some people do it like egregiously so like I think Cali Smith is one person the ball will be like 10 inches out and she's shrieking and it's just like it was out um yeah yeah so but but everybody's everybody's doing that if it's tight if it feels tight off your paddle yeah like you're gonna scream just because you.

Know maybe someone maybe it's like a passing shot situation someone can't even turn around yeah or um you know it's just close and I'd say I don't really feel like I get influenced that much you know I've just dealt with that everybody does it in tennis too yeah um I've heard college tennis lines there atrocious I wouldn't say they're.

Atrocious I think the SEC is known to be the worst okay probably line callers in the SEC um well pack 12 is not that bad what about what about okay what about line collars in I guess just pickleball in general like the rapping like and calling the lines yourself is it is it a problem is it as big as a problem that.

To let people make it out to be I think a few people are problems but generally I think on the women's side you have Salome Davide on the women's singles she's not really a threat and doubled or mixed at least not right now but she's been a lot better lately but At first she was just horrible that's what I kept hearing I've seen it like a couple Clips.

Here and there but you know it's easy to cherry pick some clips but you know then I started seeing like four line judges yeah match against her and I was like whoa okay yeah so I really think she's been um a lot better and I think part of it is she's just gotten flamed so hard to knock on Badlands yeah so.

But I think generally you know I think the refs do a good job of calling foot faults you know they could you know there's always room for improvement are you thinking of the same story I'm thinking of course I'm thinking of the same story I I wish I had the clip to just show you but when we are in the Atlanta app I saw probably the worst.

Missed football call I have ever seen in my entire life as Lee Wilson of course it's even funny no but refs there are some people arresting to be paying a little extra attention for sure no but this one wasn't even like Club so she she poaches the ball volleys it and then literally steps into the middle of the kitchen your arms like this walks.

Through the whole kitchen because she's like oh we lost the point the point's still going and after maybe like six or seven seconds she's like what's going on so she just hops back in the point they play it out or whatever it goes for probably another 10 seconds and then they ended up losing the point and Zayn and Andrew were like what the.

Heck was wrong like why did you what were you doing and she was like did no one see that football and he was like we all saw it yeah we saw we're like how's the breath not cause it was I don't know I feel like it would happen interestingly turn your head and not be looking to have missed how bad that one was but well yeah that's probably like.

Who knows you know maybe that raffle's just asleep yeah yeah but uh generally they could do a good job I don't really know what the solution is to the the bad line calls that do happen because I don't really know that Lions judges are what we want either yeah um and then still human error yeah and just it would just be a totally different.

Like right now we don't have Lion's judges at all yeah so to train people to it's a lot to just watch one line for a whole match yeah so um you know I don't know that that's the solution I I really don't know in tennis you have like after your your third overall is also a point penalty uh and then your fourth overall is like.

You lose a set and you're like your last over rule is you lose the match and uh if I think pickleball could consider implementing something like that and if you get a certain number of rules like it gets reported to the tournament there's like a whole database and if it's happening to you a certain amount you may get you know.

Some consequences I think that might be a better way to keep people honest because right now there's no reason there's no repercussions you could do whatever yeah especially if you're not if you're not on a Center Court that's live streamed yeah you're on a live streamed Court you know at least you have some social pressure yeah uh but if.

You're on a side Court you could do whatever you want and get away with it so I think that that would be a system that would import more accountability and that's not too difficult to implement we just need a way to a database to keep track of you know overalls and who's getting overruled a lot yeah and you know if you get over.

With your third time you lose a point Warriors they got that database so tell me recently you switched I can't remember if you were playing with the Ben Johns if it was the vision before but now you're using this layer why'd you switch to this layer um I had.

Just played I think Toc was my last tournament and I had lost to Lucy and Cali and I just felt like I wasn't hitting as hard as they were and I didn't think it was like an issue of my strength or hand speed I just like they were their paddles were just poppier sure so I was talking to Yola and they're like you should try the Solaire.

It's like our poppiest paddle and I immediately liked it didn't really feel like I was giving up much it's also thinner it's a little bit more of that frying pan shape and I started using it a week before Chicago and have kind of been on a tear since which we're using for our camera was it Ben Johnson the Hyperion it was the Hyperion okay yeah.

14 millimeter and add a little bit extra pop on it yeah makes sense so you've enjoyed it though yes like it a lot nice I think it was interesting seeing it is just seeing the shape change because I feel like you don't see it too often most of the time everyone's using at least of the pro levels using elongated obviously I have people like Cali and.

You know Onyx only makes the one shape or whatever so it's not that much shorter is it I mean it's just from elongated to standard shape yeah somebody has a long handle still I think it is long handle yeah it's like five and a half inches or something like that do you have much lead tape on yours I have none no lead tape yeah really okay.

Do you just find where the weight's at right now yeah I am I I like it I might consider messing around with lead tape for singles at some point but I didn't put any lead on the Hyperion either okay I think a lot of women aren't putting lead on their hyperions sure yeah I mean it's already so head heavy yeah it's like an absolute tank it's like you.

Could add out of the throat but it's still just a bunch more way to move around yeah so I don't yeah and then I switched to the Solaire and I didn't put any tape on it and I liked it okay all right how long is going to take you to go through a paddle um I was using them for a really long time.

But now I'm like not using them for that long like maybe a couple weeks or something sure uh just because I'm just on a quest for like pop yeah so I want like pretty fresh paddles whereas before like I didn't feel like it was that I just didn't really notice but uh now playing more against the best women and just mix like counters I just feel.

Like the the help it's like a lot of help I think that's one reason Anna Lee hit so hard is like that's a poppy paddle thing yeah that thing's got a lot of Pop yeah and that that helps that that's a huge help you know the paddle so yeah just on a quest for poppiness so I I feel like right now probably a couple.

Weeks and I want to do like two weeks okay okay and for you this would have been well we've talked to James a little bit about it maybe we missed it on the podcast but so spinning the game obviously there's been all these paddles coming out way better spent I'm sure you've played with a number of paddles if you had to go from.

I don't know what's a paddle you've used that didn't have much spin just so I don't have to make one up uh in all honesty I've only ever tried four paddles oh okay and I used like I'm not a I'm not a paddle nerd sure I started with the the Franklin Ben John signature then I used the model e didn't try anything else.

Just like all right I want something with like carbon surface yep then I started talking to Yola yellow sent me a Hyperion I use a Hyperion they sent me a bunch of other paddles to try including the Visions the radius the yep the solar eyes didn't even bother sure and then they were like try the solare and I was like I like this one so I can't I can't.

Really speak to paddles Oh no you're fine I was just the the main question I was curious about is you know with like paddle Tech the the surface they're using is not known for it's actually pretty weak in terms of Spin and then you know a lot of um what Yola and other companies are doing have been quite good so I was just.

Curious from your perspective how much the extra spin potential mattered or if you're like I just like that's not even something that crosses my mind you know I don't think that for me the carbon surface is really that important really I don't think so because I don't hit with that much spin sure I don't really shoot singles I don't really shape the.

Ball that much I'm a really like flat ball hitter like the only shot I hit pretty spinny might be like my my backhand roll but okay I see like you know Catherine and Anna Lee generate tons of spin Jackie kalamoto generate tens of spin with the paddle Tech and yeah I've heard maybe it's pretty soft which is why the reason they can do that.

So I don't think I'm not like married to the the carbon fiber Surface by any means um I don't think for my game is out of part of the people who shape the ball a lot yeah it probably does matter but yep I really don't I'm really flat ball hitter so I don't I'm totally open to not using a carbon fiber surface paddle oh okay.

All right good to know so something I've noticed uh just watching your matches I can't remember if it's after your server before or both but you spin the paddle like a ton why did you do that in tennis yeah I think Dylan Frazier and I are like the big paddle Spinners um I call it a glitch like in tennis you.

See I don't know if you guys uh followed tennis much but Novak Djokovic like would bounce the ball like 40 times yeah before he serves yeah or like Rafa would like be messing with his pants a lot so I think some people have like I called it glitch it's just hard for whatever it's like a mental block to start your service motion uh and so I had that in.

Tennis like most people don't it's like not a lot of people have it but it's manifest in different ways my whole life like it was like racket spinning I'd like tap my foot I like would start my motion I couldn't get past like my hips you know my I couldn't get the toss right uh and so and it was funny because I had such a solid sort of like I didn't.

Double fault um but in pickleball I don't get it that badly just because you only have 10 seconds to serve yeah sometimes and Tennis it take me 45 seconds to serve it was horrible sure um and it's just a feed like it's not that hard to make your serve but yeah I if you pay attention I spin it a lot more in.

Singles because I'm a lot tighter because the sort of like matters more whereas in double that just like push it in so that's um that's what that is it's not like anything strategic it's just oh yeah definitely at least if it was strategic I was gonna be yeah shocked I was just always surprised just like you know obviously you're Landing your grip.

Back to wherever it was after spinning it a bunch so right and so we've been talking a lot about I guess you know your life in pickleball obviously it's consumed your life you know these past going months so if if you weren't playing pickleball what would you be doing right now or right now when you're not I guess training or practicing or at.

A tournament like what are you doing what does Anna bright like to do uh I don't know probably when I'm not doing pick related things I'm just vegging out generally not really doing much but I think if I wasn't playing pickleball what I wanted to be getting into was like uh running marathons and like Ultra marathons oh.

Okay because where my head is competing yeah that's big competing and like working my normal job of course but that's that's what what I was thinking actually was gonna be my situation are you competitive outside of things in sports like I I don't I'm so I'm also hyper competitive will knows this over like dumb things I bet you can't go up.

These stairs with all that luggage he's like watch me and then I'm like this is how you get Chris to carry all your stuff upstairs into the Airbnb normally it's got to be I'm actually competing against someone but it'd just be a stupid random thing are you similar is it just in Spanish yeah not really like only in things I care about and things I.

Care about I'm really competitive but like never cared about like board games or bowling it's like whatever what else do you care about like in in high school like I really really cared about grades like I was in the hunt for valedictorian like that's one example like I was kind of psycho.

About it um I don't know yeah different things in my life but yeah do you have any like TV shows or something you like to watch um no not a big TV person wait so then when you come out and hang out with James and for this you know so we should have covered this on the last.

One go ahead so I'm just assuming I I guess I should ask you officially but just the way that James was talking about you you're talking about him I'm assuming that you are dating Mr James ignatowicz is that can you confirm or deny that he's actually dating me okay yeah that's the correct answer James and.

I have been together since like early March okay okay all right nice and so yeah when you guys are hanging out together or whatnot obviously because you're both Pro pickleball players so are you just talking about people you're not talking about pickleball is there a hard set rule like okay no talking about pickleball and I don't know do you guys.

Train to get their drilled together or do you guys I don't know how's it playing with him all the things yeah we pick all together a lot um well because for those of you who don't know at least if James's place there's nothing to do there's nothing when I say there's nothing I literally mean there's nothing there.

Is no couch there is no chair and there is is a bedroom with a mattress on the ground yes that is absolutely it in that apartment I think there's like a TV screen but there it's not hooked up there's nothing yeah there's yeah it's pretty funny it's pretty Barren um yeah we definitely talk about pickleball.

A lot but uh sometimes one of us will be like um no more and then it's like okay so but there's no Hearts I rule like okay by any means but we definitely talk about it a lot but but mainly on tournament days like after we're done it'll be like can we please not talk about pickleball sure but.

I don't know I don't know lots of stuff do you ever play singles against James like just train some singles with him yeah for sure for sure oh he does you know uh for sure wait wait how many points do you to get off and what's your average amount of points you get off them if it's like a full court game like yeah no more than like.

One or two really wow we've done better yeah yeah this is probably a lot nicer to us oh of course he's a lot nicer I will say it so I've I started well he was doing it first and now I've just kind of done a little bit of it but you know whenever we're with some of these Pros we'll play some matches against them we'll film and just make a YouTube.

Video about it singles doubles whatever I played Zayn and you know I felt terrible like I got two points or something like that say I'm screwing around James feels like a whole nother level like it's like scary playing at least in doubles I'm not worried about getting hidden singles but just it's the passing shots are so.

Fast he's so aggressive on the court you feel like you can't do anything right yeah I know what you mean um yes whenever adult James like he had like a streak of not having hit me for like a couple weeks now wait what to him yeah something to be proud of um so that means he hits you a lot.

Because he hits me all the time physically abused I'm glad he was nice to us then yeah the most part but yeah he actually he hit me yesterday and he was like oh no I hope nobody Clips this and picks this out of context that would sound really bad I hope your dad doesn't find that he searches for the exact those exactly I.

Mean my dad has seen us practice and like I'm getting hit and my dad was like he was like did you just hit my daughter so it's just how goes you know but it's good practice for me but it's a little it's like you said a little suffocating it just feels like there's nothing you can do like yesterday we were playing a dink game and I had lost like my fourth.

One in a row and I was like we have to change this and I was like I was like you can't speed the ball up until I have sped the ball up because it's just within three like he's speeding up and I didn't even hit a bad Dink and there's just nothing I can do whoa and we did a little bit of doubles against him with Kyle and I just didn't even.

Basically never even attempted to drop to him because like if I don't hit the best drop I've ever hit in my entire life yeah the ball's gonna get flicked at me well let's just also put it out there this whole entire weekend James has not lost any single match or game that he's played in until yesterday when he played me and Chris against Kyle the.

Kyle and James and we took them out and after that Kyle really held him back that's really funny yeah and after that we're like nope we're not playing anymore we are going to learn Victorious he's so competitive it's so cute so um James I think is more no way really at least in like practice games and stuff but also he knows he has to win but uh.

You guys were gonna do the two versus one stuff yeah and he texted me and was like can you go to this Instagram story and vote to sirs please tell me he's like I need two serves and I was like oh okay then I was like what are you doing and then he told me and I was like you will beat them with one serve you only get one serve and I voted for one serve.

Like I was like you don't need two serves but he's he just doesn't want to risk losing there's one serve even exactly you know what I said I said he was just scared I was like yeah and then later he he told me he's like so we actually did both and I beat them both times he did and I was like yeah I think I do think if we did it again one serve.

I feel like we'd beat him yeah I think we could beat him well now you're more comfortable playing against him and used to the speed I've got I'm I'm ready for you James I see walking up the stairs that's right you walk away but yeah so so this is this is great I we appreciate having you on it was a lot of fun.

Um what's kind of next for you what's coming up obviously MLP Vegas is before that who are your partners in Vegas uh Paris Todd and Tyler Long whoa oh that's fine I want to know now I mean you're pretty high profile now so are you reaching out to these other places Department are they reaching out to you I might say it's both honestly I'd say.

It's both yeah we're all kind of I was just curious I don't know that anybody is so good that everybody is just asking them hey you know because there's like I said I think that you know a lot of the best players are signed with the PBA but like in that two to ten range like we're all pretty close in level yeah so it's just kind of different combinations of.

Us or yeah all about the same so wait so then are you gonna play any I guess regular tournaments with James as your mix partner James and I have played Four tournaments together this year yeah gotcha how was yeah yeah how was that um we've done all right never had like a great day just kind of felt like there's always been something.

That's been a little off but yeah we're gonna play a good amount together next year um I mean we'll get to practice a lot so yeah and then obviously you know MLP you guys are on the same team yeah but we we don't play together yeah yeah I saw that and now is that just because the.

Match-up is better the other way or because you guys have played enough and you're like ah it's just like uh not that per se but DJ and I had played like well together in the first MLP we only played one match together but it felt really good and yeah DJ DJ needs you DJ for whatever reason has like a bit of a mental block with.

The car motors he's always like really like both him and Jackie said like they don't play well together and DJ and Jade like me and AJ beat DJ and Jade like it they didn't do well that turned so I for whatever reason DJ just he loves the kamotos but just doesn't really like it yeah and vice versa right.

So that that's kind of what that came down to and also you hype him up because sometimes he can be I feel like DJ can be also really streaky like you know super streaky like when he's playing well he could be like one of the very best players in the world when he's playing poorly so I think like especially in MLP I think our match.

Against the jackrabbits against AJ and Mary I think I kind of kept him in that match yes no you definitely did but generally like especially last day he played unbelievable but uh so I think I think I'm a good good fit yeah in that sense yeah you hype him up and that that's a whole team effort though to keep all of us engaged and playing well.

And fighting but yeah I think yeah I think it's the best for our team to have and Jackie and James were playing unreal together as well like they were such a lock so so I was curious when the uh when the racers when they drafted you guys like you and James do they know that you were dating or was that with just like luck of the draw that you just.

Happen to be drafted to the same team or um uh uh I think everybody and the all the players knew James and I are together um so you know we we knew we were gonna wave Austin um tough decision but he just we didn't feel like you know we we got 11th place.

So we had to make some changes yeah um and uh you know Tim oh Tim klitsch the ranchers owner like already knew James and uh you know asked like ass like DJ and I for our thoughts and we both I mean obviously it's a little bit of nepotism on my part yeah but it I.

Was thinking we really needed a single stud because we lost in two dream Breakers and having DJ be our best singles player is just not a great spot to be in yeah because he never plays singles so I felt like going 2-2 was already a loss for us and you you don't want to play to where you go to two and you feel like you have no chance because.

A lot of these matches are going to go too too I think especially with the uh the rally scoring it's just a little bit of a crap shoot yeah so it was really I really felt like and I was able to you know I think uh like you know DJ saw Tim saw it but I really felt like we needed a single stud James is James is on the same caliber you know it's like J.

Dub and Zayn yeah so one of the very best top top two singles player yeah in the field and just someone who has a great game tell to not lose to a woman because he doesn't have to come in he's not going to get past um yeah so and then he's also a really good mixed.

Player and is like really solid getting a lot better at Men's too so I thought James was the best pick and it's it's not like I was the only we were the only team that wanted him like uh the bus wanted James the jackrabbits had interest in James like Richie came up to James said you know I want you if I get like an early pick and uh we know the.

Bus wanted him so it's not like it was only uh only the ranchers that wanted him I'm excited to see kind of what his future looks like I I knew about James before this I've watched matches of James but after being around him talking to him playing him well I don't know if I hate him but I will get him back for all the rows why that's the reason I.

Love him he's just so I feel like he's like maybe not in the Pro scene he's not but at least watching from the outside I was like okay yeah this guy seems good better for playing him I'm like I feel like he could definitely be one of the best players it's like singles I just any other Pro I've played in singles I have not experienced this level of like.

Helplessness I know because there's nothing you can do yeah his ability to pass is just it's unbelievable well you think like someone's gonna hit the ball that hard it has to go out there's no way it goes in yeah he watches because I was like two feet in yeah it's really crazy um.

Wild yeah his issue is I've told Tim this and we've talked about it like he's kind of like the Roth and a doll like nobody's really expending more energy in singles than James's I think you know just to rip that hard like every Ball's Max effort yeah so he's just got to be like freakishly fit to maintain the worst for me like I don't even it's like.

Women's singles it's like you know their draws like those people draws like 53 people yeah it's like I have like you know having more than 16 just doesn't even happen so and the game is the women's game as well as physical just because our points aren't as long because they can't be who haven't been singles pretty regularly like who's at.

The kitchen line changes because the points are so wild yeah whereas in women's like the points are pretty quick so yeah it's like don't have to be that fit to play women's singles um it's totally different yeah that's crazy wow this is great we appreciate having you on thanks for coming and uh catch you in the next one yeah thanks y'all see ya.

Sweet oh
00:05 – Anna’s background
15:16 – Anna’s take on mixed doubles
19:50 – Disussing Women’s play
29:50 – MLP Columbus
34:11 – Long term partners vs short term
39:06 – PPA vs APP
47:25 – Line calls in Pickleball
50:59 – Why switch to the Solaire?
55:32 – Why does Anna spin the paddle so much?
56:59 – If Anna wasn’t playing Pickleball what we should be doing?
58:40 – Dating James Igantowich
1:00:20 – James is a monster on the court

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