Okay guys dave where's don't forget to like and subscribe on the dave wars pickleball channel this video is going to be about uh do i keep uh do i keep my eye on the ball or do i not keep my eye on the ball i had a great question uh somebody's brought out in a question and i'm going to answer this question for you so stay tuned for this video it's.

Going to help you dave worst pickleball channel today i'm going to show you or explain to you also is uh well i had a question and uh why you know should i keep my eye on the ball when i hit the hit the pickleball and uh you know people go oh you got to.

Keep your eye on the on the ball first and stuff and that's not exactly true uh you know you're you got two eyes you got one eye looking at the ball and you have to have one other eye to look at your opponent moving because if i stood there and looked at uh the ball.

I wouldn't know where to hit the ball in my opponent because my opponent i can't read where he's standing so uh the myth is oh keep your eye on the ball you have two eyes you can do it if you if you close one your eyes and try to do it then you'll then you'll realize you know uh you know that you can only use one eye for uh get the ball uh hitting.

The ball with uh with your eye and stuff but with two eyes you got uh you can see the ball and see where the person is so here we go we're going to demonstrate uh you know keeping you you don't have to keep your eye on the ball so here we go and uh here we go for the video okay dave feed me some balls i'm going.

To show you um you know how i'm going to keep my eye on the ball and hit the ball and try to look at my form i probably won't be able to see him but i'm just doing an example here we go okay so so that example there is i was keeping my eye on the ball but when i keep eye on the ball.

Uh as soon as i hit it then i'm able to see where dave is at where i'm hitting it i have to look to see where my opponent is first so i know where to hit the open spot so that was a good example right there of just looking at the ball so now you want to focus on looking at the ball looking at your.

Opponent and uh also i'll go to the third one very soon here okay so here we go so on this one i'm focusing on my eyes both of them i'm focusing on dave go ahead i'm focusing on the pickleball and i'm trying to go ahead and so i'm trying to focus on.

Uh dave and the pickleball so we'll do this so here's another theory you always see players put their head down when you when you hit the pickleball and they don't lift it up and people figure oh that's going to be you know he's keeping his eye on the ball no that's not exactly true i i did.

It in handball and i do this in tennis and i notice what the uh in pickleball also and i notice this technique is basically what i'm trying to do if i keep my head down i can i can trick the uh the person and not knowing where i hit it.

If i you know i get it here give me a shot i'm gonna try to keep my head down and i'm gonna try to hit it and he won't probably know where it's gonna go hopefully one more so so on this one here i kept my head down trying not to have him read my eyes on.

What where i'm gonna hit it so if i hit and keep my head up the the your opponent can see exactly where you're hitting the ball and you can't really fake the ball so i'm going to hit it i'm going to keep my head up and still have the same swing here we go.

Oh okay so so there's a good example of keeping my head up and hitting the ball and my opponent could see exactly my eyes where i'm hitting it so that's how you explain should i keep my eye on the ball or should i not keep eye on the ball uh basically if you have two eyes.

You're good you're automatically keeping your eye on the ball and the only reason why you keep your head down and swing through is to uh throw your opponent off because they're looking at your upper body on hitting it and if i'm going like this and i hit it over to that side they can't.

Read it so we do this in tennis we do this in handball and that's to explain that myth about keeping your eye on the ball so please subscribe to the dave wars channel and hopefully uh you'll like this uh pickleball lesson about keeping your eye on the ball.

Explaining why you’re already keeping your eye on the ball