Hi I'm Bodhi pendous welcome to the wood shop today we're going to come in here and do something that a lot of people have really been very active in doing we're going to build something DIY pickleball racket yes sir ree a nice pickleball racket to be able to whoop everybody with.

Wood shop we got a little bit of Lumber so we got some Hardwoods over there some pecans and some Maple some Walnut and we got some mahogany up there there's some pecan up there and so we have all this thing here some Oak and we've got a little table under repair here but we're going to come over here to the plywood section and pick out.

Something this appears to be just right this here is a piece of plow you can see it's a piece of scrap that's been used for something else today we're going to use it to build a pickleball racket the official measurements of a pickleball is 24 inches which is the length of the racket plus the width of the racket cannot.

Exceed 24 inches so let's see what we can do with this piece of plywood we'll get out of our tape measure and lo and behold this piece of plywood is just over eight inches that means 16 inches would be the longest length of April 24 and we certainly have enough to build in this case.

Probably two panels out of this so the first thing we're going to do is cut our board to eight inches in width so with that let's see if we can turn this on so now we have our width of the board to turn we're going to cut this in half that'll be this piece right here.

Now we have our two pieces of plywood we're going to put our racket on here and make us a pattern so we're going to stack that up the edge and we're going to now just the piece of plywood is not quite thick enough to make a handle to make it a little bit rounder so I glue on some pieces onto the wood.

And then after it's dried I shave it down a little bit till where I get a comfortable size grip for my hand then I use my block plane to just round over the corners over it and take it to the sander for a little bit of finessing to make sure it's nice and smooth and the grip feels good so just to confirm that I was getting these.

Paddle handles the right thickness I measured these and realized that my handle with a grip is 1.17 inches and these were 1.2 it's actually thicker than mine without the grip on it so I need to shave these down a little bit more so we got that started so let's continue the next step is to prep the pedal for.

Painting so now I'm just putting a little masking tape around the edges to protect it from too much paint and now I have these painted so I'm going to remove the tape that I have protected the edges like there take that off and then I'll be able to put whatever I need on the face and the edge I went to my local tennis shop in.

Bought some tennis script to use them and paddle look at the tennis grip is probably twice as long as a paddle ball racket so I can get two grips out of this tennis grip the tape has a bevel on the edge that allows you to overlap it just slightly to make sure you don't have any separation when gripping the paddle.

So to complete the task of the DIY pickleball paddle I've added a few little stickers so my wife will be surprised let's hope she likes these you can see all these combinations of stickers I have over here it says keep the wild in you not all who wander or loss and then.

Here's the other one and there's a potential layout to have all these and so you can have some fun with these stickers on here and she can add some others if she likes so I got the second paddle ready for the grip remember we used half the grip on this one so on this one we're going to use the other half of the grip.

I did a test wrap and it'll only go up to about here so it's a little bit sharks all wrap some tape around here and I want this end to have a little bit of a knob on it so I'll wrap a couple of wraps of tape around this end to build it up so let's do that now while I'm new to pickleball let me tell you why I prefer a wooden paddle now I've played.

Tennis for 40 years I was State ranked in my younger days I've played racquetball I've played handball played squash and ping pong and I understand how to wield a paddle or a racket to strike a ball and I found that the wooden pedal with a little bit heavier Mass.

Gives me enough weight to be able to control the ball more so than the carbon fibers that you find in most pickleball paddles and so for me this is the one that creates a better control better hit even though it's heavier it does the job a lot better so you can.

Keep your 100 200 carbon fiber fancy pickleball racket now continue to beat you with my DIY homemade paddle foreign foreign.

Pickleball is the new sport to play and I will show you how to make your own paddle. Don’t buy an expensive paddle at $100 to $200 when you can make your own. I discuss how the wooden paddle performs better than a graphic paddle. Hint, it not the paddle it is the player that make that difference.

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