So two weeks ago Major League pickable had their last event of the year in which the winning team was awarded a hundred thousand dollars so we have championship match here between team blqk and team heartaches it's game four and team blqk are up two to one and can clinch it with the win in this match team heartaches needs to win this fourth.

Game to force a dream breaker which is a singles elimination match to take home the hundred thousand dollars Jose navratil and Paris Todd are playing on team blqk and they're taking on Andre diasku and Georgia Johnson in this mixed doubles match remember it's rally scoring so either team can score on whoever is serving the score right now.

Is 10-8 first team to 21 wins and they switch sides at whichever team gets to 11 first so Todd is serving and we get this amazing rally foreign fight foreign Johnson wanting to play wondering if that's what's running.

Through the mind of Andre to ask you heard somebody he got distracted and here's another angle from a Fan's perspective.

Thank you and you can clearly hear a fan shout something at a very critical point in the rally which ended up making diasuke commit an unforced air into the net he turns around right away and points into the crowd and is like dude seriously and then he's just completely.

Deflated after this happened blqk ends up winning 21-18 in this match but you can't help but think that this point could have changed the momentum of the match and maybe we see a different outcome remember it's rally scoring so every single point matters and this rally in particular was agonizingly long with Crazy Hand battles and amazing.

Resets the winner of this rally would have a bunch of momentum going into the second half of this match and who knows how it would have played out this also brings up another interesting point could this have been called hindrance I know hindrance can be called if the other opponent distracts the player hitting the ball somehow but I've never.

Heard it called for a fan distracting any of the players on the court according to rulebook rule 3A 15 hinder is any transient element or occurrence that's not caused by a player that adversely impacts play not include shooting permanent objects examples include but are not limited to balls flying insects foreign material players.

Or officials on another court that in the opinion of the referee impacted a player's ability to make a play on the ball so there seems to be some ambiguity here where it doesn't really specify or mention Spectators altering the outcome of a rally but does make it seem it's pretty subjective to the referee's judgment and still open to.

Interpretation by the referee the other interesting discussion that comes out of this is whether pickleball wants to replicate tennis which the proper etiquette for spectators is to not make any noise at all during a rally players and Tennis can even request for spectators to be removed from the match entirely if the referee agrees they are.

Causing too much of a distraction or does pickleball want to replicate like a sport like soccer or basketball which cheering during play is highly encouraged I can understand both perspectives and the quietness is probably preferred by the players on the court especially for the former tennis players while the cheering and noise.

From the crowd is probably favored by The Spectators because of the excitement it brings to the match Major League pickleball did an incredible job encouraging fans to get involved I mean the atmosphere is electric the entire weekend but I think the pickable spectators and tournament directors have to ask themselves what's the proper.

Etiquette as a spectator or viewer when you're at these matches
Team BLQK is taking on Team Hard Eights in this Major League Pickleball Championship match in which the winning team gets $100,000.


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