Hey guys it's Kip from Famous by Friday pickleball got a very exciting review here it's the new diadem Vice this paddle is not USA EA approved this paddle will never be us APA approved diadem's not even going to try it is so different it is.

An experimental paddle in what diadem believes is the future technology of pickleball paddles and how it will progress yes it has multiple holes and I hope you can see those in the surface of the paddle we've seen holes in the paddle before selkirk's done it in the throat one shot has done it along the edges.

This is in actually in the playing surface although they're so small it really shouldn't affect the Flight of the ball but that's totally different the core is very different it's an EVA foam cord you can actually feel it kind of spongy almost but we're used to polypropylene cores.

There's some other cores out there but we no one's done to my knowledge an EVA foam core very excited to see how the ball comes off of that it does have a carbon fiber face we see that a lot it's got a grit coating a painting it's rp2 grit coating so those died down believes that that will last longer than the than the grit Coatings.

We see now it does have a core molding system that makes this a one piece kind of edgeless look and feel and also uh this when you hit it against the concrete it's not supposed to damage it at all so very excited to get out and hit this paddle uh that that just the specs on it.

Are pretty much normal it's an eight ounce paddle it's 16.4 by 7.4 16 millimeters thick evenly balanced those that all those fall just into a normal category but the foam core is what is so much different from what we're used to I'm headed out to the court right now I hope you are too I hope you get to hit.

This I I have no idea what to expect just the anxious to get out there it's gonna be a lot of fun I have a feeling a lot of people are wanting to want to grab this and see what it does so headed out there now hope you are too and I'll be back all right okay.

Foreign thank you I'm literally doing that it's weird it's so soft it just kind of goes in it.

Foreign foreign foreign hey guys just spent the last couple of days playing with the new diadem Vice.

I had no idea what to expect I mean it's you know all the just specifications are are what we normally see eight ounces 16.4 by 7.4 16 millimeter thick you know it's evenly balanced all these things we've seen before the carbon fiber phase the grit coating what do you see Angelus we we've seen.

All of this and I so it made me wonder why diadem is not even going to try and get this usapa approved what is so different yes we've seen holes in the face but these are these little tiny holes all across here going to make that much difference could you just take away some of these.

Holes or you know or get rid of them all together what makes the difference well there there's a huge difference and here's what it is it's this EVA foam core the ball explodes off of here not only shoots off it it explodes the ball just jumps.

If the if your opponent hits the ball hard it hits his surface and just flies and it takes off our serving speeds with this and we weren't trying to jump on any of it were instantly six to seven miles an hour faster than what we normally would serve keeping them in was a bit of a challenge but the ball just explodes off of here.

This foam core and you can feel you can kind of squeeze it and kind of feel it it kind of compresses a little bit I don't know if this foam core would ever be allowed I am really interested I so it reminds me of um aluminum bats in baseball those became dangerous somebody was going to.

Get hurt so they tried to deaden them a little bit and then just eventually kind of went back to Wood that's this paddle the ball comes off of here so fast a goggles will become a thing the ball just shoots off here so fast and it's really tough to control because the ball.

Just shoots off an example when you're playing singles you're thinking oh this would be a great singles paddle because you're really going to keep the other person back the ball goes so fast about the third ball you hit we we discover about the third ball maybe sometimes fourth it's going to go out because the ball is just going to fly off of here.

And go way long not just a little long way long but fun to hit oh my gosh digging's a breeze with this and I don't know really why dinking is but I mean you your footwork your form it doesn't even have to be perfect as long as you get this paddle in front of it and you can hit it anywhere on this face and it's.

The same result it's just gonna shoot back this pal the one word that kept coming to mind as I hit this paddle This is cheating it's it's cheating it's that different that good it's just so different.

It's just it surprised me how different it was really exciting technology really different I would love to hear from anybody that's tried this paddle what their results were well you felt hitting it and you know if you think the future of pickleball is going to go to this kind.

Of Maybe not maybe not even the foam core but do you think it's going to get even faster that the technology is going to allow the ball to even go faster it's kind of a kind of a scary thought in a way so I'd love to hear from you guys please hit like please hit subscribe I'm going to be back with more.

Content buy a damn vice paddle it's pretty it's crazy just crazy all right guys thank you so much for stopping by let me know a little inconsistent
Diadem VICE Pickleball Paddle Review by Famous By Friday Pickleball