Hey guys it's Kip from famous Black Friday pickleball got a brand new paddle to review very excited about this it is the new diadem icon 2. if you watch My Pal review on the original diadem icon it was a paddle that I liked a lot and I played with for quite a while it was a great paddle there are still loyalists out there that.

Will just not put that paddle away they love it so I'm very excited to see what diadem has done with the icon 2. the first thing you notice when you get it out of the box is he died on the the icon 2 does not have the original surface of the icon the icon was at a kind of angle a paddle here the icon was kind of.

Velvety almost fabricy um I think in the original video I said something about it was like walking down the halls of Graceland the new Surface they took from the Dynam Vice paddle it's an rp2 technology face it's a two component polypropylene that I that didem says is going to.

Increase spin I didn't really find that much spin with the diadem Vice so I'm kind of anxious to see if they maybe change that a little bit what I worry about is the coating and I always worry about every time I see these two words together I get a little concerned.

The coating the surface has grit paint and anytime I see grip paint I think it's going to wear off it's just it it is what it is it's going to wear off so I do worry about that but we'll I'm going to get it out and hit it with a little bit and see how it does so they took the surface from the Vise they took the core from the warrior now.

They slimmed it down this is 13.7 millimeters the warrior was obviously much thicker and it's a 16 millimeters so they thinned it down but it's still the three layers of the warrior paddle now that says it's going the item says that's going to be a comfortable dampening and Powerful feel.

Dampening and Powerful usually don't go together very well but we'll see how that works also they took the foam and a lot of companies think of Yola who's done it to great success they took foam and put it around the edges foreign.

They took that from one of the diadem tennis rackets so they said they'll give it stable as increased stability and increase Sweet Spot which we found with other paddles that when you inject foam around the edges it does increase the sweet spot so it's it's fascinating that this paddle has so many other.

Paddles from diadem in it but it didn't really take much from the Icon and they called it an icon too we will see I'm headed out to the courts right now this this paddle does come in two different sizes there's a 16 by eight more traditional size and a 16 and a half by 8.25 kind of elongated size the original icon came in two different.

Weights it didn't come in two different sizes it came in more of the traditional size I believe if I remember correctly and I might be wrong on that headed out to the courts right now hope you are too very excited to hit this battle love the original icon I hope this one holds up all right guys I'll be back.

Really good foreign foreign hey guys back just about the last couple of weeks with the new die damn icon 2 paddle.

This paddle was really fun to hit I really had high expectations for this paddle because I think I said in the opener how much I love the original diadem icon really really really was excited about getting out there and hitting this paddle there were several people in line that were just waiting to hit this.

Paddle because they were diadem icon enthusiasts this paddle is a lot different than the icon we go through some of the attributes it is consistent it is fairly accurate it does have a little power but not power where you're going to throw balls out and you know just those unnecessary.

Flyers or inconvenient Flyers that you think oh I just swung that paddle exactly the same or I tried to block it and it shot up instead of you know staying level it doesn't have those it does stay within the court which is really nice it has a lot of spin which really surprised me because I think I said in the opener that has the rp2.

Technology on the face that the diadem Vice had and the vice didn't have it had loads of power but it didn't have much spin the icon 2 really spins really well it you can really spin it you can actually see the ball jump so that's really cool it does some things really well.

Adequate defensively good resets I guess that good accuracy good consistency it is quick through the air once again I think thinner paddles might be but and that's just mental I'm sure I think they're a little bit quicker through the air they are headlight.

Neither one or cumbersome to use but and there's always a butt but I think guy damn did a bit of a disservice by naming this icon at all I said in the intro that they stole a core from the warrior they store the face from the vice they stole the phone from a tennis racket they really didn't keep any of the.

Components of the original diet and vice except maybe the shape you know the the thin the thin paddle other than that all of the components are kind of borrowed from other paddles and they're good components but I kind of wonder if if they should have maybe named it.

Something else and I think that's a minor thing but when you come from the original diadem icon all the people that tried this just they really wanted to like this so much because they love their icon so much that it didn't really fit the game that they played with their icon so.

They went 100 went back to their old icon now this is not a bad paddle it's actually a really really good paddle and I think maybe part of the problem with me was I expected it to be more icon-ish.

Where it would have those traits of the old icon so so I kind of went out there with that mindset as well and then I had to kind of change that mindset as I went to just judge the paddle on what it is it's a really good paddle it's a lot of fun to hit there is zero vibration on here which should be it's just really soft.

I think in the opening I said something about diadem says this is comfortable dampening and powerful and I said those two words usually don't go together the dampening the powerful but it is it actually does those things very well everything that diadem says this paddle will do it does the sweet spots really large very stable paddle increased spin.

All of those things I almost wish they would have named it something else so it didn't because none of when you name something something to you accept you almost expect part of those components to be from the original or some of those traits and this really is I I think this would be a great.

Standalone paddle so I almost wish they wouldn't have made it icon 2 at all I I really that's my only complaint and I don't even know if that's a complaint maybe a suggestion I don't know it's a good paddle I'm really anxious to see if any of you played with this and if you've tried it what your thoughts were.

Whether it's going in your bag now I usually in these with that it's going in my bag or not it could it really could it does so many things well it doesn't really do anything there's no wow moment other than the spins pretty good there's.

No just wow moment where you're thinking this is the Magic Stick but it does everything really well I put I did put a little weight on here when I played with it some more and that seemed to help with you know getting the ball through his own once again I'll go back to I'm a kind of a defensive player and it really helped with the defensive.

Aspects of this pedal as far as accuracy the 16 the more traditional size paddle the 16 by eight paddle was a lot more accurate than the elongated paddle which we you which really expect because you this one probably this one had more power but this paddle really held up well I'm actually see if you guys tried.

This or not if you if you've hit with it if you like it what your thoughts are please let me know please hit like please hit subscribe thank you for stopping by they died um icon too interesting paddle it is it is a good paddle all right guys we'll be back I'm so disappointed.

Diadem Icon V2 Pickleball Paddle Review by Famous By Friday Pickleball