With the first serve for his side and john's into the tape so one nothing to vilier and mcguffin one zero one second serve and it'll move to the second serve after the aaron shot by mcguffin one zero two.

Point advantage moves to two nothing jay de villier the flying frenchman and he was a youngster who had hopes of making it on the professional tennis circuit before a severe injury derailed that and they decided to go play college tennis and then came to the united.

States and discovered pickleball yeah jay played collegially wichita state still lives there pretty big pickleball community actually in wichita with matt wright patrick smith a lot of good training there communication there to tell tyson to lay off that that's a tough one to.

Lay off when you feel like you got a chance to slam it home five zero two john's wisely deciding to lay off looks like mcguffin really looking to speed things up early a lot of drives driving crash.

Second sir they certainly took advantage of uh getting that side out and building that five-nothing lead and now john's and john's down to the second server already point on forced error thereby tyson mcguffin.

Gets the first point of the game for the johns 152 both john's back on the baseline and devilier and mcguffin oh demilian was trying to take advantage of them being back but he.

Misfires he'd he looked at that one back yeah tried tried for the disguise dropper didn't quite get it i think colin was on it anyway now the johns brothers do get up to the kitchen and griffin wisely gets out of the way.

Yeah john's doing a better job there the last couple points of slowing it down getting up to the kitchen line colin does seem a little off so far right on cue with a great return great deep return off the baseline devillian mcguffin got here by a consecutive games victory over.

Matt wright and spencer smith yesterday matt wright playing without riley newman as we mentioned it is weird to see a championship sunday without matt wright in any of the events i don't i don't like it i need to see matt right up there he uh brings great energy he's always gonna give some fist pumps some finger wags.

But matt we know you'll be back in championship sunday many many times ben and colin johns they were tested in the semifinals yesterday they needed three games to get past aj kohler and thomas wilson they dropped the first game but then won the won the next two it will lay off and the serve back over.

To villier and mcguffin no yeah mcguffin wow great defensive shots there by navigating mcguffin but ben johns.

Finally says enough of that yeah great defensive work john's brothers pulled them through the middle then able to spread it wide out and now the serve going back over to team john's timeout servers 2-5-1 and a time-out being taken by the johns brothers before.

They start this serve we'll step aside as well action here in game one best three out of five on championship sunday one of the special wrinkles here on the ppa tour all the all the preceding matches are best two out of three but they go three out of five on championship sunday second sir.

Yeah colin's definitely trying to speed it up at tyson but tyson's doing a great job of moving towards that middle shifting over so we can find that backhand counter it was a little bit unusual i was surprised to see colin take that time out there as the server was coming back to their side.

no point and mcguffin hits that one long to get it back to three five yeah they weren't getting a lot of momentum on their own serve so maybe not a terrible time out to try to strategize come up with a way to start gaining some momentum here.

They did as i mentioned dropped game one in the semis yesterday and you know maybe saying hey you know what we got a chance to take some momentum back here in game one they don't want to start this match up the same way they did yesterday coming back from a break just like yesterday ben john's.

Taking over as he is apt to do ben literally taking everything right now the lob and then ben.

Did it catch the line no if you just missed that's missed was tough to tell from our angle but you have four it was indeed called out let's take a look this should be a better look at it yeah just chest wide yeah didn't miss by much it was a it was a good thought though by.

Ben great thought sevilla able to get into the action and hits the winner crowd liking that effort yeah that's just unbelievable.

Jay really taking over the middle giving no space to the johns brothers second serve and ben just lined up uh that that was that was coming in hot that was personal not even as sorry after that one yeah that was really coming in hard.

And the side out gets the serve back to team john's 461. man that's tough to lay off but it's the right decision it's really so hard to find the kitchen when jay devilier is up there he reaches in so far like you saw on that last one can really.

Speed it up at any time right there again he speeds it up there and the fire fight is was eventually ended by sevilla hitting it into the net five six two great deception there.

Tyson has that forehand on the outside that forehand dink sits one second waits for ben to hold that backhand and then go towards the middle for those at home the benefit to just wait that extra second can be huge colin unable to get that return over the net so devili and mcguffin push the lead.

Back to two at seven five seven five one maybe matt wright is here on championship sunday eight by one awesome reaction there from tyson second serve well you mentioned matt wright not playing today.

No lucy kovalova in the final today either you wonder if matt wright and lucy are actually still in cincinnati so that that is uh we'd have to check through the brackets i'm going to say there's not a lot of times that that has happened on the ppa tour that either matt and or lucy were not playing that's.

A rarity and they're of course together as a couple as well in wichita 5 1. some of the great names in the game right there so john's get to serve back and that lob is going to be long so back to two-point margin.

six eight one second serve don't see that very often from ben yeah he had to protect the middle there wasn't quite balance hey the nice little thing cross got him.

782 colin speeds it up and then gets handcuffed off the return by devilier yeah both both tyson and jay do such a good job of protecting that body with that back and that square paddle face that finds the ball really hard to speed it up on them from below the level of.

The net so eight seven devillier and mcguffin trying to see if they can inch closer to taking this first game who's going to speed it up first oh nobody's gonna speed it up just an.

Unforced little cat and mouse there probably not used to dinking so many times down the line no stinks probably 80 normally cross-court and now a side out gets it back to ben and colin looking to draw even here in game one they're gonna be kicking.

Themselves on that side out if it doesn't go well this game and we are nodded today ben and colin have not had the lead in this game so a chance for them to go in front for the first time but it's gonna have to wait because a time out along with you as the baird wealth management open has reached.

Championship sunday this the second of five championship matches on the docket today and we've been delayed multiple times by weather but thankfully right now very dry for this match as ben and colin johns look to take the lead for the first time in this game.

And that is going to indeed give them a 9a lead two points away from taking game one in this best three out of five yeah nine eight one to end that exchange better point there stayed patient i think a couple of points jay de villier has gone.

Zealous trying to go for too much i like the patience from both tyson and jay there both ben and colin back on the baseline and now they're able to get up to the kitchen and they finally get the point so they.

Were one point away here from taking this game one i loved how ben and colin with the defense there didn't just go for lobs over and over again they went and ripped a few as well gave a different look too awesome point oh how about ben going down again that.

Couldn't get through it a second time now so the team of devilie and mcguffin they stave off one game point serving at 8 10. second serve move to the second serve.

Eight ten two really smart speed up there didn't go for too much pace it's more about the height control there so they failed to take advantage of staving off that game point give the serve back without.

Making a dent in the margin and now game point number two oh what a shot by ben that was he makes it look so easy degree of difficulty on that was ridiculous i mean he's on a full stretch has to have that paddle face open unbelievable 11-8 team john's in game one.

Owned championship court but kudos to the crew who got this court ready to go pretty much as soon as the rain stopped and we are moving on on championship sunday side out and the johns begin game two with the serve or now they begin game two with the serve after forcing the side out.

Second serve so we'll move to zero zero two here in game two zero two don't see that too often no that's the second time that ben has put one into the net that he you would have expected him easily to get over he makes the difficult shot and then the the the ones.

That are more mundane he's he's had a little bit of trouble with today but he bounces back in nice form right there yeah there and they're a nice drive but not low enough jake committed middle and easily beat him line third shot dropped there from tyson to get he and jay up to the kitchen line inside out and then colin.

Turns it on and tyson knocks it out so back to the johns for the server scoreless no longer colin john's the older of the two you brothers yesterday colin did have did have a nice run on the professional tennis circuit.

Point he did yeah very accomplished tennis player but uh once once ben got into pickleball he saw that that rise he joined quickly and it's been pretty pretty smooth sailing for him too see the reaction out of devilier.

Pivotal game clearly is uh devilian mcguffin can't afford to fall down 2-0 ben john's able to paint that back baseline he made that look way too easy really covering that angle with the.

Backhand then immediately coming over to the middle great forehand put away there fully convinced ben could stand on a pickleball court you could put a blindfold on him and he in and he could hit the baseline on a shot at will without even having to look at it we could give it a try after this i think.

We'll send it down to hannah make sure get the blindfold get it done it'd be good to see i mean the muscle memory from the hours upon hours of work that both his brother and all these players really put it on the court so much top spin on those forehand and.

Backhand rolls from both john's brothers really keeping mcguffin devilier back the lob returned by ben johns and mcguffin knocks it long great coverage there yeah a lot of times it's easier for the the uh partner to go get the lob as opposed to the person who was locked.

Over very smart there from the johns you know long return there will make it four nothing i mean the the lob can be such a weapon but you've got to hit it just perfectly point yeah about the lobby as you get up in levels as you go from 4.5 to 5.0 and.

Above five zero one blob becomes harder and harder the players are more athletic and you have less and less space to go into glob at a 3-0 level great choice devilian mcguffin deciding to use a timeout here is this time it's it's.

Their team that's on the wrong end of a five-nothing start to a game they had a five-nothing lead to open up game one before the johns came roaring back so what are you talking about if you're over there in the timeout between the two of them yeah they're stuck between a rock and a hard place a little bit like.

Aj kohler and thomas wilson yesterday the only difference is they did not get that first game they came out firing early game one and kind of caught the johns off guard with some power with some drives and crashes now they've settled in they're trying to be patient but now you're allowing the.

Jaws to attack at will and since both have great hands it's just a really tough spot to be in they're going to stay down a little bit both are popping up a little bit on some of these speed ups stay down let the hands do the work just stay mentally involved you never know what's going to happen this is a.

Game of momentum and they can make a run here so good time out from them they definitely needed it thing to bear in mind we talked about it with the replay situation you have to have a timeout to be able to challenge so i think keep that in mind as devilly and mcguffin only have one timeout.

Remaining here in this game and john's just saying yeah time out what time out let's just push the lead to six nothing he said time in six zero one second serve cavillian with the overhead get it to six zero two six zero two.

oh colin with the deception there kind of froze tyson mcguffin yeah any any dink it's called a passive dink that sits up and down you're gonna have time to make that decision wait until the opponent moves great job there from colin again.

tie down side out after devilier speeds it up you know colin is such an accomplished player i mean we talked about his tennis a little bit um you know but it's when when you're winning alongside the giant spotlight that is ben john's i don't.

Think colin gets enough credit for how important he is to ben's success yeah not at all i mean he's great speed up there from ben um yeah he normally plays the right side as a role player for ben but when ben hasn't been able to play he can play with anybody on the left side he's one.

Of the best players in the game top five talent zero seven so uh together they're almost unbeatable but alone both very very good of course side out at zero seven that certainly is gonna hurt as the john's now four points away from taking game two second serve another miss hit by ben.

That third shot dropped trying to get it to land in the kitchen give you time to get forward that one finding the net colin with the overhead that time to get it to eight nothing a little bit better execution on that third shot drop although de villier was able to reach and hit it out of the air.

Anyway so that fire fight won by team devilian mcguffin they'll get the serve back ben with the ryze smile he thought he was ahead in that point the entire time which he was but.

The net cord had something else to say about it ben made that one and ben's coming over from that left side to come in front of colin as you can see right there a lot of people are wondering why are you not letting column hit it it's.

Because from that angle coming over from the left side with that four end you can have way more options to keep your opponent guessing which is what he did to dillian mcguffin nothing going with the serve 801 yeah point.

See the mcguffin losing the paddle is uh this thing has become a runaway train here in game two yeah that's just frustration then really good slide over there you have to keep him honest you have to go behind him at some point second sir ben was unable to get off the baseline that time.

So move to nine zero two nine zero two side out third shot drive doesn't clear the net so again devilian mcguffin getting a chance to try it get the bagel off the scoreboard.

and they finally do is colin misfires on the backhand i like that speed up there from tyson he hasn't really moved around the backhand much today to do something with it second sir.

192. football they're gonna get colin on the footfall point alicia smith has been on that all week way to step in ref i know mcguffin and uh they're happy about it they don't care.

How they get a point right now still a big hill to climb at 2-9 and the side out we'll give it back to team john's two points away from closing out this game that's the only risk with speeding it up from there i actually got a text yesterday why aren't guys speeding it up off the bounce from the kitchen line there's not a lot of space.

This ball doesn't get a ton of spin there's no strings on the paddle and that's long so game point but a timeout being taken by devilier and come back to the baird wealth management open our coverage continues here on tennis channel devilier and mcguffin in a big hole down two games to none and team johns with.

The serve to start game three devilier takes care of that one this pairing of devilian mcguffin has never seen championship sunday together prior to this appearance second sir it's a great ball again.

Saying over and over again he holds that to the last second gets that paddle face under the ball really makes your opponent get there too which side and then drunk right at the body very very tough shot to get out of the way up.

Inside out and the side out so devilian mcguffin squander an opportunity to take an early lead in this possibly decisive game three john's brothers to get up to the kitchen line good thing too because that was not past the net by very much.

Ben johns speeds it up at devilier for the first point of the game yeah they did a great job there a couple times resetting but just too much heat from john's in the end point and make it two nothing and while team johns looked like they were maybe vulnerable yesterday in the semis they're not looking very.

Vulnerable here today not at all so they're trying to keep it away from ben but thanks to colin are just sitting up a little bit too much giving him a lot of time on that forehand side to figure out where he wants to go yeah after that five love deficit in the first game.

Only five points total the rest of the match not so great for de villiers mcguffin it's been one-way traffic i'll go here three zero two three zero two as the john's brothers aren't done yet on this service opportunity ben was a little bit of a rise smile.

After uh he puts that one into the net zero three one he's like what i'm not supposed to miss that ball ever once in a while it's okay ben second serve he is human doesn't often look like you down the pickleball court but he is on the pickleball court barely looks like.

Colin goes for the ernie but he hits it long he switched the paddle hand went for the left-handed ernie that would have been impressive so that does hit the line so the side out a lot of dinking through the middle.

There a lot of recreational players trying to spread the court so much but that spot in the middle so important to make sure you go there it can cause confusion and then you could spread the court following john's with the backhand put a load of.

Illegal couldn't handle it it's 4-1 4-1-1 second serve didn't quite get his feet set there four one two one up four one don't mind it inside out that third shot drive doesn't clear the net so debilitating mcguffins.

Still hanging in here but they gotta they gotta start getting something going one four one no point good communication devilier able to give a guffin to dodge out of the way two four one.

and then mcguffin gets it back to within a point colin leaving that a little bit high great reach in there notice how close he is to that kitchen line not allowing the ball three four one.

second sir aaron shot there by mcguffin who prior to pickleball was an accomplished tennis player himself also an accomplished wrestler in high school his dad was a wrestling coach no point.

And we've drawn even now at four piece here in this third game with a little to say as the johns brothers for the first time in this game are facing the deficit yes i'll recall yep five four two.

jay tries to go behind the back not sure if tyson would have had that if jay hadn't attempted that shot really high degree of difficulty shot there from ben john's holding that paddle face looks like you go anywhere able to flick it on the backhand side that is a shot in jay's.

Arsenal though he he practices that quite often if you watch him warm up behind the back yeah jay's got the the flare it's the the frenchman in them by born john's brother's looking to go back in front after that brief lead by devilier mcguffin.

ben was trying to go for the angle but couldn't clear the net went for a little bit too much but i love tyson they're really reaching in not letting those dinks bounce putting pressure on ben showing that athleticism awesome stuff from tyson.

Mcguffin and now to billy and mcguffin yeah tyson definitely finding his form here okay five five one get the serve back tied at five.

And promptly go back in front six five one that really keeps the body quiet there when the fire fight ensues so another point and that two-point advantage.

Will drive and crash love that receivers and the john's brothers decide they're going to use the timeout suddenly trailing in this game 8-5 see if they can stop the momentum that devilier and mcguffin have going right now yeah really smart timeout needed it tyson and jay are really finding their.

Form i love that they're going for the driving crash doing a different look ben and connie just slow it down get back to basics well we're just happy that we have pickleball going on right now because we've been in rain delays today hannah johns this crew has done a great job getting the court ready in short order.

Well that's right dave guys it has been an absolute adventure out here crazy time there's been drizzle there's been rain out here on the court and it's crazy luckily we have a great operations crew that have been able to help us they've gone out there with towels with tarps with our vaptor able.

To get this cart cleaned up ready to go having the players able to get out there finish their finals is the priority here today no question in their in match number two out of five of the day will this one go more than three games that is the question right now tyson mcguffin and.

Jay de villier they've got their eyes on getting this at least to a fourth with this eight five lead here in game three oh yeah they're playing some big time pickleball be interesting to see the adjustments here from ben and colin post timeout.

See if the timeout serves its purpose that does just get over the net make it nine five yeah not so fast all kinds of momentum right now for devilier and mcguffin.

But now the serve will go back to team john's granny colin would really love to just end this in three i would say seven it right between the two josh brothers.

Really just taking these passive dinks like that and attacking that's actually what matt wright and rod and uh riley newman have done very well this year against the johns brothers tyson and ben content to go back and.

Forth for a little bit colin and jay it's nice and sun opening down the middle but he couldn't exploit it better strategy there from colin actually going cross court with that forehand dink i think he's been leaving a little bit too much down the line.

Colin finally able to get up to the kitchen without lob colin able to return it answers with a lob of zone that was massive.

Frenchman getting plenty of heat on that overhead 961 second sir ben and colin trying to avoid being in a on the wrong end of a game point situation here they forced it to the second serve.

and the deception by ben johns really smart play got tyson and jay both leaning to the side and then a nice little flick through the middle the middle is your friend then finally able to get to the kitchen.

And the misfire there will close the score to 7-9 seven nine one ben trying to impose his will but the team of devilian mcguffin do not back down.

Look at that defense gotta love it so 792. and then colin finally able to put it away and he looked down at his foot he wasn't 100 sure he he was relieved when he saw there was a little bit of space.

Between his toe in the line because the refs not calling me on that one so it's tight in game three in cincinnati eight nine timeout being taken by devilier and mcguffin devilier and mcguffin holding on to just a one point lead using the timeout to see if they can avoid the johns brothers.

Tying this thing up tyson speeds it up nice defense by colin johns where finally mcguffin wins it unbelievable reflexes from all four 9-8-1 so davillian mcguffin two points away.

From closing out this game and that'll bring up game point number one penny one number two the point before they caught calling on the third shot drive not ready.

He was definitely ready for that one i think it was the drop that time oh john's brother's saying not so fast they get the serve back at 8 10. yeah devilly felt like he had to do something he had to create there on that forehand dink just a little bit too early and sitting.

On it yeah about that reaction they force it to the second serve 8 10 2. here the backhand goes into the net it's a one-point game.

Colin does such a good job getting that ball up high on that little speed up down the line devillier had ben johns playing defense and exploited it ben's just protecting the face there.

Game point number three and there it is sir will not be an easy three-game win for the coverage of the baird wealth management open from cincinnati ohio we've gone to game four of this men's doubles final.

Devilier and mcguffin able to force his fourth game but team johns will get the side out to start game four and get to serve zero one good idea unable to execute the lob though.

side out gets it back to devilier and mcguffin yeah devilian mcguffin really their hands have been ready the last game they know colin john's going to speed it up a little bit of momentum right now for.

The third seeded team oh man how about ben jay any other player that's a winner and ben's able to come back and and defend it and get it back across the net unbelievable reflexes hands out in front yeah jay's winning that point.

Nine out of ten times maybe 10 out of 10 against another player so the side out keeps it scoreless there's one enough on that one.

that goes long we stay scoreless here in game four zero okay and another side out.

finally able to get the first point of the game that roll dink left a little bit too high one zero one that's gonna be put away every time been a little bit of a crawl.

that's missed it yeah he did just miss it all these players doing such a good job of resetting some balls softening up that grip on the paddle keeping out in front opening that paddle face just a little bit.

Really just beautiful to see out there colin enticing back and forth defense by both these sides so impressive colin goes up for the backhand and that.

Sets the point in motion to be won by team johns and that does catch the line i think ben thought he was able to catch him and cheat through the middle tried to they did a great job holding that rolling it.

To that left shoulder wow been trying to end the point on a few occasions but devilian mcguffin hanging tough that'll get a war out of the crowd and devili davilia pumped absolutely insane.

Hands look at this d and the gas oh and a little bit of luck you catch the net it goes in that was an hour you designed it but you'll take it we'll take it off this is the best hands i've seen out of.

Jay deville in a long time i mean jay has played this way all week he has been so good he has found his form here in cincinnati i mean you watch him on that neck cam and it's honestly it's it's like a robot just boom boom boom and we will see jay devilier again this afternoon.

As he will play and the mixed doubles tyson mcguffin will play in this singles championship to cap off today and john's will also be part of that mixed doubles match force to villain mcguffin to use a time-out 5-1 here in game four been a great venue all week long great.

Host to the ppa tour 5-1-1 the john's brother's six points away but mcguffin finds the opening after the wardrobe change for tyson mcguffin during the timeout.

So moves it to five one two and the sign out gets it back to devilier and mcguffin all he needed was the shirt changed isn't going to help with that no the shot selection would help that one.

And the execution that one set up way too easily for ben johnson colin goes to the open side of the court and the side out gets it back to team john's with the 5-1 advantage yeah the drive-in crash is a great option but the drive has to stay low that one getting a little bit too high.

second serve five one two couple of shots colin would like to have back on that exchange.

Oh yeah i'm gonna get ahead in that one so one five one oh they're picking on colin right now it's a tough spot for colin to be in because he really is playing that right side that roll side.

and an unfavorable run-in with the net there yeah more colin on that side when you're playing the right side you're very stagnant the left side is able to really move more and playing pickleball in motion for many is easier colin if you're getting stuck can be a little difficult.

Suddenly it's just a one point game four five one well guffin and deville finally do get up to the kitchen line but too little too late as ben johns finishes it off 4-5-2 now.

Colin saw jay going into the corner so takes advantage of that open side of the court the only problem with trying to ernie come across leave the court a little open nice dig out there by colin.

But devilier finally puts it away so we'll go to 542 really good job there from tyson covering that speed up from ben finding that backhand counter so.

Hits it with the offhand and the johns get the lead back to two that was a great speed up even without the lead cord i think i think that one's a winner awesome deception.

Great defense by colin ben finally gets back up to the kitchen the crowd loving what they're seeing right now we're loving what we're seeing what a point this quartet just so impressive four six one.

atp executed perfectly there by colin really got around that ball great footwork needed to execute an atp like that you'll see it here it really lets the ball leak to the outside let's get to the lowest part of the bounce.

Gives you the best angle to attack we saw yesterday colin try to execute an atp and it actually hit the post that's true a little bit better angle that time and the side out's gonna get back over to team john's i'm out servers 6-4-1 and.

Again colin and ben for the second time of this match they're gonna use a timeout before starting a service opportunity we'll step aside as well the hometown charm of a county fair so charming you say so what was that nothing.

Wow next do anything that's healthy that was actually fun when can we go back we have to wait a whole year darn it when it comes to comfort we're thinking of every mile the new hyundai palisade it's your journey.

I'm gonna miss you at prudential we can't tell you when your kids will finally go out on their own but we can at least make sure that when they do you're ready that's why millions rely on us for the rock solid strength that helps you plan for and achieve your retirement dreams.

Whichever road you take who's your rock back in cincinnati defense matt manassi along with you 6-4-1 so the timeout before starting the service opportunity is the john brothers they want to they don't want anything to do with a.

Game 5. not at all they took that time out they wanted to regroup even ahead in the game let's come back let's close this thing out ben was not going to be that nine right there.

Gets it to 7-4 and it's like hey colin get out of the way brother i'm coming at you well that's the other great thing about colin right i mean we talk about what a great player he is but he's he knows when ben's ready to take over.

Like that just get out of the way that's right ben tried to paint that corner and he just misses so 4-8-1 make it 4-8-2 and you feel like devilian mcguffin this might be.

Their last stand if they don't make some noise here you heard colin say you i don't i don't think he needed to say it i think ben was taking it all the way says thank you very much i'll take the overhead smash.

Eight four two ben thought he was gonna have a winner there no that's long he had it awesome hands from all four guys there ben speeding up coming across here.

Just took a little bit too big of a swing so devilian mcguffin again getting the serve back at 4-8-1 second turn great job catching that line a lot of players sit in that backhand.

Position when the ball is coming at them gotta find that right shoulder rare rare mistake by devilier he can't get the serve over the net so johns and john's getting back three points away from a title what make it two points away.

tyson goes for an ernie and hits it long and we have reached match point timeout and demilia and mcguffin have no choice but to use a timeout to try and see if they can avoid what at this point is looking like it's inevitable it's inevitable yeah they're taking the time out.

See if they can come back with one more charge but i think it's gonna be over here soon from our perspective but um we'll see what they can do yeah ben seems to have found his his rhythm and.

Colin as well well this is match number two of five on the docket from cincinnati today got the women's doubles coming up following the conclusion of this one leah jansen and catherine parento will team against bright and irvin and how about hannah johns right now.

Little little sibling love right now as uh ben and callum are pointing away from another title i guess pretty relaxed up uh two games so on i think hamilton's four lead hannah looks really nervous about the post-match interview i don't know if she's ever had a chance to talk.

To these guys before yeah she's shaking we had a we had a tournament uh last year on the ppa tour map where hannah actually was able to get us a picture of all of ben's medals and they're they're all just hanging under doorknob oh my god.

Doorknob's gonna fall off soon i bet it's getting to be heavy he's probably found a second thorn out by now i would think no victory just yet we'll move to 1042 match point mcguffin though they rallied at least to.

Get it to a fourth game but in the end it's team johns 11 8 11 2 9 11 and 11 4 to win yet another men's double championship title you
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