And so I'm assuming so she never went to Israel then will she be going later on oh my God I got a television so is she able to speak to people on the phone or yeah just to let you know so you know I was going to give you a call it's funny how I said.

my uh trips to Israel so I'm heading back to Israel next this coming week for a week figure out the ministry of security so I'm heading back to that and um hey do you ever have a hard time finding anybody to practice with the spin shot.

Ball machine is what's for you it's a programmable robot that is battery powered it can last four to five hours depending on the drill you're doing and you can practice every shot in pickleball it has a phenomenal app that is programmable you can change the drills you do it is a great practice partner if you look in the description.

Below with our discount code you get free shipping and a free cover it's well worth the investment check it out on Thursday night on Sunday night the fourth so we can see you okay we're here for dinner and this will be amazing and then 250 go to Israel and then we're in Israel basically until.

December we'll come back a week here in a week there to visit and see what's going on with the construction everything else but we're in Israel we bought a new house in Florida in Boca Grove which we basically are demoing and rebuilding and uh I'm optimistic that there's a.

Probably two million in here in property so because the price somebody just sold his house there now for five million bucks for 50 100 square foot home which is a 950 bucks a square foot with shit's construction which nobody's gonna know our house is going to be a 6 000 square foot house so if it.

Goes if the uh at the same price I'm close to six million dollars what they name them sharks man because this is not the place this is going to the ships where I would actually wouldn't mind going that actually wouldn't mind going.

Further north up into your area which is fine I understand but probably end up going to a place called Addison Reserve but it's not walked but it's not walking distance from your place is it yeah so I'm looking at Addison Reserve which is rated number five in North America that's an amazing Club gorgeous.

Uh there's a show walking distance 70 Jewish maybe 15 religious families perfectly and uh ideal I mean it's this this is getting really dead when you play sometimes it's called Addison Reserve nice place it's not it's on Atlantic.

Empire London and Powerline we'll see yeah yeah I still want to go Community although I will tell you I'm not the pickleball that I'm playing golf is not that critical anymore they gave them a simple suggestion and it really makes foreign.

Are you home now give me 20 minutes let me call you back okay bye and my close friends are ready for open heart surgery just now although I was gonna yell out at one point Green Dots here.

With her by far someone said today are they back together well she watched a little bit of my match you guys have a move here yeah they also yeah I know Carl the runner of the tournament very well yeah I can see it perfectly now but I just take them off he offered us well the book was 1500 I.

Feel 750. and he's still suddenly we don't pay for anything else and then he offered us the ball to use the Box A Thousand Miles I'm gonna pay a thousand dollars for a five thousand dollar sponsorship level to get everywhere everybody yeah everybody hates that Hill sir everybody hates the spot but everybody.

Hates everybody you know you can't make it here so people love to hate things to me it is a little softer though awesome experience oh does this have audio is there audio on here too yeah then we're gonna have I was just kidding by the way no huh look I'm putting a weird a weird spot.

You know there's people sitting here when's your next game thank you thank you very happy let's go good Mike foreign don't forget to look in the description.

Below if you like the paddles that your players are playing and also click like And subscribe if you like what you're seeing uh good luck all the way foreign if you thought that was a good game.

Watch this one you know you want to click it you know you want to click it
Watch intense advanced level 4.5+ pickleball men’s doubles game
Joe Perez (blue shirt, red sleeves, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS) and Mark Napartovich (blue shirt, GRUVN RAW-16RX) vs Alan Mendelson (grey shirt, Vatic Pro) and Andy Fisher (black shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS Swift).
Pickleball game at Delray Beach Tennis and Pickleball Center, Delray Beach, Florida.

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