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thank you thank you pick a wall I think the sky's the limit it's the fastest growing sport there's really no ceiling.

Harris Todd Hunter Johnson making 48 Johnson what a point pickleballs my everything it's pickleball baby have fun thank you welcome to Sunny Sacramento California's.

Capital conveniently situated at the spot where the American and Sacramento rivers meet the prime location cementing this City's spot in American history in the 1800s it marked the end of both the Pony Express and the Transcontinental Railroad when gold was discovered here on the ancestral homeland of the Violet my new people dreamers flooded West all.

Hoping to find their piece of it and this week Sacramento the landing spot for more dreamers these ones also dreaming of gold but the kind earned through play on the courts after three days of action on the sun drench courts here at Johnson Ranch We Are One Step Closer to handing that golden Hardware out 700 participants 500 amateurs 200.

Pros all working to make their way right here Championship Corp on Championship Sunday I'm AJ McCord alongside Chad Edwards Dominic Catalano the weather is a little bit cooler today thankfully but the play on the courts not showing any signs yeah you always steal my lines but yes the the play has been on fire the last four days we're going to continue.

With and more great matches here on Championship Sunday and there's going to be some really intense battles for some of these plays yeah cooler weather faster ball so that's what that equates to these players played last week in Naples and now here it's been very warm for them will be funny to see kind of how they adjust to the ball picking up.

Some Pace today it's going to be very interesting to watch let's get into who we can expect to see on Championship four we have you to Castillo in the women's single relatively new to the pickleball scene but looks like she's here to stay yeah Judy Castillo she has answered the bell of anyone who had any questions about her run last.

Week at the U.S open she took a silver medal that was not a fluke she is hot she took out the number one seed Paris Todd zero and ten and then took out the two seed as well Megan fudge in three games yeah and Megan fudge was very impressive in that bronze medal matchup to get back here to Sunday winning that one 11-0 11-1 it's going to be.

Interesting to see if she can keep that momentum going into today and in the men's singles gold medal match we have a little brotherly Showdown Yates Johnson getting the best of his brother in the Winner's bracket to punch his ticket here yeah Yates playing excellent singles on Thursday making it through the winning side of the bracket for the.

Second time this season trying to accomplish what he couldn't in Daytona and that's beat brother Hunter here on Sunday the flipside Hunter has some work to do if he wants to win back-to-back singles titles he lost to Yates in the winter bracket final four and nine but again gets another opportunity here on Championship Sunday.

And in the men's doubles we have a pair who is defending their app Mesa title Andre dieassu like you said AJ they're continuing their impressive run from Mesa where they did take a gold medal they ask you and cioni are rolling they reeled off a bunch of wins yesterday only dropping one game to the eventual bronze medalist.

Brendan long and Stefan Auburn but again this new combination of day after antioni very impressive so far yeah and they're going up against Riley the hot and Rob nunnery fantastic showing for them yesterday knocking out the Johnson Brothers and then taking down ovonne and long in the bronze medal match it'll be interesting to see if they can continue.

That pressure and that dominance that they had in the middle of the court and if they're going to have the success against isko and teone that they had on their run and in women's doubles we have another Duo no stranger to Championship Sunday and Paris Todd judging and Todd looking Stella yesterday they've made some uh adjustments as far as strategy.

Throughout the last couple of weeks but yesterday playing and and definitely in sync and playing as one judging struggled with a little bit of food poisoning throughout the first couple of days but came out strong and is going to continue here strong today and then their opponents Megan fudge Bobby oshira one of the best things about this double.

Elimination format is that you can avenge an earlier loss and that's exactly what fudge and oshiro get to do here they were knocked down by joshing and Todd now they get to try and get that Revenge back against them here in the gold medal match and find School well Barn to ask you what a day it was.

For these two so impressive they only dropped 18 total points on the day through four matches they never lost a game the most points they gave up in the game was four that is so impressive with their run here to Championship Sunday and they too are looking to defend their title from Mesa where they took gold yeah and they'll take on Hunter Johnson.

And Paris Todd Johnson and Todd looking to avenge that loss in Mesa to bar and diascu but a little bit of uncharted waters for Johnson and Todd on Friday having to come through the Bachelor and actually play five matches there to get back to Championship Sunday yeah it's an uphill battle for for haunted Johnson today he's gonna have to win two games.

To 15 in that double dip just just to be able to get through the weather has been scorching hot here in Sacramento today cooling down just a little bit we're expecting it to be about 65 degrees when we get started but the players have had to go through some close to 90 degree days so we're gonna see how that endurance plays out.

Speaking of something playing out we've got breaking news on Megan fudge and her status for Championship Sunday when we come back thank you all right.

thank you thanks to we have more time to hang with our new friends what do you like to do for fun well with we save a ton of time so we're always trying new things save time buy and book online at. Yola Franklin expect it to be playing in the women's singles finals here at the app sunbed Sacramento open but some breaking news just a few moments ago Megan fudge making the decision to pull out of the.

Women's gold medal match against Utica Castillo she's been battling some illness and after warming up and trying to give it a go she just decided she could not do it yeah I talked with ryler the harder husband earlier this morning and he was saying that she was having a high heart rate which is very unlike her uh so she came out tested it decided it.

Wasn't a good idea to go and so she pulled out of the singles but she is still hoping to play in The Doubles later on this afternoon it's unfortunate because it was going to be a great match between fudge and Castillo so that is something we will keep an eye on as we go throughout the day Megan fudge's status for that doubles match in.

The meantime it does mean that Yuda Castillo has won the women's singles gold here at the app sunmed Sacramento open we're gonna hear from her a little bit later but for now that means we got these two coming your way next taking a live look at Yates Johnson and his brother Hunter getting warmed up for their match it's a rematch of Daytona.

Yates Johnson still looking for his first singles gold medal can he get it done today we'll find out on the other side of this break foreign face introducing Skechers pickleball the.

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Control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball I'm Yates Johnson I'm a professional pickleball player and I'm from Taos New Mexico ever since I was little ever.

Since we could walk we had a rack in our hands so that's kind of how we got started in tennis we've always dreamed of being a professional tennis players I'd say you know having a rocket in your hand for 20 years with tennis makes the transition to pickleball definitely a lot easier than most but it definitely took a little time to.

Get used to the different strategy and the different feel and at first we thought no way like we're not going to give up on our dream we want to compete for Grand Slams but we we saw how fast of a sport that the ball was growing kind of the opportunity we could be it's like the pioneers of the sport it's a lot of fun and there's a reason why it's.

The number one growing sport in the country I mean I'd say there's really no feeling I mean it could it could be an Olympics one day and that's really exciting goals for the 2023 season would probably be get my first gold but also get our first medal in doubles and and see you heard him talk about it there Yates.

Johnson wants his first gold in men's singles and now he is so close he can taste it a rematch of this brotherly rivalry since Daytona and it's gonna be very interesting to see as you see Yates making it through that Winners bracket with relative ease and now playing his brother Hunter yet again yeah Yates tested a little bit against Brandon Lane.

Having to go three in that one but when he came out in that Winners bracket final against Hunter he looks so smooth and so effortless out there if he can bring that into today I mean everything was clean the ball striking was clean the the decision making the movement on the court it'll uh it'll be a tough one for a hunter if if Yates comes out like.

He did on Thursday it was very interesting talking with the boys beforehand before this match started in the 10th and uh they talked about um in juniors when they play tennis right whenever they would match up against each other they wouldn't really play they would just return a score in to be like seven six six seven seven six.

And it was like you know 15 13 in the tiebreaker and they turn it in but then how they determined who would was going to win that even though they wouldn't play it was always who had less points and so Hunter goes it's crazy he goes if you look at our head to head Yates is like 21-2 against him because he always had less points than him he goes so it's.

Crazy when you look at their head to head uh but in pickleball a little different here they want to they want to compete they want to have a good time here um but you know they joke around and they warm up together and all that but when all said and done they both want to win here and they're both competitors so.

It's going to be a fun one here this uh morning Hunter joked with me this morning that he actually mediates take an Uber they weren't going to drive together I'm pretty sure that's not what happened but hunter was like no that's how serious we're taking it yeah yeah and certainly Yates like we've mentioned looking for that first gold medal in.

Men's singles he wants this one badly Hunter there's always that sibling rivalry and when they get in between the lines on the court it is all all the fun is behind you it is game time and that is what we're about to have here on Championship Court our first match of Championship Sunday getting underway it's gonna be Hunter.

Johnson versus Yates Johnson Yates coming through the winners bracket having beaten Hunter to get to this point looking to do that and so remember of course because it's Championship Sunday and Hunter came through the consolation bracket he will have to double dip today if he wants to take the gold medal from Yates Yates is going to.

Start us off with the surf oh early friendly roll off for the net Court there for Yates couple of quick points Hunter Hunter's gonna change his paddle referee will take a look at this one real quick not sure what sliding over the hand that.

And over the paddle that quickly is going to do but you know and just like that Yates with the serve and three quick points here early you're also seeing two little different Yates he's driven one ball and dropped two she's looking to the drop a little more here.

Nice little Inside Out forehand there for Hunter Johnson as couldn't put that away a couple times well he was doing exactly what you were talking about but yesterday which is those overheads if you go straight at the Baseline gotta find the angle yeah good ball there from Hunter going behind Yates with a little bit of.

Shape that's not able to catch up to that one oh yeah it's not able to catch up to that one so I'm just off the edge guard there for Yates and Hunter now back within one just such a nice forehand there for Yates Johnson again keeping it nice and.

Compact not getting too big and then just punches that with a great angle finds a hole oh well this guy's ball down the line there from Yates I was actually surprised he didn't go down the line a little earlier in that point opted to go back Cross Court but he sold that one perfectly.

Another friendly bounce off the net for Yates Johnson the delayed sorry from Yates and then the delayed star and then Hunter throws the ball to the other side shh oh he almost got three deep sub there from Hunter Yates a.

Little late on that one three five Yates lets that one go and wisely so good defense there from Hunter staying in that point just couldn't get the drop there to fall just a little high and tries to go two-handed on the line but a little wide.

Oh just misses you're taking a look at that one almost caught the line there that's what Yates was having so much success with the first time yesterday here I mean uh Thursday he was getting those ones just a couple of inches inside the sideline why three.

Good placement there by Yates Johnson again starting with the drop here and he's he's got some nice game plan here to start off we're going more drop than drive trying to get into a little cat Mouse oh what a point there from the Johnson Brothers.

Thought Yates had Hunter beat but the turn around nice overhead finish there from Hunter in the middle of that point Hunter was spun like a top yeah turning around every which way typically we see most players come out and try to hit through haunted Johnson and that's that's where they go into.

Trouble a lot of the time I think loving the commentary that you can hear here on Championship Court between the two brothers undergoing oh my gosh well right now again it's the game plan execution here from Yates he's got a game plan he's sticking to it he's not trying to overpower like you said Chad.

And he's catching net cards wherever he can that's uh number four he's he's three for four with the net chords that's just clean living there for Yates oh right into the body of Hunter Johnson could not get that one back over the net Yates can't do anything but laugh right now he he is but hunter is not happy.

Right now with all these let chords these two playing to the crowd here on Championship Court got a good one filling in on this Sunday morning and Hunter is sending that right back where you could just recovered from good angle I think that point before Yates got scared on the outcall by the.

Referee that is our sideline or our line judge he wasn't expecting the call on Championship Sunday and I spoiled that from Hunters stepping in taking that one early doesn't try to overpower it but just puts it right down that line.

So this is a situation from Daytona Yates was up nine three there Hunter came back and won it 11-9 same score here it was just 9-3 yeah we saw that firsthand and Yates having none of it right now I'm gonna burn his first time out so one of the things I wanted to ask you guys about you're talking about the.

Changing strategy for Yates going at Hunter instead of those drives he's doing a lot more of the softer game defending that if you are Hunter Johnson what does that change about the way you attack well I I think you know it plays into hunts's game a little bit like he enjoys that cat and mouse but.

What the what was getting Yates or or creating the success for Yates was that he wasn't giving a firm a ball for for a hunter to be able to create a sharper angle so then you know when you try to hit through Hunter and he can create that sharp Angle now all of a sudden Yates is fully on the run and Hunters started that that Captain Mouse.

Game in his favor now what's happening is Yates is is buying himself some time with that drop Hunter's not able to do as much with that ball so now it keeps the advantage in yates's favor however these last couple Yates returns haven't been the deepest and they haven't been the strongest so it's allowing Hunter to step in and then.

You'll we've seen a couple of passing shots or a couple of balls where Yates has really extended so he's got to try to get that deeper return right here it's gonna be Hunter with the serve trailing six nine when right out of the timeout the unforced error into the net and it's deja vu here.

From Daytona four straight points for Hunter oh but there are Yates finding the same spot that he's had success with so far in this tournament especially against Hunter well nice job right there he holds it on his paddle he doesn't make a decision until he sees Hunter move to.

His left foreign Hunter pulling his paddle back making sure that he did not touch that ball ended up out of bounds and it's a little too much there from Yates one too many times trying to go back behind Hunter I think he got away with the one there.

With that short return yeah it's almost hesitating was Hunter right there through that Yates finally breaking that nine points that he's had for quite some time finds himself sitting here with game point thank you and there you have it game one goes to.

Yates Johnson getting the better of brother Hunter we'll have game two when we come back hahaha introducing Skechers pickleball the official Footwear of the app tour.

They're Ultra lightweight and responsive for incredible speed they have Goodyear rubber outsoles with a specialized pickleball design for increased side to side stability and Agility plus they feature shock absorbing foam and Skechers famous relaxed fit design for incredible Comfort game after game conquer the core.

In Comfort Skechers pickleball the official Footwear of the app tour powerful pickleball sentence I'm Hunter Johnson I'm a professional.

Pickleball player and I live in New Braunfels Texas so growing up my twin brother and I were playing soccer baseball tennis that sport that stuck to us the quickest was tennis Yates was born first uh I I got a little more nutrients in me I'm a little taller he says he's a better looking one but I'll fight him on that getting an.

Offer try to go play pro pickleball and we honestly thought it was a crazy idea but we also looked at it as an Innovative idea of let's get in early let's try to get as good as we can if there's now 36 and a half million people playing pickleball that's a huge number love to see the game just keep growing especially on the pro side 2023 is an.

Exciting year obviously you want to be number one you want to win as many turns as possible but we'd really like to try to dominate together in doubles and be kind of where that tastes game two between Yates and Hunter Johnson coming up here on Championship Court Yates taking game one 11-7 they've now switched sides.

So Yates is over here next to the pro area the broadcast booth Hunter at the top of your screen on to just sending that one dude but I do like the start there from Hunter he has to come out be just a little bit more aggressive than he was in game one try to move Yates around a little bit more keep him off balance.

Foreign just missing the line right there Hunter can't believe he missed that he read it perfectly side out here yeah he's going with that one hander now the big yeah see more in singles than than what we do from him in doubles but he has missed a couple of returns.

Nice balls on the line there from Hunter Johnson and now he needs to find a little bit of Rhythm here and get back in this because if Yates does take this he will be our gold medalist and Yates telling himself to focus right here that's second Miss rattan.

Of this game Yates waiting quite some time delayed recall delayed call I think the line judge forgotten he had to call out balls right there he pointed he just didn't call it oh no off the head and paddle hopefully you get the little apology not so much it went deflection inside of the.

Head then off the paddle Yates flipping the ball back to Hunter with a little bit of zest on it that's good block right there from yays he just deadens this ball off his paddle he has Hunter way back behind the Baseline very difficult ball for him to come in and get foreign.

Just along right there it's like these guys are toying with each other right now it's like it's so much fun to watch this cat and mouse here between the two brothers yeah Yates for sure early on in that point thought Hunter's lob was going a lot deeper to only bounced a couple of.

Feet behind the kitchen line can't get his paddle on that one Hunter adding to his lead here in game two hunts is running around that backhand right now ripping those balls down the line oh a little unlucky there for Yates.

It's a great read by Yates to go Ernie this and hit that angle but he catches the tape just enough that it doesn't roll over Hunter doing a good job to stay outside of the kitchen all right Yates doing good job to stay out of the kitchen on that point it's a side out calls himself a ballerina Twinkle Toes.

Yeah Yates needs to make that ball right there copy that quick side out there another point there for Hunter Johnson he never LED in game one but building on his lead here it's just pushing that one a little too deep but it was a better return he went Mall Middle with that one Hunter wasn't.

Able to create any angle but yeah he's just trying to do a little too much with that backhand volley we've seen a tale of two different games here the first game was much slower much more cat and mouse controlled by Yates Johnson now it's a little more fast-paced Hunter is speeding things up he's found that line with you said Chad he's running around.

That forehand to get there and he's going down that line and playing a little more faster paced and that's not what Yates Johnson wants to do right now okay brother's sitting right next to each other with the trophy behind them having a little bit of a conversation I'm always curious what they're talking.

About because they are really chill before they go into their match it's all joking no it's fine everything's good it's gonna be a lot of fun but these two were very competitive so when the game starts it's time to focus so I'm always curious what they're talking about over there I have to ask them sometime.

Thank you again the pace of that point just so much faster than we saw in game two yeah it's just favor it favors Hunter right now the pace of the game you just got to do something to slow it down here Hunter just stopped playing right there he didn't move.

Yeah he's I mean he knew his ball had popped up right there but there was there was no intent to try to defend that at all oh spinning in the Wind the wind is really howling now say from the bottom of your screen to the top of your screen can't get that one over the net so it's.

A side out oh a very very effective change of pace there for Yates Johnson yeah good move to initiate that as well taking that backhand on it you missed one earlier but this time putting much better swing on it okay oh and again he hates getting the lucky roll off the net that's gotta be I want.

To say seven out of nine black cords that have went yes his way oh good touch from Yates this time with Hunter a little bit there but the co-op movement that big time angle on the forehand dink back Cross Court sliding into it wait.

That one goes out as well it doesn't catch any of the Wind that ends Yates 3-0 run here nothing needs to do right there catches the left cord ends up flying past him he's almost got to hit a no look forehand.

The ATP though from Yates Johnson well placed Hunter couldn't get where he needed to go to defend against it yeah take another look at it here yeah it's just allowing that to develop get around the post easy finish for him right there Yates knows if he can keep Hunter off balance there and just moving back.

And forth that's when it seems like he's had his greatest success but yeah that's his key right now we're talking about two totally different game plans Yates wants to slow down Hunter wants to play with pace oh and then he flips it on him gives him a little Pace does Yates right there and right back in this second game.

At one point he was down at one eight he's climbed all the way back to six nine but the side out they're from Hunter yeah not much on that drop right there from Yates floated hung up in the Wind tough to defend against in singles I mean he's trying to light his brother.

Up right there he's trying to go through his chest with that drive I'm doing other ones slowing things down forcing Yates to move and it works um yeah Puppet Master right there Dom's uh mimicking in front but I'm not sure why he didn't he had a ball sitting up on the forehand Saudi why he didn't just punish it it popped it like it's like he.

Didn't want to hurt anybody too much again trying to go through Yates yeah it's just plucking those balls back quick side out though Gates has to give the ball back without taking any chunks away from his brother's lead over him sitting at nine six.

In this second game and now it's game point for Hunter Johnson well freebie there off the paddle of Yates on an easy volley that he's typically not gonna miss right off the left foot of Hunter Johnson nice Ernie again there from Yates and he's looked for that a couple.

Times so far had some Success With It point and continues to work his way back into this foreign I mean this is a beautiful tweener a beautiful drop shot off the tweener and like you said Chad he goes a little inside out a little.

Shoulder shimmy yeah you ain't seeing quite get around that one enough trying to slide back into it but potentially hinted a little bit by the wind as far as the movement of the ball good use of spin by Hunter second game point opportunity here and he gets it Hunter Johnson takes game.

Two against his brother so the two split the first two games let's take a look back at the last time these two played each other on Championship Sunday in Daytona foreign they love each other but this is going to be an absolute battle between Hunter.

And Yates Johnson johansa is going to have some work to do because this is a double elimination bracket he's gonna have to beat Yates two out of three and then again in that game to 15. wow disgustingly good oh wow off the team nothing Yates can do.

And Hunter Johnson completes the comeback and takes game number one what a ball game number two will go to Yates Johnson by a score of 11-4 we are going to a third game posing and grunting right there what a run from Hunter Johnson.

Game to 15 coming up for all the marbles foreign gets up and gets this here's the spin move right back great shot good point by both of these boys both of them are down on the ground right now bend down bent down.

Oh wow your gold medalist Hunter Johnson comes out of the what a comeback from Hunter Johnson and there is what is on the line today the trophy from the app sunmed Sacramento open Hunter and Yates Johnson splitting the first two games Yates.

Gonna Get Us started here in game three you set it up well it's a go behind haunted right there but coming in a little flat just gets on top of that one foreign going right into the body of Yates like he's kind of been targeted I was gonna say he's been trying multiple times to get the body shot finally gets one in.

Game three oh wow there was not much room there for him to do that and for actually get some shape on that ball incredible did not think he was going to try the around the post right there but shapes it perfectly Hunter making Yates run around and with Pace in that point again great job by.

Yay so getting these balls back forcing another Ball but then finally the huge forehand there from Hunter Johnson with the Finish point two zero yeah better exchange that for Yates forces the side out.

Three point Yates gave a free point Mr ton Hunter gives one back and then misses a surf man tough exchange right there does get himself on the board here in the third game good change of Direction there from Yates.

I'm not sure if he didn't expect that bowl to come back from Hunter but maybe we'll just get a paddle on it wow oh referee called that one out Hunter was calling it in take another look at it here oh that I'm pretty sure that ball was in yeah it looked in.

Well over under was four there's one so it's a replay so yeah it's joking I gotta win it twice answer to that question is uh yes oh yeah he got off balance and tried to rush through on that one all right good ball right there from Hunter Johnson again getting Yates fully.

Extended down that line and you're seeing Hunter play his pace of game here oh another round the pulse for me it's Johnson little little side spin aided that one there coming off of Hunter's paddle kicks out wide enough around the post that's three clean around the post here.

From Yates Johnson today and while Hunter is still spinning Yates make sure he puts it where his brother can't see it great closure there from Yates as he's coming into the kitchen line and just under control and you see him he had his paddle out in front of him doesn't do too much punches that.

Ball for the winner yeah another good ball there from Yates and the last two points especially he's taking that ball a lot earlier not letting him get closer to the body giving him better shape better angle coverage ties us up here in the third game.

Yates with the splits but cannot get that ball to find the inside side I think because of as he slid down it kind of got him obviously off balance and then pulls that ball wide three three oh nice Gap from hauntzer in the middle of that point Yates tried to go back behind him but hunter read it perfectly.

Oh almost gets it back just straight defenses this ball bounces up to Hunter Johnson almost gets him face height three four that one well placed by Yates well he gets Hunter pulled to the left right and gets him off bounds just enough that he.

Finds an opening on the opposite sideline and hits the winner down that line tied up here in game three that return from Hunter going long so Yates with his first lead of this third game here of five four if he can get the win in this game he'll get the gold but.

Gotta keep the ball on your side in order to keep getting points and that is a side out sending the ball back to Hunter yeah good execution there again from Yates one back behind Hunter opened up the right side of the Court okay we've seen him do that a couple.

Times right he's hold that ball on his paddle long enough to make Hunter commit oh just miss it yeah once once he opens up that right side Hunter has to fully commit to try to get over there and cover so that opens up the ability for the eights to go back behind him again returns at this stage foreign.

No way that ball was in we'll take another look here so it'll be an end change here on the paddle of Hunter Johnson up by the slimmest of margins 6'5 so if you're Yates Johnson what do you need to do to make sure that you.

Continue to find those moments where you can slow things down work into your game as opposed to letting Hunter speed it up well it's tough right now too when you have you know Hunters on the serve right so you know pretty much that that third shot's gonna be a drive he's got to dead in it get it to the kitchen force him to run up and have to hit that on the run.

But it's a lot easier said than done especially with the pace off of the ball of Hunter Johnson so he's got to try and slow that up get his brother on the move and see what he can do in constructing a longer point there and get him in that cat Mouse the crowd starting to fill in here in Sacramento.

Beautiful day to watch some pickleball some Championship pickleball see how packed the tints are underneath here and this crowd very engaged throughout this first match of the day we've seen them banter back and forth with the wraps with Hunter and Yates everyone getting involved here on Championship Court well they're very up.

Close and personal here in Sacramento so one point lead here for our hunter with the serve Hunter gives it back to Yates though that's a nice volley there from Yates right on the end change pushes Hunter all the way back behind the Baseline I see a good drop here.

Nope late with the preparation and then just drifted with that ball a good angle on the volley still Hunter trying to hit through Yates I'm surprised he's not not stretching him out that yeah you're right Chad is uh when he stretches him out it seems like when he's having some success.

Yeah a little jelly leg there almost expecting a fastball gets the change up Yates pulls the string and goes right down the line with this yeah I think Hunter's in the kitchen it's in there too if Yates goes back at him so I think Hunter was worried about that one oh.

Double hit there off the Battle of Hunter Johnson makes the point one for Yates yeah Hunter hits an out ball in the middle of that point again Yates late with that preparation on the forehand side that's a difficult shot down the line.

Right there because that Ball's spinning away from him too as he goes to hit this so he's full extension but uses his wrist flips that ball down the line oh very nice from Yates again getting a little love from the neck chord.

But he just holds it tries to sell it like he's going to go down the line quick flick behind Hunter come on and finally hunter gets one of those friendly net rolls to go his way and the fist pump oh Yates cannot get the return back over.

Night though Yates getting this side out what did you like about that point oh it's tough right there I think that the ace is in between playing an out ball right there on the drive ball was head height and gaining speed as it got to him sailing wide though on that so quick.

Side out fall back to Hunter there he lets that one go all right he learned from the last Point all right I I need to see Yates make a full hand right here he's missed the last full forehand opportunities that he's had well double lower hands if it's not working might as well let's hit it back in all right he doubles up goes Pace.

Right at Hunter yeah it's now sitting just two points away from winning his first men's singles gold medal on the app oh pretty it's the medium pace roll past Hunter there for Yates on the Inside Out forehand.

Off his back leg too that's impressive brings us to game and match point and yes it's to go to go on his first men's singles gold medal on the app getting the better of his brother Hunter Johnson we're gonna hear from the winner when we come back.

Foreign oh thanks to we have more time to hang with our new friends what do you like to do for fun well with. we save a ton of time so we're always trying new things save time buy and book online at and Sunday and we take another look at Championship Point here for Yates Johnson missed a few full hands in a row but big time.

Cross Court forehand for the winner super excited there was E.H Johnson and we'll throw it down AJ McCord has both the boys Courtside understandably so the emotion from you Yates congratulations on your first gold medal we're going to talk about that in a minute but hunter first a silver medal for you you battled back in that second game what did you.

Switch up to get that game yeah I just tried to play my game a little bit more be a little more aggressive my balls were kind of Landing a little bit more it's tough with the wind out here um I tried to kind of play the cat and mouse game a little bit and that seemed to help um yeah overall you took me down so congrats congrats he says with a little.

Bit begrudging there but we'll go ahead and give you your silver medal let's give it up for our silver medalists Hunter Johnson congratulations we'll see you a little bit later on in the day and yes I know this one means so much to you you have wanted this moment all year long what did it take for you to finally get it done yeah I mean it was a battle.

I think we went back and forth we had a lot of great points um you know he's probably my heart my hardest competitor because it's like playing yourself um but yeah I mean I've been waiting all year for this you know he's gotten a couple goals over me and I finally got him back so it feels good to get my.

First one first gold and first one of the year so I'm happy about that particularly in the games you won the point construction was something that it seemed like you had so much intention behind what was your game plan uh I think usually I try to like we overpower him and pass him and I kind of changed the game plan up and try to you know.

Play a little cat and mouse and slow it down and make the points a little longer and just you know show them that I can Outlast them and outlasting you did this crowd enjoying every single second of it what can you say about the crowd that came out to watch you guys yeah awesome crowd you guys are you guys were great.

Thanks for thanks for coming out hopefully you stay uh the rest of the day there's gonna be a bunch of good matches um and lastly I want to thank engage best paddle out there um happy to be on this journey with them so uh yeah just happy I got my first gold medal here let's get you that first.

Gold medal congratulations give it up for our gold medalist in the men's single of the app sunmed Sacramento open Yates Johnson let's show it off yay so yeah a great win there for Yates and Chad like you and I hit on um you know he played that cat Mouse game he changed his his kind of strategy.

Up and it worked for him yeah and that's that's the first real strategy change that we've seen going up against Hunter Johnson this year majority of the time you know that his opponents are coming out in the in the gold medal matches and they're trying to hit through man that's exactly what he wants Yates was able to really open up sides of the court and.

Force Hunter to commit and that opened up the opportunity to go behind him so fantastic job from Yates Johnson getting used for us gold medal of the season in singles so we'll look to see how that continues through yeah and just.

Coming up next we have Megan fudge Bobby oshiro taking on who you see there Simone jarging and Paris Todd looking to take home another gold medal here at the app sunmed Sacramento open thank you.

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C and D next and discount time welcome back here to the app sunmed Sacramento open taking a look at the bracket here of what we have coming up next for you guys Simone charging and Paris Todd taking on Megan fudge and Bobby oshiro but let's talk a little bit.

About Judith kiss Theo Chad she has come onto the scene guns blazing and taking her momentum from the US Open last week and bringing it in here to Sacramento yeah just like you spoke about earlier unit you know people question why she was in the gold medal match at the U.S open but she proved to everybody here why she deserved to be the very very.

Strong performance on Thursday and then coming through here unfortunately not being tested in the final looks hard to get tested when Megan had to pull out unfortunately but Judith proved why she belongs here on Championship court on Championship Sunday Chad I don't think that she's gonna be a stranger to any Championship.

Sunday as you take a look at some of her about her she's born in Spain played college tennis at Northwestern State 54 career wins there and she turned Pro in pickleball November of 2022 and this today was her first career gold medal so congratulations to her she is an absolute Phenom I'm looking forward to much more from her but let's learn a.

Little bit more about her in-depth uh on the sideline is AJ McCourt and she has judic go ahead unit rocking her very first gold medal here on the app tour but I know she has no plans of making it her last before we talk with you a little bit more about your journey here let's bring in Ken he's gonna bring Judy you to her trophy congratulations some.

Epic Hardware there to take home from your time in Sacramento let's talk about what you had to do to get to this moment because I know you didn't get a chance to play today but you had some very impressive matches to get here what did you dial in that made your game so hard to defend honestly the first match it was it was.

Key you know I was playing against a really good friend of mine Martina also my woman's double Spawner in this tournament um being focused was the main thing you know you're stressed in the process trust in all the work that I've been putting in since the very first day that I started playing let's talk about the.

First day you started playing because it wasn't that long ago it was about six months ago that you first picked up a pickleball paddle it was in February you said this is it this is what I want to do why did you make that decision well I mean kudos to everybody supporting me especially back in Freeport they are the ones who.

Who helped me getting started um I was working I was enjoying my work but I was watching pickleball and I was like I think I could make a good run out of this sport you know and I just thought of it I commented that with a couple of my of my really good friends and then we started playing and here we are right now so I mean big big part.

That they are the ones who like made this happen let's talk about your support system in Shreveport I know it's someone there's a lot of people who do support you quite a bit but somebody who's poured into you is Todd Walker former major league baseball player played in the majors for many many years he's been one of your biggest emotional.

Support systems especially on the mental side of the game what has he coached you through he's uh he was a professional athlete he knows about the game he knows about how traffic can get mentally especially when you are off the port like the bunch of thoughts that are in your mind it's like when you doubt yourself why can't you.

Work on you know when uh when you are down what you should be thinking of when you are up what are your focuses so he's uh he's a big part of how mentally tough I am out there on the pickleball court for sure how critical is it to be mentally tough on the pickleball court I mean I think it's key especially here with uh with the momentum going to you.

And then going to the opponent you need to be ready all the time so it is it is truly important and you did it so incredibly well when you walk away here from Sacramento you're gonna have a trophy a medal what are you most proud of yourself for accomplishing here all the work that I've been putting in that's uh that's the main thing you know.

Thursday was a really big day uh playing Martina first round parties on the second and then Megan on the last one so those three victories they were they're working and I know your family watches every match live back in Spain so I wanted to ask you quieres Espana thank you so much for your support it means so much to me here in the United.

States as she tries to make her run as a pickleball professional unit we are so excited to see you here have no doubt that we're going to see more of you in the future thank you so much coming up next we have the women's doubles match they are getting warmed up here on Championship Court we'll bring you that next.

all right foreign this is the last bottle of Fat Tire the last of over 750 million bottles ever made the last of a beer icon and this is Doug.

Who hasn't a clue so he's just doing Doug things dang it Doug anyway we've changed our recipe crisper brighter still carbon neutral this is the first of an all-new Fat Tire we have the women's double gold medal match on one side you have Paris Todd and Simone jarjim on the other you have.

Megan fudge and Susanna Barr these two seems very familiar with each other I really think that this game comes down to execution who can execute their game plan better than the other Todd just systematically working far and fudge first lead of the game Megan fudge and Susanna Barr All Tied here at 10.

Far and fudge has four opportunities to end this couldn't do it Paris thoughts the money thank you that is how they got it done in Mesa can they do it again here in Sacramento Simone charging and Paris Todd taking on Megan fudge and Bobby oshiro as you can see Simone and Paris working their way.

Through the bracket to end up back here on Championship Sunday what has impressed you about the way that they got here well they they're continuing to make adjustments to this strategies yo yes they've won gold throughout this year already but what is what what's important to them is.

Is being able to make the adjustments being able to be even more comfortable with each other on the court you're giving a little bit of space a little bit more space in the middle at times but also you're being there and and being a support for for each other yeah and it's a big key is to making those adjustments like you said Chad.

Because they're playing different teams it almost seems like different combos each time and Simone charging and Paris Todd yes they're winning it's not like they're blowing anybody out it's not that they're blowing anybody out of the water but they are making those adjustments and that's a Difference Maker for them I mean looking in in uh.

Daytona it was in 11-4 in game one and then it was 12 10. they had to fight off four game points in that second game they made the adjustment they won 12-10 and it was over so they are being tested but they're making the proper adjustments at the proper time and that's what's keeping them on top so Megan fudge did have to pull out a.

Women's singles at gold medal match which is why utic Castillo is taking home the gold without having to do a lot of work for it on this Championship Sunday she certainly put in work though the rest of this tournament so we know fudge has been dealing with an illness she came out tried to practice and get ready for that singles match-up but she.

Said all along she cannot go for singles but hoping that she can go for the doubles she is out here on the court with her partner Bobby oshiro and you were talking about how Simone in Paris they've been together and they seem to constantly be facing different pieces of the same puzzle right and this is a situation right here where Megan fudge.

Was playing with Susannah Barr in Mesa they had to take them down but now Megan fudge and Bobby oshiro is who they're going up against so I think the biggest difference here is okay what always happens when you have a person on the other side of the net that you feel may be hurt or injured or anything like that you tend to change your game plan and go.

We need to go after them that's not the game plan I think for Simone Georgian Empire it's hot here they need to just play like Megan fudge is a hundred percent play stick to their game plan but now it's gonna be what can Megan fudge do we haven't seen her play today she bowed out of singles but now how healthy is she and what can she do here.

On the double side of things again with her and Bobby oshiro oh Shiro somebody who has been a pretty good partner for Megan obviously they've made it all the way here to the gold medal match battling their way back through the constellation bracket what's impressed you about her game and how her and fudge are able to work off of each other yeah.

This is the uh the the second second tournament in a row full fudge and oshiro they played together at the US Open uh actually lost in the gold medal match there to zhajin and Todd but they've they complement each other extremely well oh Shiro is very very powerful on that right side if she gets anything on the.

Forehand side she's going to punish it and what that does is it kind of it allows fudge to have a little bit more freedom in the middle because oshiro's not going to step over with that backhand too often she's solely looking for that forehand a lot of the time so it gives uh fudge with that that has an excellent counter-attack and has a lot.

Of power on that forehand side as well it kind of opens up a lot of opportunities uh for for them with with this partnership Harris Todd going to play in her first match of the day but we will see her again in mixed doubles when she and Hunter Johnson take on Andre dayaskou and Susanna Barr so the 25 year old playing with Moni georgin.

Who's one of the veterans of the tour we are just a few minutes away from getting this match started warm-ups pretty close to wrapping up things heating up both in temperature and on the court you think the change in conditions is going to have an impact in this one compared to the men's singles ah not so much I mean the players are going to adjust they're.

Used to playing in the wind you have all four of these ladies are from Florida so they play in the wind all the time down there um you know talk about you know having games when you're sick right A lot of times being sick or just being a little under the weather will almost help your focus because what it does is it turns.

Your focus away from pressure in the game into I just don't feel good and that's all you're thinking about and then you let your natural ability take over we'll see if that's the case here for oshir or for Megan fudge excuse me and see what she can do here but I'm expecting a very good game here and I'm not expecting.

Her sickness to really hinder anything as far as her gameplay you're expecting a flu game is what you're telling me well not a flu game it was a food poisoning game I'm so sorry you know what I meant yes but it is called the flu game correct the Michael Jordan Flu Game exactly exactly the real story came out during the last dance so fun either.

Way though that was the day that Michael Jordan was not feeling great oh outside of his mind yeah which is saying something because that man did that all the time yes when he played expecting some Stellar play here on Championship Court the women's doubles underway with Paris Todd serving fudge and ochiro doing a good job in.

That first point backing jejing and Todd back towards the Baseline away from the kitchen line the wind is playing a little bit of a factor here early on those first return there from Paris Todd was really short got knocked down by the wind same with that one by jar Jing so again the wind on your screen coming from the.

Bottom to the top yeah good reach in there from oshiro going behind Todd oshiro playing her Collegiate tennis at Boise State getting into pickleball by playing a Moneyball event where was that uh you know I don't know I think there's an expert in the booth who may be able to tell me that she did.

She came out and played one of my money ball events and it was all over from there she's like I need to go to a pro so I can make more money correct hey it's fine gotta start somewhere absolutely that wind is picking up our pants is blowing you around just a.

Little bit you can hear it on the court mic too not a team really able to find a rhythm right now I'm still trying to figure out this wind and wind is such a tricky element because it changes from point to point right you have gusts of wind whereas if it gets really hot you know the ball is.

Going to be soft if it stays cold you know it's going to be faster but it's the changing conditions from point to point good spot there by jar Jing and I feel like again that middle spot especially an established team like judging and Todd they have it so dialed who's gonna get that but maybe taking advantage of a.

Relatively newer partnership oh Todd over swinging on that one just a little bit trying to hit through the wind she doesn't need to just needs to get that ball down good combo there for Megan fudge he takes that ball and first ball out of the air right there and speeds it up to.

The middle Todd's sliding to that middle spot because she loves that two-hander so much but she gets Exposed on the forehand side wait imagine going for a little too much and that's part of the fudge and oshiro defense there that getting all those balls back it makes their opponents go.

For a little bit more a little bit larger angle three zero two fudge taking a swing for that one but just misjudging how quickly that was gonna drop yeah judging added a little bit extra spin on that one wasn't going to try to give fudger or Shiro any palette to be.

Able to block it back again Cod going for it way too much pal because you're just barely getting out of the way of that one too good for mushiro defending that middle well just such good footwork though from oshiro too and not trying to overhit.

Anything when she'd step into the kitchen you could easily over hit that ball on that bounce and she doesn't yeah I think it was a mistake from judging that to try and go soft well Shiro moves too well to not be able to get to that one four zero one still on the first serve here.

Good placement there by Todd again that sweet spot in the middle well taking everything that Todd and jarging have to put a ball away right now and finally finding an opening but couldn't have been a better start here now for oshiro and fudge up 4-0 doing a good job up just way too big of a backswing net from Todd perfect block.

From Shiro oh Shiro just playing some great defense right now too and I think we're gonna get our first time out here from Todd and jarging as they go down I believe it's 6-0 now 6-0 and they're still on their second serve and that's one of the things when.

We get into these doubles matches especially when teams start to go on a run on the same service side right you have a situation where Todd and judging feel like they've been having to deal with their serves for quite some time now yeah it's just a great run here and a good start for oshiro and fudge and again it's block everything else out.

Nothing happened to Megan fudge earlier absolutely nothing and she's playing like it so it doesn't matter you go into a game have your game plan stick to your game plan but Chad I think you pointed out a couple times you're seeing a little bit too big of a swing from Paris Todd a couple times here well right now they're trying to hit through them and.

They're hitting into the wind as well need to stretch them out yes you you may go a little bit a little bit softer but create an angle to open up that middle right now they're just trying to power everything through and the swing gets bigger and bigger and bigger that ball drops down and then you're missing into the net.

Foreign they do get the side out out of the timeout so well used timeout to talk some strategy get the ball back on their side judging leaving that one short though oh wow if that would have dropped from oshira and I think the only reason it didn't is because they have the wind of.

Their back so it Go went just a little long speed up there from Megan fudge flips it over the net and just Paints the back Baseline she does that so well holds that ball on her paddle as long as she can there's that big swing again from Paris Todd unfortunately.

She doesn't have it dialed in just yet well what's happening is that the ball is getting on a faster because the ball the wind is behind oshiro and fudge so now she's catching those balls late and they're just sailing on it there's she has to get in front to keep that ball down so with the big big swing and catching it late that ball just flies.

And stays flat so ball half the pace from zhajin gets the mistake compared to Todd trying to blast all those balls through so difficult when you're hitting into the wind a better ball movement there from judging and Todd much better there from Paris Todd stayed.

Short and sweet on that two-hander and just drove that right over the net here perfectly done sets up Georgine for the winner down the middle Jersey again speeding things up on that one but oshira and fudge ready to defend yeah not the right ball to speed up speed up on from judging trying to do a little too much.

You need to stay in these points extend them a little bit more quick side out there that ball stayed down a little bit on a Shiro thought it was going to sit up as the wind knocked it down and watch fudge speeding things up I.

Love that move though from jarging she reading that she's reading that speed up from fudge a little better now she's seeing it a little more she slid to the right spot just over hit just a tag not much you could do on that one just trying to protect the face Center Mass Chad how many times we talk about it it's a great spot to go.

All right with a great spot just straight up in the center charging as soon as she hit it she watched her she throws her hands up like why did I go there well ever I mean honestly every speed up that she's done lately has been a tough spot to try to speed up on to try to hit that ball through the.

Chest of Bobby oshiro there there's that wind coming into effect right there as that ball sails just long out of all that from zhajin going out wide to oshiro everything going right for oshiro and fudge right here in game one of the women's doubles gold medal match.

ING with authority on that overhead defends the game point well sales on fudge once that ball gets up in the air it's not going to be able to stay in the court oh wow nice wow good dig right there from Paris time.

To stay in that point but can't finish charging trying to check that up to the sideline but goes a little wide a lucky roll off the net there five ten two tough oh Cheryl caulk screwed herself into the court right there trying to spin around and do the dela.

Rosa foreign knowing the winds in her face you can flip that lob up and over still judging trying to do a little too much at times game point on the paddle of Bobby oshiro can't get to that return though from.

Paris Todd that ball called out and so that is going to be game one of our women's doubles gold medal match Bobby oshiro and Megan fudge taking game one eleven to six Bobby oshira has one here on the.

App tour already this year and let's talk to her a little bit more about her time in Daytona and I'm playing in the app Daytona Beach I grew up in Honolulu Hawaii grew up playing tennis went on to play at Boise State University once I graduated I moved down to South Florida found pickleball at the end of kovid what's.

Funny is what I always tell everyone is that my first paddle was actually a wooden paddle played in my first tournament in 2021 won Gold and won some cash so that kind of got me back into competing in some tournaments this is actually my first championship Sunday um on the APC tour so definitely.

Definitely a lot of a lot of nerves but really excited I'm going into it because I I know with the preparation and the work that I put in I I feel good about it I feel I feel confident let's go find goals for 2023 is to um you know break out in maybe the talking team start kind of consistently meddling being a professional pickwall player on.

The app tour is something very special the app tour you know really takes care of your Pros they also take care of the amateurs and it's it's uh it's the hospitality that makes it so amazing it's such an amazing environment for all the players what's up.

That amazing environment certainly traveling here to Sacramento we've got a great crowd out to watch the women's doubles gold medal match filling in even more from the men's singles oshiro and fudge taking game one and here we are in game two yeah Cheryl and fudge having a little.

Difficulty keeping the ball down now on that side hitting into the wind the defense by charging oh but then just leaves it short yeah good hand battle there from fudge and judge Inc foreign.

Battles back to back there on those points again we talk about all the time these ladies great hands battles good fire fights seems like everything comes back oh sure letting that one sail along though yeah hitting with the wind that one's not going to stay in.

An adjustment for both teams as they switch sides between games yeah so we saw we saw Jing slide to the right there again recognizing that fudge is going to do that quick flick on the forehand side doesn't do much with it just gets that block that ball blocked back and down nice ball there from Paris Todd as she.

Slides to her left creates some space to be able to get on top of that forehand good footwork from Todd another drive along here this time off the paddling I'm just getting a little too big right there and again is.

Let's take a look at the Vlasic fire fight of the match happening right now we've already seen some great battles from these women this one of them oh Shiro and fudge getting the better of that one back here with live action score is one one one.

And another ball Sails Long John and Todd not able to find the Rhythm right now oh wow I thought that was gonna slide back into the post right here but Todd finding just enough room talk about her defense yesterday Don how she doesn't get enough credit for it on.

Display today yeah that ATP was tough because the ball was dying she hit that I mean the very last second as it was about to hit the ground ball sitting up way too high the fudge able to get down get on top of that one hit it down to the feet of.

Judging yeah I better move that I think we're going to see that a lot more with kind of a medium pace drive and a shake and bake coming in behind it ties us up at two wall oh overcooking the stuff again charging inside just no rhythm to.

Anything as of yet thank you got a good spot from Xiao Jing didn't try to do a whole lot but just Mr wreck behind the right shoulder there of oshiro sitting on that backhand side oh Shiro again letting one go and it.

Drops inside the Baseline yeah again she's expecting the wind to take that and it doesn't right now and ball falls off the paddle of Georgian oh on it is jarging reading it perfectly a good step in that from judging shutting the swing up a little bit went.

High into the body of oshiro it was a friendly role for roshiro over the net ended up not working out quite as well though because it gave Todd a chance to get on top of it yeah and what Todd's doing right now is she's being way more active she's moving her feet much better in game two as opposed to game one.

right there on cue she comes over a little Shake and Bake Off the drive from Simone charging and we're gonna get I believe a timeout here from Megan fudge and Bobby oshiro virgin and Todd rattling off three straight points here.

Four straight points excuse me four straight points here going on a little bit of a run so you see after we made that change of sides after the first game it took both teams a little bit of a minute to get some adjustment but recovering quite well they did and so what did you see from judging and.

Todd that they were able to settle in much sooner yeah judging and Todd have taken some Pace off of their balls right now like I said the the medium pace drive it's not a full drive it's just hitting a spot and then Todd's gonna crash and create some pressure but game one they were trying to do a little too much game two it started off the same.

Thing let's take a look at the sun Med recovery moment of the match a perfect block there from Todd and then Paris Todd getting herself set up perfectly for this around the post think of beauty pick up the action live here on.

Championship Court Todd wanted to hit it she did jar Jing had other plans right there telling her leave that and again good player communication and partner communication and Georgian and Todd extend their lead just a Relentless attack there from.

Joshing she was gonna stay on that and she was sliding her feet well right at the kitchen line and they're in control here in game two well that ball almost took the camera out in the background would have been unfortunate because it's gotten us some great angles here on Championship Sunday.

now good spot there from judging fudge thought she was gonna go down the line so Jingo's crossbody fudge's not able to catch up to it I think that potentially was two out balls that Paris Todd hit right there but she did a good job of not over swinging getting on top of the.

On top of those oh she was that after that after the Dig she wanted to finish it but again just getting a little too big zero problems with that shot though oh that's a body shot wow that ball was hot coming off the pedal of Paris Todd right there nothing fudge can do I don't think she knew where that ball was going.

On she was she was lined up to go through the middle and it ended up hitting fudge good angle taken there by Bobby oshiro on her forehand again charging and Todd add to their lead here cruising along in game two the difference here for them Pace they.

Are picking up Pacer that's a good step over from ashiro right there a little unlucky that that ball caught the net cord that return into the net from jarging got right in on the right collarbone of jarging into hitting that from an awkward position causing her to go in the net.

A little unlucky there for oshiro judging's ball again sitting up just a little too hot but oshiro and fudge able to get a couple of points back Todd's serving 841 just a little too big a lot of what we saw in game one there from Paris Todd.

Coming back in that shot yeah good recognition from oshiro judging not expecting that one to come back with the pace that it did it's about back on the side of fudge no Shiro that one off the edge guard a little bit of oshiro's paddle and she was out in front of the block right there I think.

She thought there was going to be more Pace on it off the paddle of zarzing 482 current score fire yeah a couple of Errors there from oshiro Shiro swinging over at the top of that one.

Looking for a ball that was sitting up just a little bit higher wow oh hits that off the edge guard there too 941 give Jersey and Todd a point two away from winning this game ball finds the Baseline there is oshiro.

And fudge looking at each other as that ball splits him down the middle what's the game point on the paddle of Paris Todd Todd coming all the way over to get that one back to Megan fudge ends up being a call that gets them the game so 11-4 charging and Todd take game two which means we are heading to game three when.

We come back good I'm Paris Todd I'm 24 years old and I live in Fort Myers Florida I grew up in Orange County California playing junior tennis I played my entire life from five years old until I was about 18 and went pro from 14 to 18. I spent my entire life training and being.

Professional athlete it doesn't just happen overnight it's all of the work and all the hours that go into that and the dedication of really committing to a craft and to explore it and just dedicating your entire life to it the reason I moved from Orange County California to Fort Myers Florida was the pickleball environment Florida is one of.

The pickleball hubs there's so many good players out here it's just a different environment for training I think Florida is going to be a good hub for me for a while of where I'm at right now increase the intensity of the legs the really good thing about my coach I'm working with Mateo is he is very.

Dedicated and he pushes me really hard and that's something I need she's very physical place she moves really really good she has a really good serve and I think she has a really good baggage I think she's doing the right things she's doing Fitness we're practicing almost every day she has a mentality I think she will be the best.

The intensity is always there you know being a professional athlete you have to give your 100 100 of the time people think oh pickleball players they have no athleticism it's like no like I'm putting in the time as any other professional athlete would and I'm dedicating my life to this so I'm gonna give a hundred percent of me and put it.

Into my training because when I go into a tournament I know that I'm prepared for that Big Goal this year for 2023 is triple crown and there's a lot that goes into that because you have to be prepared you start Thursday you pay Friday Saturday Sunday you know when you play Championship Sunday and you're in every.

Single event I mean it's a lot on your body after playing all week so just being as physically prepared that I can before that beautiful apartment it's really good with a pickleball player they clearly are moving in every direction so with them it's just really helping strengthen muscles tendons joints to help them.

Decelerate because they're starting and stopping so much but it's actually still way more blood flow right it feels good too right yeah good not bad yeah maybe not good can we just do this the whole time yeah yeah exactly yeah my mindset going into applying from Punta Gorda this year was very focused you know it's the first tournament of.

The year there's a lot you know on the line for all of us players we want to start the year off well it was my first Triple Crown which was very exciting it was a lot of fun but I also had amazing Partners I played with Hunter Johnson and Simone George Jean and being able to you know form new.

Partnerships with them throughout this whole year is going to be really exciting just because I love sharing the court with them it was a really fun experience and a great way to start my year so definitely want to keep it going I'm not done Paris Todd one of the rising stars in.

Pickleball almost established at this point honestly with how much she finds herself playing on Championship Sunday she's got the serve to start this third game of the women's doubles gold medal match big fist pump early from Simone charging you know she wants to get dialed in here.

Early in this third game get them a lead so they can get on the side that's been favorable which is the side at the bottom of your screen that fudge and oshiro are on foreign undoubtedly she'd also like to wrap this match up in this game instead of having to go to a game to 15 which is what we.

Will do if oshiro and fudge win this one that was a tough speed up there for Paris Todd as she was on her back leg trying to speed up at oshiro who was pressing coming forward and all she did was gave a ball right on the forehand side for oshiro to punish yeah a better spot there from Todd going behind us here on the forehand.

Side I think they've got to look to either extend these points a little bit more or stay away from this left side of the Court balls seem to be spraying out there Shiro a little bit early on that one yeah pulling the string change up down the middle.

Very effective a long constructive point there a lot of cross-court dinking little medium speedups mid-paced yeah it's a good step over from fudge to clear itself on that backhand side recognizing that speed up was coming but then also Shiro with the coverage in the middle.

Again judging going right at that right shoulder of oshiro kind of Crossing her up a couple times in game two she picks it up right here in game three immediately going at Bobby oshiro with a whole lot of power behind that oh smoked flat no spin time to step in on on that one yeah slap that one a little bit like uh.

Like what we saw yesterday from some of the younger ladies transitioning over from tennis oh Shiro finding a way to get on top of that one it's tough right there Georgine trying to get low enough here it doesn't get I mean she needed about three four more inches down to dig that out another.

Handle length on the shovel that balls just wide excellent job for mashiro on the resets in the middle of that point as soon as she hit that off her paddle I was like oh that may go wide it does that one no question no question about whether it was wide or not good foot or two.

Puts the ball back on the side of Paris Todd and Simone charging they're looking to build on their 3-1 lead here in game three again into the wind you can't sit back on your heels and hit a drop you really need to use your momentum to push through that ball continue it up and over the net.

Oh Shiro barely getting her paddle out of the way of that one but a wise move to try and do so sails into the fence behind the Baseline a very friendly role from Simone charging and even though Shiro's speed can't get to the net that quick seen some great footwork from oshiro throughout this match.

Can't dig that one out though good recovery good adjustment from judging being able to come up and get on top of that one after it kicks up off the net cord boom right in the body again Josh he's got a plan against her sure right now and it's.

The body her up that's exactly what you need to do you cannot let oshiro extend her arms she's going to play great defense that time it's fudge getting the friendly rule Todd pleading with judging to go yeah.

Only seven steps away from that one oh gutter again again that's that right shoulder she's found a spot that she's liking right now yeah you saw Jing apologetic right there did not mean to go up that high on oshiro fine line to walk I know it is but she went right back at.

It again I'm so sorry and then about 18 seconds later let me light you up right shoulder she wants to hit her like across the chest and even the shoulder the other one just kind of slid up a little bit higher toward the face so that was the apologetic side of it but yeah you want to go into the into the center mass that.

We always talk about yeah there's nothing wrong with that shot and she's found that shot she's found some success and it's given him a lead here on the end change especially Shiro has had such great success when she gets into even that scorpion position she has the ability to move her paddle so quick and play good defense you have to find a way.

To make sure to get her in a spot where she can't put her paddle quickly who are you right now scorpions pancake scorpion Edge guard and we're dropping all the vocab today you don't need to act so surprised I love it I love it she's done her homework I would say I've had some good teachers but no.

That's not true if I can tournament in the boot together it is like we're finding our stride a little bit fun calling these matches with you guys listening in at home some fantastic pickleball how could we not be having fun on a beautiful Sunday in Sacramento.

Some firefight going on there Relentless attack there from Paris Todd and Simone charging and that was it that was the change from game one to game two thank you gets the side out there just looking down in 7-1 the score in favor of Georgine and Todd but it feels like oshira and fudge have been in every.

Single point that one little miscommunication about who was gonna take it and Todd there to take advantage of the late hit from fudge finds that sweet spot with the angle she likes to sharpen up a good ball from Todd right there she.

Kind of just not cut that one down the line slid into a Shiro she wasn't able to pick it up again that shoulder I'm sorry just like that's that's Precision at its finest she's hit the same spot shoulder right arm like almost took off her right ear like she is going to that right side.

With absolute Precision Okay so we've seen Simone jejing have incredible accuracy with that if you or Bobby oshiro you are obviously also recognizing having some recognization if you will yeah I'm throwing out my made-up wood what do you have to do if you're oshiro knowing okay they're three points away from winning this match what.

Do I need to change that if Simone continues to do that I don't keep finding myself on the wrong end quit trying to keep her back and quit trying to hit through you got to get the ball down to judging's feet because now she's going to be elevating something and oshiro has a better chance of getting out of the way right now on especially.

On that last one she's trying to keep judging back judging steps into it goes crossbody and it's just a line drive straight into the shoulder so change of pace or if oshiro can grow six inches in the next five seconds well three I have to go with your original yes.

Well that one landed in it looked like off the paddle is going to be one the judging was right on the line ready for it I just noticed simonization is going 1989 pom-poms on her socks today she's had them on every every scene though every every day nice fall from Paris Todd splitting the.

Difference in the middle right there the pom-poms do do have a pot in that as far as that it doesn't allow the sock to slide down into the shoe it is critical oh nice roll from oshiro gets that ball to drop that is their first point since the score was 1-1 so halt's a seven nothing run.

From Todd and Jersey but really quickly fudge and oshiro just have not been able to find their Rhythm especially in this third game they had it obviously and the first one that they won but can't find it here 's Todd just moving her feet well and clearing herself to give herself.

Beforehand and then the backhand not too much that one Todd immediately shaking her head as it comes off the paddle she knew that one who was gonna Sail well past the Baseline yeah forehand well placed by Harris Todd yeah good spot from Todd going into the left.

Shoulder there of fudge getting that ball to pop up so she could finish with the forehand and here we go Championship point on the paddle that middle spot the one that always wins it for Todd and jarging fitting that they win their gold medal on that one Simone and Paris Todd are your.

Women's doubles gold medalist we'll hear from them when we come back there's only one window if you like to dink then pickleball magazine has what you're looking for our.

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Time buy and book online at the APB is presented by Sunday the Boca Raton and as we take another look at Championship point for judging and Todd ball movement and placement.

The big adjustment for them in games two and three you see the speed up from jean-jing forcing that pop up and taught there to put it away we've got AJ McCord down Courtside with all four of Our Ladies let's start off by getting this crowd involved give it up for these women come on.

This crowd in Sacramento bringing their heat as well as the play on the court we're gonna get to our gold medalist here in just a minute but first Bobby Megan I know it was a struggle to even get out on the court today but you got that first game what is your biggest takeaway from here in Sacramento um first and foremost congrats to Simone.

In Paris again so but no it's always it's always awesome beginning to play uh play against them and it's always um great being able to play with uh Megan here so I think the biggest thing is you know we we played our best and you know did what we can so hopefully next time we can come here Megan I know for you it was a hard thing to even get on the.

Court you had to pull out of singles earlier today but what was it like playing with Bobby all the way through to Championship Sunday yeah I know it was an honor to share the quote with her obviously she's a phenomenal player a great person as well so it helps um just a you know grateful to be out here um wasn't sure if I was gonna make it.

Today but um the scratcher got got to play and share the quote with these ladies well we were glad for a chance to watch you Ken let's go ahead and get these ladies their silver medalist crowd give it up once again for Megan and Bobby oshiro your silver medalist at the app sunmed Sacramento open congratulations ladies.

All right and you two we are getting very used to seeing you with the gold medals around your neck on Championship Sunday what is it about the duo here that you guys are able to just come out consistently no matter who you're playing and get the win Trust I mean I feel like uh no matter if we show up you know like the not 100 tour.

If like the sea game or B game I feel like we can bring like each other's game up every time and and uh we end up playing right by the end so ultimately is trusting each other that will be no matter what the outcome is I mean of course we've been very fortunate winning but no matter what happens we got each other's back and that's that's really it.

Paris what is it about each other's gameplay that makes it so easy to trust the other one as a doubles partner yeah you know Simone is obviously the goat and she's just so constraints and I say that it's because she lives on a farm that's why I called a girl but not greatest of all time come on at least give her that of course she doesn't want.

It I'll give it to her all day but no it's just you know our relationship on and off the board and the fact like she said it's just a trust between us and if we're not playing our best you know we have a big plan we have a c plan and we're able to bring it so it's just an honor sharing the court with her and I want to give a shout out to Megan I know.

She wasn't feeling great today so kudos to her for battling through it well we had a lot of fun watching YouTube to defend your app Mesa title Ken let's go ahead and bring in those gold medals while the crowd gives it up for our app Sunnet will open women's doubles gold medalist congratulations Simone charging and.

Paris Todd oh lost love between Bobby and I I just happened that I could not put a ball away and somehow she I managed to hit her more than I ever had anyone in my life I'm sorry Bobby I love her it's nothing there's no people start talking crap you know saying that we don't like each other we get along just fine there.

You go the clarification well it just happened that sometimes I can't put the ball away I can't crack an egg but I can I can I guess I can hit Bobby today Bobby's like yeah I know I feel it very well congratulations once again for all of these women give it up and Paris Todd winning their fourth.

Mixed doubles Title Here in a for the app season could you say Dynasty so we take a look at them there quintessential Kiss of the trophy just played so well made adjustments ended up taking it in three but again Chad we talked about it earlier it's not like they haven't been tested they've.

Been tested but they just keep and continue to come out on top and so what we have next here on Championship Court men's doubles Andre dasku and PESA tioni are teeing it up to see if they can go back to back from Mesa and then here again in Sacramento don't go anywhere go ball because it's a sport you can.

Play with the whole family and play too they're saying the Ben Jones Jr paddle and the Megalodon paddle that both feature smaller grips lightweight and durable construction and a fun design that the kids are going to love thank you.

oh thank you foreign foreign.

foreign I live in Palm Beach Gardens Florida I decided to go pro in 2016 we had a pro.

Exhibition had a couple of Pros that came in and told us what the game was about and I got to play with him a little bit and I really got hooked in the game I thought it was a lot of fun I really enjoyed playing and I think it was about three weeks after that that I was signed up for a tournament and got to compete again and uh yeah I got to go.

To build some motions again and I knew right away that I was hooked and that's what I wanted to do I would describe my my thinkable style as uh fairly aggressive trying to mix up things trying to attack at the right time I think I'm a pretty strong guy and very good at countering I still move.

Around extremely well it's a mix of everything and uh I'm not great but I'm decent at doing all those foreign tour is definitely very special to me uh I've started playing APB events from the get-go in 2019 I really enjoy competing on the app tour I think the staff is great I think the event they put.

Together are awesome the people who work for them I think they're fantastic and it's a great atmosphere and I really enjoy being part of it and hopefully I could do this for for years to come foreign to play as good as I can I'm supposed to play a really long calendar a lot of.

Events every tournament I'm trying to maximize my physical ability my mental ability my competitiveness I try to take every tournament one at a time I don't like to go too far ahead and just try to do my best every day that's kind of the goal I'm thinkable definitely gave me new purpose you know in life got me.

Competing again got me you know traveling to new places you could introduce me to new people gave me the opportunity to to set goals again to be in great physical shape to challenge myself mentally every day so professional pickable means a lot to me team and match point for the gold medal for Cal Yates and Andre de ass to.

it's obviously a great feeling to hold off the big trophy and get the gold medal to lead the person who gets it at the end of the week you know it the sense of accomplishment is great you know and really motivates you for future tournaments.

Andre dieesku taking the court for the first time today here on Championship Sunday with his men's doubles partner in PESA tioni but we will see him twice today he's going to play in the mixed doubles match with Susannah Barr in just a little bit but diesku one of those players that has just been so impressive early on in this season his length is so.

Challenging to combat and he has found a great partner in PESA tioni they've made their way through the winners bracket here in Sacramento and as you can see they're going to be taking on ryler to heart and Rob nunnery what is the biggest thing that stands out to you guys in this match well again deasco and tioni coming.

Off a gold medal in Mesa they played very well they also have played very well so far this weekend the surprise here is the heart and nunnery when they're both on they're on and but it can go south quickly for the two of them but this has been a great weekend for the heart and nunnery I'm looking to for them to challenge descu and Sione here.

And this should be a good match it was a great bronze medal match yesterday four to heart and under as they came out on top we had the walk-off ATP from Rob nunnery the shot heard round at the pickleball world all last night we'll see if they can continue that momentum here in the gold medal match on Championship Sunday.

And let's get this underway shall we Riley to Heart getting us started quick point for the heart and nunnery to start things off Cross Court dinking rally ends with dahart leaving his final attempt just a little short so it's a side out here tioni with the sir.

Did I ask you with that length already showing off why it's such a problem yeah I mean that's that's going to be the the Difference Maker for the escalanteone as far as how active diasco can be taone is going to play a good supportive role and get those a lot of those speed ups that we saw yesterday foreign.

Lip reading at its finest can't repeat those words so a little bit of the filling out process for both teams so far again playing with a lot more wind than these teams have seen throughout the week here in Sacramento bit of an adjustment period you see diascu leaving a few short here to start.

The match one two one good defense by the heart oh are we serious right now wow I mean that's just an incredible Point here to start off I mean we're early in game one some great hands battles and gets.

Oh I love that step over from Raleigh to hot right there going right into the body of tioni well that's what Chad you and I are always looking for I'd rather to heart if he plays aggressive he's playing well it's when he's not aggressive and not moving his feet.

rather to Heart yeah two excellent counter attacks from tioni right there one behind nunnery one behind the hot didn't try to do too much with it thank you oh boys let's go everybody's getting their licks in right now I mean we're seeing the biggest swings we've seen out.

Of these four guys in a long time it's like there's a gold medal on the line oh the heart feeling good right now Chad and that's exactly what the heart and honoree needed as far as a good start goes here in game one what is going on here.

Jeez these boys just going toe-to-toe oh after tioni was the one who got so many shots right at him he said take one back it's lucky he got inner right he got it it was in a thigh it was otherwise the hot sir pitch would have gone up just a little a little higher on that one.

Three three one score here in game one of the men's doubles gold medal match a little unlucky for tioni there with the ball kicking up off the net net cord I ask you leaving another one short yeah still trying to make the adjustment with that wind it's it's a fine line.

When you've got that wind behind you if you go for too much then obviously that ball is going to keep pushing deep and you leave the ball up and then you go try to go a little bit less and it just pushes it down into the net tioni looks like he's still figuring it out too that's the third or fourth ball that he sent just a little bit past the.

Baseline you see nunnery communicate with the heart anything chest high right there he's telling him just let it go chest High Let It Fly that was good placement but I ask you just in the spot where the heart couldn't get his paddle back down.

Foreign didn't try to go with too much power just get that ball down and nice and deep wow nice step in from nunnery but it's all about the recovery he gets pushed back but he doesn't stay there you watch him step right in there and get back into his position.

352 tiony with the surf it's a friendly drop there off the net from tioni or for tioni had a play on it but I think he thought it was going out he let it drop Clash of paddles there in the middle from none are into hot five five two three.

Yeah tough spot to speed up from right there for the heart and honorary time to calm down just a little bit stay in that point longer gives diasco and tioni their first lead of this game oh perfect spot from tioni and it goes right at the body of ryler the heart and.

Again getting caught what's happening right now too is the heart and nunnery are trying to uncoil right because what I mean by that is that they're stacking they're trying to unstack here because it's putting their forehands on the outside two points ago dehart did a good job of making sure that he got to his spot he.

Floated his return nice and deep gave himself time earlier they were ripping that return and they were laid on the uncoil and getting caught in the transition area but right now they need to get out of this where their forehands are on the outside they're stronger with both forehands in the middle they've got caught here they had a lead.

And now all of a sudden it's disappeared four straight points rattled off by diascu and tioni to take this 7-5 lead early in game one well Midway through good way through game one Gionee is on the second search a good step in and attack that from tioni but just a little too flat it's not as much of a punch attack there.

As it is a roll attack blind judge couldn't see it some conversation here happening challenge here vlog so what happened was none challenged the call line judge there's no replay we don't have any camera angles for a.

Replay you're looking over here asking if we have a replay cam yeah I know we don't have any camera angle 571 nice speed up right there tioni not gonna miss that very often that's his bread and butter that little backhand.

Flick right at his body yeah oh nunnery there right at the paddle of diascu couldn't get face of his paddle on it instead off the edge guard ties this up yet again a nice little run out of the timeout for an honorean to.

Heart yeah good spot from diascu good Block in the middle of the point to keep him back in and then going right into the left hip of the hot with the speed up nice ball down the line there from nunnery the first ball though from the heart that ball was a short high return.

Pops up and he's able to punish that third shot sets up nunnery for the fifth now are you standing Just A Little Too Tall on that drop attempt thank you the heart just going back after I ask you time and time again finally getting.

The overhead winner 782 yeah you can't feed the you can't feed the heart forehand we just saw it two points in a row with how much power is behind it oh good hands from tioni somehow gets a paddle on that one.

good angle there on the block from tioni I'm into heart drive and now it's starting to time it up a little better watch that nice and smooth on the backhand block for tioni did I ask who doing everything he can to get there but even his big frame not able to get across the court for that.

good communication there by nunnery into heart though to recognize that switch but dieesku just ready with the defense finally able to finish it off tough spot right there high part of the net we've seen Henry trying to do that time and time again A lot of times he.

Goes right into the body takes something off that you try to hit that I think a little too hard out Ball's gonna end up in Shelby bates's lap here in the player tent Dai esku tried to get out the out call earlier but as soon as Pace I hit it you saw him react to something he knew.

Just like that I ask you and tioni fired up after that last one these points just well constructed oh that's good getting caught back on the back foot there a little bit.

Good defense by tioni of the ATP but then that fire fight going the way of the heart nunnery I got nervous nunnery came back to finish his ATP I thought they were going to hit him into heart but they didn't a good spot from tioni again going at the backhand side of the hot cool I think Sione was expecting a.

Clip-off yeah kept it so low wow he lights up tioni right there does nunnery point on the paddle nunnery this has been a very tightly confetti contested whoa first game here between.

These two pairs what are they both feeding off of the other team that they're able to have these battles well I think first and foremost a heart and under he had to come out hot they did they came out with a good start gave themselves a little bit of a lead but dasco and tioni answered to come back but I think the heart and nunnery.

Applying that pressure continuously and we I think my X Factor was rather the heart coming into this whether he was going to be hot cold how he was going to play and he's playing very well in hot this match so far defending champs have to do no I'm just I'm sorry I was just trying to see what uh advice tioni was getting from diasko.

Right there but we've seen the last couple of points going high at tioni going into the body he's got to be ready for that counter attack or at least to reset and get that ball down winds are really picking up yeah it's a heart looking at his paddle after.

That one sales out of the field of play side out for diasco and tioni um ball just ate cioni up right there off the tape no no no sorry I shouldn't be laughing.

Game point number two the line judge called the ball that hit diosku's paddle and went up into the tent out and then the referee thought that the uh how the ball was in yeah another side out that's three defended potential game point opportunities birds of heart and nunnery that diasco.

And tioni have been able to field thank you that ball of the day I asked you off the paddle of nunnery was spinning like sideways and it like kicked into him and he still had a perfect drop so tioni was there but a little too big of a swing.

Puts the ball back on the side of the heart and Henry fourth game point that serve going long the crowd getting involved in the call there Well Place Ball by Andre diasko when nunnery came over towards the middle they ask you find that sideline nunaries.

Complaining I think he thought the ball that the heart hit was out it was called in so another game point defended questions big forehand from the heart stretch dice go out to the backhand side couple of times and then found that opening in the middle.

Great Inside Out forehand right there from nunnery as dansky was trying to slide over to cover where tioni wasn't he gets him backside we're almost we're almost two two full games in with the amount of back and forth that we've had with with this one yeah this one's been interesting to say.

The least and again we got that offensive time out here from dehart and Henry they want to take a break here as they get served back on their side it'll be 10-9-1 when we come back in they're trying to regroup because they know that they can't continue to go back and forth with they ask you and tioni and give them opportunities to tie this game up.

You're doing some math right now AJ speed changes no math so when there is math I want to make sure I say it correctly six lead changes in this game number one of the men's doubles gold medal match here at the app sunmed Sacramento open another game point on the paddle or to Heart nunnery.

because they have struggled to get this last point the heart goes for the speed up but right into the net it's not bad I I like that speed up right there it's not a bad shot we have six six game points saved from.

Uh by diascu and tioni are you asking me yes I am watching confirmed the number of side outs here while we've been sitting at 10-9 Somebody's gotta want it and there it is seventh game point is.

The one to do it ryler dehart and Rob nunnery take game one here in the men's doubles gold medal match at the app sunmed Sacramento open game two when we come back thanks to we have more time to hang with our new friends what do you like to do for fun well with we save a ton of time.

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Thank you foreign Sacramento open game two the hot nunnery taking game one 11-9 tioni to serve perfect spot there from dayescu going right up into the body of Nana he couldn't clear himself ended up getting jammed up.

foreign leaving that one just a little bit short so tioni and diasuke finding themselves in the early 2-0 lead tioni falling back on that one tough to drive when the weight's so far back and you're falling back off the ball.

Oh the UPS there by tioni yeah nunnery was all over it but swinging a Miss on this last one from tioni good spot there from tionic didn't try to do too much with it he had a couple of errors in game one where he tried to overpower.

Foreign spot there from the heart and I've been waiting for that he didn't do it didn't really need to do it in game one but I'm gonna look for him to run around that forehand and pull that trigger an equally good spot from tioni there on the third shot drive and the left hip of the hot.

One sailing wide or sailing long and wide actually from tioni Wong is that how we combine them I'm gonna go with no great spot there from tioni a pressure dink to the middle almost caused some confusion there from nunnery into heart and diasco and tioni looking much more composed here in game two this being.

Aggressive but they're not overdoing it recovery there by dayescue pretty impressive to get back and get the ball back over the net but then tioni leaves it short I ask you changing directions there getting nunnery involved and it works out for him yeah good step.

In good change of Direction going behind nunnery night and day here game one to game two four nunnery into heart again tioni trying to drive off that back foot weight falling back zero five one good finish there from the heart in the middle he was determined to finish that.

Nunnery setback right behind him and was like all right I'll get anything that goes past you get to heart and owner either first point of this second game a little unlucky therefore nunnery hit the net cord and kick to the right you can hear the wind again on that Court mic.

Something that's going to be a factor as these players try to adjust and that return from to heart and the hot hot leave and touched that one cut up in the jet stream and push deep so far today the hot little change of pace.

There's all or nothing there for the big guy and as soon as he crossed the plane and didn't make contact with the ball that's a fault wow change of Direction there from dayescu just found the opposite sideline that nunnery into heart had left exposed and a good bowler from tioni.

None are you leaving that draw that drive just a little too hot the ATP from Rob nunnery he's pretty good at those just a beautiful read from nunnery here as he goes around the post again he makes it look so easy but again he's waiting for that ball to drop the.

Last moment to get it around didn't seem like he had a lot of angle there tioni looking around saying you know if I let that one go it would have been long that was one I ask you right between the legs of Rob nunnery to force the side out great hands on the first speed up from tioni.

Able to handle the pressure from nunnery and they ask you able to finish but right there we'll talk about same guy just did that hit to serve right in the net foreign trying to get up there a little too quickly on that final ball not only able to get it right down at.

His toes nice little dinking rally yeah tioni was ready for it but could not get that ball back over the net right back into your kitchen here wow beautifully done that was gonna be in too come on 362.

Oh wow wow I mean just some unbelievable digs from both nunnery and the heart that one right there from the heart on the last one and it forces tioni and to ask you to try and do something that they typically wouldn't four six two go away.

It's there none already had it if that goes over the net that's a winner he had a nice and low good trajectory just a little too much down who barely gets the unfriendly roll there dieesku does a good move from die ask you.

Took off with the drive from tioni and then just applied the pressure to nunnery so one thing tiony's gone away from he's gone away from that backhand flick the reason being is because it's covered right now when they played you know earlier they're playing two righties right when they played um two days ago.

Or yesterday excuse me now he tried it once early and the heart was all over it so he's expecting it so now he's gone away from me he's got to make some adjustments here and he has and they have an 8-4 lead here in game number two AJ's doing some more math over there I'm just checking.

Up on things you know how's your math well I think it's okay yeah yeah I think it's okay all right we'll see I'll let you know when I have a stat from the map you know you don't just throw math out there to throw math out there no that's true must have a purpose behind the math beautiful shot of Johnson Ranch here in technically Roseville California we're.

Just a little bit outside of Sacramento a pretty good crowd especially given that about 30 miles away the Sacramento Kings are trying to win game seven against Golden State Warriors Sacramento pickleball fans showing out and understandable with this quality of play that we are seeing they ask you a little shimmy in the middle there trying.

To full nunnery I think it threw him off just a little bit come on and now it is game point on the paddle of Andre dieesku and PESA tioni up 10-4 10-4 the score here at Championship Court.

Emphatically calling that one out missed by about a foot fall back on the side of the heart and nunnery there's a speed up there from Pace attorney well timed after a lot of cross-court dinking yeah good patience from tioni but it was a softer Pace.

Speed up they kind of threw off the timing of nanari into heart forcing a quick side out here no points for the heart and Henry on their serve brings up the second game point and there you have it game two goes to PESA tioni and Andre dieesku they are.

One game away from defending their title in Mesa let's take a look back at PESA and Andre dieesku in Mesa we are getting you set for the gold medal match in men's doubles Hunter and Yates Johnson they're going against PESA tioni and Andre dieesku it's Pace attorney this is his home City he wants to do this in front of everybody here.

Watching him they take game one against the Johnson Brothers Johnson with a chance to game here so Johnson's taking game two it's not something I anticipated in game.

Three two Miss returns to end the game very off balance for diaspoon Hunter and Yates taking that two out of three to force this game to 15. foreign.

I just don't know what to say um really appreciate all the supporters that's the problem got behind the hometown favor over here and for the first time playing together and there's a nice Cinderella story and I'm really glad to be getting the gold medal this week.

thank you that crowd in Mesa certainly pulling for Andre diascu and PESA tioni you got a good support system here though as you can see Dai esku with four app gold medals this year already three straight in men's doubles going for his fourth.

Year he and tioni have a commanding had a commanding lead to take game two we're gonna get game three started oh change his mind is gonna go around the post and then decided to go back Cross Court I think it was there.

Yes good serving zero zero two again it seems like he's left a few of those short just when he's on this side of the Court struggling to adjust to the either the wind or the side or something well then too like if you have the wind of your back too you don't want to hit it too hard so you just tend to baby it.

And then you don't hit it enough Riley the heart winding up for that winner good move that from the hot but the big forehand finish quickly diasco and tioni calling their first time out of this third game we got a lot on the line here right so if they ask you and cione win this it's.

Over but if they do lose us you got another game to 15. so they do have that game to 15 in their back pocket if they have to bust it out but again when you have that you don't want that because again all that momentum can carry into that game to 15 but we've also seen the flip side because what happened in Mesa they got blank or like 11-1 in game.

Three they lost tioni and dasco then they came back and won the game to 15 15-2 so momentum can shift in a drop of a hat almost as fast as the wind is changing here in Sacramento diysk who's speeding that one up and aims it right in the middle of the heart.

And nunnery so you're only catching that one a little late with the paddle face open the heart's feeling it right now Five Below one point away from the end change here but tioni said hold on we're not quite.

Done well don't get a little too big in the middle right there and then that's what happens you don't even go backside dude a good spot from none right going crossbody antioni Jammy him up just enough perfect Court coverage perfect Court coverage from nunnery the heart goes for.

The Ernie but nana is there to keep them back into the point foreign and now we are at the end change diasco and tioni after taking game two completely flabbergasted okay so three of what's going on to have them in a 06 hole well.

They got the six points on the side that's been good to everybody right so they did their job did to heart and nunnery now they need five more on quote unquote the bad side to come out on top of this so they've put themselves in a good position here to see what can happen here in the second half of this game.

if you're diasco and tioni what's a coaching advice you're getting right now right now is to weather the storm you know that nunnery and the heart are gonna step up and they're gonna be aggressive you've got to try not to a little too only left his paddle out on.

The court you've got to try not to get caught up in it extend those points go back behind the heart when you can and not only keep him honest and then find the balls that are attackable it's by nunnery.

Out of the timeout though or excuse me out of the end change to heart and nunnery getting another point seven zero still on their first serve d right into the body of ryler dehart couldn't do anything about it that Ball's going 20 feet out.

And again tioni right at the heart that one off the edge guard of the heart's paddle yeah they do a good job though they get on the board on this side add to their lead Cross Court dinking Gunnery and diascu goes for the ATP and gets it does dieesku we heard nunnery as.

Soon as he hit it he goes wide telling the heart that that ball is going to be wide and going for the ATP first point of the game for diascu and tioni thank you the recovery from riler to heart and Rob dunnery impressive on that one because the isku and tioni had them all over the.

Place that's good ball there from the Hardy's feeling it right there I don't mind that but now we got settled in two seven two a little wobbly off the paddle of tioni there the heart immediately making him pay for the lack of pace on that ball yeah he just moved into that one ended.

Up jamming himself up gonna be patient coming forward in that transition well and then tioni sailing that return deep for a free point the Ernie from die escut well defended by by De heart pationi ready for it yeah tioni covers right here and is able to finish but I think if the heart lets.

That ball go it's gonna go out good idea with the change of direction from tioni yeah it tries to go misdirect to the sideline but it's tough when it's coming across court and you misdirect you can overhit that and he does hmm that time just right into the neck yeah two quick arrows there from tioni brings up match point for dehat and.

Nunnery wow didn't see this coming I mean I thought it was going to be a little more contested here in game three as you know they ask you and she only figured it out in game number two and new to heart and nunnery were gonna press them but didn't expect them to press them this much here in this game to 15. yeah it look it just.

Looks like tioni is is stumbling under the pressure that's being put on him right now he's trying to do a little too much at times or create things that aren't really there and it's been a good job from the hot and honorary with that communication the understanding and the coverage is apparent for them.

foreign did not full tioni on that one came across was si