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It's the fastest growing sport there's really no ceiling Harris Johnson pickleballs my everything it's pickleball baby have fun welcome into Sunny Sacramento.

California's capital sitting on the Confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers and this week spring turned to Summer with stunning speed the temperatures skyrocketing around town and the play on the pickleball courts rising to the occasion here at Johnson Ranch we pick about players from all around the.

Country descending on Johnson Ranch for the app sunmed Sacramento open battling the elements the Sun the heat the crowds all of them here this weekend for a right to call themselves champion of the app sunmed Sacramento open 700 participants we had here throughout the week 500 amateurs 200 professionals and we talked about the.

Temperature get used to it because it is a major story line coming into this weekend today we are expecting a high of 89 degrees near record-setting temperatures you can feel it on the court you can feel it here in the broadcast Booth right next to Championship Court one I'm Asia McCord alongside Chad Edwards and Dominic.

Catalano we have been here all week watching some fantastic pickleball action no signs of slowing down today you guys no and I'm just glad we're wearing black so you can't see the sweat stains in the booth right now but uh yeah definitely the action has matched the temperatures fantastic week so far going to continue for the next two days.

Looking forward to what's to come yeah most of these players were in Naples last week playing at the U.S open used to the heat came to California very similar heat so again on the court it's picked up too it's some great singles day and mixed day was a lot of heat in that too yesterday if we're looking for the Silver Lining it's not quite as.

Humid here in California as the Naples Florida Yates Johnson doesn't care what the temperature is he's going to turn it up he's already punched his ticket to Championship Sunday in the men's singles yeah Yates coming in on fire second time this season that he's coming in from the winter side of the bracket uh the first time in Daytona went up against brother.

Hunter there as well and Hunter Johnson if he wants to do and get back to that singles title he has some work to do here he lost he gates in the winner final four and nine so we'll see if he can become defending Champ here and Sacramento the Johnson Brothers taking each other on on Championship Sunday nothing new to pickleball fans.

But this one unit Castillo has made her presence felt here in the women's singles she has puncher tickets a championship Sunday yeah she's answering the belt for anyone who thought that her run at Silver at the U.S open was a fluke it wasn't she took out the number one seed Paris Todd 0 and 10 and then dismantled the two seed Megan fudge in.

Three games yeah and we're gonna see a rematch from that Winners bracket final with Megan fudge making her way back through to Sunday very impressive in the bronze medal beating Jess Warren 110 11-1 so we'll see if she can continue that momentum into Sunday and final match that already set is these two Andre dieesku and Susanna Barr in.

Mixed doubles just blazed their way through the Winner's bracket what a day it was for these two only dropping 18 total points on the day through four complete matches they didn't drop a game one everyone in two on their way to Championship Sunday and they are also looking to defend their title from Mesa and go back to back here on the app tour.

Yeah and they're gonna go up against hunted Johnson and Paris Todd a little bit of uncharted waters for Todd and Johnson they got knocked down early by Bates and the hot they actually had to play five matches in the back draw but they came up against the hot and Bates again in the bronze medal and came through that one 11-8 11-6 so for.

Johnson to get a couple of goals he's gonna have to double dip twice that is a big big challenge for him and he's in action right now as well because today we have the men's and whip doubles in Center Court if you're screwing we have live action getting ready to call for you here at Sacramento where it is an 89 degrees but.

The players the pros the fans they don't care what the temperature is they cannot be kept away on this beautiful Saturday we got action when we come back thank you.

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Franklin layover pickleball United three and welcome back to Sacramento we are looking at Championship Court live some Fantastic action here we pick it up in game two the Johnson Brothers at the top of your screen Yates getting ready to.

Serve against Mario barrientes and Austin Reed read about against those one game one but here we are the Johnson Brothers with a chance to put it away game point and the Johnson Brothers force a decisive game three it is best two out of three Two Eleven here in the men's doubles on Saturday like I mentioned.

Barrientos and Reed one game one handily but the Johnson Brothers battling back getting game two so here we are to game three we will have game three when we come back foreign.

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Pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open we're picking up the.

Action in a decisive game three between Hunter and Yates Johnson and Mario Barrientos and Austin Reed Hunter Johnson getting ready to serve he's already punched his ticket to two of the championship Sunday matches trying to get through a third but body anthos and Reed giving him some trouble that time Reid though hits it into the.

Net it's the first time Reid and bariantos have played together in a pro tournament played together wreck a lot in Utah but this is their first tournament together both say that the communication is working out really well which you guys that's the biggest thing when it comes to your first time playing with a new partner.

And that's exactly what the Johnsons did in game two they slowed the game down they cannot get into a chaos fire fight with Barrientos and Reed that's exactly what they want is actually the defending Champ here in men's doubles in Sacramento so first time playing with Austin but no stranger to playing in men's doubles here in.

Sacramento yeah good defense from Barrientos I actually got the chance to watch him last week at the U.S open where he ended up for us playing with Austin Gridley quite impressed with his hands like you said Dom he wants that ball coming hard at him just feeds into his power game.

Good ball right there from Yates getting it at the feet of Reed again to talk about who can slow that ball down and get the ball at the feet of their opponents first great job by Yates I tried to overreach a little too far there full extension nothing you can do with the paddle on that one.

Yeah it's getting ready for the serve yeah the ball was just wide just caught that just caught the tape can you see the Johnson's doing exactly what you were talking about Dom wanting to slow these points down work the points as long as they possibly can and it's working they've gotten themselves back into a tie game tie game here in game.

Three that's the space they want right if they can get a pace off of a third shot Drive come in and and kind of poach that ball go a little shake and bake that's fine but they want to stay out of those hands battles up at the kitchen line oh the double Army right there a rarity okay it is nice move by Reed.

Nice read by Reed too early too soon too soon it's one o'clock in the afternoon it's not too early do you that's exactly it and the Johnsons know it too right now they know what they need to do they know not to get into those hands battles slow the game down.

One point away here from an end change a couple of Errors creeping in you could not have more difference in terms of the familiar familiarity with Partners right now either right you mentioned Hunter and Yates know exactly what they need to do to get back into this game because they played each other time and time and time and time again they've played with.

Each other they know each other's Tendencies whereas Reed and bariantos with it being their first time you have a few more of those errors being pushed in here in this crunch time when it's critical for them to have a chance to get in and win this really would be a very very big win for that team yeah well they again they know exactly what.

They need to do they are not familiar with each other as far as playing at the pro level in a tournament right but they are familiar with each other so it's not like you get those blind dates in pickleball where you sign up and you're like oh well I need someone and you go off the list and you pull someone off it'd be very hard to do something like.

That at the pro level so they are familiar with each other they know each other's game and that is also showing too because they're showing comfortability on the court there's no miscommunication they're doing what they need to do they're giving themselves a chance here game three only down by three.

It's gonna be three uh seven three for Johnson and Johnson the Yates catching that one a little late you saw that ball get behind him wasn't able to pick it up came out flat into the net cord we saw a few of those mistakes in game one he kind of cleaned it up a little bit in game two.

And then we got back to back we thought three shots he wanted to hit there first he wanted to take the the air then he backs up and almost thought he wanted to dink that cross court and then he pulls the trigger then got it in Austin Reed just kissed that back line hey sometimes it doesn't.

Matter what it looks like when you get the ball back but as long as you're getting it back so a full chicken wing that from Reed but that actually worked in his in his favor there because it wasn't didn't come off the paddle hard enough foreign ATP coverage there from Hunter Johnson.

As you watch him set up nicely here on the ATP and what he does is he backs off the kitchen line and gains some depth to play great defense on the year on the post from bariantos so side out now so it is Yates Johnson with the serve leading 7-5 in this decides him game three.

Retaking it cross court and then just going around right at Hunter Johnson heat off on that ball Chad yeah I think if hunter gets out of the way that probably that ball probably goes out but good good move there from Reed going hot into the body different look than the Barrientos around the post previously yeah and excited Yates and Hunter.

Johnson they know that this is a very very important game for them what was working well they won a chaotic point right and usually when it gets chaotic you're seeing Reed and Barrientos come out on top that's going to motivate me too if I finally came out on top of one of those chaotic points oh Barrientos getting lucky again that.

With the net cord not much Yates can do that just jumps up and over the paddle lets that one go wisely yeah that's where Yates has to be a little cautious right he he gets frustrated and then he starts pulling the trigger and going for too much good reach in there taking it to the.

Feet of Reed taking that ball nice and early didn't try to over hit on that one compared to the previous spot oh and again a chaotic point one by the Johnson Brothers what great hands there from Austin Reed though just getting every single one of these balls back eventually yeah can't get that last one.

Though Barrientos got jammed up didn't do anything with that forehand re-deciding to go for that one Yates with the good defense and then Reed sends it long that one almost put a hole in the fence huh Hunter tries to speed it up but right into the top of the net it's a tough ball it's so low right.

There you're almost at the high part of the net and Barrientos is sitting on that too he wants that ball right at his body yeah that's something if if he was gonna speed that up it's it's got to go Cross Court a little bit more just because of how close it was to the net oh yeah yeah it's almost falls into the.

Kitchen right there he's so excited he was going to walk forward to the net with his with his come on right there momentum never stopped so it would have been a fault and the kick save doesn't work though for Barrientos right there and so Hanson get the get the win here on Championship Court 11-6 the final score.

From game three Austin Reed and Mario badientho is giving them everything they could handle and handle it they did though so they are on to the next round we are going to catch up with the winners in just a minute but we'll be right back from Sacramento ha ha.

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the APT is presented by sketches welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open Hunter and Yates Johnson getting it done punching their ticket on to the next round of the men's doubles winners bracket yeah we took another.

Look there at the Yates finish almost walking into the kitchen and then we get Match Point here good ball movement that big finish from Haunted Johnson we're going to throw it down caught side with Dominic Catalano and the Johnson Brothers and Yates Johnson congratulations boys a tough match what was the difference that you.

Guys made in from game game one to game two yeah we had a little bit of a slow start I just couldn't really weren't really feeling our dinks and we just kind of let that first game go and kind of reset and just you know our game's being aggressive and so we kind of went back into that and I think it worked out it seemed like from game one to game two.

It was a little more chaotic in game one game two you guys settled down got into the slower dink game and waited for your moments was this something you were looking forward to yeah I mean we just got a little more patient uh I mean we went up 4-0 in the first and I think we lost like 10 points in a row so uh we went back to you know what we did for.

Those first four points and just got patient and you know picked the right times when to go for it and I think it paid off so all right well congratulations boys moving on to the next round we're gonna move on to our next match here on Championship court at the app Sacramento open thank you.

Foreign thank you oh.

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And Sunday welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open we're getting set for a women's doubles match here on Championship core taking a live look at Paris Todd getting warmed up for this one with her partner Simone jarjim those two no strangers to playing on Championship Court Paris Todd with a uh.

Like you mentioned earlier Dom getting through that backdraw with Hunter yesterday in the mixed doubles did not make it in women's singles so Paris Todd looking to punch her ticket to her second match for tomorrow 25 years old out of Fort Myers Florida she has won six app gold medals this weekend looking to add one if not two this weekend here.

In Sacramento and of course she's playing with one of the veterans of the tour savoni jargime the Brazilian who just cannot be counted out no matter what but right now you're taking a look at Tyra black there's some money now and there's Simone she's 44 also out of Naples Florida she has won three app gold medals this season and watching her.

In mixed doubles yesterday battling through some things but that's exactly what she does Simone just battles every single time she's on the pickleball court yeah a little bit of uh food poisoning in the system yesterday so tried to fight through it she's feeling good today they're going up against Tyra black and.

Dominique Shafer both of them coming over to pickleball from tennis Tyra 22 years old from Delray Beach Florida she is the former ITF junior tennis champ and her partner Dominique Shafer also coming over from tennis so this is going to be a really critical matchup for these two coming against such known names like Todd and jarjim what is the.

Biggest thing Dom you think they need to do heading into this match well Tyra black is playing very well right now she's really adjusted her game from the tennis side of things but is using it too at the same time when she first started she was using a paddle that didn't kind of go with her game it was a little too powerful for her she needed.

To slow things down she's been back and forth with a few paddles at the moment right now she's using the Yola but again Difference Maker for them is this stage right they're on Championship court at a pro event what are they going to do our Tyra black and Dominique Shafer I was watching their first match out on the outer courts before we went.

Live very impressed with obviously both of their games Tyra improving every day that she plays and then Dominique Shafer first time I really got a chance to look at her really love her game she plays very fast um uses her length to her Advantage so she's very tall she is one of the highest dupers out there that you look.

It's kind of funny to see that but she doesn't play it's on a tournament so everyone was always very concerned to say oh well how is she she can play and I watched them earlier very impressed so they're gonna give Paris Todd and Simone charging everything they can handle here on Championship Court it's gonna be a lot of fun Dominique.

From La Quinta California which is just outside of Palm Springs so just making the Casual seven and a half hour Journey up up to five here in California to make it to Sacramento and you see they're getting their paddles checked make sure everything is good there getting the rules from the officials we are going to do a best two.

Out of three games to 11. getting warmed up for Todd and jarjim especially coming off of the runs that they have both had in this tournament so far Chad what are you looking for in their game well I think you know it's we had a little bit of a discussion and it's tough going back back to back weeks with tournaments right and with the US.

Open being a seven day tournament and you know both uh well Paris and Simone played uh four events there so it's uh you know it's it's just going to be how how well they're they're going to uh be able to move out on the court there and and they're they're going to play comfortably together we already know that absolutely they have been.

Partners for many a tournament Paris Todd somebody that is very known to the pickleball Community but something a little bit more about Paris shall we Paris Todd I'm 23 . I grew up in Orange County California.

Playing junior tennis I played my entire life from five years old until I was about 18 and went pro from 14 to 18. I spent my entire life training and being professional athlete it doesn't just happen overnight it's all of the work and all the hours that go into that and the dedication of really committing to a craft into a sport and just dedicating.

Your entire life to it the reason I moved from Orange County California to Fort Myers Florida was the pickleball environment Florida is one of the pickleball hubs there's so many good players out here it's just a different environment for training I think Florida is going to be a good hub for me for a while of where I'm at right now.

The really good thing about my coach I'm working with Mateo is he is very dedicated and he pushes me really hard and that's something I need she's very physical person she moves really really good she got like a really good serve and I think she has a really good background I think she's doing the right things she's doing Fitness we're.

Practicing almost every day she has a mentality I think she will be the best the intensity is always there you know being a professional athlete you have to give your 100 100 of the time people think oh pickleball players they have no athleticism it's like no like I'm putting in the time in any other professional athlete would and I'm.

Dedicating my life to this so I'm gonna give a hundred percent of me and put it into my training because when I go into a tournament I know that I'm prepared for that Big Goal this year for 2023 is triple crown and there's a lot that goes into that because you have to be prepared you start Thursday you pay Friday Saturday.

Sunday you know when you play a championship Sunday and you're in every single event I mean it's a lot on your body after playing all week so just being as physically prepared that I can before that beautiful perfect it's really good with a pickleball player they clearly are moving in every direction so with them.

It's just really helping strengthen muscles tendons joints to help them decelerate because they're starting and stopping so much actually sending one it feels good too right yeah yeah it's not bad maybe not good can we just do this the whole time yeah yeah exactly yeah.

My mindset going into playing Punta Gorda this year was very focused you know it's the first tournament of the year there's a lot you know on the line for all of us players we want to start the year off well it goes a little wide and Paris it was my first Triple Crown which was very exciting it was a lot of fun but I.

Also had amazing Partners I played with Hunter Johnson and Simone George Jean and being able to you know form new Partnerships with them throughout this whole year is going to be really exciting just because I love sharing the court with them it was a really fun experience and a great way to start my year so definitely want to keep it going.

I'm not done Paris Todd getting to know her a little bit better as we should she has made a known she has no plans to not be on Championship Sunday as often as she possibly can and as you can see starting the year off incredibly strong start at the top of our app metal count she's got.

Six already and so she's looking to add a few more to that this weekend she's already going to play with her mixed doubles partner Hunter tomorrow in the gold medal match and now her and Simone jarjima are trying to defend their title from the app Mesa where they did in fact win gold Paris Todd Gonna Get Us started here on Championship court with the.

First serve of this match yeah and that's something that Todd's gonna look to do it was a discussion between judging and Todd as far as if Todd gets the opportunity to drive something go ahead step forward and really let rip little um little shaky stop right now for for.

Schaefer nice low cut return there on that one nope Schaefer with the serve oh what an angle there with the angle a harsh one right on the kitchen line perfectly placed no way Tyra could get to that one Tucker black almost took out one of the side Beams I think she could.

Put a hole in it over there but it's all about that angle right there on the overhead from charjing so zhoujing being called for foot fault there on the left foot oh wow took her visor off off her paddle right there and that's what I was talking about when I watched them earlier Schaefer plays very fast very.

Hard got a great drive that's exactly what you're seeing early on here this one's just deep all right once I've seen Tara black play a couple of times and and getting the feel for the drop is something that she's still trying to work on we've seen a couple of them float so far that time it was black with the decisive.

Overhead winner a good return there from Schaefer caught the line and just slid into Todd it's just such a good volley right there too from Schaefer now all of a sudden after two early mistakes keeping that short sweet and punching that ball down not just blocking but a nice counter the backhand yeah so it's just a little.

Late with the paddle preparation there caught that contact point a little too far behind the front hip and the same there from black yo the the contact points a little different in pickleball compared to tennis right as far as we need to be further out in front to keep that ball down so that's one of the big big.

Transitions for tennis players coming over to pickleball as well yeah I don't like to see Schaefer attack that ball right there black was keeping back and then Schaefer goes and elects for a drop tries to cut that foreign as it falls just wide it's going to be a sigh or excuse me.

Second sir three two two now it's a side out I just got a little ahead of myself I think Todd kind of second guessed himself right there looked like she's gonna drive it then decided for the drop and didn't quite come through underneath that one enough nice hands there from tahara black as.

That ball sits up right on her forehand and you could easily over hit that ball and she just punches that down and not lacking power that's for sure speaking of not lacking power Paris Todd with some Authority on that one when the Difference Maker was the third one she hit an angle right you talk about that all the time is that going flat back to.

That Baseline gets you ball back again with the angle yeah and that's exactly it again it's it's the placement over power you gotta hit it with some power to that angle but again get your opponent fully extended there the dinking rally there getting the better I've taught yeah one one thing.

Black has made an adjustment from since the last time I saw her she was crossing her feet a lot on that backhand dink she's squared the hips up more now oh my goodness gracious that is a counter and a half I mean if you think that shaper's not ready for that she punishes this backhand one three one.

A good one two combination there from Todd odd backhand into the body knows she's going to get that full hand back and she's sitting there waiting for it and that was a nice angle taken there by black the angle is set up by the backhand flick though she flicks right at the body of jargine and charging pops.

It up and she's able to put that little forehand down makes up for it though I mean that ball mode that ball was off the fence right there that Todd hit but so it's the side out judging and Todd serving three four one Todd speeding things up and responding with an overhead winner.

Yeah so a little bit of that adjustment of the footwork of black is that she's not Crossing her feet now but she got stuck there she got really wide popped that ball up just a little too high and that's all it takes for Todd to pull that trigger just great Precision I'm seeing from Tyra black she's hitting spots so well.

She's bodying up both jarjing and Todd and getting some mistakes out of it one into the net so it's gonna be a side out Schaefer serving four four one and so far really evenly matched in this first game safe is still trying to find the touch for that softer game doesn't look as.

Comfortable going with those as she does that one jarjim finding the feet of Dominique Shafer and like you guys are always saying that's the key well it's so much more difficult to pick a ball up from the Fate than it is something that's that's knee or waist hot.

Big ball there from Georgina's eyes light up as the ball gets popped up off of Schaefer's paddle Jardine able to come in and finish with that big forehand Todd taking all of those until Simone just has to tuck out of the way on that line eye formation right there Simone is.

Going left right left right Paris is like don't worry about I got the kitchen launch yeah that's that slower Pace right there Schaefer like we like I said not really comfortable with it she lets that ball get a little too close when she tries to come through it ends up sitting up high.

I think that's probably the hardest transition for for tennis players coming over is that that softer game and now black she's not the tallest of players right but she uses her reach so well you watch her and you watch her throughout the rest of this match she reaches into that kitchen takes balls out of the air as well as anybody.

And that one she leaves just a little short so it's gonna be eight for two yeah judging and Todd have now found that that middle ball is is susceptible for black and Schaefer they're not really comfortable for either of them on that forehand side or the backhand side to that left foot of Schaefer that one black extending herself to her.

Forehand can't come back I'm surprised she didn't get called for the fault right there her paddle went into the kitchen referee didn't pick that one up after she came over if she stopped yeah yeah Todd taking game one here on Center Court 11 to 4 in that first game against Dominique black or Dominique Shafer.

Excuse me and Tyra black the crowd here in Sacramento ready for some more pickleball we will get back to it in just a minute thank you.

foreign foreign welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open game one is done here on.

Championship Court between Simone charging and Paris Todd they take it against Dominique black Dominique Shafer and Tyra black I'm going to get that right it's all right gives us something to make fun of you out in the break I know well you are never lacking for that so that's great big finish there from Paris Todd and a good start here for.

Jejing and Todd in game number two and the issue right now is what I'm seeing is Schaefer is not being able to slow the ball down when we do she's popping it's still sitting up yeah or it's that dead dink that we saw right before that one she tries to speed it up and Todd's all over the counter I almost brought out the recognization.

I haven't used that this year so it's a second serve now or no yeah second serve now serving one zero two black though getting the better of that one sped it up well to a spot where Paris Todd just could not return it Dominique Shafer.

Serving zero one one oh that was an interesting forehand right there that was just like a straight slap came out very flat almost trickled up and over the neck cord there but tough even to keep that one in even if it does go over the neck cleanly so you.

Guys talking about how difficult it is to slow down to slow down the pickleball versus tennis ball and work on that slow game what's the biggest key you think to making that transition footwork footwork you you have to have early preparation with the paddle early preparation with the footwork if if you get stuck or you let that bowl get close to the body.

Then you speed it up to try to get it away so if you can work on that footwork and give yourself time and space Schaefer upset with herself right there she just had a good point against Paris Todd face up in a dink rally that came out on top of now going back to her drive misses it and she knows she had.

One there Todd leaving that one short it's gonna be a second serve for Todd one one two speeding things up there Tyra black was and gets the better of that little fight yeah great hands from black she kept joshing back at the Baseline a lot of times more than that I'm gonna be like.

Get away from charging from there because she's eventually going to reset one but she kept the pressure on nicely oh my gosh right at the face of Paris Todd again knocking off her visor second time this game yeah so I'm not able to get out of the way of that one even though she was trying.

But the drive by Schaefer I mean that's hard low and has late dip coming over the net that one is not charging leaves that one long tough part about that whole point was Paris tie going back on her back heel to hit that overhead and hit it well back to that middle ball there for Todd.

This communication between black and shafa serve leading 3-1 oh it's hot speeding things up and sends it just a bit long she got exactly what she was looking for before she had she's got an old body right there yeah but she had Shaffer in a dink rally and.

Eventually got one popped up oh God for too much I like the time out here because again Todd looked at georgin right there zhajin looks at her and just nods her head as yeah we need to take a time out here we need to kind of calm her down because Paris Todd's kind of on that edge right now she's she's gone past it.

After she took that ball to the to the Head she got a little a little frustrated a little upset she's trying to do too much I'm not gonna say payback but yo she's going going for more right exactly then she needs to so yeah it's a good time out here for both of them as they are down by four.

Here and all of a sudden Schaefer and black have a bunch of momentum here and again that's a swing right at that point right there where she takes one off the head again no ill intent as soon as the ball wasn't on purpose no as soon as the ball was hit black was up in the kitchen line she didn't mean to hit her there but again ill intent or not it's.

Gonna rattle you and if you let it rattle you this is what can happen and it's a four-point swing right there right after that happened and that's why the players have these timeouts that they can utilize reset get their head back where they need to be so Paris Todd doing a good job of utilizing theirs right here as you mentioned it is.

Four straight points for black and Schaefer so on a little bit of a mini run and after you win game one certainly you don't want to go to a game three you'd like to end this matching game too confirmation from the official that Dominique Shafer is on the correct side of the Court.

For her serve nice move though from Schaefer you saw her she read that speed up from Todd really well slid to the two-handed backhand but just got her paddle too deep and so she ends up hitting it out opposite side because she didn't have a paddle out in front oh ankle.

Todd with some Authority on that last hit yeah getting the middle ball causing confusion between black and Schaefer and that's that big backswing that you talked about on the previous one it's too big gotta stay short and sweet right there she's got enough power doesn't need to have that huge backswing.

Dominique Shafer leaving that one short and like you mentioned that softer game that slower game is something that she seems like she's still finding her way with and jarjim and Paris Todd taking advantage of it every time they can much better there from Schaefer she just stays short and sweet right there if she got long she's gonna hit that ball right.

Into both Paris Todd and Simone charging 452 2 thank you Dominique Shafer is speeding things up after the dinking rally and placing that ball down well after we've seen her send that long a few times already in this game yeah a good.

Counter-attack though she really didn't have time to do anything but just keep that paddle out in front that one sails a little deep from Todd holy cow there's so much Pace behind that drive it's it's wicked I mean it is just ripped I mean that's hotter than most of the guys.

A good spot there from zhajin just going behind the left foot of Schaefer glad to catch up to it but she couldn't sorry no you're good I was just gonna say it will force the side out so Todd and judging with the ball back trailing four six one yeah good spot there from Todd we saw Schaefer counter-attack a couple of.

Those balls into the left hip Todd goes into the right hip there and really jams Schaefer up on the two-hand up see Schaefer tried to speed it up but just a little bit too low couldn't get over the net well she read the speed up from Paris Todd right there so well again but just trying to do a little too much with it.

Ties us up six all right good return judging not moving back soon enough to get that time and separation YouTube whoa she was she was all over it but she was ahead of it that's that's like that's like me throwing you a change up and you you pulling it pulling it into.

The left field bleaches right there 500 feet tall like I'm on it I like that spot there though from Paris Todd if she gets that up and over Tyra black is pinching middle that's gonna go back on her left hip and I don't think she's ready for that my goodness it's just it's both both.

Schaefer and black have that similar it's just it's a slap where it's they're just generating so much speed with that late wrist movement that short game that's fine Todd and jargine taking advantage of yeah you're exactly right and two we've had a little miscommunication in game two we didn't see much of it in game one but we've.

Seen some miscommunication now in the middle and again veteran like Simone charging she knows that she's seen that she's gonna exploit that black sending that one up and long she knew it pretty much as soon as it came off of her paddle as well I'd like to see Todd stay more patient there she they're they're in complete.

Control once they're up at the kitchen I don't think they need to take any risks as far as speeding balls up on the Run or off balance if you're looking right breaker battle for her niece but sent it long too much power in that instance too strong but Remember the Titans.

A little Bo Jackson breaking it over the knee that's a nice patient ball right there from Schaefer she didn't do too much with that and finds the hole in the middle 791 black getting in on the action trying to break it up between Dominique Shafer and.

Paris Todd but Todd just Relentless in her defense we got black trying to change the kind of course of that point up and just gets involved in a ball and she's fully extended I think shafe actually hit the back fence on that drive right there nice deep return from Todd put a lot of.

Pressure on the stop with there's a little inside out from The Shins from jar Jing yeah set itself up well but too big on that forehand backswing yeah there's a puff I mean it's an excellent pickup by Shafer on the run there from a from a very good ball down the line by Todd.

But you can still you can still just see the rawness in in shape his game as far as there's quite a few things that that she still needs to develop that's the biggest one right there for me is that short game but great run from black and Schaefer though in this match but too much Todd and.

Charging they take it in straight games here so now black and Schaefer going to have to work their way through the consolation bracket meanwhile Jardine and Todd are moving on in the winners bracket we'll be right back with more action and hearing from the winners here in Sacramento.

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And part of this transition for Schaefer and and black into tennis is that solar softer game okay but we're going to throw it down to Dominic Catalano coincide with zhajin and Todd all right I am with Simone charging in Paris congratulations moving on to the quarterfinals but playing.

Against a team that really plays hard plays fast what was your game plan going in Simone uh I mean ultimately we Paris and I both been there they're great players they're going to be magnificent and watch out for them they already are I just think it's a matter of time until they learn a few things here and there so uh I think.

If you watch the women's draw is so interesting because so many new players so many talented players and I think for Paris and I is always about playing a little bit more strategic a little bit more um I guess that's when age comes wisdom uh this is what I'm good for I think that's that's about it and then Paris it.

Seem like you want to slow that down to wait for the right opportunity was it an advantage to you slowing the ball down then to speed up the end yeah for sure you know like somebody said they're really great players and they're gonna be you know amazing and they already pretty much are so it's just for us we just have to be very strategic and I.

Just listen to her you know and it's she's sweating so you know it's hot she never sweats so it's a hot day wait a great job by you guys moving on to the quarterfinals our next match up here on Championship Cup coming up shortly don't go anywhere want to miss it foreign.

all right this is the last bottle of Fat Tire the last of over 750 million bottles ever made the last of a beer icon and this is Doug who hasn't a clue so he's just doing.

Doug things dang it Doug anyway we've changed our recipe crisper brighter still carbon neutral this is the first of an all-new Fat Tire oh I can hear you now I can hear you now here we go welcome back to the app sunmed.

Sacramento open you're taking a live look at Shelby Bates a 32 year old out of Jupiter of Florida she had quite the run yesterday with her mixed doubles partner made it all the way to the bronze but today she is playing with Alex trong Alex and Shelby very good friends but their first time playing women's doubles together so Alex 18.

Years old out of Falls Church Virginia it's going to be a lot of fun to watch these two they are taking on Lee Whitwell who is one of the fan favorites here in pickleball she's from Gibraltar and everybody in the pickleball Community knows and loves Lee she is playing with Katie Pooler Katie.

Pooler out of Oakland California so naturally she is a Golden State Warriors fan she was playing where that Klay Thompson Jersey yesterday when she was playing and I asked her what'd you think of the game last night because uh the Kings went ahead and took it to him and she said she's gonna come out here and do what the warriors were supposed to do.

Last night against the Kings so safe to say Katie Pooler playing with a little bit more energy A Little More angst than maybe we would expect because if you're a fan of a team you know what it's like when they lose and she's certainly feeling that today but it's going to be a fantastic matchup between these two women's doubles Partners Lee Whitwell.

And Katie Poole taking on Shelby Bates and Alex strong coming up next here on Championship Court well I was going to say Dom's a Cubs fan so who knows exactly see what it feels like oh wow foreign.

Ed up and then checked out by the official we have Championship Court action coming up next in women's doubles when we return there's only one we know.

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Time buy and book online at the ATP is presented by Sunday Powerball the Boca ratonin and down welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open on this Saturday the crowds are out the heat not deterring.

Pickleball fans here in Northern California and nor should it because we have had just as hot of action on the court as we have had temperatures in the air and we're expecting the same thing here in this women's doubles match between Alex strong who you see on your screen here and then Shelby Bates is her partner both of them wearing black and.

Pink and then they are going against Lee Whitwell and Katie Pooler Katie Pooler there in the visor at the bottom or excuse me top left of your screen she's playing with Lee Whitwell who of course fan favorite here in the pickleball community and these two are quite the characters let me tell you because I was talking to them before the match and I.

Was like so how'd you guys meet and uh lee told me that she put an ad out on Craigslist for Katie Pooler to answer to be a pickleball partner and then immediately she said just kidding that's not what happened so these two certainly know how to have fun within the game and looking to do that but make no mistake they are competitive as well so taking.

On Shelby Bates and Alex trong trong and Bates winning in straight sets in their first match to get here but it was not an easy task they won 13-11 their first game and then 11-5 their second one Pooler and Whitwell with a little bit easier time in their first match they won in straight sets as well for seven but the heat certainly going to be.

Something we are talking about today how these players manage it and one of the things that I wanted to ask you guys obviously in Naples last week a lot of these players were there it was 90 degrees in Florida but like I mentioned 90 degrees Florida 90 degrees California very different look at the ball well so we're we're actually playing with a.

Different ball in in the at the US Open with the Franklin x 40 compared to the dura fast 40 hit so the in any hot conditions right the ball becomes becomes softer and plays a little little bit slower so it's it's a big transition one from those that planted in the U.S open last week to going to the dura this.

Week but then the dura is playing a lot different than what we typically see at Dura as well because of these warmer conditions the ball staying down it's playing a little heavier um so that was one of the things that a lot of the players discussed on Wednesday and Thursday when they're out here doing uh you know getting some some.

Playing some Drilling in just to get used to the conditions in the ball we are underway here on Championship Court Shelby Bates and Alex trong winning the first point and the second and there's the first fist bump from Shelby Bates uh but you know last week at the US Open we had a lot of cramping.

Um in the in in the uh the the pro plays club we actually had IVs in there for the place to get uh to get their their fluids back in so it is tough in these hotter conditions when you you know you're out on a on a hard court and it's probably 10 to 15 degrees hotter on the court than what it is actual air temperature.

Air temperature we're expecting to be around 89 today Pooler turns around and she's smiling because she's like I was on that forehand right there and she was but got jammed up just enough little misstep that from Bates threw off the timing of that backhand and that's part of what we talked about.

Is is being successful at that slower game is the footwork and getting yourself in positioning oh that was going wide Pooler finding just that corner of the outline and the kitchen line Bates could not return it so it's going to be Lee Whitwell getting ready to serve here why.

Oh Whitwell was a Flash coming across ey to finish things off well she was coming in hot here in the middle I've never seen I've never seen Lee move that fast except when she's running through the kitchen for the Whitwell Annie it was a nice move right there but just kept low enough you have a point there.

Awesome confusion Whitwell no no the referee is incorrect she thought that Lee whitwell's ball was in and it was a point and it was and it was out so she called wrong server but it was only because she had assumed that ball was in well when you curtsy after her points you know right here to think that that went well for you.

That one did in fact go well for angler and went well yeah but again that ball didn't come up that's part of that that the warmer climate warmer temperatures affecting the bounce of the ball oh that was a good move by Whitwell but she didn't know what to do when she got there just popped that ball up.

She just said that to herself too uh Lee and I are like yo we're we're telepathic in in that sense Lee Lee and I we've known each other for a number of years cooler just cannot get that one up and over the net so I was watching trong and Bates in their first matchup and they won 13-11.

In game one but they were down 10-5 came all the way back to win that one and figured out what they needed to do they slowed the ball down I think that's exactly what they need to do here against Pooler and Whitwell slow the ball down wait for the right opportunity because you're seeing Pooler and Whitwell trying to speed this up and.

Want a little more Pace to this game like I mentioned this is Bates and trong's first time playing together in women's doubles in an ATP tournament it's a little bit of a feeling out process for the two very good friends oh she got what that ball just wide it's called a servant is that one thing.

Is that what they called out this ball is coming back to Pooler and Whitwell 131 your score here on Championship Court in game one yeah that's good good move there from Whitwell she stayed more under control body wise on that one you watch her step in here and again.

It's the Lefty in the middle two makes that such a much easier ball as opposed to being her backhand if he was righty ruler tried to sell it to try to sell it sell Live Strong and Shelby Bates yeah a good spot there from Bates that's one of the things with well you can catch her in that transition area with.

The feet still moving one that's tough ball there from trong as she's on full movement too and it balls on her shoe tops trying to speed that up yeah it's a good drive and it's something she's got to drop off there right it's a good adjustment here from the.

Last Point here is watch should let this ball bounce now plays it from a good position and just flips that with the two-hander down the line and the energy she told me that she was gonna bring the energy she wanted the.

Warriors to have last night I see that who's she looking at because she was mean mugging somebody back here in the whoever's in her way doesn't matter but I I'm all for that I like that right turn your back to the court do it back toward the fans fantastic don't do it toward your opponents.

Pickleball speeding that one up but whitwell's defense well done and trong sends her response long well I don't mind the speed up there from Bates but the next ball after that okay the speed up didn't work now let's get right back into it let's work something else foreign.

Bates got that ball down Pull is still moving pretty quickly on that one anticipating the ball popping up to the serve she asked a bit short well she's trying to run across as she's hitting because they're uncoiling on the stack and instead of hitting it first and running second tries to do both at.

The same time runs into some issues not sure why Bates hung back on that one kind of set off the whole tone there which is out of out of out of position tough to catch up with the footwork perfect execution there from Polo you'll watch it here as that ball goes out wide.

She just lets it develop get around that pulse and goes right at the right shoe of Alex trunk she kept that as close to the post as you could right there getting that inside that backhand though just not enough to go over the net yeah tried to do just a.

Little too much on the cut right there the ball was very tight to the net that's a ball where I'm just going to want to just slip that back over let's get into the next shot there I think Paula's got a little uh little cheering Squad back here behind us that's who she's looking at when she turns around don't give him a dirty look.

Start mean mugging you too I get plenty of mean mugs smart there from trunk she took the pace off of it made it look like she was going to attack Whitwell into the body slowed that little roll down Force the pop-up Alex strong go again nice short sweet keeping that ball out in front not.

Trying to do too much with it eventually gets the ball outside of the reach of Whitwell and a big finish there for trong nuts yeah not so so good of a move there from trong on that one didn't fully commit to it just left that sideline completely open side out here for Pooler and Whitwell.

They're going to be serving three seven one pausing for a moment though for Alex to retire shoes Pooler a mom of two she lives in Oakland just about an hour and a half drive from where we are here in Sacramento she's got two kiddos and her son is very into monster trucks so if you see her.

Adjusting the necklace on her she's got a monster truck a monster truck charm uh an hour and a half in good traffic let's put it that way California is always must considered traffic that's fair 90 miles ish how about that two great speed UPS there from Whitwell first one gets blocked back over but that second one a little inside out to.

The middle just out of the reach of trunk so stay with that reverse stack for Pooler and wet well that one off the net in an unlucky fashion sends it long it's gonna be 472 here for Whitwell surf she didn't even get anything around it I.

Was waiting for the shape yeah there was no shame it just was flat down the line yeah she's laughing about it too because she knew she didn't get around it that forehand left short yeah again it's slow slow pace Ball by trunk we always talk about it it's not always the power Powers good to have but the.

Positioning and sometimes pace and spin taking it off and adding trunk getting into a fire fight and with the win see now that's that's the difference right trong just did it straight to Katie and Katie shakes the fingers she's like no no no no we don't do that whereas Katie turns around does.

It away from the opponents yeah well just wide from Lee Whitwell Cross Court right there Bates and trong will add to their lead they're up eight five in this first game yeah.

Nine five one nine five excuse me nine five one that's too good there from Katie Pooler you watch her just it's set up by the ball first ball before that where she runs Inside Out runs around the forehand flips Cross Court and then she does the exact same move holds it on her paddle gets strong leading on her left foot and.

Then flips that ball through the middle Bates leaving that one short forcing the side out here ball back to Pooler and Whitwell they're trailing five nine in this first game oh I had a wide open sideline right there it's almost too open well I think that was the issue right you're not expecting.

To be that open you go right for the lawn seven nine seven nine exactly as we see Whitwell and Pooler cutting into trong and Bates lead here with their serve not shape on that drive I mean that was heavy heavy Top Spin you saw Pula really get the paddlehead underneath that one.

And accelerate through and it just it was almost like she was up at the kitchen with it with a reach in topspin volley right with how much shape it had on it but I think the key there too with that drive was that typically you see the opening right so you're gonna go for the opening she went to where Shelby Bates was at the moment whereas when.

Shelby Bates was continuing to move now it's outside of her reach instead of going to her body in the opening she goes beside her and again like you said Chad such good shape on it and dipped to it she couldn't do anything with it could not indeed and so here we are Pooler and Whitwell just one point away from tying this up the closest this.

Match has been since the score was 4-3 in favor of Bates and trong so cooler went well clawing their way back into it the crowd here in Sacramento starting to fill in underneath those app tents stay out of the out of the Sun as much as they possibly can and of course that is what we're playing for the right to Hoist the trophy on Championship Sunday.

Both these teams looking to do that here Pooler and Whitwell with the serve they're trailing 8-9 the Shelby Bates and Alex trong this has been a fantastic match so far and the energy here is so much fun Pooler and Whitwell just bringing it with every point in response to Bates and trong.

Yeah someone over in the stands no no like that ball was out and nine two oh well she couldn't stop her momentum throw out the parachute so it's gonna be a side out for Bates and trong with the 9-8 lead here in game one.

Good move double double fist pumps on that one good move that from trunk sets him up for game point here on Championship Court Shelby Bates with the serve Chong leaves her after ball drop but sure yeah third shot drop third shot drop yeah a little bit.

Short yeah just throw the terminology at that point unfortunate on the unforced there there from Whitwell game one will go to Bates and trong well not happy stand as they drop game one to trong 11-8 in this first game we've got game two when we come back we all love pickleball because it's a.

Sport you can play with the whole family and now the little ones can play too introducing the Ben Johns Jr paddle and the Megalodon paddle that both feature smaller grips lightweight and durable construction and a fun design that the kids are going to love thank you.

thank you as we take another look here at the sun Med recovery moment of the match with the round the pulse from Katie Pula letting that one develop.

And just going right on the right shoe of Alex trunk and trong and Bates getting the win in that first game Whitwell with our first serve of game two quick side out to start us off with game two here thank you I don't know if Whitwell almost threw.

Off Pooler right there if she came across and almost took a half swing at that ball Bates here with the second serve with well speeding it up right into the feet of Shelby Bates she put that ball to the forehand side of Alex trunk she knew what trunk was gonna do before Trung did she moved to the middle and.

Was like oh I can't wait for her to speed this up here in the middle if she did and just sitting on it but that's that's part of that anticipation right rather than reaction if she if she tries to react to that that speed up trunks got a Beat but she's knowing that that ball isn't going to beat her on the backhand side.

If she speeds it up the speed up from Whitwell too much yeah excellent step over from Lee Whitwell there she recognizes that pull that pool is going to speed up with that quick forehand flick again and she's there to keep the pressure on oh no Whitwell wants that back what a setup from Pooler right there.

Nice little forehand drive sets up well nice in the middle but she goes off the tape oh we'll run into it good spot from Bates I don't think that Ball's staying in but again she's knowing that whitwell's gonna try to come over and close that hole that pool was that too well this is I think.

This is the most we've ever seen Whitwell try to try to poach and crash kind of doing a little too much right now I told you I'm not messing with it all right.

Hands from Katie polar right there just to get that ball back over here on the speed up I'm surprised I didn't go middle though with with how quickly Pullen moved to try to open up that inside out forehand left a really big hole in the middle strong trying to smash an overhead winner but Pooler ready for it and Bates.

Response just catching the net unluckily for her Pooler getting ready with the serve at that time it went middle and neither we had a semi snipe right there yeah a little bit but I think Pooler was expecting what would come over because she has the past like three or four points.

Bates forcing the side out with the ball right at the feet of Katie Pooler just not able to respond yeah one two one a good spot there from Pula Chong outstretched and down at the feet that one too too long and Katie Pooler I knew it immediately immediately said.

Okay okay she got a little hug too from Lee whitwell's great Point construction from Pooler but pulled the trigger just a little too early there a good move there from Bates getting big in the middle two good full hands putting the pressure on our Championship Court again the Steve Lee Whitwell.

Anticipation before Bates even hits this ball she's pinching middle we got a great vantage point of it from where we're sitting he saw her move before Bates hits that and is able to finish on the forehand good spot there from trunk puller trying to get up quickly to that kitchen line but.

Overruns that ball just a little bit that's not a bad idea there from Pooler but again off a hot ball like that it's very tough to slow that up and drop that in trunk finding a perfect spot Whitwell getting out of the way thinking it was going out but trong drops it in again it's strong reading the.

Anticipation of Whitwell Whitwell pinching middle a little too much all she's got to do is flip that backside Katie Pooler finishing the Miss with the dance little Shuffle I like the dance move though you shake it off that's how she's gonna shake it off right there but it is a little too much Bates and trong now with a 5-2 lead.

And so the timeout is called after Bates and Chong took game one and they lead here 5-2 in game two Whitwell and Pooler getting a minute to recover have some strategy conversation Bates and trong of course trying to just keep doing what they're doing yeah they've gained a three-point lead here.

In advantage in game number two doing exactly what they did in game number one to finish that they're playing a little slower which is good for them and then waiting for those moments to attack and so when they're getting those moments they're attacking at the right moment you see trong has gone behind Whitwell a couple times right now because she's.

Anticipating that move in the middle now it's about what Pooler and Whitwell can do on the opposite side and see what they can do to counter what baits and trong are doing come on baby you see everybody making sure they get their water towel off okay because it is an 89 degree day here in Sacramento.

Doesn't feel like I haven't sweated at all it might have made the best noise that's ever come out of you right there we're gonna go ahead and believe that I'll let you at home think that that's a true statement that Chad Edwards just made you're welcome buddy Chong just a little late on that one a little too big of a.

Backswing on the forehand side Pooler trying a couple times to go that Cross Court forehand but into the net and now Bates and Trung in control I think that might be my new objective is to get to they sound like a duck again Bates leaving that one short so it's.

Gonna go back to Pooler and whip well after the side out they Trail two six one here in game two yeah oh that one just catches the line I was about to say nice drive from Pula but Bates able to get a paddle on it so we take another look at it here yeah just inside the sideline oh that's just as soon as she hit it she.

Was walking off Court trying to regroup right here she knew as soon as it was off her paddle it wasn't the right decision just a little too strong there for Alex strong 362 Katie Pooler serving oh.

Fate's laughing at that one as she sends it a little long and says that's a little ambitious it was she needed about one more inch on that paddle because she gets it right off the edge guard Apollo turns that one over too quickly dips down into the net that is a good answer though from Pooler.

And well they get two back well questioning referee right now oh questioning the paddle so they're talking Whitwell is talking about how it sounds funny her paddling Chad you and I talked with Shelby yesterday and she showed us all of her paddles it sounds the same.

Yeah it's a 10 millimeter paddle so it has a different sound to the 14s and the 16s a good spot there from trong oh sorry Poland oh at that time it was Whitwell seeing the open sideline and taking advantage.

Of it Bates almost gets there and runs this down she slips behind trong here yeah that ball is inside the saw line good good shape again that heavy Top Spin from Pula it's a nice 3-0 run here from Pooler and Whitwell five six one the score and when you're on a run like that.

That's the last thing you need to do with your third shot is go into the net you better make a mistake higher than lower and force them into something rather than just going into the net a good step over from Trung there well it's like I've let three balls go and they've all ended it.

All right it is a great move there from trong as she saw that bass was on her heels and in trouble she comes over and helps her partner out and takes that ball out of The Middle but Pooler will answer again put another one on the board now we're within one with the forehand a winner and then shake of her head saying I'm not gonna.

Do that again not gonna let that go six five two but this serve from Bates goes long so it's going to be a side out here Pooler and Whitwell with a chance to tie this game up for the first time since the score was a pair of twos not on that one though Pooler leaving it just short it's such a good drive and she's got the right idea with that but.

Just tries to cut it a little too much she just gotta drop that back in and get right back into the point oh I think the movement of Whitwell kind of threw her off for a little bit there as well you spoke about it in a previous point where Whitwell is looking to come over but the times it throws off pool five one.

That's a volley right there she takes that ball out of the air and just cuts it straight down at the feet of Tron six five two strong finding that sweet spot in the middle to have just that half second of confusion yeah just fed strong on the backhand side right there that's the exact ball that.

She was looking for perfect angle on that overhead winner forces the side out Pooler serving five seven one yeah top ball that from pool tough to to hit a good ball with that open face from being that low as well floats up and feeds that full hand of trunk.

Shot there left short by Whitwell great read there from Bates again Pooler reaching in just a little too far can't really get that ball low Bates recognizes early steps in takes that forehand out of the air for the Finish I've won your score here on Championship Court as we have a timeout here in game two Bates and trong with the lead they.

Took game one trying to end things here in game two if you're Whitwell and Pooler what do you have to do to get back into this one well I I think for for this one is they're they're trying to do just a little too much and not quite extending the point or or lengthening it out I.

Think they've got to move Bates and Trung around a little bit more to try to open up that uh open up that Hall whereas right now they're they're trying they're trying to hit through they're not they're not creating enough movement to to develop anything right now so I'd like to see them extend the points a.

Little bit a little bit longer yeah and like you said Chad moving them side to side and then letting well step in that middle and take that ball away that was what got them back in game one got them back into game two a little earlier but again it's got to be Whitwell in the middle there taking over a little bit more so the women's doubles match.

Happening as we speak here on Championship Court between Katie Pooler and Lee Whitwell they dropped game one to Shelby Bates and Alex Chong Bates and trong with the lead here in game two of eight five one Bates with the serve oh the miscommunication on the uncoil from the stack and I'm not sure.

Pooler or Whitwell one or the other made a mistake there what that's the right ball to speed up but it's got to be it has to be Top Spin it's got to be a brush you can't try to be so aggressive with that one and come out match point on the paddle of Shelby.

Bates and that will do it Shelby Bates and Alex strong get the best of Katie Pooler and Lee Whitwell in straight games 11-8 11-5 those two are moving on in the winners bracket sending cooler and Whitwell into the consolation bracket to fight their way back try to earn another mat another game another match another.

Game here on Championship sport we're going to talk to the winners Shelby Bates and Alex strong when we come back thank you foreign.

all right foreign.

We'll take another look at Match Point here for Shelby Bates and Alex trunk coming out just too strong today for Pula and went well definitely controlling the points as they're going through and we're going to throw it down to Dominic Catalano who's caught side.

With Bates and trunk all right ladies great job out there today again moving on to the semifinals when we do when you guys are going against a team that you know very well like then they're covering the middle so well what was your game plan there Shelby honestly just build the point take our time and then look for the high.

Balls and take advantage and stay on those balls and Alex just like Shelby said building points I saw your guys first match on the outer course you guys came back down 10-5 in game one in that match was that a Difference Maker for you here in this match as well I I think so Shelby and I this is our first time playing together.

I mean she has good uh game analytics and so when she says um here's the strategy let's stick to it I gotta stick to it I gotta listen to her I gotta trust her she tells me to trust my shots and um both her shots were pretty on that much I felt great all right well congratulations ladies moving on to the semifinals next match.

Up here on Championship Court coming at you shortly right after this quick break you don't want to miss it thanks to we have more time to hang with our new friends what do you like to do for fun well with we save a ton of time so we're always trying new things save time buy and book online at. pro athlete weekend warrior or everyday active stay in the game with active tracks powered by Core Physical Therapy core's team of physical therapists and athletic trainers promote injury prevention Rehabilitation and fast recovery to keep you from being sidelined we use Cutting Edge technology.

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thank you welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open we've got another good one for you coming up on Championship Court Andre dieesku coming up with his partner okay said tioni looking to.

Defend their title from Mesa Andre de Esco with a very fascinating story you can hear it now hi my name is Andre dayaskou I live in Palm Beach Gardens Florida I decided to go pro in 2016. we had a pro exhibition had a couple of Pros that came in and told us what the game was about and I got to play with him a.

Little bit and I really got hooked on the game I thought it was a lot of fun I really enjoyed playing and I think it was about three weeks after that that I was signed up for a tournament and got to compete again and uh yeah I got to go through those emotions again and I knew right away that I was hooked and that's what I wanted to do.

I would describe my my pickable style as a fairly aggressive trying to mix up things trying to attack at the right time I think I'm a pretty strong guy and very good at countering I still move around extremely well it's a mix of everything and uh I'm not great but I'm decent at doing all those.

Being a pearl on the app tour is definitely very special to me uh I started playing aapb events from the get-go in 2019 I really enjoy competing on the app tour I think the staff is great I think the event they put together are are awesome the people who work for them I think they're fantastic and it's a great atmosphere and I really.

Enjoy being part of it and hopefully I could do this for for years to come we're missing this I go off for 2023 to to play as good as I can I'm supposed to play a really long calendar a lot of events every tournament I'm trying to maximize my physical ability my mental ability my competitiveness I try to take.

Every tournament one at a time I don't like to live too far ahead and just try to do my best every day that's kind of the goal I'm thinkable definitely gave me new purpose you know in life got me competing again got me you know traveling to new places you could introduced me to new people gave me the.

Opportunity to to set goals again to be in great physical shape to challenge myself mentally every day so professional pickable ninja means a lot to me team and match point for the gold medal for Cal Yates and Andre day it's obviously a great feeling to hold off to the big trophy and get the gold medal to lead the person who gets it at.

The end of the week you know it's the sense of accomplishment is great you know and really motivates you for future tournaments diascu already guaranteeing him a spot in Championship Sunday here in Sacramento in mixed doubles you can see he's uh no stranger to playing on Championship Sunday four gold medals.

Underneath his belt already this year three straight app men's doubled gold medals he is playing today with PESA tioni who was his partner in Mesa and they did very well together PESA tioni from Mesa and so those two going to take on ryler De heart and Rob nunnery here on Championship Court when we come back.

Thank you thank you thank you thanks to we have more time to hang with our new friends what do you like to do for fun well with we save a ton of time.

So we're always trying new things save time buy and book online at the APD is presented by Yola Franklin football United Pizza welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open you're taking a live.

Look at PESA tioni getting warmed up with his partner Andre dieesku he is a phoenix native and at the app Mesa when these two went all the way to win the gold the crowd could not have been more behind them there were PESA tioni Fatheads in the stands in Mesa at Championship Court these two that was their first tournament playing together.

But obviously when you win gold you probably want to do it again so pizza here in Sacramento with Andre dieesku they are going to be taking on a pair of veterans in riler to heart and Rob nunnery taking a live look at Rilo de heart now 39 year old from Bel Air Florida and in case any of you are wondering.

That hat something that ryler just will not take off of his head for any of the matches it's his good luck charm did you see what it says Walmart special he wrote on it that's four sales after we talked to him yesterday that's an addition from yesterday because uh that hat quite the good luck it brought him in Shelby Bates all the way to the.

Bronze medal in the mixed doubles yesterday and so uh I guess sponsors if you're listening yeah it says hey your your name here that spot is available on his hat he's playing with Rob nunnery 38 years old 7 and career app medals out of Hawaii those two Veterans of the tour and Andre diaskupe's ationi going to certainly have their hands full today.

You guys in this match what do you think is going to be the biggest differentiator between these two teams well I think for for nanor in the hot it's going to be how uh we always talk about aggressiveness but a lot of the times it's that controlled aggression we like to see the hot be aggressive with those balls in the middle but he has to.

Stay within himself when he's really putting pressure on with that third shot drive and and closing hard you know it it it's difficult for his opponents to keep him off balance and honorees just so controlled across all aspects of it I think the X Factor for for not around the hearts going to going to be the uh the power and precision for for the hot.

Well I'll just say right now Middle's closed in this match oh with diasco yeah well I'm saying with all four you got Lefty righty on both sides your middle is closed you got four hands clogging up both sides and so it's going to be I think can tioni and they ask you find the back side of the heart nunnery and get them extended because I think they.

Ask you take such takes up such a big part in the middle that he can let tioni slide to his backhand side a little bit more so my X Factor is going to be if they ask you antioni can find the backhands of nunnery and the heart that's going to be their key to Victory here in this matchup there's no my ex factor it's going to be.

At Pace's patience because in Mesa in real chance of when to speed it up and when to just let it rest in the dinking rally that was when we saw him and I ask you really take off I'm so proud of you right now set it up first went behind I ask you forced the movement in that.

Clashing of paddles in the middle nice ball there from cioni nice and easy flipped down the line but I do think dahart did play an out ball right there in the middle of that yeah it needs to be a better roll there from the hot that one didn't have much bite to it sat up do I asked who's going.

To step in and punish you for any ball that you leave up that hot one one one your score here on Championship court early in this first game yeah diesku with the forehand there yeah we saw that quite quite a lot in Mesa excellent drive there from tioni setting up diasco that one going.

Just a bit long off of Pace's paddle bringing up second serve for tioni and diascu all right another good reach in that from diascup it's gonna be tough if if none are in and uh the hot leave any balls up because diascu is just going to punish you.

Know impressive defense so far from diasco and tioni on this point wow that is just a war of attrition right there just get one ball back over one ball back over but again nunnery into heart couldn't create an angle on the overheads enough to get the ball away from tioni and diasco.

That one though dayescu leaving just short forcing the side out so to heart and nunnery with a chance here to shrink this lead that one off the paddle of PESA just a little bit too hard you can see it kind of wriggle in his wrist a little bit sent the ball out wide such a good ball there from Tony loves.

That backhand wrist flick but the point before nunnery got in on his left shoulder and got it tight didn't allow that flick unlucky bounce off the net for diascus sends that ball wide to heart and nunnery just one point away now from tying things up here in this first game.

Rather to heart with the serve beautiful placement by Pace at that angle yeah I mean running around that that backhand there for the hot just creates so so much angle toward taone though he doesn't have to do anything to angle that away from nunnery so tough tough spot to drive for from the heart right.

There excited about that one just sneaks it under the paddle of Rob nunnery questioning something with our referee not sure what it was five three one off saying I got it and uh he certainly did yeah nice that chicken wing there.

From the heart to get that back over that one sails a bit high and uh yeah good good counter attack there from nunnery was able to get on top of the counter attack so then when tioni went to attack again that ball is going to come up and sail foreign which is really about the only place.

It's hard for him to get back into with that length that he has well that's exactly it again it's nothing personal but the best spot to go on somebody is right at their chest hard to get out of the way the midsection right there hard to get a paddle on that ball too good Cross Court dinking there from teone we've seen the hearts backhand.

Breakdown a couple of times if that's a if there's a spot that is susceptible it is that backhand side is the only ready if that ball made it over but it did not this is a tough spot to be on the court there for nunnery that one peso reaching over and immediately looking back at dayaskum and.

Saying uh probably should have left that one for you I I don't I like the move that's a good move right there from tioni he's about a half step quarter step behind it if he's able to get a good paddle on that ball it's a winner Henry have you noticed that she started doing the hand motions as well I'm locking it.

Liking it it's not just the two of us anymore I mean it's a tough spot to attack from yeah that ball is up but you can't take that big of a swing lots of change of pace in this point and tioni getting the final say but that's all because he pulled to heart wide he.

Pulls the heart wide he creates the opening in the middle here the heart not getting back quick enough and tioni just flips that down the middle for the winner nunnery with some impressive speed to get back into position to even have a chance at responding but diesku taking advantage of the outer placement yeah.

Perfect spot from diasko going back behind the hot nunnery trying to come across seven three two side out now after tioni leaves that one just a little short see that's what I'm talking about you yes it's talking with your hands but now you're doing the motion that's that's you're you've.

You've fallen into the developing of the motion while you're talking play so there's one shot we have not seen yet and it's that backhand flick or in the middle from nunnery he loves that shot but what's taking that away it's they ask you sitting there in the Middle with the forehand and you also have the other.

Forehand of tioni in the middle too not able to pull that shot off nunnery sends that one straight into the net putting them on their second serve here that one day ask who's sending long you see what you're talking about they ask you lines up almost exactly on the middle he has one foot on that middle.

Line or over it yeah perfect spot from diasko the hearts wanting that forehand sitting on that forehand side just comes up and over that left shoulder diascu serving seven five one in game one here they have school ready for that speed up.

From the heart fed it straight into the paddle nice pull right there from another finally able to pull the trigger on one of these off a bounce five two tioni gets that back over he's playing two on one for at least three shots right there well I mean it's almost it's.

Almost three on one because that's who's all the way over there on that side of the Court anyway there it was right there that's that backhand flick that we finally see whooping on everybody didn't go Middle with it he went back side on tioni the difference is too that he finally got a ball where he could get extended on that.

Didn't have a whole lot of pace on that backhand side brings up second serve to Heart good move that from notary good drive by the hot to set that up point ball looked like it just caught the kitchen line there and slid into tioni I.

Think Nano both nunnery and the Heart hit an out ball each right there but in it out ended up coming out on top brings us to Court we have a timeout called but we have had some really fun matches for really fun points so far in this match let's take a look at the Vlasic.

Fire fight of the day this one a very good point again we've seen this the whole time it's they ask you and Henry going Cross Court setting it up there as they get into that firefight all of a sudden it gets slowed back down again just the patience again we've seen.

Throughout this point we saw it quite a few times already in this first game tioni and diascu getting the better of that one but certainly this is one that has gone both ways so far here in this game one tioni and diascu with the slim lead on to heart and nunnery at one point find it I'm getting crowded.

I'm getting crowded in case you wanted to know why I was pausing the sun is creeping in that sounds like a you problem no it's not a maid problem it's Dom's problem I just slid over on the other side so Dom could get some shade donnery's there what a nice run though here forward to heart and nunnery is.

That right back in this now you know backswing is just a little too big that from nanari caught that ball late otherwise it was all over it taking a one point lead here and now in control did I ask you on the second serve here lots of change in Direction this little dinking rally.

And the speed up starts on the side of diascu and tioni and ends up that way too that ball sailing long yeah excellent ball from tioni down to the feed and honorary nunnery had to hit up on it in reality that's a reset very difficult to attack from the speed up from to heart just a little.

Too much on that one tioni wisely letting it go sets him up for game point here 10-9-2 the heart and nunnery not going away yet tioni and diascu getting several of those points on their second serve but that one.

Forces a side out so to heart nunnery with the chance oh wow what a point there from the ryler the heart keeping him in right there and it's the only going a little too hot brings us to 10 all first serve that one though nunnery leaves short yeah nanori just hesitated there for a second to step forward it ended up.

Getting caught you letting that one go and wisely so gets the ball back on their side 10 all so tioni and diaski with a little bit of work to do to put away this game one but with a Chance the speed of working out for tioni and diaski you can see their excitement and.

Understandable oh I like the speed up there from the heart he started that fire fight and he had a ball on his forehand that he could do something with in the middle Just Hits it off the tape here's the second game point of this first game the paddle the point on the paddle of PESA tioni.

And there you have it game one a hard thought goes to PESA tioni and Andre dieesku they are the defending champs from the app Mesa open trying to work their way back to Championship Sunday for the second straight app tournament let's see how they did it the first time around yeah.

We are getting you set for the gold medal match in men's doubles Hunter and Yates Johnson they're going against PESA tioni and Andre dieesku it's pesacioni this is his home City he wants to do this in front of everybody here watching him.

They take game one against the Johnson Brothers thank you Johnson's with a chance at the game here so Johnson's taking game two this is just not something I anticipated in game three two Miss returns to end the game very off balance for diasco and Tiana Hunter and Yates taking that two.

Out of three to force this game to 15. and the entire championship for it seems like they are rooting for it I just don't know what to say um really appreciate all the supporters.

That's probably got behind the hometown favor over here and for the first time playing together in the my Cinderella story and I'm really glad to be getting the gold medal this week oh yet again here in Sacramento he and his partner PESA teone take game one against ryler to heart and Rob nunnery.

12-10 and here we go with game two on Championship Court yeah I think the the difference in game one and game two for nunnery and the hot they've got to be a little bit more patient with their speed up so there's a couple of ill-time speed UPS in game one that cost them.

Oh that's another situation like in the first game where dayescue goes for that but leaves tioni a little bit vulnerable to heart too early on four stairs there on balls that are easy for him to make you can hear him telling himself exactly that too as he comes back getting ready.

For nunnery serve excellent spots from diascu and about the body of the hot and nunnery like we talk about he just takes up so much real estate in the middle of the court that tioni with the nod in the direction of Riley to heart he knows that's exactly where he wanted to place that ball.

Yeah and he hides that really well he's he's had a couple of speed UPS right into the body of nunnery makes it look like he's going to go at an honor eight and then just slides it through the middle nice counter from Rob nunnery right there and again they ask you trying to get big in the middle tioni thinking he's going to take that last.

Second he does it and it throws tioni off just a little two zero two make it 3-0-2 it's a heart unable able to return that serve side out after tioni a lot of cross-court dinking in that rally but that one he left just a little bit short.

Couldn't get over the net good cover from the heart in the middle right there again anticipating the speed up trying to find a hole in the middle the heart having none of it and they are finally on the board here in game two nunnery of it oh wow a good spot from tioni the hot again.

Trying to run around that backhand Side open up that forehand but ends up running into that bad positioning diascu calling that one out we're sitting right about on the out of bounds line we'll take another look in the replay here great shot it's not it's not fire cameras.

Okay and that view is right on the line pretty close right on the line right there great job by our camerasioni agreeing and not seeing the replay but they are saying yes it was in so the point goes to die two three two.

Tony getting a little too big with that swing a little late as well tioni's saying no the first time that one got sped up he was not going to let his paddle be the one that cost him that point three speed UPS from the heart and nunnery right there and tioni and dasco handling every single one of them and then causing the unforced error to end.

It foreign getting a little closer first one was two feet that's about it's only eight inches yeah yeah he's right on it he's had some success with that that slide down on the backhand side the.

Bigger Miss was on the forehand side because that's such an extreme angle on the forehand side that served along from nunnery and a bit wide come out the heart frustrated with himself because he couldn't get out of the way.

Of that one that was clearly going out of bounds but that's good placement again he bodied him up he goes right at the body of rather to Heart right there and there's nothing he can do offensive time out here on the side of descu and tioni and Chad we see that a lot more nowadays than we did back you know you and I back in the day and.

Pickleball and been around it a while but you used to see just timeouts when the team would go on a run or whatnot but now you're seeing these offensive timeouts where teams are taking them to regroup after a Long Point especially in the heat like we are this weekend degrees here in Sacramento California for the app sunmed Sacramento open but.

The fans staying cool underneath our app tents here at Championship Court it has been a battle between these two teams PESA tioni and Andre dieesku taking game 1 12 to 10 and here we are in a very hard-fought game two between the heart and nunnery doing everything they can to make sure that this thing goes to three games tioni and diascu though doing a.

Pretty good job given it's only their second app tournament that they have played together and what I'm noticing is just so much of that cross-court dinking rally I'm curious what do you guys what are you guys seeing as the moment to speed that up like where is the where's the perfect spot well I mean you're staying in that cross quarter you're.

Moving that ball around whether it's it's going out wide then bringing a ball back middle to be able to get that dead dink or that ball that pops up what diysco Antonio do exceptionally well is that they're patient within that they they choose their spots well to speed up all what they're doing is they're trying to force.

Their opponents to speed a ball up and uh and look for the counter attack as I step on your headset and pull it off I did it to myself I like yanked my my headset off myself when I stepped on the cable hey zoeent perfect that spot in the middle it seems like he's finding a lot of success when.

He gets that can get that to drop but when he's getting the heart to run around the forehand right instead of going to his back and he runs around it creates a little hole in the middle and he's able to just punch it through oh again to heart trying to fight around that forehand but what they ask you is recognizing that he is doing that so.

They ask who is going hard to his outside shoulder which means that's going to be right on his inside shoulder by the time he moves can't do anything it's a three-point lead 14i and diasco well and you talked about that offensive timeout from teone and I ask you it worked in that favor that was stuck on three for four well almost eight so.

Eight nine Subs right there they come out after that run off three straight points now a time out for dahart and nunnery trying to slow this and freeze this run but that's why we're seeing a lot more of those offensive timeouts just to try to get into that strategy change and and.

From that time out we're seeing that strategy for for diasco and tioni as far as pushing the Hut out wide and knowing that he's going to run around that backhand side just like you were talking about so for the heart nunnery I think right here you've got to either go behind I ask you or behind teony.

And try to get them off of that or create those dead things so those opportunities to speed a couple of balls up that ball those middle balls from the hot aren't going to do anything there not putting a whole lot of pressure on and then and then to ask who's going to take his opportunity to step across.

Foreign back and says I had all the court open right there but again a little too big of a swing right there get the paddle out in front punch it through that oh the heart almost going or trying to go around the back right there but yeah they're gonna stay in this reverse.

Stack again I like the river stack in this situation because oh no they switched it you never mind for you can see the hand change he's human sometimes it's hard to remember when diasko gets in his Groove foreign.

exactly and it's just it's the good point construction lulling the sleep right there and then just a little easy flip you see the hot never the hot never takes to step back to the middle after he gets pulled out wide there gets that one to drop the heart does fending off what could have been match.

Point for tioni and diascu instead it's a side out nunnery with the serve three and one it's just they ask you taking over in the middle right now well just with how big how how long his reach is right there that wasn't even a hard flick from tioni he was like here you're gonna see me do.

This but what are you gonna do with it it sets up his partner perfectly and now we have another match point on the paddle of PESA tioni diasko is all over it he knew knew it was coming just rushed it and there you have it match and game for PESA tioni and Andre dieesku they take it.

Against Riley to Hart and Rob nunnery 12-10 and then 11-3 straight sets they move on in the winners bracket as they look to defend their title from Mesa we're going to talk to the winners when we come back face.

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The ball movement and placement in this one proving too strong for notary and the hot we're going to throw it caught side with Dominic Catalano and our winners since first and foremost guys you guys moving on to the winner bracket final very familiar playing next to pace and now Andre again a great combination you.

Guys had that middle closed off was that your game plan going and closing off that middle and extending nunnery and a heart uh definitely obviously Robin uh and ryla are very good players they uh they really can get the ball into some tough spots and they mix were hard they were competing really well uh was squeezed by the first game and then we.

Built some momentum and played really well especially his best I played really well in the second game uh yatina combination with a writing a left he helps us with a middle and this is our second tournament together and I think we're starting to jail better and better so uh yeah I thought that was a good match overall and then face it looked.

Like in that second game because you guys were spreading them out so far wide you had that little black hand flick in the middle was it something you were looking for there in a game too uh yeah finally working so it's Gotta make the right choice in the right time to hit it but it works all right well congratulations boys moving on to the.

Winner bracket final we'll take a quick break our next matchup here on Championship Court at the app Sacramento open face thank you introducing Skechers pickleball the official Footwear of the app tour.

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foreign thank you.

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and Sunday welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open you're taking a live look at Shelby Bates we're in the winners bracket semifinals here of the women's doubles she and her partner Alex trong taking on Simone charging and.

Paris Todd Shelby Bates said yesterday her and ryler had the biggest win of her career find out a little bit more about her career in this little story we did with her I'm Shelby Bates I'm originally from Jericho New York and I live in Jupiter Florida I grew up in New York on Long Island just outside the city playing.

Junior tennis I played division one college tennis at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach South Carolina I turned Pro in August of 2022. I cannot remember the first time I played pickleball but once I was told that I was not good there's never been a day that I haven't played pickleball that little fire underneath me and I.

Have just gone from there and here we are today playing on the APB tour as a professional pickleball player my style as a pro pickleball player is very Fierce and energetic um and very aggressive I love the thrill of having to be super strategic but also the sport becomes very fast when you're.

Playing in pickleball every Point counts every tournament I play I get further and further in each round and I get closer and closer to beating some of the top Pros throughout the pickleball tour I have seen my game grow exponentially and super fast and for 2023 I want to see myself on the metal stand with many medals but first gold medals.

The app tour means family and inclusive they're super welcoming and happy to have everybody there from amateurs to professional players to Senior Pro players every age every level and they really make it important to welcome everybody goals early here in 2023 she already has.

A bronze medal around her neck in this tournament from mixed doubles she and Alex trong though trying to get to Championship Sunday in order to do so they will have to take down the defending champs from Mesa Paris Todd and Simone charging are two who uh are not an easy out by any stretch of the imagination Alex strong and Shelby.

Playing together for the first time in women's doubles we saw them earlier on Championship Court what has been the thing that has impressed you most about these two playing in their first app tournament together no again Shelby Bates and Alex trong bring a lot of energy to the court together so when one is feeding off of.

The other that's a dynamic duo right there and they showed that in the last match that we had for them when they were playing um Lee Whitwell and they're playing um Katie pool Katie Pooler yes and so oh there's a great match they got down a little bit early and kind of struggled but then they figured it out fed off each other and finished that so.

Again I like the energy that's a hard thing to do though throughout a tournament it's hot it's a long day if they can keep that up they're gonna need to do that against jejing and Paris Todd yeah about some of the strengths of Todd and judging no I was gonna gonna say um you know going up against hot and judging you you have to play clean.

Pickleball you know Simone had a little bit of uh some issues yesterday in mixed doubles picked up some food poisoning in the travel out here so she's feeling a little bit better today um but but again Todd are going to pressure you uh constantly they're gonna move the ball around they're going to speed balls up and they're gonna pick.

Their spots very well and if you stop making mistake if you stop making mistakes they're going to make you pay for it so for Bates and trong I think they're they're going to have to be patient they they can't try to speed up too many balls and and they have to set themselves up.

Before they before they attempt anything really well that was that Difference Maker for them in the last match it was the Difference Maker for them in their first match I saw on the outer courts before we went live and so we'll see if they can continue to get in that Rhythm slow the game down wait for the right opportunities.

Saturday here in Sacramento at our sponsorship Village right over to our right I guess that swimming pool looks pretty good in the background great right now it's a scorching 89 here in Sacramento but underneath this tent not so much of a breeze so it feels a little bit hotter here in the broadcast.

Booth certainly feels hotter on the court for these players as well going to be something that we watch throughout this especially as we get later in the day later in the tournament these players have played a lot of matches already today already this week so you see Simone charging stretching everything out making sure you do not.

Want to cramp we saw that yesterday uh excuse me on Thursday Brandon Lane had a cramped that he had to pause his match for so it's something that we've seen already in this tournament certainly something to watch for as we go later into the afternoon Alex strong getting us started on Championship Court yeah that ball sitting up just a little.

Too high from trunk oh Jesus Shelby Bates fighting that ball off her chin balls going right for her face she just like slap slap winner take it well that ball that ball was just wide just a tiny bit like really close I think she thought the uh the the.

Advertising barricades right there with the sideline that was a good four feet out watch from Bates and and trong we did see that I feel like in their first match that we called here on Championship court today took him a minute to find their Rhythm get into.

Their groove unfortunately like you mentioned Chad with Todd and georgin on the other side you don't get a lot of time to do that because they will make you pay great movement there from joshing plays a ball off her right foot out of bounds almost and then she goes back for an overhead.

It's clean oh yeah I'm judging trying to speed that one up and not quite getting underneath it I think trong hit an out ball in the process early on there as well early lead here or Georgine and Todd.

But it is zero three half step behind yeah again we see it so much it just not reading it in time and if she's a half step ahead of that she gets that off her thigh instead of her shin let's go and just a little late there again from Bates she read the speed up from judging.

But too big of a backswing got jammed up three zero one Simone gerjing with the serve are you Sergeant needing to set the feet a little bit more on that speed up over runs it a little bit impressive placement by jar Jing but the.

Patience from both of those teams just to let the point play out and get constructed the best part about that is jar Jing sets up the shot before the last shot she pulled Bates to the middle just a little knowing that if she blocked straight back at her she's gonna have that sideline.

Bates looking for them very friendly roll but doesn't get it that one came over for a second it peaked Todd serving five zero two the Eight's gone up high on that one gets on top put some power down it's gonna be a side out so Bates and trong looking for their first point of.

This first game a good move there by trunk judging looking to keep baits back but strong steps over puts the aggression in we saw a lot of that in the last match for Trung was coming over and poaching in front of Bates that one though Paris Todd put just in.

The spot that Bates couldn't get her paddle on it with any sort of control 152 for bait serve nice ball there on the setup from trong she speeds that ball up from a low position gets the block to get popped up from a Paris Todd and Shelby Bates goes backside on Simone zarjing.

With the speed up there and it works out Bates response is she asked a little long a good reach in and speed up into the left hip of trong net excuse me trong letting that one go sales just a bit wide five two two yeah good hands from Bates to reset that.

Speed up from jejing gets the ball back on the side of Alex trong and Shelby Bates trailing by three and onto their second serve charging again with the speed up but that time Bates and trong ready for it after a brief fire fight Chong finds the right spot on the court yeah good spot.

There from trong as she finishes it with the forehand but ladies and gentlemen the one seat on the men's side in trouble down one game to none and down 8-6 in game two on Championship Court two as Hunter and Yates are down to long and all Vern five three one.

Something will keep you updated on as the afternoon rolls through that ball originally called out referee over rules so it's six three can I make a correction Hunter and Yates are the two seed Tiana seven three so now it's seven three.

There we go good angle there from Bates again set up nicely by trong as she went cross-court with a two-hander first Todd serving 732 Bates gets out of the way of that one and it sails a bit wide bringing the ball back foreign.

To the side of Bates and trong trailing by four here in game one make it three odd and charging backing up Bates and trong you can see the way that they were ready for what was certain to be another overhead yo if that ball comes back over if that.

Ball comes over the net it's going to spin back over on the opposite side yeah that balls in good roll there from Todd judging and Todd look as we take another look here well inside the sideline so it's 741 here on Championship Court judging and Todd.

Ahead in this one first game well just call it the Baseline wow talk about winding up for a ball right there but how about the Casual drop third there from Georgian because she thought it was going out and she's like oh no I have to play this and then hits a perfect drop going right at Alex Chong putting it.

Where Tron could not put her paddle on it yeah good side set up there from judging you see it go behind strong and kind of baiter into speeding that ball up we have a Timeout on the court judging and Todd leading this first game eight to four Peyton trong playing in their first app.

Tournament together in these women's doubles the opposite story for Todd and jarzing these two no strangers to both the strategy that they want to play with and also how to make sure that they keep the pressure on their opponents yeah and again it's so important again knowing your partner knowing who you're playing with having that familiarity uh you do.

See some success every once in a while from new Partnerships but most of the Partnerships we see out here that are successful are the Partnerships that have formed over time the first ones that come to mind in terms of successful first time playing together in an app tournament certainly Bates and trong very good.

Friends well I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that with the Johnson Brothers standing next to us they lost over there they did they lost 11-6 in game two so it is Stefan Alvern and Brendan long who will face Pace attorney and Andre dasku in the men's winter bracket final Johnson's of course still have a chance.

To battle their way back through the consolation bracket right now we're watching the women's semi-finals of the women's bracket winners bracket Todd and judging up 8-4 just getting the ball back yeah a couple of arrows creeping into the game of Bates and trong right now.

Whether it be a ball that's wad or ball popping up sets a game point number one for Paris Todd with the serve and there you have it bait sends that ball into the net and so Paris Todd and Simone jargine win game one against Alex Chong and Shelby Bates we'll be right.

Back when we come back foreign foreign.

Foreign welcome back to the app sunmed Sacramento open you're taking a look at the Discount Tire upcoming schedule it's been a fantastic season already here on the app tour certainly showing no signs of slowing down from Sacramento we're gonna head to Cincinnati for the classic.

Classic and then a really epic matchup in New York City cannot wait for those or really any of the stops on the app tour this year right now we'll pick up the action on Championship Court judging and Todd taking game one here we are in game two and they get the first point that's dirty Inside Out forehand dink there from jar Jing.

Picture good placement by Shelby Bates making sure that she put it behind Paris Todd couldn't come back to it we first split of the day that we've seen from Paris Todd and it was almost a half split yeah good get there from trong and then staying in that firefight.

Great spot there from Paris Todd again noticing Bates is up in transition punishing that ball right at her feet 112 for bates's serve Trump trying to come all the way back for the ball that got behind both her and Bates but just couldn't get it placed correctly on the other side of the Court yeah so hard to catch up to.

That offensive lob out of the air you know I anticipate that that ball is going to be attacked and then all of a sudden it's over your head trunks return sailing a little bit wide John just threw you off right there didn't he I mean I was really focused on the fact that his daughter just won a hula.

Hooping contest that's really exciting I wanted to tell him that but I wanted to finish the point put me in a precarious position excellent ball movement there from zhajin Bates and Todd I mean Bates and strong tried to stay in that one well at least it both started with a t I mean I ge