Michael Ball Columbus the third and final stop of the year we have a good one coming up we got the Mad drops pickleball Club on grandstand core again Lee Whitwell Mary brassia AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold will take on the chimeras with Andrea Coop Megan fudge Daniel de.

La Rosa and Gabe tardio Andrea Coop was the number one pick in the MLP draft 34 years old out of Grand Haven Michigan she'll be alongside Megan fudge who was the 24th and final draft pick of this year's draft from Bel Air well living in Bel Air.

Florida originally from Germany you have Daniel de la Rosa from Mexico now living in Gilbert Arizona he is 29 he's also the number one racquetball player in the world in Gabe tario undrafted but just got picked up here by the chimeras 17 years old.

Hometown Jupiter Florida his second MLP appearance as he performed as an alternate in Newport Beach foreign drops Mary bracia 22 years old out of Mission.

Viejo California this is her third MLP appearance and she was the 15th pick of the draft she was originally drafted by Jack Rabbits I believe Lee Whitwell 47 years old living in The Villages of Florida.

By way of Gibraltar her fourth MLP she is a two-time finalist Major League pickerball hasn't won the crown just yet but has made it to the final show twice which is saying quite a lot we're gonna get started in the women's doubles here soon but the men's guys on.

The men's doubles for Mad drops you get Julian Arnold 31 years old out of Austin Texas he played at UCLA for a brief stint his third MLP alongside AJ Kohler former ice hockey player now pickleball player 33 years old out of Dripping Springs.

This is his fourth MLP and he's been in the final show before too their owners Drew Brees Zubin Metta and Ryan Serhant but we are on our way Lee Whitwell kicked us off been a good start Lee Whitwell and Mary bracia here on the near Court in the.

White and blue making fudge on your top left the injury Coupe at the top right that ball just out foreign Thai ball game here early 2-2.

Fudge with the surf foreign starting the attack right into the midsection of fudge gets one to pop up to put away Mary bracia.

comes out on top in the heated exchange from all four I do love the scent of chemistry we have on this near Court Whitwell and Mary brassia foreign.

By all four ends in a Miss dink Coop fired at bracia brasia was ready and fudge was on the return as well five three nice job by fudge Crossing up Whitwell we will show the forehand.

We will show the forehand fudge went to the backhand side foreign Coupe comes out on top of the firefight well might have take a one similar to.

The left brassier might have the forehand as well probably would have been in better position still alive foreign.

thank you and again we've seen the pattern with fudge attacking Cross Court at Whitwell but it looks like she's targeting the right shoulder and it's worked a few times foreign.

steps in Crossing up Mary bracia foreign fudge and Coop want to be the ones to pull the trigger first as they've had a lot of success.

With that fudge is attacking cross mainly at Lee Whitwell foreign big overheads and a push off foot fault probably went well stares at the ref uh.

Half joking Coupe crossing the body of brassia again that would have been impressive if Rossi could have put a good battle on that attempt a lead forming for chimeras it went well reaches in puts the ball away.

Foreign 's ready now that's those things you start firing at someone and it's working eventually they're going to start getting warmed up yep Whitwell and bracia are seeing the attacks now starting to get accustomed to the pace of the game that.

Fudge and coop are pressing on them in fudge with a big put away as now we're getting what we get a side switch 11-9 in favor of the chimeras who had a good run in the middle of that game they were down five six.

And quickly got up to 10-6 so five point streak for the chimeras is how we've got to this point a pretty high average points shots per point at 14.6 no shots 29. this is Coop with four kills to just one error.

So really good percentages when she is pulling the attack foreign pulls the trigger again she's finding the left shoulder of bracia.

it's working time and time again the good overhead from bracia as she reads the lob well does a good job keeping that foot outside the kitchen on the push off 13-10 Coop serving.

that ball just Sails Long it was nice and high for well able to hit down on the ball but paddle face a tad open and now it just catches the net.

Coop and fudge looking to again continue them attacking first they're in complete control of the pace of the game when they are together.

Nice drop volley from Whitwell she's got quite the fan base the stands behind her as they chew pretty loudly for that.

Whitwell now starting to maybe pull the trigger first we're interested to see if bracia will start to try to initiate that attack they attack more often foreign that time but Megan fudge coming out on top says nice job getting the body out of.

The way sliding to hit that backhand but still a four-point lead for chimeras we're well coming out on top over Coop.

That time the hands battles are starting to be a little more even thank you that's fudge answers in a big way and now the timeout called by the returning team okay mayor's up 18-14 just so just three points away here in the women's doubles.

Game for coupe the number one draft pick this year but Megan fudge is not playing like a 24th pick I would say she's playing at a level higher than that has had a really good year of improvement.

continuing to see which team attacks first usually is winning all right and the Mad drops stay alive in that.

Point as Coop finds the tape that time Coop attacks Mary Mary's ready and then when she attacks Lee Whitwell she's ready again and a timeout call here from the Camaros.

Is there still leading they'll want to stop this momentum before it really gets rolling from the Mad drops the Whitwell and brassier are countering a lot better whereas in the beginning of the game Coop and fudge were finding their offense quite a bit.

Earlier in the game Andrea Coop had five kills to one error now has five kills to four errors making fudge five kills of two errors Lee Whitwell it's six to five and brasia four to two so all four ladies positive in their kill to error ratio.

But what is interesting when Lee Whitwell takes the third shots they only win the point 33 percent of the time I do like it when brasia takes the third and allows Lee Willow to come up so it's probably why they have 75 percent win rate of the point when bracia.

Takes the third shot that one she didn't get all the ball there rushed too much on the top because it goes right in the net now you have a game point in favor of chimera's 2016. there it is 21 16.

Andrea Coop and Megan fudge take it but don't go anywhere we got men's doubles coming right up we'll be right back welcome back here for the men's doubles game chimeras versus The Mad drops mad drops have Julian Arnold 31 year old out of Austin Texas.

Alongside AJ Kohler 33 years old out of Dripping Springs Texas as they take on the number one racquetball player in the world but also Pro pickleball player Daniel de la Rosa and the recently picked up addition to the chimeras.

Gabe tardio just 17 years old we're underway and that ball just lands out in a quick firefight here early in the game four athletes on the court right now with some of the fastest hands.

In the game as tardio forces a return error from Arnold see Arnold slapping the leg and that ball just goes out and Daniel de la Rosa didn't even look back.

At the ball just stared at Kohler as he called it out 4-1 foreign just wide nice reset there from AJ Kohler keeping them alive.

As tardy was able to hit down on one of those balls nice reset and Arnold just over hitting you can see the paddle face is pretty open big backhand from tardio but just short.

another ball flying off the paddle with Arnold long finding the offense he holds that ball very late looked like he was going to go down the line.

From my vantage point so a strong start here from the men of the chimeras as that volley just slides off the paddle of Arnold and Arnold finds the put away De la Rosa already up to four kills zero errors.

After a very consistent start it's been a big close in the middle from tardio he pops one up leaves the door a little open and shuts it right back down.

Great job by Kohler I think he needs to get a little more involved here as he's not he's not seeing a lot of balls right now foreign just long good leave.

There from Arnold what a point that was foreign there from Kohler as now they've they've come back some 8-10 is that one just catches the tape and rolls back and then we get a change of.

Ends here with tardio and De la Rosa up 11-8 over two very solid doubles players so a great performance in the chimeras so far what's interesting is they're duper rating as a team is 23.3 where the mat drops 24.05 but the Chimera is already up one game.

And in control slightly here in the second De la Rosa's duper is 6.1 tardios 6.0 against two 6.5 6.6 players so statistically The Underdogs here.

That are performing very well just as I say that De la Rosa misses III so 912. that ball just long cardio with a quick flick of the wrist.

De la Rosa tell him to just keep going for it 12 10. oh I like the idea from De la Rosa Ben tardio drive that ball into Kohler he was there for the poach.

Third shot LOB ster not very many players take a third shot lob but Kohler is one of them foreign nice attack jamming up De la Rosa into the left shoulder.

Was Kohler big counter from tardio he leaves the center open just to chat and then steps in with a backhand.

that time not able to create some separation between himself and the paddle good spot from Julian in the left hip energy that one just wide.

he had Julian beat but it tailed wide now we have a tie ball game 14s De la Rosa finding defeat of Arnold the whole crowd gaffs as.

De la Rosa can hit the ball harder than probably anybody on the tour foreign up as he pokes one that Arnold and cleans up the rest.

De la Rosa finding a lot of off a lot of offense at the moment thank you in complete control here and that is exactly the ball that Kohler wanted so pattern he wanted to get to to flick.

That backhand but could not convert on that attempt adio scroll for too much telling himself to relax foreign they call that ball out Julian Arnold showing some frustration maybe with the call but no challenge.

19-6 one point away from getting to 20. it just Tails wide foreign nineteen and now we have a game point.

In favor of the chimeras to go up 2-0 in the series and it's not over yet mad drops get the ball back however it is now side out scoring for both teams.

Julian Arnold calls this one out will we see a challenge looks like we might have a challenge here the chimeras we're gonna pull this up let's see it oh that was close let's see where the ball lands.

I think that ball was in it's hard it's hard to tell between the frames when it bounced but to me that ball that ball looks into me Bob Swiss helm reacting to it now.

Getting another look s like the ref is going to call it in so it looks like the the call Will reverse that that ball is in so a successful challenge that was the right call should I look at the ball back and.

Another opportunity at game point Arnold apologizing that he made a wrong call it happens the ball moves pretty quick foreign.

Just inside the Baseline thank you but the ball comes back to the chimeras another shot here the third attempt to close out the game thank you so Arnold Hank's tough tardio just a hair late to.

The ball and Kohler cleans it up after De la Rosa with the failed Ernie attempt foreign one point game 19 20. mad drops need to tie this.

and Kohler getting the ball that he wants he wants that backhand flick and he's right there a quarter of an inch short and now game point number four and some miscommunication in the middle as both.

Players go for it that is tragic right there that could be a big momentum swing in favor of the Mad drops and it appears to be so because now it's 20 20. foreign.

it just trickles over now we have a game point the other direction fudge encouraging De la Rosa and there it is what a turn of events and a paddle toss into the cooler day LaRosa he comes back and shakes.

Hands don't worry folks but we're we're tied up 1-1 in the series don't go anywhere we got mixed doubles coming right up welcome back to Columbus here we're tied 1-1 in the series chimeras took women's doubles mad drops took the men's doubles so this will be decided in at least four.

Taking the court now for the first pairing Lee Whitwell and AJ Kohler here in the white and blue on the near side and Daniel de la Rosa and Andrea coop on the far side for the chimeras here we go.

foreign so far Kohler trying to cover for Lee as she was backed up from that LOB ster.

Another LOB from Coop off the volley but that one ends up going wide so good leave there from Whitwell look at this space open in the middle for Mad drops leak just could not put the ball away.

On De la Rosa pushes that volley wide De la Rosa gets the put away nice Inside Out forehand from Coop you're going to see that a lot in mixed.

Doubles with her she does probably one of the best jobs from the ladies of going inside out behind the behind the male player in front of her but Kohler Returns the favor and goes behind Daniel foreign.

the volley foreign are getting the the easy put away of a very high third from the chimeras trailing three five Kohler to serve.

checking in on what well is she got tagged from De la Rosa in the fire fight and Cole are getting the ball he wants foreign.

putting his hand in front of his face as if maybe he's having some tough time seeing that ball just catches the edge guard of Kohler's paddle in a very strong lead here for the chimeros extending this.

Eight to three foreign just Sails Long Dale Rosa coming out on top of the hands battles being the number one racket player racquetball player in the world.

Definitely helps the hand speed foreign not someone you want to be consistently getting into hands battles with.

De la Rosa earning the pop-up from Kohler they would put it into the body of wood well Chimera is extend the lead 10-4 one point away from a change of ends.

Great job from Kohler getting involved and changing up his Target not trying to go for too much great pickups incredible defense we're still going foreign.

only has to touch one ball it ends the point right into the left shoulder of Whitwell and they're going to change ends here so 11-5 the change of ends chimeras incomplete control De la Rosa has five kills of just one error versus.

Kohler three to one where Lee Whitwell has zero kills to three errors Andrea Coop Wanna Know so De la Rosa's most common kill comes with his forehand attacked volley so five out of six kills that he has are from that forehand speed up.

so we're getting back underway here 11-5 for the chimeras oh I want to get caller with the touch says don't worry Lee I.

Got this goop not able to get up to it all right well showing obvious frustrations of course after missing the dink but the chimeras have doubled the score of the.

Mad drops here that ball just Sails Long almost every time major Coupe starts the attack it goes in her way foreign just trickles over the net you can see just the disgust on the face.

Of faces of both Kohler and wet well foreign ER goes to the middle Coop and De la Rosa almost Clash here you can see coop thought she was gonna hit Daniel nice slow drive from Kohler.

in a nice block down into the feet of coop off the speed up of De la Rosa it has been working for him so it's not something you really want to get away from but just know that you're not going to win every every one of them.

And De la Rosa reaches in off a nice setup from the dink of coop gets Lee Whitwell to really reach in causing her to pop it up in a very good spot catches goop off balance 9 15. down by six need a good run here in the middle of.

The game in that ball just in foreign goes for the reach as well.

The second time well asking the rest if they saw it and Bob Swiss helm said that he did see it out so all good here 16 10. nice job from Kohler reaching in and pulling it back.

Around to the Cross Court because it looked like Coop was trying to crash middle thank you amazing footwork from De la Rosa to stay.

Alive as Lee maybe just a few inches back from where she would like to be standing puts that one in the net been a big overhead from Coop as she.

Fins off the LOB then a timeout call on the far end of the Mad drops thank you so now 1811 chimeras having the biggest lead of the game biggest lead of the game so far was seven excuse me.

Eight is their largest lead So Daniel de la Rosa and Andrea Coop very consistent starting the attack a lot Kohler has the most kills out of every player on the court with seven and only three errors to his name.

interesting fact here every time Kohler takes a third shot they only win 30 percent of the time thank you.

And the chimeras add one more to the number and Coop again with the Inside Out forehand at the player in front Works time and time for her game point.

Foreign play here and chimeras get it done 21-11 so that'll push it to 2-1 in favor of the chimera's Mad jobs in a must-win situation here in the second mix doubles match don't go anywhere we'll be right back with it.

Welcome back to pickle and chill in Columbus Ohio that's where we are for the third and final stop here Major League pickleball s we have a mixed doubles match between Mary bracia and Julian Arnold they are in a must-win situation to push this to a dream breaker.

But to stop that from happening you have Megan fudge and Gabe tardio I talked to Megan yesterday and she was really looking forward to playing with tardio they haven't played together up until this tournament as Gabe was just recently added to team chimeras.

Bracia always seems like a fun Spirit to be around as she's getting Julian pumped up making him crack a smile here we go we're getting underway here mad drops on the near side with bracia serving to fudge in a big overhead from tardio.

Foreign start for the chimeras good leave from tardio as Arnold got everything on that ball come on.

I had tardio with a swing and a miss but he gets away with it as that ball Sails Long solid start here for the Chimera is up 4-0 and tardio catches the tape just over the top.

Of Arnold's paddle okay come on one five bad drops trailing.

Tardio just letting everything go 6-1 and tardio following in his own ball creating pressure helps extend that lead everyone and Arnold gets the Ernie.

for the big on di Amo 2-7 foreign.

Has the sideline covered again three eight unlucky there from brassy I had the right idea as tardio was crashing the tee we've been a nice ball placement had it gone over.

foreign put the ball away off of fudge setting it up fudge with a nice Target into the left shoulder of bracia creating the pop-up and Julian.

Coming over in front of brasia there Rossi is still making contact on the ball but it's one of those tough situations if you are brassia because you know you think the player is coming over you think you think the player is coming over to poach and then they'd let the.

Ball go thank you seems to be some there we go chemistry's back in order and that return just Sails Long 12-3 questions.

Commanding there's Arnold's offense sets himself up good old shake and bake to himself Arnold it's starting to improve that kill to error ratio he's now five and five.

tardio keeping Arnold honest I don't know the last time I seen brassy hit a ball thank you besides this serve.

Got some momentum going in the way of mad drops and they sure need it so we get some coaching from Daniel de la Rosa again if you are in the position of Rossi I mean the only ball I think I've seen her hit in about four or five.

Points is her surf foreign so she's really not expecting to touch the ball and then if the ball's let go you're expected to make a play it's tough mentally there you are Mary.

Getting the job done now there's a big run for the Mad drops down 12-3 now up or sorry down 9 13.

then a fan try to get the ball out of the stands and thank you success we are successful back underway that ball just catches the tape and goes out in a smile for Megan fudge you can hear from the sideline.

From Daniel de la Rosa and Coop telling fudge and tardio to hit more to marry I mean again she's hit three balls in the last six or seven points in a big play from tardio foreign.

Big and strong in the kitchen line Arnold all over the place Gracia hits one ball finishes the job four point game now all the momentum on uh in the in favor of uh mad drops.

Great job by tardio recognizing that Arnold is coming over takes a little Pace off 16-11 foreign.

but it's shut down fudge ready for it right to the open court 17-11 tardio and that ball just going long brasia.

Withstands the pressure from tardio paddle face a little too open foreign gets it done that time four point game again.

Big point now they're just one away from 20 before they get Frozen tardio all over that forehand just misses very big stop there for the Mad drops.

I just wasn't there it was too low thank you the chimeras have 19. and a match point here match point 20. to 14.

and there it is oh never mind we got a foot fault call yep uh right there on the right foot as he lands on the sideline good call out by Bob Swiss helm of course.

Tardy is going to argue it was match point but as we saw from the replay already it was quite obvious that he was in the kitchen so it looks like they're going to challenge.

So Bob Switzer is going to come over here to the booth oh all right so they're actually gonna let Byron look at the film since Swiss Hall made the call it's a fair fair point but it is going to be clear.

That it was in fact a foot fault yep clear as day in a quick quick review of the video from from Byron freso thank you.

Now after tardio don't let that phase you still in a pretty good position here to close out the game they're gonna make sure they get the score right as it should be a point for the Mad.

Drops so 15 20. foreign from Arnold smart patient play from the side of tardio and fudge they have another opportunity here to close it out.

And Arnold with the Ernie foreign move being down match point and a big foot away from bracia with the fist bump foreign call here on the side of the chimeras.

the mat drops just had a tough start they really dug themselves into a hole foreign but they have started to crawl their way back out of it they got away with the uh.

they got away with one on the Ernie of tardio got the lucky football call foreign shuts the door thank you.

Match Point number two number three sorry and they get it done tardio and fudge hold on the chimeras take this series three to one
Mad Drops Pickleball Club vs Chimeras

Women’s Doubles: Chimeras wins 21-16
Men’s Doubles: MDPS wins 22-20
Mixed 1 (Whitwell/Koller vs. Koop/De La Rosa): Chimeras win 21-11
Mixed 2 (Fudge/Tardio vs. Brascia/Arnold): Chimeras win 21-17
Errors and told the story of this match – Andrea Koop and Daniel De La Rosa from the Chimeras were very aggressive and made just a single error each compared to 10 errors from MDPC. The Chimeras had an impressive 5.0 Kill/Error ratio.

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