Let's run the shake and bake once you reach a certain level pickleball turns into a game of chess your success in matches becomes determined by your strategy and decision making that said well every player has their own unique skill set there are some Universal strategic plays that work time and time again for all players I'm.

Connor and welcome to enhanced pickleball today we're going to go over the top five plays that I see working for players of all levels if you're in the 3.0 to 4.5 range then these plays will be especially effective for you think of them like Combos and boxing except instead of punches they're sequences of shots that will.

Consistently yield positive results the first play I want to go through is probably the safest on our list there's no specific name for it but all we're doing is going from working or dinks Cross Court to accelerating down the line for Simplicity let's call it the redirector in general using a speed up down the line is usually a good option.

Because your opponent's closer to you and has less time to react and when it comes to cross-court dinking generally you can hit your dinks much harder which increases the change inches of getting a pop-up also by changing direction from one player to the other there's a good chance that you'll stun the player in front of you with your speed up as they.

May have not hit a ball for a while and they could be snoozing this plays even more effective if you can pick off the speed up out of the air just because you can take the ball even earlier which takes more time away from the player in front of you there's no rule for how many shots you hit Cross Court before you go down the line the key to your.

Success is that you wait for the right opportunity to attack this is usually when the ball is moving slower and sitting up a little higher another important thing to keep in mind in this play is that you aim for your key Targets on your speed up if you hit the ball perfectly into your opponent's Strike Zone then there's a good chance.

The play won't work even if you do everything perfectly on the lead up always make sure that you're aiming for one of these key targets the success of this play comes down to the accuracy of your dinks and speed UPS this is something that can only be improved through consistent practice if you aren't drilling these shots often.

There's a high chance that they'll stop improving no matter what you try there's no secret answers as to how to do this you need repetition the dink pad and the dinkmaster are the perfect way for you to practice your pickleball game whenever and wherever you'd like imagine how much better you'd get if you could consistently hit thousands of more balls.

Per week this is the kind of repetition you need to see crazy results regardless of what you need to work on the dink pad and the Dig Master have you covered you can do dinking drills for accuracy fast hands drills the possibilities are endless if you want to check out the dink powder dinkmaster head to the link in the.

Description moving on the next play that I want to go through is the lob I'm going to go over how to use the lob and what shots work well in combination with it I'm going to focus on lobbing on all four players throughout the kitchen loving from the back of the Court can work too but it's generally a more consistent play when all four players.

Are up one great time to go for a lob is when you're in a neutral dinking situation usually the only thing players are thinking about here is what shot they should speed up on occasionally throwing a lobbin out of nowhere can really surprise certain players because of this another great time to throw the lob is when players have to move forward.

Into the kitchen especially if they're off balance when a player is stretch in the kitchen you get a little bit more Court to work with behind them put that together with the fact that they don't have their footing and you have a recipe for a killer lob similar to our last play the lob can be even more deadly if you take it out of the air this is why.

Pros like Callan Dawson use lobs in their matches so frequently by intercepting it out of the air a little early you take away the Split Second of time that they need to get into position when deciding where to place the lob there's a few strategic options to consider in general a cross-court law may be easier for you to keep in since.

You have more space that said down the line lobs can still work too it's usually better to try and go over a player's backhand when you hit the lob because this makes it a lot harder for them to use an overhead if you're in a situation where a player stretched in the kitchen you should definitely lob over them and not their partner no.

Matter where you hit over their head it'll be tough for them to react in time if you use it in the right sequence the dink to lob play is definitely one of the deadliest on the list be careful though this one may frustrate your opponents next on the list we have a personal favorite of mine the drive drop combo this plays an amazing alternative.

To get to the kitchen instead of just using a third shot drop all you're doing on this play is hitting a drive that causes your opponent to hit a shorter ball off the shorter ball you use a drop if you have trouble with the drop from the back of the Court this play can be the perfect set of training wheels to get the drop implemented into your game.

Even if you don't have trouble with the drop the drive drop combo is just a great way to mix things up and keep your opponents on their toes another important thing to keep in mind here is that your drive needs to stay low if you hit your drives too high it'll be difficult for you to move forward as your opponents will be able to push you.

Back if you hit a very low drive this should give you the confidence to move forward a little because it'll be very difficult for your opponent to get their volley low and deep in your closer position you can either take the ball out of the air or off the bounce after this next shot you make your way straight to the kitchen the next plan on.

Our list is the Ernie lure this is where we're strategically dinking to set ourselves up for an Ernie one of the main ways to set up an Ernie is a wide dink to the outside foot of the player on the right side if you can get them off balance like this there's a good chance that they won't be able to make their dink Cross Court when this happens.

The player standing in front of them can scale the kitchen and intercept their dink out of the air even if you can't reach the Ernie your partner should be able to cover the rest of the Court you could also do this on the left side but if you're righty it'll be a little tough to use the Ernie since your reach will be more limited with a backhand if.

You're a lefty though the Ernie on this side will be your bread and butter keep in mind though guys this is not the only way that you can use an Ernie all you need to use yearning is a shot that's close enough to the sideline where you could reach it while still clearing the side of the kitchen that said the Ernie alert is probably the most.

Straightforward sequence to getting the right ball to use the Ernie on really high level players will recognize the situation and will usually didn't cross court here but if you're playing less experienced players this play should be super effective I will say though yarn needs a physical shot so if you don't have the agility to pull off the Jump it.

Might not be the best play for you I don't want anyone commenting how they tried the Ernie and slit the disc so please be careful and try the earning at your own risk alright guys we've arrived at the last planner list which is arguably the most exciting the shake and bake here's how this play Works after the serve the player that takes the.

Third shot will go for a drive as this is happening their partner will creep in towards the kitchen usually in this situation the returning team will try to hit their volley to the player that's still back the player that's creeped in will anticipate this and will cross over to crush this shot this play is definitely risky because the player that.

Hits the drive needs to make sure that it stays low this is the only way to get the net player to pop it up enough also the net player needs to aim for the person that's still back if they go out the player that creeped in and they've already crossed over you can kiss the point goodbye in my opinion this is something that you should discuss before.

The point if you're the player that's creeping in you wouldn't want to move forward unless you know that you have this opportunity a good shake and bake probably looks something like this like I said the number one determinant to your success is the quality of the drive from the player that's still at the back if you see here this drive stays super.

Low and leaves the neck out with very few options if you're the net player I don't think you should fully cross over right away you should lean towards that side and once you see the opportunity you strike by the way make sure to send this video to your partner so you can run this play together also guys we're giving away 10 free Nets to 10 of our.

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If you’re looking to take your pickleball game to the next level – look no further! In this video, we’ll go over 5 plays that will help skyrocket your dinking strategy, volleys, serves, returns, drops and drives. In addition to improving your skillset of each component mentioned, these plays are utilized by even the pros like ben johns. So come with us on an exciting journey to learn about how top-tier players use these 5 plays. With this in-depth information in hand you’ll be able to step up your game and crush your opponents on the court!