Okay we’ll see if we have this orientation down for some reason it defaults now to the advanced settings of vertical instead of horizontal so now I have to just add an extra step of changing it to horizontal because I like this for YouTube yes vertical is better for.

People watching on their phone maybe but I like watching everything on my phone horizontal you know vertical for reels and shorts and stuff like that okay so I’m working on I haven’t hit a ball yet I just did my laps running so I’m working on drops to my one and two hey David Larry what’s up drops to.

My One and Two from the right side so we’ll see how that goes so here’s the one I call the one in my dink by number system this is the two so one and two I typically and I’m on the upper courts cuz they’re washing the lower quarts all right I typically from the right.

Side if I’m in the Pro game I drop to the two so I don’t want this guy to really get it but I want it to go to this guy’s backhand right here I rarely go to the one because depending on how good my partner is if I go to the one my partner needs to be able to close distance and be able to defend any hard shot off that forehand the two’s a.

Little easier because you’re just covering middle and they have less angles to work with here they have a big angle so my job if I go to the one if I go to the one is to make sure I can get any sharp crosscourt dinks and if they do I’m putting it to the two okay so that’s to the one ah thank.

Goodness I am I don’t want to miss oh jeez I would take those any day of the week right okay so that’s my number two that’s a number two you know like two and a half that’s a better two that’s a good two that’s a good two see this is pretty safe it’s the.

Lowest part of the net I’m hitting basically I always assume two right-handed players which is typical what happens that’s a one and this is really my safe my safe drop there’s not a whole lot of spin it flies up there’s I mean almost no spin like a knuckle ball that’s probably getting.

Smashed that’s good but I have been working on you know doing more Top Spin but it’s easy to do Top Spin when you just drop the ball and do Top Spin ah so I typically just lift Squat and lift Squat and lift and then my partner if you don’t have a partner that comes up and.

Covers this Gap they’re a bad partner if they see if I’m a left side player and I see this person hit a drop my mind needs to calculate the trajectory the angle the drop and calculate if that Ball’s going to bounce if I think it’s going to bounce I need.

To get right here I need to shut this down fast if you stay back here look at all this space they get to work with it just ruined that drop so I do my job I hit it to the two they got to do their job of shutting down this Gap and I’m coming up I I don’t have to Sprint up I can come up slower.

Cuz he’s got that whole side covered and I’m just covering the Gap and then I’m just going to reset this fifth now if they give me something weak here then I can rip it but typically I’m gonna drop the third drop the fifth as a right side player a lot of it also depends on this is the.

Default this is a default so I mean that’s a drop I do every once in a while but it’s got good Top Spin yeah it’s not not my favorite so I do like to drop backhand just coach David’s magic angle and lift coach David’s magic angle lift.

Sometimes they bounce too high but if this person is closing that Gap and they’re I mean they got to be good at blocks you know to be a pro so you’re just going to block anything High I’m going to sit back and wait and then I’ll just reset it back to the two now we’re in the cat and mouse game the dink.

Game uh in the amateur game I drop to my four I drop to the four and I close my own Gap why do I do that cuz this person probably doesn’t get to the line fast enough they don’t calculate quick enough that that Ball’s going to bounce so so I know if I hit my four drop I’m basically going in on it because it’s going to be perfect 95% of the.

Time but the problem is that didn’t work it doesn’t work in the Pro game because these guys are super good of really cranking at crosscourt or jumping over that corner cuz look if I do a four they jump over that corner and they and smack it so I like to do a two now a two for the Pro game and then I.

Can just crank it yeah that’s going to take some work it’s something I’m practicing my normal drop I have down I rarely miss it doesn’t matter how hard this person can return I just Squat and lift I get it over I get it in play I did my job now my partner’s got to do their.

Job so that’s the one and the two all right we’ll do this dink By Numbers if you can see them this is my one this is my two this is the three the four is here and the five is different I’ll show you that.

Check out this website okay and then when I teach the dink by numbers I use the small ones because when a ball hits one of those big ones it just dies you know so we’ll see if I can hit just two yeah right there you know right.

Two two yeah I hit right on it one one two and a half’s not bad you can get away with it but it’s not great I want to go two yeah or a one right two one and why do I practice wide like this.

Because if it’s I’m playing in the Pro game this person’s going to take their forehand all the way over here and probably drive it right they’re going to drive it and then we’re I’m waiting if they drive that I’m waiting to drop the third fifth you know if they get the block which.

Normally they do they’ll block put it in then I can go to my four close my Gap my partner and are I are on the line and then we start the the dog and pony show of the soft game okay hopefully it looks like the audio is working why do I drop backhand it’s a shorter.

Lever it’s a shorter lever and I keep the ball in front of me it’s a much easier drop to drop beforehand now I have a longer lever to work with short lever longer lever right so that’s why I drive if I get forehand I’m driving I get forehand I’m driving right I get backhand I’m dropping now I am.

Learning the 6 to 12 two-and drive but I really don’t have it down I played in the the game yesterday and my drive was like basically up here for overheads so that’s still going to take work but I just know and I knew all along when I was playing with you know the guys who were the best.

Players here locally the four FES you know I just knew if I could learn to drop and play defense I would get invited into that game and that’s what happened I’d hang around I’d wait and eventually they needed a player so they’re like David you want to play yes I would play a couple and then when.

Somebody I knew that was better than me came in I bowed out I’m like okay hey thanks for letting me play I bowed out that’s how you get invited back hey David knows this place he knows he’s not quite good enough to play with us yet but and he knows to back out when a better player comes that’s key that’s key so don’t hang around.

Overstay your welcome if you’re not quite good enough but want to test your skills hang out get invited go play and then eventually I was the guy making the decisions for who should play in the and the big group you know there’s always the top player group right you have your groups you got your.

40 groups you got your 5 groups the pro groups you never see because they only play on private Courts for the most part so they don’t get bothered because their time is valuable you know you want to play with the pros take a lesson get a group together.

Hire a pro and do the play with the pro that’s a lot of fun I’m a pro but I still take lessons from Pros I’m going to take a lesson if it all works out from my teammate ja onon who a superstar Pro I consider myself you know like a working Pro like I was in.

Golf I was a working Pro you know the head pro schedules doing the lessons doing the tournaments teaching the old ladies the sweet old ladies how to play so that was a working Pro I was still a pro but I didn’t play on tour I played a couple Southwest.

Tour events part of the USGA which is part of the PGA which is is different than the PGA Tour the PGA Tour those are super Pros right so J onon would be considered a super pro Scott Moore Steve Cole uh the newans these are people I’ve taken lessons with even though I’m a pro.

And even when I was a pro golfer I took lessons from better Pros that’s just how it works if you want to get better A lot of people think oh I’m a 4 five I don’t need lessons you want to get to a 5 or a pro pay for some gosh dang lessons man so back to JY yes it’s a 2hour.

Lesson with three other people so he’ll be part of the forsome which I like instead of the pro sitting off to the side I like the pro involved and they can usually they’re good enough to temper shots setup scenarios hit shots that you need to work on and the main thing I want to do with.

Him is I want to uh practice playing right side with a super pro cuz I know if I play really good at right side most super Pros are left side players very aggressive you know usually a tennis player and he was a Davis Cup he’s a Davis Cup champion and I’m sure I wimbl in US Open All That Jazz.

Pro so they can be very aggressive so I know if I can learn this right side and be awesome at it I’m a very good left side player but I know my limitations I know when somebody’s better than me so I’d rather have have them play left side and me learn right give them space then.

I I make myself unique you know these guys are looking for strong right side players that they trust and can get them in the game so that’s what I’m working on for right side I feel I’m getting pretty good at it the problem is here’s the problem to practice right side you can practice right side but it doesn’t.

Go well unless this person is really awesome this person has to be awesome and they need to be aggressive in this middle they need to be aggressive in this middle if they’re off this line like this playing a defense and I’m over here defending it does nothing it’s a bad combination this person has to be.

Aggressive they have to be on this line looking for this middle looking for attacks they have to have a really good backhand dink you know maybe a good law but not necessarily so it’s it’s I was surprised how hard it is to train right side you know because if you play right side where I’m at wreck ball you know.

I’m playing against 35s 40’s for the most part you know every once in a while we’ll get some pros coming in we had a pro Nam Chad come in the other day who’s going to play with Scott Moore in a tournament in Dallas and he was really good so it was a great challenge you know I do have some of those.

Videos but then when um yeah so one and two now I dink to my one and two I dink to my two I dink to my two if it comes in front of me here I’ll dink to my four if it comes in front of me here and I’ve set it up I’ll go to my one you know I’ve gone to the four a couple times that’s just a safe play it’s really not.

Earnable you know it goes to the backand A lot of times that shot will make them get this part my partner in play because they will go crosscourt so now my partner’s in play you know now this is what that’s why I want to see how it goes with ja cuz if I go here to a four and this guy’s not great they’re going to hit.

This amazing you know backhand roll and this person can’t get it you know I’m like okay I tried to get you in play but they’re off the line or they aren’t good enough to get that shot it defeats the purpose of me playing right side I know I would be a better left side player than them right because I can get this shot I can reach.

I can hit great dinks I can go down this line right I can be a great left side player but I’m not going to get the super for pro games being on the left I need to be right okay so some a dink I’m working on is going straight upright and just pushing this way instead of down and.

Rolling which gets away from me sometimes you know cuz if you lift that up to the one that person’s smoking that guy I don’t care if they’re super Pros it’s hard to get so I’m just working on a I’m working on rolls from left side roll backends roll back hands but on the right side I’m working on.

Pushes pushes so paddle upright push paddle upright push paddle up right push pedal upu right push pedal uppr right push pedal up right well on the on this back side I can lift because I’m so used to it you know I don’t go to the.

Three from this side I’ll go to the three from that side and push this guy back so see how I can hit my dink I hit my Dink and I I’m already in my defensive position right anything that probably comes here this guy’s getting you know and he’s going to be aggressive he’s going to attack I’m just.

Going to let him have it and I’m here to defend with a strong super strong left side player super strong working on my six to 12 6 to 12 I like I like it when people come shallow with me I really can push this dink plus when I do push this.

Dink that gives in the Pro game that gives that guy and around the post so this guy has to be good enough enough to defend that’s part of the game anymore the atps are defended so just real quick I’ll show you something um what was I going to.

Show I don’t know can’t remember okay so I could still be tricky you know I can still be tricky every once in a while I have to pull something out you know because otherwise you get you’ll get every ball every ball Rel Relentless so every once in a while you got to be a little.

Aggressive you know I really like that shot because basically they’ve seen me go here they see this look this person has moved to the two they’re covering that gap down the middle and I get it here and I just oh that one’s getting smoked that sucked I just lay it over there you know that’s super hard for.

That person to go backwards and hit an ATP it’s not going to happen so that’s one of my tricks from this side you know I don’t have to be just super aggressive just a little bit of craftsmanship with my paddle and it.

Works I don’t see any of the any of the people I play with for some reason either nobody’s in town or I don’t know we got some good games yesterday um my wife Lisa is playing Super good super good super aggressive tons of.

Power her serve I would put in the top five of any of our senior men’s Pros her serve is wicked I hate it I hate going against it but it makes me better we thought about putting her as a sub for the Championships but um she just doesn’t quite get a play enough so it was sometimes she’ll play.

You know you know strong she could play tier four Pro and then sometimes she shouldn’t even be on the court so that’s the consistency that happens with you know she works full-time or I practice full-time you know except for that.

Shot the other one I love that one you know I’ve gone here a couple times right and they put it soft there and it’s just a reverse an inside out lob it’s they don’t see it coming it’s just so good so good and it’s easy to hit up because I’m lifting up you.

Know all right we’re still going we got about probably four bags left Maybe getting deep into Sparta this’s my bucket Sparta why do I call it Sparta for people who don’t know I should do a trivia question in a.

Giveaway I call it Sparta because it will hold 300 balls so like the movie like the so let’s do some scenarios okay here’s what happens they return to me okay whoever serves me or my partner they return to me I go to the two I’m slowly coming up.

They bring It Center I go to four okay it’s all look how it’s set up my back end why do something to try to hit it over there that’s not natural so if they go here my shot goes to four that person dinks it cross Court to here and now we’re in the cat and mouse.

Right I D to I dropped to two they hit it my partner my partner hits it to four I’m here ready to Def defend they go to me I hit it out of bounds okay they hit a weak one to me I run around to my forehand and now I can hit a drive down this line come up get to the line start defending setting up my.

Partner start setting up my partner I want to give I don’t want to make any errors I want to let my aggressive partner have all the errors they need to be able to take risks I’m not taking a risk my drive really is anymore is not risky it’s pretty darn solid it’s going to go in okay.

So I get I get to the third I go to the one they go extreme crosscourt I go around the post right I drop to the one they go middle and now I go to the four so there at the one this person has moved to cover right so now I have an opening to the four to this back end.

Where they have to at least take a step boom now we’re shifting them I want them to shift and all of a sudden they don’t shift together and they create a hole so I’m trying to create a Hole by using these numbers right I’m trying to create a hole the two brings this person over slightly.

Right if I go to the one that person shifts right they come here and then I go there there’s always so every shot I hit I plan on the two highest percentage shots coming back in the Pro game especially sometimes the 5 in Pro game is easier than the wreck ball 40 game.

Which I call chaos ball or wreck ball with the wck because they’re just hitting shots randomly that they feel is a good shot there’s no real strategy there’s no setups they aren’t trying to build holes and fill holes so sometimes that g really difficult cuz I mean it’s like popups.

Smashes it’s tough but it makes your hands faster so I go to the one they just bring it here I just Dro to four they go to my partner here now they’re in the cat and mouse they can hit some super roll this person comes around the corner I defend and we get the point so depending on where this ball is.

On these numbers I know the shots that are coming back I know their defensive shots that they’re going to hit and I know the shots I can be offensive with if I’m going to my four right to my four I’m looking for a high ball in the middle I can roll to this guy here I can attack in front of me not in front of my.

Partner in front of myself if I attack in front of myself that gives my partner a ton of time to respond if they get it if I attack in front of my partner they get it this guy has no time to respond okay so I go to the four and let’s say nothing’s happening I go to the four but I see they’re a little slow.

This guy’s more middle he doesn’t go to Center that’s when I go to the three a deep to the three this guy moves back like that this is one of the hardest shots to play defense on from back here so now I know I have him I might hit another one to the three move him back again right I’ve shifted this guy over now I have that roll crosscourt roll to.

The four they aren’t going to get it but a lot of times they will just hit it up in the air now I have the inside out inside out attack in front of me they’re going to hit it high I Inside Out attack so I’m only looking for the two attacks really I’m looking for a high forehand to attack here and I’m looking for the inside out here now if they just pop it.

Up pop it up give me an overhead I’m going to take it that’s not something I Bank on I’m just looking for the two shots and then if they just flat out give me a hole I’m just going to hit it down the hole you know hit it down the middle middle super risky in the Pro game because they close really fast or.

They’re baiting you to go down middle but there’s times where Middle’s good if I get somebody moving back this guy moving back so they should be on that line in front of me when that ball’s in front of them if I see him moving back I’m going to give them the ball especially a person who just resets I’ll just keep feeding them volleys and.

They reset and eventually they hit one high enough and I just hit one high enough and I just roll it back to her that’s this is actually the shot I I’ve ever worked on if it bounces I’m I’d like to let the ball bounce if it’s up high I’m just going back to them at their feet feet feet I give feet to the a guy who likes.

To attack or a female I give a volley to a resetter okay this is like super advanced stuff but if you re-watch this thing over and over and over it’s going to give you like a $1,000 lesson okay we got one more.

Bucket I don’t see anybody to play with all right that’s it okay if I’m left I can drop to the three but I typically drop to the four and I come up slow my partner cuts the Gap if they don’t shut that Gap off we’re in trouble might as well have never hit that shot two-handed backhand 6 to.

12 something I’m working on I don’t like it yet I know I can hit this shot just over and over and over and over over and over you know so I know when I go to that four this next Ball’s coming over here and I just go back to the four I go back to the four if he’s slow I go to the three I push him back.

If this person’s covering then I go to the one they come here I get a forehand bounce I go to the one I know what I’m doing before I ever hit the shot when I get a ball here it goes to one right yes I can lob it but that’s not one of my two shots that’s if it just presents itself but I don’t have to.

Prepare for it four they come to here I go back to the four right and if we’re in a dink B I don’t do anything what I’m looking for is this High shot here they give me and I attack this guy right if they give me a high shot here I do an inside out.

Attack you don’t want to hit those back in play you want to attack now I’m not trying to hit a winner with them but often times then I’m getting a popup the winner is this one that’s a winner an overhead so these are my attacks which get set up for a putaway right so I’m just hitting these.

They go every once in a while depending on this person usually in mixed if they’re over here and they Bounce It High I will attack I’ll Attack one of those shoulders or a hip if they go high to here I’m attacking Center cuz they don’t even see it coming they can even see it coming you know and it doesn’t.

Matter okay that was high level lesson right there folks that’s think by numbers there’s a lot more into it you know that was kind of a mid-range lesson for more like um probably 40 players that can hit dinks you got to be able to hit dinks I have a beginner dinky numbers.

These are all my notifications I’m swiping up for my investments and right now it’s not good so it is what it is okay so d by numbers I’ll have a beginner program uh middle range program and an advanced and then there’s a the pro program okay so that’s coming out on video but maybe I’ll just start doing.

Camps anyway lessons um um let me know if you want to do one of those get me what do I want typically I want seven people and then I’m the eighth but I can do three people it’s like four hours lots of play lots of play so we learn a a lesson and we play learn a lesson and we play you know we take breaks water.

Breaks you know but in four hours for you know 200 bucks a person that’s a pretty good deal because nobody’s teaching this stuff nobody all right so here we go I’m G to pick up the boss hit the like button hit subscribe let me know get if it’s in you know like Vegas or.

Phoenix uh I can do 200 a person if it’s anywhere up to fly then we have to just add that in or we get seven people and then I can go and you need a court where I can teach that is very inexpensive to rent or you know somebody’s Court typically I want two Courts for eight people seven plus me but one court with three plus me okay see.

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