Hey guys sarah ansberry here and today i've got something uh super important to talk about we have this problem a lot with players um being offensive being aggressive in the middle and where's that power kind of coming from a little bit and one of the issues that players have when.

They're moving on this line is we get way too square we get way too stuck we're not turning our hips engaging our weight and creating some body momentum behind our shots so what i want to look at is what we call our inside foot so our inside foot is the foot that's closest to the inside of the court.

This is the leg and the foot that's actually covering the middle quadrants of the court okay so what a lot of players are doing is they're starting here and they're going sideways they're kind of doing a shuffle to the ball and this is almost immediately what i see happen to the paddle it kind of goes back now look at my body chest is open.

Hips are open everything is kind of pulling this direction so if i go and i hit the ball like this not only is there a good chance the ball going into the net but maybe i come over and then what is my natural instinct then i go back over here well guess where that ball is often coming back to in the middle so.

Something simple easy to do is how should we be moving to that ball if in my position here i'm on the left side of the court and i'm going to go towards the middle ball i'm going to take my inside foot and i'm turning okay so now when i turn my toe not only am i staying out of the non-volley zone i've.

Got my hips loaded my feet are this direction so my shoulders are turning to the ball and here's the big one my weight's off of my back foot so i'm not lunging at the ball with my leg pulling me back i'm allowing my weight to kind of settle into this shot so now if i'm taking a forehand now i'm going to stay right there especially if i came.

In and i just poached one of my partner's balls and i want to be offensive on that shot if i come over and take this ball and then go away it's kind of leaving my partner to clean up that mess so kind of nice and simple okay i'm going to have a ball in my hand and there's a reason that i'm going to kind of drop the ball here okay so i'm.

Using my left hand because guess what this is where my non-dominant should be moving to the ball i don't want my chest wide open i'm actually turning my body engaging my weight now there's the rotation through the shot so i'm extending through the ball and now i've got the power for my hips my shoulders my core my lower body got a.

Lot more control when it's coming to that position so to keep it simple when you're moving along the non-volley line okay the first thing you're going to be doing is turning your toes in the direction you want to move so you're creating forward momentum you're going to get a lot more power from this shot better net.

Clearance just better shots overall way more consistency so even just think drop that ball yourself turn it into a little bit of a drill hey or get your drill partner when you're setting up some cross-court dinks give a ball over here and practice that movement.

One step and you've covered that center of the court you
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