Hey guys real quick before we get into the video I want to tell you about a huge giveaway I have going on for the month of December you can win a coaching session gift cards Pro XR paddles and even this brand new spin shop ball machine if you'd like more info click on the link that's popping up in your screen right now that'll take you to the.

Full video with all the information or if you go in the description below the very first link listed will take you to the giveaway show you how to enter and give you all the details you need foreign welcome if you saw my last video I went over the four phases of pickleball movement if you haven't seen that yet go.

Check it out because it's going to be a great intro for what we're going to learn in this next video coming up here one of those four phases in the movement pattern is to improve your positioning so in this video we're going to dive into the specifics of how we're going to improve our positioning positioning can be a pretty tricky thing with a lot of.

Information to cover so I'm going to try to break this down in the most logical way possible so we're gonna have to do this over the course of a couple different videos so in this first video we're going to look at the top of the positional pyramid which is just going to go over General positioning Concepts these are really important to fully.

Understand because they drive every positional decision that we make in the next video we'll be discussing my five rules for positioning which are based on those Concepts and then at the bottom of the pyramid we've got some common situations that I see positional mistakes happen in a lot and we'll be going over a bunch of these in some.

Future videos Okay so let's Dive Right In there's two main factors at the kind of the top of the pyramid that basically Drive almost all of our decision making on where we should be in the court the first one is understanding that The Closer you are to the person who's hitting the ball the more you cut off.

Potential options for them you cut off angles in the court you take away space for them to work with and ultimately those equal to applying more pressure to your opponents so I'm illustrating this in the graphic that you're looking at here you've got player C and player B player C is the hitting person and those five lines basically represent potential.

Shots that he could be hitting into this half court the red lines are ones that player B cannot reach and the yellow is what he can reach so as you can see as we play this forward as player b gets closer to player C he cuts off more of player C's shot options and can reach basically all of player C's potential shots so next we have the same thing.

Illustrated in more of a doubles formation as we watch this through I want to make one really important point to this we're only going to take away space behind good shots so that means if the shot that you hit is low and unattackable then you're gonna follow that up by trying to take away the space between yourself and the hitter and.

Apply more pressure so now let's take a look at this concept at work in a live point we're going to be paying attention to Dylan Fraser and J.W Johnson who are in the near Court as Dylan hits his third shot drop what you're gonna see is JW releases forward to start applying pressure once they both realize that Dylan has hit a drop that's going to be.

Good it's going to be low and unattackable to Riley they both collapse on the ball they both Rush right to that spot and try to apply pressure onto Riley's next shot so now the second major part at the top of this pyramid is basically the exact opposite when we're in trouble or when we hit a ball high or we're on defense moving further away.

From the hitting opponent creates more reaction time and can help up and getting you out of trouble so as we go back to the same clip now we're going to see JW gets a bit jammed up on a volley he's gonna pop the ball up and him and Dylan both take a couple quick steps back to gain some reaction time because they know that ball is going to be.

Coming hard at their feet and you can see right away they're right back at it JW realizes Dylan hit a pretty good defensive shot so he starts taking space away Dylan doesn't have much time he plays one more ball defensively realizes that one's good and now he's back taking space away.

So they're able to back up defend neutralize and then get back up to the kitchen line okay so we're gonna take a look at one more point and I'm going to walk you through how the players are using these Concepts to make their decisions for this one we're going to focus on Matt and Riley who are in the near Court.

Here you can see Matt decides to hit a third shot Drive leaves it a little bit high and now both him and Riley decide that they haven't hit a shot that they really like yet so they're deciding at this point to stay neutral rather than take away space you can see Matt starts to release Here realizes up that's a little high he kind.

Of takes another step back doesn't really commit and they're still just feeling out these shots and staying fairly neutral in the back of the court at this point what they're looking for is a ball that JW or Dylan are gonna have to take below net height which they still haven't gotten yet.

So now finally after about four or five of these Riley hits one here that he likes they both see that it's gonna bounce and you can see right away both Matt and Riley are quick to take that space away get up to the net and eventually they end up winning this point after four or five good defensive shots.

So hopefully this video helped in Lane some of the foundation for how we decide where we're going to go positioning wise please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and look out for that next video I have coming out on my five rules for positioning see you next time
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