Right now the controversy over courts in Sheffield Park continues in about an hour mecklinburg County leaders will sit down with neighbors regarding the decision made a few months ago to turn a basketball court into pickle ball courts there are those that are happy about the change but others say they weren’t made aware of the plan WCNC Charlotte’s.

Austin Walker joining us live this afternoon and Austin you’ve been covering this back and forth for not months now what’s the latest yeah so the park Association president was behind this change back in August taking this one shaded basketball court and turning it into pickle ball you can see right here people are.

Actually out enjoying the game as we speak and they say there’s a few reasons for that change now the first one is providing new activity for neighbors and park goers and the second one is to also crack down on crime now there’s been some lobbing of questions and concerns over this some uh rallying back and forth and tonight they’re sitting down.

With County leaders about what they think I get some of the drama sometimes from The Neighbors Austin Fuller is a nanny in the neighborhood four years and she takes this walk with her stroller through Sheffield Park nearly every day passing by the once basketball courts now pickle ball people are unhappy with the pickle.

Ball courts and I understand in August Carolyn Millan president of the Sheffield Park Association making the decision for the change Fuller saying it’s been widely accepted it’s busy people are out here taking advantage of the pickle ball families old older people younger people people like Bill Hatcher picking up the sport because of.

The new courts oh once a week another driving force crime reported in the area specifically on the basketball courts neighbors saying it’s been an epicenter for illegal activity drugs and Rowdy Behavior Millan telling WCNC Charlotte right after the change was made it will impact the area greatly anytime you have more.

Activity you’re just going it’s just going to create a better positive atmosphere no matter what looking at crime mapping data for four months prior to the change there’s only been one report of drug possession close to the park and from August until now only one marijuana charge on the other side some say it’s a.

Decision rooted in discrimination leading us to Wednesday meinberg County leaders inviting the community for a meeting to discuss options on how to move forward why don’t we just put another hoop at the end make everybody happy and this neighborhood Nanny says she can see both sides to this game now if you have an opinion on the.

Pickle ball and basketball court controversy you can actually go to that meeting tonight at the veterans indoor Pavilion that’s at 5:00 starting and it ends at 7:00 so you can make your voice heard for now we are live from Sheffield Park Austin Walker W CNC Charlotte already so popular right there with those folks playing out there enjoying.

These warmer attempts too thanks Austin
The controversy over pickleball courts in east Charlotte will continue Wednesday as neighbors voice their concerns to Mecklenburg County leaders about the facilities at Sheffield Park, which were transformed from a basketball court to pickleball in August.

Many neighbors are happy about the change, but others aren’t thrilled, saying the decision to eliminate the basketball courts is rooted in discrimination and racism.

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