One of my fans let me spell that again my only fan came up to me and asked if Andre Agassi played a professional PPA or app pickleball tournament tomorrow could he win I looked her straight in the eye and said absolutely yes he could I'm Joey I'm all in pickleball and let's get started right now.

Growing up watching Andre Agassi return the serve in tennis was incredible he has the best hand-eye coordination I've ever seen and it's the reason why he could win a pro pickleball tournament tomorrow why do I say that the stores are lining up for him with the spinny paddles nowadays all those tennis players coming into pickleball can.

Really hit the ball hard in pickleball we call that bangers but they can really do damage and the game is changing ah here we go The Times They are a changing with the new spinny paddles they unlock the.

Potential within tennis players they are coming into this sport they are hitting the ball hard with lots of spin it's very tough for dinkers to beat them with this new technology Andre Agassi is playing with a paddle Tech in this clip imagine if you switch to a carbon face paddle that unlocks his potential he has a really good backhand middle so he.

Would need a really good partner right which will bring me to my next point but backhand middle is so important if you have a good backhand middle in pickleball you will find a really really good partner you don't have to be a super good thinker and you can do a lot of earnings seriously quick.

He didn't swear he was calling himself for a footfall I cut the clip short but look what he's doing wrong which a lot of bangers do he's hitting the ball a little too hard imagine if he slowed that down a little bit and actually played pickleball he would need a partner that could handle most of the Court AKA three he gets Ben Johnson or.

Someone that can cover most of the Court as a partner and he speeds it up medium speed when he's at the kitchen line he could bang from the Baseline but when he's at the kitchen line I say speed it up medium speed that way the ball is not coming back as hard they can handle it they can both counter punch really good Andre Agassi still has some of the best.

Reaction times in pickleball tennis or any other sport for that matter foreign s wherever you roam because The Times They are a changing and if Andre Agassi had a partner like him he could win a pro PPA or app pickable tournament.

Tomorrow you agree with me that Andre Agassi could win a professional PPA or app pickleball tournament tomorrow with the right partner please leave me comments Please Subscribe because I'm Joe I'm all in and I would really appreciate and be grateful for your support
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