Sit down let me tell you a story now this story will have a little of everything great determination controversial line calls let's get started right now please leave your comments Please Subscribe and don't forget to have a good day Anna Lee Waters Catherine parental great.

Teammate against Megan and Elise Jones it's gonna be a good match the match of the tournament in my opinion IMO if you're texting Megan and Elise got down early but they did not stop hustling they're down 9-3 and look at this ATP keep this in mind later and it is released with a gorgeous ATP she had to go a long way she was in the middle of.

The Court she's down 9-3 going for the ATP diving this is one way to change momentum in a match go for every single point never stop trying Anna and Catherine had momentum all throughout game one Elise and Megan will hustle in that you know what's off I can't say it on camera they were really trying to stop momentum by calling timeouts really.

Hustling positive energy keep talking to your opponents don't be passive aggressive they keep talking they keep trying they're still down but they're playing each point to its fullest look at this point look at this incredible point right here she's falling but she can't get up in fact she got up.

Every single point this match earned so many fans who's my favorite pro player Elise Jones now you know what I'm saying Elise Jones is my favorite player now I love her finally after all this hustle all this energy that Elise and Megan put in to turn in this game around it changed in the blink of an eye it really did okay tell that receiver time out.

Number two timeouts can really change momentum at this time in the match Anna Lee Waters was taking a time out little closer than the score but this one the score I think is accurate this has been all Simon Megan design and Elise Jones and they've got a game point here to force a third Megan and Elise of 10-3 at this point in the second game.

Have to get him blown out the first game so this is to go into a third game number one rule of pickleball put your opponents away still miss stinks in the net because the next point in pickleball will make you wake up with night sweats you wake up all wet in bed my voice is cracking just thinking about it Phantom and pickleball is like my love hate.

Relationship with the world you either have it and you really love it well you don't and ain't going good in your life with that said we really want momentum on our side so how do we keep it number one we don't want the other team to call timeouts number two we don't want the other team to change that strategy number three we need to keep playing our.

Game play loose hope the other team doesn't loosen the grip on that paddle This is the point this is the point directly after that Megan and Elise are still up 10-3 ATP beautiful the key momentum but wait continues this time it's a the announcers don't even know what happened.

You figure what did Lee Waters say Waters oh wait wait this is being called out watch closely watch closely because I believe the ref on the foresight is saying it was in basically hey look it was in end of story end of discussion ref says it was Anna was in.

That's how I think maybe I think too simple who looks into me very close you can argue video replay today so that'll sort of flash past that okay so they called it out so it's a point did you see that they were live mic for a second the ref told the other one to.

Turn the microphone off once this happens the announcers kind of cover for them you could watch a live stream I don't believe the announcers were correct what I'm saying is I don't think the referees really knew the rule if you watch it take the other referee said it was in they overruled the call the refs talked I don't think they quite.

Understood so she's a little disgruntled understandably yeah so you hope for their sake because look at the time that Elise Jones on camera here is investing in mechanics of a call and not it's 10-4 okay they need to get the ball back and finish.

Um now we're at match point now where match point for Anna Lee Wars and Catherine parento and that will do it in a heartbreaking loss truly heartbreaking from a call that never should have happened that changed momentum and momentum is a you know what look I'm not trying to bash referees they don't make a lot of money they train hard they.

Truly love this game that's why they're doing it but what I'm saying is that because Elise and Catherine to feel horrible after this game you didn't see them pretty much lying on the ground feeling horrible and you know why they do this because they have a childlike passion for pickleball and this really does hurt it really does it's not just a.

Game for them no of me pickleball lovers any comments about the story please leave your comments Please Subscribe and don't forget here at the pickleball Pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do I know it's tough to believe but it's true
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