Pickleball it's considered America's fastest growing sport right though it's way too new to be a high school sport well that's not stopping one Tucson teenager recently I met Tyler roup who was making sure those his age have an outlet to play competitively succeed Gabe seven seed body eight seed Aaron it's a Saturday at Udall park and.

The pickleball is about to get intense watching kids get competitive it's hilarious by kids Southpoint Junior Tyler Roop means those under 19. that's the age limit of this tournament he's organized his third such event there's some Superstars coming out it's not just old people anymore as pickleball gets older its competitors aren't well at.

Least not today at this event Tanque Verde student Payson Lee is the player to beat as for Tyler he doesn't just organize pickleball tournaments he plays in them and is even sponsored and as a tournament like this takes place it doesn't mean you still can't come here and play recreationally just take your paddle and put it on the paddle rack and.

That signifies you've got the next game and I want to fill quartz that's I want I want kids doing something else rather than being out doing that very good stuff Jason Lee did end up winning first prize I mean it's good to see everybody's happy and people walk out with medals and it's it's a good time.

Tyler Roop hosts a pickleball tournament at Udall Park