Welcome to the pickleball 4-1-1 I'm coach spieg in today's video we're going to cover common mistakes when blocking I'm going to talk about different scenarios and how to fix them stay tuned first off when you're at the non-volley zone and you're about to block you want the paddle up not low the net is in the way so there's really nothing to block.

Low so as you just saw here I brought the paddle back down but I was able to bring it back up a lot of people keep it down in this illustration you're going to see me back up now there's this motion of Never Back Up From The non-volley Zone but there are times where you need to in order to give yourself space so you won't be a Sitting.

Duck in this illustration you will see to never ever swing at a ball that is coming hard at you when you do you lose control and then transition zone you have to have your paddle down and in a squatted position a lot of people have it to where they're standing up straight with the paddle up when you're in transition a lot of times the ball if.

It's hit hard high it's going to sail so there's no reason to keep the paddle up so you want to be in the sky body position with the paddle down so as you just saw you saw the different scenarios when to back up when to keep your paddle up when you keep your paddle down and that'll help with uh better blocking so if you like this video.

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In this video we will cover common pickleball blocking mistakes and provide simple solutions to fix them