Hey it's Rory thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart in this video I'm going to pick apart a match at the 3.0 level I'm going to show you what these 3.0 players are doing wrong they make some common mistakes that a lot of 3.0 players make so watch and learn and don't make these mistakes let's go so here we go first of all.

Thanks to Mike Hall he has a YouTube channel it is titled Mike Hall and he puts on his Channel games that are played at the North Georgia pickleball Club it looks like a very very nice club in this game in the near Court you have uh Susan right here in the black top and white shorts and then you have Jackson in the black outfit back here you have.

Tep and you have Mike Hall so let's go ahead and see what happens all right so there's an unforced era and here's something that I see happen quite often is you get to the pickleball court maybe you dink three or four times actually it says this this game two maybe they did have a break between game one but he just was not mentally.

Prepared to start this game you have to be mentally prepared from the very beginning and not let your opponent get out to a quick start the first point is just as important as the other parts points so you have to be mentally focused at the beginning of the game should be let's see if these guys can get focused.

In here's an easy shot and that was not even close again just not mentally ready to start the game one more time you have to treat every point exactly the same because they are all important just not the ones at the end of the game but the ones at the beginning of the game as well so focus in from the very beginning.

Okay I'm gonna stop it right here because this has happened three times in a row now as you can see um Susan and Jackson are back they have tried three times now to reset this ball and have not been able to do it they cannot reset it from this portion on the court into the non-volley zone of course.

On the other side so far they have not been able to do it and unless this team makes an unforced error this team right here Susan and Jackson are not going to get this point can't do it again can't do it again and you just have got to be able to set the ball as a reset into the kitchen.

That's one requirement of being a 3.5 or a 3.5 player that's the difference between a 3.5 player and a 3.0 player a 3.5 player can hit a third shot drop a 3.5 player can reset the ball into the kitchen and so far after a number of tries Susan and Jackson have not been able to do that so drill drill drill on resetting the shot into the kitchen.

And again the team on the other side tepp and her partner were not able to reset that ball either that's a very nice uh get right there by Jackson just a great Point excellent play by both teams it was just hit a little bit too high and uh the ball was put right down the middle in the divorce line.

Again just an unforced era hit the return right into the net I'm not sure why that happens it was a deep serve it was not a difficult serve and okay let's just stop right here here is a lob from the Baseline she had three options either to try to hit a third shot drop a drive or a lob lobs only work 20 percent of the time there is.

Absolutely no way he is going to miss this shot he should hit it right back to exactly where she is and keep her behind the service line that's what he does and it's just don't do that do not hit a lob as an offensive move it will not work a very poor mistake from 3.0 players now it can work if the player you're playing against is.

80 years old and they cannot get to it but most of the time it just will not work there it is again another surprise lava attempt it just does not work and an unforced era by Tech very nice deep return that was a good shot by Mike let's just take a look at this again and I can kind.

Of tell you why she missed this it's a very awesome deep return but when she hit the ball she was running up to it her feet were not set and the ball went out she has got to get to the line quicker and get her feet set awaiting that third shot and she was not able to do that how do you fix it you hit the ball higher up in the air to.

Where it takes longer to get to the back of the court and that will give her more time to get to the non-volley zone it's another situation where they just cannot reset the point into the kitchen and there's another lob that did not work and uh she gets the roll off of the top of the tape.

She's able to drop it into the kitchen that time so that was a very nice shot that's not going to work a lob is not going to work I will say it over and over and over and over again Mike is just too athletic to let that ball go over his head that ball was out let's go back and take a look at this point.

What uh Susan did right here the third shot she's trying to hit a third shot Drive Mike got it back again it was a real quick third shot Drive uh she was caught right here in no man's land Mike did a great job of hitting that ball right at his feet and she hit it out so very nice job by Mike aiming that ball at Susan's feet.

Third shot drive that time and a fifth shot Drive attempted by tep that went way way way out of the Court oh boy that's a terrible third shot we can go back again and watch it if you'd like but uh it was just hit right in the slam Zone.

Let me say this about tech I don't know the woman this is the first time I have ever seen her play but I can pretty much tell you she at one time was a tennis player or maybe she is still a tennis player because she is hitting some really hard drives with some Top Spin the problem is they just have not been effective she is going to be able to.

Learn how to hit a third shot drop into the kitchen or a reset into the kitchen and she continues to hit drive after drive after drive just like a tennis player does and I want you to remember tennis is not pickleball and pickleball is not tennis it is played differently and uh tennis players find that out pretty soon pretty quickly rather.

Oh got into a little bit of a fire fight and an unforest era by Jackson all right a third shot drive that time that did work for our Susan nice job there and uh there's an issue with the backhand it looks to me as though he's struggling to hit a good backhand let's.

Go ahead and watch this point again it's just a very poor attempt right here here it is and if I am Mike Hall I am heading to uh Jackson's backhand every opportunity I can get especially when he is in the back of the Court and that ball was hit out again she was just not even attempting to hit a drop to reset the ball they were back at the.

Baseline and just could not get it to work and that ball is out so an unforced era uh by tap again I think she was a tennis player or is a tennis player wait wait just a quick timeout to ask if you're finding this video informative if you are I hope you take the time to like.

It subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video now let's go back to the action nope and that ball is out as well so uh you know you have to be mentally focused it's not difficult to hit or return in it's just not okay now they're in trouble yep she was.

In trouble if you saw what happened there she's trying to reset the ball she's able to do it very nice job but she just hit it right into the slam Zone and she had no chance on that shot you just could not hit the ball that high into the air oh that's not gonna work just another feeble attempt at a lob.

Nope and she headed out let's go look at that one more time and I'll show you what tep should have done right here okay so there she is look where Susan is she is behind the Baseline all tep has to do is barely hit this ball over the net into the non-volley zone and Susan probably is not going to be able to get to it.

Instead what does what does she do she tries to hit it to the back line and she hits it out a 3.5 player a 4.0 player is going to win that point almost every time at the 3.0 level that's the kind of mistake players make that's not gonna work again just not able to reset the ball it.

Is a weakness in a lot of 3.0 players and that is why they are 3.0 players and if they do not drill and learn how to hit that ball into the kitchen they are just not going to be 3.5 players that was a great get by Susan right there fantastic but a Susan a lob does not work I'm gonna say it over and over.

And over again get rid of it it is not going to work and there you go another unforced era I will say that was a very nice deep serve I am a proponent of hitting the serve as deep as you possibly can and another serve that uh Jackson was just not able to get back again let's just watch it okay so here's.

The serve hit back to tap now she has the opportunity right here to hit this ball in the kitchen but what happens she hits it more like into the dining room and Susan is able to get it back and uh tap Just Hits it right into Jackson's Powerhouse and the point is put away.

Okay let's see if um Jackson is going to be able to hit this shot it looks like he's kind of falling back I don't think he's going to be able to hit a third shot drop he's going to have to try to hit a third shot drive right here and if I were him I would hit it as hard as I could right to.

Test right shoulder let's see what he does and he tried to drop it he almost made it but not quite and Mike did a good job of hitting it to Susan's backhand and Susan could not handle it just another shot that was absolutely fantastic by Mike that is just a.

Devastating it is kind of like uh yeah devastating what other word can I use for it it just kills you when your opponent does that you hit the ball in the air they barely touch it they hit it into the non-volley zone and you just could not get to it so that is my favorite point of the match so far let's go back and watch it and find out why it.

Happens there's a serve there's a second shot so this is a great return it's to Susan's backhand she is having to run out of the court to hit this back and all she can really do is hit this way up into the air which she pretty much does right into tips power Zone she is going to slam.

This at um Jackson's feet he did a good job of actually getting it back really nice job here but at this point right here the point is over and uh again Jackson is falling back and watch what Mike does boom that is just a great shot by Mike if you can get this into your repertoire you will win a lot of points.

There's a sir second shot they're keeping her back which he should do now she was able to make her way up to the non-volley zone that really wasn't a bad job by Susan as you can see she started way back he has one shot she creeped in a little closer she created a little closer but she just could not reset the ball into the kitchen that is.

A common mistake it is a mistake that Susan makes over and over again she's going to have to learn how to reset the ball in it to the kitchen in order to get to the 3.5 level oh got the roll of the tape again it was in her favor sometimes you love the tape sometimes you hate it.

What's gonna happen here is it uh a shallow return but it's hit right into the middle of the Court which is a good idea hitting that return into the middle of the Court sometimes is confusing for the players as they're going to hit their third shot so who's going to take this shot is Jackson going to take his forehand or is Susan gonna take her back.

Hand and where are they going to hit the ball because it looks like Mike and tap will be in position at the non-volley Zone let's see what happens Mike takes it and he's not able to hit it he did that time so the fifth shot drop was into the kitchen and another failed lob attempt keeping Mike back good job.

Nice job that was a great get by Susan and Mike ends up with an unforced error very nice Point by both teams nice play by Susan that was a really good get I think that ball was hit out yes it was I think Mike was just trying to get a little cute right there to keep it at Susan's backhand and he hit it out that's not gonna work.

Hits that one into the net okay so another attempt at a lob this was more of a defensive live because as you can see Jackson and Susan are totally out of position he was hoping to hit this high so he could somehow reset this point I don't think it's going to happen What tep should do is hit this ball at their feet again or maybe even.

Disguise it and hit just a little drop right over the net because they are not going to get to it let's see what she chooses to do keeps it back and she hits the ball out again in that situation a 4.0 level is winning that point 90 percent of the time a 3.0 player is not again look where they are they are.

Totally out of position again Mike and tep should win this point 90 of the time and she allows them to get back into the non-volley zone and that time Jackson hits it into the net for the unforced era very nice job by uh Jackson hitting that at tips feet she was out of position she was about between the non-volley zone.

And the service line which is no man's land and a backhand hidden to the net I was like I have no idea what the score is I don't think the score really matters I just wanted to point out to you common mistakes that 3.0 players make and there's one right there and that one.

Actually ends the game it was a service return that was hit out of the court and Jackson and Susan take that game against tep and Mike so there you have it common mistakes that 3.0 pickleball players make there were three that these players made first of all they were not mentally focused at the beginning of the game players on.

Both teams made unforced errors that they should not have secondly the players hit defensive lobs and offensive lobs not one of those lobs scored a point not one of those lobs reset the points so stay away from lobs and finally number three and most importantly these players did not consistently and effectively hit third.

Shot drops and they did not reset the ball in the kitchen in order to be considered a 3.5 player a player must be able to do those things these players were not if you don't get out there and drill and practice you are going to flounder at the 3.0 level and your game will not improve again shout out a shout out to Mike Hall for post videos on.

YouTube from the north Georgia pickleball Club I really do appreciate it and I hope you found this video informative if you did I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video that's it for today from pickleball pick apart I will see you on.

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In this video I go over a game played by players at the 3.0 level. They make common mistakes a lot of 3.0 players make. Watch this video and learn what the mistakes are so you don’t make them.