Point-by-point players analysis and summarized at the end of the video you'll need to do more of the same here we go a spot in the semi-finals up for grabs Emily Waters just misses that third you can already hear the silence in the stadium everyone knows this is all business that's the aggressive play it's always.

Tough though when your partner is looking to disconnect and do that shake and bake if you drive across Court the natural volley is back behind them up the line so they're going to do that shake and bake I'd like to see them go a little more middle and take away some angle all right.

she had a good look and that long extended dinking rallies between these two teams not necessarily the short play that we've seen in regards to most of the day so far yeah and for the viewers at home it's the respect that everyone has on the court for the reflexes and the Hand.

Speed so they're really trying to work the points a little longer to really make one zero two point two missed returns now two zero two sign up to poach off that last one JW made her pay the price there.

Point yeah we saw in the last match Annalee Waters having some success speeding up cross court against kawamoto but uh gonna be maybe a little tougher to do that against Johnson I think she has a little more power in her counter punching two two.

All right Miss stink there in 2022 alone yeah she came right out and always had a lot of power but without a really good job of improving her hand speed and all the touch shots that you really need slower points three two two the lead change now 3-2.

A good idea there from Johnson just unable to convert on that uh backhand speed up it's getting better and adding new shots I think we've seen uh Annalee Waters try three or four lob attempts today and she's made all of them Ben johns with a few shots to get it done.

So I have a question for you with the risk position of JW out of curiosity because he cuffs that ball when he's dinking a little bit more often we all know he's got the flick on the backhand side to create how does he create offense on the forehand side second served yeah so I think you do need to change when he kind of cuffs it that's.

Usually when a ball is starting to get behind him a little bit Yeah and he'll use that paddle position in order to bring the point back to neutral but when he has the ball in front of him it's going to be similar technique of really dropping that John's still with a one-point Advantage 4-3 five three excuse me.

Get that updated on our scoreboard right on the body of three five one second serve yeah Georgia missed that drive but I like the drive attempt I think with her brother's hand speed the shake and bake play is not a bad idea and she was balanced.

So I know some Friendly Fire there for Georgia and that one was a little surprised to have to play that next ball yeah flick just a little bit too much when Annalee made uh made her pay the price for it there's Georgia Johnson a nice shot speed up up the line.

Six three two and the adjustment that was the same type of counter yeah you see the elite hand speed and that's why they can push uh benjons and Annalee Waters is because they really can play them pretty even in that uh Department in my opinion.

Second sir and I'm gonna seem crazy or speeding up back behind Ben Johns I really think he's so good at being an off the ball player she's done it a little but I really think for them to win this match she's gonna have to up her percentage of thinking back behind him especially when he's clogging news is the only person to call you crazy and.

Have you here it is me and I won't do that now we'll save that for later and she changes locations to the right side six three two foreign saw the pancake come out for Jay Doug but these fire fights are what we love about pickleball so fun to watch all.

Four of these pro athletes go head to head yeah the fire fights have been pretty even so far uh Ben and Anna Lee able to to get the better of him on that one and to your Point Georgia put them in a very well she really did she was very bold that's what she's gonna have to do they were in a good position to win that.

A little unlucky that they weren't able to finally get the get that point there nice block from Georgia Johnson as Anna Lee tries to some more pressure and there's one for her draft such a young age point.

Yeah nice location on the drive from Waters knowing there's just a little bit of indecision from Johnson wondering if that's his ball or his sisters eight three two point Mr Turner again both trying to unwind the stack the pressure is on from the serve of Ben Johns.

Inside out changing the tempo it wasn't really reflected it too much but I really like what I'm seeing out of Georgia Johnson and how she's balancing keeping Ben John's honest with dinking behind him as well as varying her speed up locations and that ball is put away 392.

Nice volley from Anna Lee it's a good idea but when the drive goes just a little higher it gives the opportunity for that volley to come at a downward trajectory foreign the forearm strength that he must have in.

Addition to the hand Speed most people just don't have enough strength when they stab at the ball like that without taking a step he's kind of the exception point or is in that continued pressure he is going to create errors from just about anybody and there is another Ben Johnson three.

Ten one George's having success going at Ben Jones at the right times she's going to need to continue to do that um if they want a chance to foreign he doesn't need a lot of daylight to work with to find some options great job.

Leaning in and taking control of the point game number one to water no players were net positive on the winners but Georgia Johnson just had way too many errors and was a major factor in this game Slam Cameron Irwin alongside Kyle McKenzie zero zero let's see what the adjustments are for Johnson and Johnson.

With a short flicking motion on that backhand side out keep it away from Ben while also keeping him honest when she does grow cross-court she really has to get it out wide enough to keep it outside the forehand of Ben Johnson.

A beautiful ATP from J.W Johnson I love it he gives a nice little blow to his hand saying yeah we need to cool that thing off a little heat check he did not have a lot of space to work with really thread the needle nicely there all right she had the right look on the court the challenge of trying to.

Speed up on that forehand side and the margin for error to find the backhand is just so difficult especially with somebody like Ben Johns yeah and when the ball is a little lower than the height of the net it's finding that perfect speed you hit a little too fast and then it floats on you hit it too slow and then they're able to get back.

Over there and counter punch effectively it's a nice shot from Ben that left shoulder hard to defend doing top of her head yeah right now John's is being very aggressive with his footwork really looking to control the middle of the court at the moment Georgia curls that one over yeah and she has that ability to go.

Toe-to-toe with John's and win a fair chunk of these hand exchanges not easy to do all now George are getting some help and love from the net he comes down to the person in front of you how capable of are they.

As a counter puncher Georgia Johnson I think has enough power where Waters may have to second guess that particular location it's interesting too watch Evie maybe neutralize Annalee Waters with the dink at her feet it didn't allow her to be as dynamic as she typically can be yeah and with using the two hands on the backhand.

What you do give up is reach forward right so you can dink aggressively at the feet it's a slightly bigger Target than other people well and there's kind of one of those examples she's got to step around the ball there but maybe not exactly the amount of speed up that she might have with the one hand exactly and if you're.

Forcing her to create while she's moving the percentages go down point anally water well it was pushed further 1311 was that second game score right now Johnson and Johnson are looking to find a third oh that was a little bit of a risky step in there for James's hand up saying that.

Was awfully close to the kitchen lines yeah yeah and I like the move from Waters there but I think she just needs to have the discipline to maybe lay off that one when she jumps the kitchen if it's not there and Georgia changes her ammo she goes with the current location she was looking for well we talked about Waters.

Maybe to avoid speeding up cross to Johnson might be a little bit of the same they both have the reflexes and power to to make that a tough play we're gonna snuck one by she may have gone away with one but fortune favors the Bold Cameron and they're gonna need to take chances to win this match.

I'd really like to see the Johnsons if the return comes to Georgia to look to use some shake and bake here off the Johnson Drive or the Georgia Johnson Drive issue again Jade uh just so dangerous on that bag.

Yeah his reflexes are really on another level and he's putting it on display out here today second sir you know so often we the backhand and the ability to not only counter punch with just the wrist but the amount of balance and control it requires for the rest of your body.

It's not just wrist strength it's needed there it's actually I mean normally if you don't take a step with your lower body as you get reaching you start to get much weaker and tend to Pop the ball up so it really starts from the ground up and if you're balanced good things happen takes an early shot at Ben Johns in the.

Last rally 3-7 now second sir you can see annelie trying to take the slitting the paddle a little too loose in her hands I just love what I'm seeing from Georgia Johnson she's really committed when she gets something to work with of going for her shots and it's working so far here in game two committed aggression she finds the body.

Bag on Ben Johns and I think that's one of the underrated speed ups at John's if you go right into the body a lot of times he will just block and with him is he gonna use two hands or one hand sometimes there's a little element of indecision going right at him I don't think that's a call I've ever made right at the body of no more so that.

That never happens 732 it's a testament to his skill obviously trying to lift that changing the pace yeah smart shot by John's there knows that all that really Johnson can do is just reset that and can't really get out of jail until he lets his foot off the gas.

That ball right on the Baseline you can see how much action Georgia ball with the location and kind of fluidity of her paddle and wrist point and another point to see a timeout um from the Johnsons here just for the purpose of changing the momentum and.

Making Johnson Waters think about it a little bit more interesting too to watch uh John skull with the third even well they unwind the stack wanting to get up to that kitchen line side up there's the drive still a two-point lead for them with the ball back here.

caught him on the Move yeah no absolutely we talked about the correlation quality of your counter punch tough to do in your feet there's a beautiful shot off the paddle eight five two Ben Johns wants the ball back anymore Johnson had a short return he thought.

Maybe he'd test John's there but he was up to the task with his counter punching on that occasion fine it's hard when you're speeding up Cross Court I don't know if it necessarily has to get all the way to the forehand side but it does have to be more in that belly button belly button and body location to just create her uh.

Not be able to get the extension with her hands or a belly button belly bitten I wonder where that is there's a nice stroke from Georgia Johnson and up the line nice choice still with a shot to tie George instead goes speed up up the line then John's forehand but then again she.

Was there for the recounter just unable to win that fast Exchange friendly fire off the bounce I think that's a steak dinner Ben Johnson yeah obviously a little confusion there you don't see that very often great placement and location for J.W.

Johnson great Point construction yeah once he can sink his teeth into one of those backhand flicks it really sets him up to use his fast hands and dictate from there yeah just going head to head with Anna Lee Waters in that last stink rally second serve and a good lead from Ben 982.

And another point actually get in the kitchen line but if Georgia gets it I'd love to let see her fire away and do a little shake and bake well there's the drop from Jay dub and we are going to game three both teams had equal number of errors but the Johnson team just had a couple more winners it was a close game.

In the quarterfinals here for mixed Pro doubles now underway whoa analy water that was wickedly quick I know she missed but she's moving yeah it was a great read I like to play by them just unable to convert on that particular occasion second sir we started some really extended dink.

Rallies game two not so much the case a little bit shorter in points it's almost as if you don't want to poke the bear and I mean that in the kindest way possible you got two bears on the side of Annalee and Ben Johns yeah I don't think people talk enough just about the competitive Spirit yes the.

Annalee Waters has in addition to all that talent and she does not like to lose second sir J.W Johnson doing a nice job getting us game three action and quarter finals the defending champs Annalee Waters and Ben Johns drop game two Point.

Jacob wanting to call that ball out of bounds but George's paddle was already there tough to make that decision and a fraction of a second off the off the tape there and Jada wanted another ball he said good job look at that expression on.

Georgia's face she's taking a deep breath saying thank goodness it wasn't two in a row Waters can turn on that two-hander it's obviously not going to work out too well Georgia Johnson fighting the backside yeah and her two-handed backhand the.

Power the ability to turn on that and go line is really giving Ben John some fits right now but also the ability to keep that inbound so easy to overturn that ball oh man Georgia Johnson displayed some pretty fantastic defense Ben Johns had before was forced to go the opposite direction yeah even though they lost.

That point fence her counter punching is still making John's feel some pressure out there covered by J dub and it's out of bounds the rolling forehand of Anna Lee Waters going Head to Head good cover by J dub yeah great read he kind of felt that his.

Sister was pushed back a little bit by the serve knew that they would maybe look to drive there 2-1-2 foreign Georgia got fumbled with her footwork popped it up but they were still able to steal that one away hello hands Ben John's winning that.

Yeah John's is dialed in now the hands are working he knows he has to bring his a game if they're gonna get through this one just when you think you've seen all the capability the job JW Johnson's doing covering that speed up back behind his body even with keeping his feet planted a lot of times people will get a little.

Too weak if they don't have their body behind them and he clearly not the case for him you know what's so funny you talked about not moving the feet in the words of the great Jay dub he said when you have to flick you don't need the feet I love it I love it classic all right tough getting that on the.

Right hip what did he do to that ball he went with an extreme angle where he changed his swing path rather than finishing on the opposite shoulder to the same shoulder just kind of going straight up to increase the Top Spin there beautiful execution foreign.

so good for Ben Johns silky smooth on the speed up yeah certainly not a bad shot selection by just completely owning the middle a two-point Advantage for the number one seed s Jay job did everything he could and the only Waters finds herself on the.

Left side yeah we had another one of those forges that just kind of happened reactively throughout the point but they're able to to get it done side out and early but still within Striking Distance here so concerned.

Yeah if they are going to shake Megan this is why it's so challenging to play this team I do feel like the drive needs to go at John's or right into the body of waters if she has the ability to extend her hand she's just generating so much power on that two-handed backhand Georgia went up the line then tried to find that turn in their Direction quite.

Yet ball back 5-2 an opposite angle for J.W Johnson yeah I thought the off this point of just moving the ball around eventually got the pop up and took advantage of it so he tried to take a little bit off that one here in game three in the.

Quarterfinals Over Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson Cameron Irwin alongside Kyle McKenzie Annalee serves yet again so Kyle I must ask if you're John to do at this point well I think the key here to me is Georgia Johnson's been playing a great match but I think she needs to.

Continue to move the ball around she can stay in the pattern with Anna Lee in those crossbow the longer she does it the more Ben Johns owns and clogs the middle so she can dink back behind him that'll actually set up her brother to get more involved with some more forehands in the Middle where he can start to dictate.

She can also it's another what what do they need eight more times to win the match pretty impressive there and she does it yet again and I think from Waters perspective she's tried it a few times but unless she hits a really really good location.

The power of Georgia Johnson has been effective enough for that cross-court attack to not be that effective for him so instead of the dink up the line she also has to balance some attacks as well it didn't work out for there but the dink up the line as long as she doesn't get ernied we'll help her brother get a.

Little more involved there it is Georgia Johnson the forehand winner yeah and she's making John's pay for every time he tries to thread the needle and be a little too predictable with the attacks her counter punching has been very problematic for him.

Back to back for Georgia Johnson outstanding play it's real I don't know back in Action Now Johnson and Johnson down by one foreign sinks his teeth into the point long enough to maybe get it out nice shot there by water doubt it was seven to two.

Now seven apiece calculated aggression until J dub just doesn't even believe it got the overhead look those definitely hurt but I love that there's a little Georgia Pats him on the shoulder there says hey we're still in this don't worry about it we still have a chance I like the location there your opponents.

Are staggered and you have a high ball you want to go to the person closer to you nice job there I know wow the first Johnson waters are impervious to feeling a little pressure themselves and that's what happens when you keep the score close out here Cameron.

Eight seven thank you net says Georgia Johnson but again 882 eight eight second serve there was one of those in game one and Georgia Johnson wasn't able to manage that's not the case now that was a very very awkward and tough ball to handle but she got it down just enough the.

Error from John's sign up inside of Johnson and Johnson must win by two just enough of a reach for Ben bounce and Ben Jones does not need a lot of daylight to work with to be offensive.

There's the Cross Court speed up on the forehand side Georgia Johnson is jumping up and down willingness to be bold at the right times didn't care about the score there really really great point from her she wanted and that's really tough to do 992-99 second serve.

Wow that was a nice chicken wing from Emily Waters I don't know how she got that ball back but it's the 10th point and now match point for Jaden and Georgia Johnson all right Redemption to the semi-finals Johnson and Johnson.

Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters was ahead by a lot early this game but J.W Johnson and Georgia Johnson gained the momentum and took the match impressive win for the Johnson
In-Depth Analysis of the Mix Doubles Doubles – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart format.

Pickleball Mix Doubles Match Highlights with Ben Johns / Anna Leigh Waters VS JW Johnson / Jorja Johnson at the Carvana Arizona Grand Slam in Mesa, AZ at Bell Park / Legacy Park – Date: 02/17/2023

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