Hi you guys uh welcome back to our channel finally we got some time to come out and uh sunny bonita springs here and uh we're going to do some singles videos uh with who do i have here hello everyone my name is uh federico uh can you say that again federico's tax rate uh they got you got it okay good.

Simony says that i'm a single specialist i think i'm more of a double specialist but we'll see uh but yeah well i'm excited to be here with you and save them drills for everyone all right sounds good and we'll see his double skills later all right federico so what are the four most important skills for.

Singles okay so in my opinion i believe it's the serve the return uh third shot selection and the vollis of course okay so with that we're gonna go over those four skills alright so the first one is the serve in my case i'm looking for depth.

Because i don't have a spin serve other people have spencer the ball is going to bounce is going to get more speed but in my case not when i'm hitting the serve the ball bounces and it slows down so all i'm looking for is depth on the ball so i want to get a really good hip rotation when i'm serving.

And sometimes you can even end up in the court that way i can get the most death again for the serve as federico mentioned he is looking for depth and he is hitting he's going to have some power on his serve but because he's looking for depth his serve is going higher he's clearing the net.

Often we see players trying to power through the serve but they are heading very low to the net and then the ball ends up being short so as we can see here even if i hit the ball hard but it's short it's still a short and easy serve for you to return so now the returns when i'm.

Trying to return i always try to look where the weakness of the other player is and try to always push there but you got to be careful with always going to the same section because the other player is going to get used to it so what i like to use at the beginning of the match is try to go to the middle giving no angles to the other player and.

Then when i find out where the weakness is then i can start hitting to maybe the backhand or the forehand and then i can come in with a better position so that will be a middle return she had no angle to pass me so i can get a really nice and easy volley on the first on the third ball i think it kind of similar to.

The serve as well if you have too much power on your return and you're looking to come in the tendency is is that you're not going to get yourself enough time to come in uh you're not going to get very far because the ball will travel quicker and then your opponent can just take that ball early and now it's easier to get.

Past if you have a hard time coming in that's one adjustment is that like off of the return of serve is that one adjustment that you can make is maybe hit up a ball and then come in on the second ball on the next ball because then again that will allow you to be in better positioning maybe you can get a deeper.

Bowl and a bit a better approach before coming in nice all right so there you see in the first one i was really late on the split step so i was out of position i couldn't get to the volley and the second one i did the split step on the right position and.

The right time and i could get to the ball in a better way that's super important to get a good timing out of the ball if you're not getting timing that might be the problem so you gotta always make sure you return do that one two steps get the split step and then hit the ball in a good position yeah and i think for.

Me i know because like morgan and i had this conversation about how so often players are very very concerned about getting to the line versus getting that split step when the opponent is about to make contact with the ball because that timing is so important because if you get concerned like i was so concerned.

About getting to the line then your timing is off and now you're splitting and then the ball is already coming your way so that adjustment make a big i made a big difference now in that case often we are not going to be able to like if you're a federico you will be at the line uh but if you are more like me you may not be able to get.

There and then your split and a split step ends up being here and that's okay because again you don't want to sacrifice missing that volley or getting passed and that's that's what was happening to me yeah all right so when it comes to the third shot we have a lot of options right we're gonna serve and then we're gonna.

See where the return goes if it's a short return you can maybe attack but you gotta be careful if it's really low you're gonna have to drop it okay you don't wanna be attacking balls that are low driving it because then it's gonna be an easy bully for your opponent okay the other time the other option is that.

If you're going to serve well and the return decides to stay then you don't need to go for a huge shot for a really powerful ball you can go for an easy slice or an easy ball and then come in uh in a more comfortable way wow that is a lot of footwork i lost that one.

The biggest difference here is that not everybody is of course returning and coming in and so that's where you got to be aware of core positioning and what is happening in front of you often i feel like people just hit the ball because they decided that that's.

What they're going to do and they don't change as the point is happening so if my opponent stays back you probably if you're thinking okay i'm gonna drop this ball i'm gonna create this amazing angle but you don't need to if they don't come in so you have to be willing to adapt so it.

Is really important to see where the return is landing if it's landing short that means we need to be aggressive but being aggressive doesn't mean that we have to hit the ball as hard as we can it could be aggressive with a good drop moving the other player to the sides if your opponent has a really good return you have to consider that if that.

Happens you are going to be hitting your third uh your passing shot from behind the baseline so you have to be aware that if they are somebody that is as good as you or better then you gotta know that by trying to pass hitting hard it's going to be difficult so you may.

Need to also be using a drop shot using some angles to give yourself the time to come back inside of the court again so let's see if i can do this that was really nice uh but what it does by you.

Because you are behind the baseline by creating that ball that is a little bit loopier a little bit more so some of the guys like to do with the slice uh you know top spin as well what happens is that it's kind of the same uh theory as in singles that if you do a drop shot it's giving you the time to.

Come inside of the court and again no different than in doubles whoever is at the line has the advantage singles is a lot of very often uh it's played in the baseline by the lower level players and the main reason is because they don't know when.

To come in and what to do when they do come in so think about eliminating that that fear of coming in you're just gonna have to be a little bit more selective on what you do thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoy it uh you know as i said uh this argentinian here is a specialist in singles working on his doubles but let's.

See his actual his you know i'm brazilian let's see his uh soccer skills that's good it's okay yeah it's okay and again thank you federico and thank you so much for watching
Simone and Federico Staksrud talk #pickleball singles, and the 4 most important shots in singles play, and the best way to execute on them.

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